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Favorite K-drama Female Leads

Hello friends and future friends! So as you probably know I'm currently watching My Unfortunate Boyfriend and Sensory Couple. The thing that both of these dramas have in common is a fantastic female lead character. That got me thinking that sometimes there are so many beautiful male characters in Korea dramas that some great female characters get overlooked.  Not by me!  Today I present to you my top favorite Korean Drama female leads. 

1. In Ha from Pinocchio

 Even though In Ha has the unfortunate side effect of hiccuping when she lies, she doesn't stop it from letting her personality shine through. While most people with this fictional syndrome become secluded and kept to themselves for fear of embarrassment, she keeps her head up when she has to admit even the most humiliating truth and instead embraces the truth.  Even when she's sneered at from her own mother when she wants to become a reporter, she doesn't let it stop her.  Not only that but she's completely understanding of everyone she loves, way more understanding than most K-Drama characters.  She's so understanding and kind that even when her boyfriend wants to hate her for something her mother did, he can't.  In ha is such a great character because she's tenacious, understanding, and spunky.

2. Soo Sun from You Are All Surrounded

Soo Sun is a great mixture of fun and seriousness. She becomes a detective because she thinks it'll be good money, but as she realizes how important being a detective is, she takes it more seriously and she puts her whole heart into solving the cases.  Her character really shines when her friends are in danger.  She works nonstop for days on end trying to solve the cases to find the criminals who hurt them.  Soo Sun is so sympathetic and you can see the pain on her face when her friends are in pain. Soo Sun is a great character because she's loyal, brave, hardworking and tender-hearted.

3. Jung In from Smile, Honey (Smile, You)

When the drama starts Jung In is incredibly spoiled.  She is used to getting everything she wants and has never had to work a day, but within minutes of the show's start she's been left at the altar and finds out her family is completely bankrupt.  Jung In has to learn what it's like to have nothing and make her way up from the bottom.  Even through the struggle she never loses her spunk, but learns to value people more than things.  She goes through a lot of great character development and you see that she's always had a good heart even through her spoiled nature. Jung In is a great character because she's optimistic, confident, and adapts to make herself better.

4. Young Chae from Wonderful Mama

This is another drama that starts with a spoiled rich girl.  Young Chae has never been denied anything and completely spoiled by her loan shark mother.  Her mom gets so sick of her kids leeching off of her that she pretends to lose all her money.  Young Chae is forced to work. She uses her degree in fashion to work for a fashion company and learns the value of hard work and the importance of family.  Young Chae is a great character because she's fun, resilient, and learns to appreciate what she has.

5. Chae Kyung from Goong (Princess Hours)

Chae Kyung is essentially forced into an arranged marriage with the fictional king of South Korea to pay off her family's debts.  That alone says something about her character. She is full of personality and eccentric and incredibly headstrong, yet she still agrees to do it only for her family's sake.  Of course she eventually comes to love the prince, but first has to face a lot of rejection and betrayal from him and his family.  Through it all, she never loses heart. Chae Kyung is a great character because she's caring, loyal to her family, and she's full of life.

6. Choon Hee from Trot Lovers

Choon Hee ends up being forced into becoming a Professional singer in order to pay off her father's debt. At the same time she's taking care of her little sister and babysitting a prima donna idol who has fallen out of grace.  Even as life gets harder and harder she keeps singing and keeps a smile through scandals, amnesia, and lots and lots of backstabbing. She is a great character because she's hard-working, resilient, and loves to bring happiness to others.

7. Ah Jung from Lie to Me

Ah Jung is just minding her business in life until one little lie about being married leads to a series of misunderstandings that make it look like she is married to a hotel chaebol.  He is very cold and mean to her at first, but she doesn't take his orders. She plays her own game and keeps her head up no matter what kind of situation she's found herself in.  Eventually he breaks her heart and when he's ready to apologize she doesn't take him back so easily.  Ah Jung is a great character because she's true to herself, has healthy self-esteem, and learns to stand up for herself and not let others treat her poorly.

8. Min Young from Dating Agency: Cyrano

Min Young is a romantic who goes to work for a dating agency that essentially tricks people into falling in love with other people.  It's definnitely a for-profit business when she thinks that love and feelings are more important.  The agency is run by a strict and cold ex-actor and of course Min Young falls in love.  Min Young doesn't let him boss her around, though, and always does what she feels is right first. She is just such a sweet and spunky and refreshing character in this drama, she's absolutely adorable. She's a great character because she's optimistic, caring, and fun.

9. Sang Eun from Creating Destiny

Sang Eun is forced to move in with a family whose son she has been "engaged" to since she was 5. They hate each other at the start and she has no intention of marrying him, but she wants to show her dad she gave it a shot.  When he teases her she teases him right back.  When they do eventually fall in love, his family suddenly doesn't approve (it's a long story), and she is understanding and patient while not losing heart. She is such a great character because she's confident and perky but also considerate of her family and very caring. 

10. Yoo Rin from My Girl

Yoo Rin is an expert scam artist, something that she's forced to learn because of her father's horrible gaming. She's charming and fun and loveable and knows which strings to pull. She gets asked to pretend to be a rich man's granddaughter whose dying wish is to see her again.  Of course she agrees because it pays well. Through it she falls in love with the man who is supposed to be her cousin and helps him reconcile with his ex even though it hurts her.  Through the drama she reveals how much she cares for others. She's a great characters because she's charming, funny, and quick.

These are just a few of the many great Kdrama female leads out there.  Any of your favorites that I missed?  Let's hear them.

*All of these dramas can be found on DramaFever. You Are All Surrounded  can be found on Netflix*

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And That's Why I Only Take Blurry Concert Photos

Last summer I had the pleasure of getting to see Pentatonix live on my birthday. If you haven't heard them, check them out on Youtube (Here is my favorite). For those who are unfamiliar with them, they're an awesome Acappella group. Anyway, they happened to be performing at Busch Gardens, which is one of my favorite theme parks and a place to which I already had an annual pass, on the day of my birthday itself. I felt like God himself had reached down and placed the concert in my lap as a gift for my special day.

I had wonderful seats and the show was incredible.  Probably the best one I ever went to if I'm being honest.  Who knew a poppy and dance-happy Acapella group would actually sound better live than they do on the stereo? I was screaming and cheering along with all the other teenagers that I found myself in the midst of.

I had my phone along for the concert and like most smartphones do these days, it has the capability to capture some amazing pictures. I snapped a couple shots, but didn't give it much time. I was too into the show.  Afterward, when I looked back to see the photos I got during the concert I was presented with a collection of blurry and poorly framed shots.  I've attached a few below for your amusement.  I wasn't surprised, though.  I hadn't put in the time to take a good picture, so I didn't expect one.

So do I regret it? No, not even in the least bit.  Every second that I spent taking a picture was a second that my focus was taken away from the performance.  If I had given it some time I could have gotten some great shots of the show, but at what cost? Sure, in the scope of things a few minutes out of an hour long show is just a small percentage, but why should I sacrifice even a moment of time of something that I love?  In life, there are lot of experiences that we have to endure that we don't really want to.  That's why it's important to savor every little second of those moments that you love.

In the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Sean Penn's character is a famous and brilliant photographer. He has put a vast amount of effort in to find this rare wildcat in the Himalayan mountains. So after sitting there in the mountains waiting for a very long time, the cat finally emerges. He frames the shot to see the cat better, but never takes the picture. He just keeps stares in awe at the cat.  The cat leaves and Ben Stiller's character asks why he didn't take the picture. Sean Penn answers. "Sometimes I don't. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it."

It was a beautiful moment in the movie and it was one I completely understood (see the movie if you haven't, I promise you'll thank me). I didn't want the distraction of the camera when I was watching a concert from a band I loved. In the same way there are so many things in life that seem like they are enhancing our quality of life, but in reality they are just distracting us from enjoying it. Some people are so focused on looking for the things that will make their lives better: Climbing the corporate ladder, lusting after new cars, and fantasizing about every single luxury that they think they need. These are all just distractions. It's hard to enjoy the good in your life when you keep thinking about the 'better'. 

Have you ever seen someone who just got good news and instead of celebrating they start worrying about it right away?  Doesn't it make you sad?  Don't you want to grab them by the shoulders and shout 'be happy!' I know I do. When I was at the Pentatonix concert, while I was soaking up every moment of it, I saw those around me bumping others out of the way, trying to get the right angle, stressing about getting the best picture, and it made me sad.  I wanted to shake them by the shoulders and shout 'Enjoy the concert. You won't get to when it's over!".  Isn't that true about life, too? You don't get a second chance to enjoy those moments of happiness, so why waste time with distractions?

Of course this is a small example to demonstrate a much larger thought. And I'm not trying to say that no one who has nice things is happy. I'm only throwing out a cautionary reminder to my friends because I care about the happiness of each and every one of you.  Try not to get so distracted looking for the 'better' in life that you forget to enjoy the good.  You might find there's a lot more of it in your life than you even realized.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 6 Recap

Hi again!  So Episode 6 of My Unfortunate Boyfriend. Ready for the recap? Yes continue on. No, skip to the bottom for comments and stay tuned Thursday for the newest Drama Club posting. 

We left off with Ji Na spread across the meeting room floor. She didn't even attempt to explain she just apologized, which really surprised me. Hee Cheul finds out that "Mr. Seed" wanted to go with Ji Na's idea instead so Hee Cheul forms two teams. The second one with Mr. Seed and Ji Na and whoever else wants to join.  Oddball guy joins their team, Team B, because he thinks it'll be easier. Ji Na finds out Hee Cheul did this because he wants to get Mr. Seed fired and thinks they'll be incompetent, but Ji Na isn't one to take defeat lying down and she is determined to win. She takes Oddball to Tae Woon's where he realizes Mr. seed and Mr. Unfortunate are the same person. They might have a chance at winning if Oddball would join in and help, he is a genius after all, but while Ji Na is trying to coax him the police come in and arrest him.

 We find out that Oddball has been harassing an actress online for the last 5 years and is being arrested for slander.  Tae Woon suggests they write apology comments under every mean comment Oddball wrote and they stay up all night apologizing.  In the morning the police release Oddball who is so grateful that he hugs Tae Woon and now is completely cooperative.  They come up with a plan for their nature-themed park to feature a rock garden since there are so many rocks at the location. When Ji Na finds out there's a rock garden nearby she has Tae Woon take her.  On their way Tae Woon's weirdo friend and the strange neighbor girl see and invite themselves along.

So our odd but strangely adorable gang of five go to this rock garden where Tae Woon explains that people moved the rocks by hand and each one was placed as someone's wish.  It's quite a beautiful story, really.  They're looking around when Tae Woon's friend accidentially knocks down one of the towers. Everyone else wants to leave before they get caught, but Tae Woon won't because they're people's wishes and the tower needs to be rebuilt. He tells everyone he'll catch up with them, but they all agree to stay back and help rebuild the tower. They work all night long and eventually have to stay overnight at a small inn nearby.

Tae Woon's friend makes the diagnosis for Tae Woon that he's in love with Ji Na and for some reason Tae Woon finds this shocking. Maybe because he's never been in love.  Later Ji Na goes out to stretch in the middle of the night and finds Tae Woon finishing up the tower by himself and then he breaks out the guitar. Game over.  You can tell that Ji Na is growing fond of him and his innocent nature.

The next day Ji Na goes to work and is finishing up their presentation. Tae Woon sends her the pictures of her from the day before that turned out not so flattering, thinking for some reason that this would cheer her up. It's a Sunday and she thinks no one will be in the office so she breaks the office rule and brings in food.  However, Hee Cheul has also come into the office. He told Hye Mi he couldn't meet up for lunch because he had to work. Hee Cheul catches Ji Na with the food and  reprimands her quite sternly, but then invites her out to lunch. That was weird.

Meanwhile, Hye Mi spies the two of them leaving together and being a little flirty.  She thinks Hee Cheul lied about working and is insanely jealous of Ji Na. We see her going into the office where Ji Na's usb drive is sitting and we know this isn't going to end well.

So Ji Na and Hee Cheul are at lunch and the conversation lands on the topic of love and how they both like love, but find dating silly. Still, they think it's nice to have love.  Hee Cheul asks Ji Na if she has someone to love and she says she has to find someone.  He asks, what about him?  Ji Na is so shocked that she spills her wine, but never gives him an answer.  After they part she freaks out majorly because she's so excited that he would suggest that.

The next day at work it's time to give the presentations.  Ji Na approaches Hee Cheul and tells him if his question is still valid she'll give him her answer through the presentation. Hye Mi presents her presentation first and the executive guys are not impressed, because it's just stealing ideas from other parks.  When Ji Na gives hers everyone seems quite interested.  Then she gets to the end where she's going to show the visual and all the bad pictures that Tae Woon sent her pop up on the screen.  Undoubtedly caused by Hye Mi's hand. How's she going to turn this around? We'll have to see next week...

So here are my thoughts:

-I was not happy with Hee Cheul glaring at Ji Na in the conference room. Overall he's not being very nice to her and it's making it hard for me to keep a positive opinion of him.

-So finally Ji Na realizes she didn't know Tae Woon's real name. I was wondering if it was just supposed to be implied knowledge. lol.

-Oddball wasn't even trying to defend himself in jail. Ji Na was doing it all for him, which was pretty cute to be honest.

-My heart melted when Tae Woon thanked Ji Na for apologizing to him with that cute smile.

-Tae Woon is so good at taking care of Ji Na.

-When Oddball gets released and hugs Tae Woon is absolutely adorable!

-Why do all these tenured advertisers trust a newbie like Hye Mi to do all the work without supervision? Doesn't seem smart.

-Ji Na, Tae Woon, and Oddball are the quirkiest, but best team ever.

-What kind of mom lets her daughter hang around two weird adult males constantly- one an obvious perv?

-It's funny how the men are getting all emotional with the stones and Ji Na is the one to tell them to stop being so emotional.

-Really, Hee Cheul?  Really? You're seriously going to...ugh, I can't even tell if you like her or not?  One minute you're mean and the next you're flirting?!?

-Hye Mi needs to grow up. You're never going to win a man like that, honey.

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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 5 Recap

Welcome back friends and future friends! Trying to get these recaps out a little earlier this week so you can follow along with my DramaClub discussion even if you don't have access to watch the episodes. Look forward to episode 6's recap coming to you later tonight. As always I've thrown in some bonus comments that my big mouth couldn't help but say and this week there were many ;)

Okay so we left off last week with the revelation that Tae Woon was most likely the Dr. Seed that Ji Na was looking for. He was, of course, and he was totally super excited to see Ji Na. Ji Na understandably was not so excited.  After all, she's trying to limit their encounters as much as possible, but he keeps showing up. Then it starts to rain and Ji Na is trying to take cover and run away, but has blisters from looking all over for Tae Woon and is wearing heels. He pulls out another one of those macho moves and covers her with her jacket and then lifts her onto his back to give her a piggyback out of the rain.

She is uncharacteristically at a loss for words at his chivalry.  I like their interactions during these moments. The tables turn and he takes charge and she just goes along with it. Ji Na goes to leave and Tae Woon offers her a ride. She can't really turn him down because she didn't drive there and they still have business to discuss.

So they start heading back They briefly discuss work and don't get much accomplished. Then he asks her not to tell anyone he's Dr. Seed and she says she doesn't want anyone knowing they were together anyway. She sets her GPS for him and tells him to follow the directions exactly.

Meanwhile at the office beautiful Hee Cheul is working late and guess who else? Oh, it's Hye Mi, big surprise.  She asks him to take a coffee break and they go and chill out on the balcony. She asks him out for dinner and he only thinly veils that he is not at all interested, but she doesn't seem to get it.

So back to Ji Na and Tae Woon. She's asleep by now and he's still driving. It's clear he thinks they're somewhere they shouldn't be, but remembers her instructions to follow the GPS no matter what so he keeps going.  Some time later Ji Na awakes and it's morning and finds that they arrived at the ocean. She had selected the wrong city on the GPS and because Tae Woon did what she said without question he followed the directions there.  Then it turns out the van's battery died while Tae Woon was waiting for Ji Na to wake up. It turns out they need a new battery and it'll take two hours.  Ji Na starts to freak out and doesn't want to eat while they're waiting for the car's battery.  Tae Woon steps in and gets stern with her telling her that she has to eat because he doesn't want to see her hungry.  She gets quiet again and follows him into town.

To Ji Na's dismay the restaurants only serve spicy fish stew, which she says she hates more than anything else in the world.  She ends up revealing that she has a vast knowledge of seafood giving a glimpse into her past, but she lies and said she has a lake house. When will the lies end, Ji Na?!?  Anyway, Tae Woon's having a little difficulty with his food so she takes and cuts his fish for him in a genuinely kind moment and he has a flashback of his mother doing the same for him as a boy. He gives her the look that says he has never seen anyone more lovely in his life.  They leave the restaurant and she's still limping because of her blisters and heels so Tae Woon buys her some ugly, but comfy shoes.

Ji Na gets back to the office and overhears Hye Mi taking the (other) office ladies to lunch.  They insinuate that Hye Mi is kinder and more clever than Ji Na. Ji Na scowls- she knows where she stands now.  At lunch the ladies are talking about how to win a man and Manager Oh explains that she got her very attractive husband by cooking 12 side dishes. Hye Mi's eyes sparkles. Hmm, wonder if she's going to try it.

We get to catch up with the chairman who's off somewhere fishing. We find out that a "Senator Yoon" is trying to get enough shares to be the majority shareholder of the company and it turns out that he has a daughter that now works there who he's trying to get to marry Hee Cheul. Hello, Hye Mi! Also, that explains a lot.  The chairman's assistant says that either way Hee Cheul will become the new chairman either as the chairman's son or the senator's son-in-law. The chairman has an odd sort of look on his face, like he doesn't agree, or maybe he just feels guilty that Hee Cheul has to deal with that pressure.

So now that we know that Hee Cheul's facing the pressure, he gets a call from the Senator. He lies to him and say he didn't know Hye Mi was working late the other day otherwise he would have eaten dinner together and says that going forward he'll make sure she eats her meals. This leads him to call Hye Mi and tell her that she can take him out for dinner that night.  

So guess what? She cooks for him. At least she tries. It turns out that she's horrible. If I've learned anything from Korean dramas it's that about half of the Korean women can't cook, but all chaebols can. Hee Cheul offers to help. She turns him down and eventually they go out to eat instead.  Hye Mi tells a little about her background and how she wants to accomplish things on her own without her dad doing it for her. She insinuates that this includes winning Hee Cheul over, which makes him feel a little guilty, because it seems he has no genuine interest in her apart from appeasing the Senator. 

Back at Ji Na's pad, her creepy friend has moved herself into Ji Na's house and while Ji Na tries to kick her out the girl threatens to call Ji Na's mom so she has no choice but to let creepo stay. Although I think it's good for Ji Na to have somewhere there to support her. She needs someone on her side like I've been saying, especially since the girls at work have clearly chosen Hye Mi's side (the wrong side).

So the next day at work he planning team has a meeting. So basically Ji Na is left by herself and goes to eavesdrop and the door ends up opening and she falls to the floor in the meeting room. And...that's where the episode ends. We'll have to see what happens in the next episode

That was the recap and here are my thoughts. There are many this episode and they are quite opinionated.

-Tae Woon is crazy stupid in love.  He went from zero to sixty. Oh, his poor heart isn't going to be able to take it. The only way this is going to work is if Ji Na falls equally in love with him. I mean, I love Hee Cheul, but I wouldn't feel emotionally responsible if I didn't root for the Unfortunate couple to succeed.

-I absolutely am in love with the character trait that Tae Woon displays where he can be all airy and fancy free, but when it comes to taking care of Ji Na he is very confident and assertive. This is such a unique K-drama character and while I didn't completely understand him in the beginning, he grows on me each episode.

-I knew that GPS situation was not going to go well, but there are far worse destinations than the ocean.

-The Chairman seems like he has a secret, more than one.  Why do I feel like he's going to try to make Tae Woon CEO? I hope that's completely off-based because he would be a horrible CEO.

-I used to feel sorry for you, Hye Mi, but now I just feel sorry for Hee Cheul. Take a hint, girl. He does not like you! He just feels obligated to spend time with you because your dad's got a lot of power. Just look at the faces he makes when he's talking to you. 

-I would never in a million years eat a food called "Busted Raven". Maybe because that's my sister's name, or maybe because it sounds hella nasty.

-Am I the only one who doesn't think it's romantic when a girl reminds a guy of his mother? Guys who want to be mothered give me the creeps.

-I love that Tae Woon feels bad that the shoes he got are ugly. 

-Apparently salad bars are a fancy place to eat in Korea. Lol.

-"Flexitarian"? Really? These office ladies are really "trying to make fetch happen", aren't they?

-Omo! When Ji Na tucked her friend in, that was adorable. Under the hardened facade she really is quite sweet. 

-I really hope Ji Na pulls off sprawling onto the floor like that. She's pretty good at that type of thing and now would be the perfect time to take advantage of that skill set. 

A Rainy Day is Like Living on a Different Planet a rainy day. I don't just mean it's raining. It does that pretty much every day in Florida. I mean it's overcast, it's dim and everything has that grayish green color.  Now, I'm not one of those people who loves rainy days, but I do find them fascinating.  It's days like these that I feel like I'm living on a different planet or an alternate dimension. Imagine a world where there's only dim light and no sun.  A world where the sky is a different color and it feels as if all happiness has been sucked from you like a dementor. Now imagine a rainy day. Aren't they one and the same? So to me a rainy day is chance to use my imagination and imagine what life in a universe without a sun would be like. It's kind of trippy and it distracts me from the fact that I'm drenched from the rain I've had to endure on the way from my car. But by the end of the day, I'm aching to see the sun again. I do not want to have to live in a world where there is no sun and that makes me oh so grateful to live on the planet and in the dimension that I am.

 So I'll take this rainy day that you're throwing at me today, nature, but I'll be glad to have my sun back tomorrow. And luckily I live in a land where a sunny day is just around the corner.

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Out of Drama Experience: Japchae

This is a new series of posts that I decided to start after realizing that I'm not the only one who goes out and tries the things I see in dramas whether it be a new hobby or new foods.  I'm going to share my own "Out of Drama Experiences" from some of the different times I've taken my interest from the dramas I've seen and tried them in real life.

Out of Drama Experience: Japchae 
Drama: Answer Me, 1994

Trying my hand at homemade Japchae
Japchae is a dish made out of glass noodles (noodles made from sweet potatoes) and stir-fried vegetables and sometimes meat. The first time I noticed glass noodles in a drama was in Answer Me, 1994. Now in that drama it was kind of silly because the mom, as she had a habit of doing, made way too much so here was this giant bowl of glass noodles.  They may have shown Japchae in dramas I'd seen before, but I'd never noticed until now.   The noodle color and texture was so cool. The noodles were practically translucent.  I knew right then and there that I wanted to try them.

Shortly after this I was talking to a Korean customer at work and telling them how I wanted to try more Korean food, but at the time I was avoiding meat.  She told me that I had to try Japchae. I agreed that I wanted to.  Now unfortunately there are no Korean restaurants in my town so I have to go at least a half hour away to get to one so I doubted I'd be able to try Japchae any time soon. But then in browsing the Korean cooking channel on my Roku, I came across a simple and delicious recipe for Japchae. The recipe comes from The Squishy Monster blog and you can find it here. The whole blog is great, really. She features a wide variety of Korean recipes with simple instructions and a video demonstration as well. I've tried a few of her other recipes and they're phenomenal. 

So anyway after I found the recipe, I got directions to the nearest Asian market. It turned out to be just down the road and I was in heaven the minute I walked in. You'd better believe I came out with a basketful of fun snacks from across Asia along with the glass noodles I had been looking for or Dangmyeon (당면) as they are labeled in the store. I by no means am a great cook, but I am decent at following directions and it turned out pretty good the first time I made it. It's much better now that I know what I'm doing and have made it a few times.

So the synopsis? I am a Japchae fan! I love the taste of the vegetables and chewiness of the noodles. This is not something that I eat all the time or in large portions, though, because there is a lot of sesame oil involved. But I would say it's a definite must for all those looking to try more Korean foods. That was my Out of Drama Experience with Japchae.  Stay tuned for more of these Out of Drama Experiences in the future!

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Go Places Alone

Today I had planned to go to the beach with my sister. Well, she bailed on me last minute. She has a habit of doing this and I have a habit of trying to re-arrange my schedule to fit what she wants to do, but not today.  Today I was sick of it. I'm an independent woman who doesn't need to rely on others to have a good time, so I decided to go to the  beach by myself.  As humans, we don't usually like to go places alone.  Have you ever paid for someone's meal just so you didn't have to eat alone? I know I have.

 Anyway, the beach is one of those places that people normally wouldn't want to go to alone and I didn't just want to go to the beach. I wanted to go to a special beach an hour from my house. But I'm a tad stubborn and I wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of proving my self-sufficiency today.  So I filled my tank, loaded my most recently purchased kpop songs, and hit the road.  The drive was relaxing and jamming out to my iPod made it go by rather fast.  I arrived at a relatively busy beach. It is a Saturday in April in Florida after all. It's to be expected. Undeterred, I changed into my beach clothes and headed for the boardwalk.

So what did I find journeying to the beach alone? I found that I had a really good time.  The ocean was just as beautiful looking at it by myself (more beautiful than I remembered to be honest). In fact, being by myself gave me time to enjoy my surroundings and just soak in everything I was seeing. I wasn't distracted with what anyone else was doing or saying. I found a bench facing the water and took an old-fashioned paper book copy of "Grapes of Wrath" and sat there reading for a good hour and a half.  I couldn't have been more at peace even in my own home. Every few minutes I'd look up and just stare off into the distance and enjoy the view.  I would have stayed a lot longer, but somehow I neglected to bring sunscreen and as a redhead with a notorious penchant for the sunburns, I didn't want to tempt fate. I left the beach feeling refreshed and at peace and it made me realize that I should do things like that more often. 

It's nice to rely on other people and to have them experience life with us when we can, but the reality is there aren't always people around to do the things that you want to do. It's not easy to do things alone, though.  In the past I would steel up and go to the mall or go to the movies alone, but I'll admit there are still things I'm scared to do by myself.  Because the truth is as humans, we're scared of other people noticing and what they'll think.  But that's their problem.  They're too short-sighted to think that a person could actually be choosing to be alone because they enjoy it.

 I could go on a rant about people minding their own business, but I won't. Instead, I'll end with this.  Go places alone. It doesn't have to be all the time, but don't be afraid to do it. It's good for you. It slows things down and quiets your mind and it helps you to see things in a way you hadn't seen them before. Most importantly it teaches you to have faith in yourself. I swear it's such a simple little thing, but you will look at yourself in a whole different way once you've done it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 4 Recap

Welcome back friends and future friends. It's time for the companion recap to the My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club. This week we talk about blossoms of love, but there was more going on than just love. I can assure you. Let me give you a recap, or you can just skip to the bottom for some bonus thoughts.

We start the episode with Ji Na punching Tae Woon in the face.  She quickly realizes she misunderstood, but like I said, I'm proud of her for doing it.  She didn't hesitate to take action when she thought she saw something unjust happening. The teenage friend of Tae Woon chastises Ji Na and in the process kind of reveals that she (teenage girl) is in love with him. Ji Ni leaves the flower shop in embarrassment over the misunderstanding she leaves without the flowers she went to pick up. Mr. Unfortunate chases her down with the flowers and after a series of misunderstandings a viral video goes around making it look like 1). Ji Na is pregnant and 2) Mr. Unfortunate has proposed.  She insists to her co-workers that it's not true and they may or may not believe her.

Meanwhile Ji Na's creepy friend takes her along to a wedding, where they are pretending to be enthusiastic friends of the bride for pay.  And guess who shows up? Of course it's Tae Woon.  Somehow he seems to end up everywhere Ji Na is.  That's kind of the point, though, isn't it? You're supposed to be cursed after meeting him after all.  Ji Na sees him and manages to hide herself from him until she accidentally catches the bouquet.  He ends up almost revealing she doesn't know the bride so she takes him into the men's bathroom stall to tell him that she's a friend of a friend of a friend. Another innuendo scene ensues where all the on-listeners think they're getting busy up in the stall.

Ji Na's weird friend and Mr. Unfortunate's weird friend meet and it's even more wonderful than I'd hoped. They have this creepy and disgusting food flirting scene that is perfectly their style.  I can just tell that their relationship is going to be wonderful.

Back at work Hye Mi and Ji Na are in fierce competition because only one of them gets to work on Hee Cheul's new project.  Ji Na scores points for herself by stealing one of Mr. Unfortunate's lines when she can't think of any other ideas at the meeting. It's cheesy, but everyone likes it.  She takes an extra coffee to the garden in hopes of running into Hee Cheul, which of course she does.  He asks her out to dinner again and says this time it will be just the two of them. What? Is he for real?  Well, before Ji Na gets a chance to answer he gets a phone call from what sounds like a really important business guy who wants to meet for dinner.  Hee Cheul says he doesn't have any plans.  What the heck, Hee Cheul, have you no consideration for Ji Na. He apologizes and she turns another sour situation into a gem. She tells him it's okay because just having dinner together doesn't mean anything, not yet that is.  Seriously, this girl is my hero. I'm just going to steal her lines.  It turns out that Hee Cheul is meeting Hye Mi's father and guess who shows up? Hye Mi. That's the second time she's stolen time with Hee Cheul that was supposed to be Ji Na's. 

Anyway, when it comes down to the final presentation at work, Ji Na loses.  Her idea is peaceful and simplistic, but Hye Mi copies an idea from someone else again and grabs everyone's attention. Seriously, Hye Mi, do you even have an original idea in that head of yours?  Ji Na's understandably sad, I mean she is the better choice after all. And instead of comforting her the pregnant manager lady asks her to go find this seemingly eccentric plant specialist professor guy. Ji Na, being the eager to please employee she is agrees.

So Ji Na goes to this orchard place to find this professor. I already had a feeling that it was going to be Tae Woon because how could it not be really?  After walking for a really long time she finally finds this professor and who does it turn out to be? Tae Woon. Well, at least we think it is because the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Guess we'll find out for sure next week.

So that's what happened. Now here are some bonus thoughts:

-That little girl is going to have her heart broken falling in love with Tae Woon. I hope they introduce a love interest for her too.

-The scene where everyone thinks that Ji Na is pregnant and Tae Woon is proposing is comic gold. The writers on this drama are kind of geniuses.

-I love that even Ji Na's mother saw the video of her and Tae Woon.

-Tae Woon being moved to tears at the wedding was so cute.  Every girl's dream is for a man who finds weddings beautiful.

-Ji Na and Tae Woon's friends flirting scene was incredibly disgusting, but the fact that he snorted wine all over his face without cracking a smile was seriously the most amazing thing I've seen on this show so far.

-There are soooo many innuendos on this show!

-I love what Tae Woon says about Ji Na when he's describing to his diary why he likes her "A woman who does a sidekick when she sees injustice, a woman who runs like a marathonner in high heels, a woman who can speak up boldly wherever she may be..."  He actually does see the real her, he doesn't just have these naive feeling with her and I may be getting a little sentimental, but that's quite beautiful.

-Ji Na really needs a friend at the company, someone on her side.  Hee Cheul is far too impartial.  Seriously, writers please bring her a knight in shining armor because I'm going to be really distraught if she has no friends there.

-Was anyone really surprised to see Tae Woon at the orchard?

That's all for this week.  Join me next week to take a look at episodes 5 and 6.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 3 Recap

Welcome friend and future friends! We're another week through My Unfortunate Boyfriend. What are you thoughts so far? Find mine at the bottom after this short recap.

In this episode it's clear that Mr. Unfortunate has now fallen for Ji Na. After her CPR "kiss", he gets all hot and bothered and takes off from the magic show. Ji Na chases him and feels bad that he's hurt. She goes to get him some medicine, when a motor bike comes straight at her.  Mr. Unfortunate pulls her off the street and into his arm in the most romantic way possible. Then he yells at her and tells her that she needs to keep herself safe. Where has this Mr. Unfortunate been? This is what I've been waiting for. I think he now deserves to be called by his name, Tae Woon.

 Hee Cheul runs into Ji Na after the magic show and invites her out to dinner. She's excited, like super excited.  Tae Woon overhears and is super bummed.  He even has a minor freakout in the grocery store, thinking he hears Ji Na's name everywhere.  When Ji Na gets to the restaurant she realizes it was a dinner for the whole office-embarassing! But she plays it off well as always. The office ladies bring up Ji Na's college, remember the spider on her resume made it look like she was from a prestigious one. And Ji Na has to lie and say she knows one of the classmates who would have gone to school with her who is now a celebrity. I have a feeling this will not be the last time this issue comes up.

So the office ladies learn that Hee Cheul loves a woman who can drink it's game on and suspiciously Hee Cheul does not drink.  Did he do it on purpose just to get all the ladies drunk. I don't know it seems sketchy. Anyway Hye Mi and Ji Na go head to head. The result- Hye Mi hilariously passes out, but....also gets the ride home in Hee Cheul's car that he had first offered to Ji Na. So is it a win or a lose? Ji Na seems to be unaffected by the drinking until Hee Cheul leaves and we find she is quite drunk herself.  She's dancing and skipping in the street. Meanwhile Tae Woon has lost a bet of sorts that requires him to go around town for two hours in a bear costume. Also he's not allowed to speak. He sees Ji Na in the street and heroically goes to pull her out of the street again.  Not having the clearest judgement Ji Na is super excited to see the bear and spends the whole night going around and having fun with him, which he loves! But Ji Na never knows that it's him. She even reveals that she's so ambitious because she wants to provide her mom with a good life because her mom was so good to her. Ah, her motives were pure after all.  Then after all their fun Ji Na passes out and he lays her in a cart with a blanket and covers her in cardboard and newspaper to keep her warm.  He stays there while she sleeps and in the morning he goes to get them coffee and comes back to find the cart gone.  An old man was wheeling away the cart, thinking it was only full of recycling and that's when Ji Na wakes up.

 She rushes to work and makes it there just on time, but she's still wearing the clothes from last night which of course Hye Mi immediately points out. She lies and says she stayed at a nearby hotel because she was too drunk to go home. If I'm correct this is the first lie we've seen from Ji Na where she proactively decides to lie on her own accord- although if she admitted she slept outside in a cart she may have gotten fired for being a generally reckless person.

So one of the manager ladies is complaining about how nobody ever wants to do this task that needs done every morning. Ji Na and Hye Mi, both being eager to look like duitiful employees, volunteer eagerly.  And the task ends up being...getting flowers from Mr. Unfortunate's shop every morning.  So Ji Na goes there to find Mr. Unfortunate and a teenage girl and it appears that they're in a compromising position. Ji Na does not hesitate. She runs right up and punches him in the face.  That's the kind of character I can get behind, but it was a little sad because he was so excited to see her. And...that's where the episode ends.

So there's the recap. Here are some bonus thoughts:

-Ji Na seemed to be a little shaken by Tae Woon's heroism, didn't she?

-It is absolutley adorable when Tae Woon has a slight anxiety attack and has to hide his face in a watering can when thinking about his "kiss" with Ji Na

-Okay, Hee Cheul, that was a jerk move calling out Ji Na in front of everyone when it was clear she thought it'd just be the two of you. Luckily, she's quick on her feet. And I feel like you're leading her on. You didn't deny it was a personal request that she not use the "magic kiss" anymore.

-Also, really Hee Cheul?  If you tell a group of women that you like a woman who can drink and you're a wealthy, attractive man, what do you think is going to happen?

-Hye Mi's face when she passes out is one of my favorite things of all-time.

-Again, Hee Cheul, is your car's back seat broken? You can't take both women home? I kind of thought Hye Mi might have been faking it. Still not convinced she wasn't.

-Man, Hee Cheul is getting my wrath today.  If you've just seen a woman drink copious amounts of alcohol, no matter how fine she seems, don't let her find her own way home.

-Ji Na is a blast whens he's drunk. I've never seen such a fun drunk in all my life.

-That scene with Ji Na and Tae Woon in the bear suit is magical.

-Why did Tae Woon think it'd be a good idea to put her in a cart and cover her with garbage?

-I was really uncomfortable when it looked like Tae Woon and that girl were in a compromising position. I'm glad that Ji Na punched him.  She is seriously my hero.

So those are my thoughts on Episode 3. Stay tuned for thoughts on episode 4 coming soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smiling's My Favorite

As Buddy the Elf put it best, "I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite."  I feel the same way, Buddy. I really do.

We don't always feel like smiling. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's not even possible. But to me sometimes the simple act of smiling can turn my day around. I'm serious!  Everyone has those days where you wake up and you just want to go back to sleep and do nothing else. So when I get to work and I'm feeling like crap, it takes every of self-control that I have to smile at that first person I see. But what happens when that person sees me smiling? 9 times out of 10, they smile back. And what happens when that person smiles at me? I now genuinely feel like smiling.  I've just had a pleasant exchange with another human and I feel good about it.

There's always going to be that person that doesn't smile back, but I say give them a break and smile at the next person anyway. We can't see through a person's face to know what's going on in their heart.  You've probably heard that smiling boosts your mood, but did you know that your body literally releases endorphins from smiling even if you're only forcing it?  Smiling is so natural to us.  Even blind babies who have never seen or felt a smile will smile on their own. Isn't that just amazing? 

Anyway, I just wanted to share a big virtual smile with you all today. Hope everyone's day is the best day ever!

Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Ways to Get Your Friends to Watch Korean Dramas

Korean Dramas are so much better when you have someone to watch them with, or at least freak out with as you discuss the episode later on. The problem is a lot of our friends think our love for Korean Dramas is silly. They don't know how wrong they are, of course, but if your friends are anything like mine they are quite stubborn in their insistence of avoiding K-Dramas. So how do you solve this? You trick your friends into becoming hooked on Korean dramas. After all, it's not like you want them to watch Korean dramas because they're bad. It's because they make you so happy that you can't contain it and want to share that with your friends. Here are a few strategies that have worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well.

1). Barter
This method is straight-forward.  Offer to do something that your friend wants to do that you normally wouldn't in exchange for them watching one episode of a Korean drama of your choosing. One episode is all it takes.

2). Hook Them With the Plot
Find a drama that you think your friend would be interested in. Describe the plot to them first, K-Dramas plots are quite interesting after all.  Once they're interested then tell them it's in Korean and tell them to watch one episode before deciding. 

3). Just Press Play
Just start watching a Korean drama when you're together.  Even if they're on their phone or doing something else, they'll eventually be drawn to the screen. This one seems so simple, but it's worked so many times. They start asking questions and then can't look away and then before you know it are asking you to watch the next episode.

4). Make Them Ask
When people think that they can't have something is when they want it the most.  So what you do with this technique is let the person know you love Korean dramas and over time keep bringing up and describing why you love them, but NEVER ask them to watch with you. Eventually they will either watch one on their own or ask you to shown them one. This technique is more difficult because it requires patience and persearvance but it pays off when it's pulled off successfully because then your friend thinks its their idea and they are more likely to full embrace Korean Dramas.

5). One Episode Promise
Similar to the barter technique, this is the one to use when you've been asking you friend for a long time and they have been persistent in their refusal.  You tell them, "If you just watch one episode I won't ask again. If you don't like it I promise I will never ask you to watch another episode." Most often the deal is worth it to them because they can be free from you asking. If by some unnatural chance they don't like it then you don't want to ask again anyway. You don't want to be the type of friend to make someone do something they don't want to, do you? 

So get out there, K-Drama lovers and spread the Korean Drama revolution!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Teens React to EXO's "Call Me, Baby"

Anyone else watch these Teens React videos? I'm addicted. I'm not a big Youtuber apart from Kpop videos, but I've spent hours watching these Teens React videos. Can't really explain it. Anyway guess what they reacted to today? EXO's "Call Me, Baby".  Take a watch below if you like :)

Stay Low and Move Stealthily

This is a true story. The names in this story have been changed to safeguard my friend's pride.

So recently I went to pick my friend, let's call her Lily, up at the airport.  I am standing there at the gate, checking my email,  and I hear her yelling my name. I look up and Lily is waving energetically at me as she comes out of the gate and I wave back with equal enthusiasm.  We hug and catch up with need to know information for about a minute or so.  Then Lily's face turns lily white. 

"My ex-boyfriend is standing over there," she says. Now I am acquainted with all of Lily's ex-boyfriends and I haven't noticed anyone.

"Where?" I ask as I begin scanning the airport crowd.

"Over there," she whispers, motioning a mere twenty feet away. Sure enough there is Lily's ex, let's call him Blake, standing along with a group of people, holding a bouquet of balloons.  How long had he been standing there? I hadn't even noticed him. Thankfully he seems completely oblivious to us and quite into the conversation he is having with his group, but Lily turns frantic.

"I've got to get out of here!" she announces. Now I'll also mention that Lily is big on airport fashion and for her a flight on a plane is not complete without a pair of pumps. So she clacks hurriedly away in an attempt to circumvent Blake, but as she does this his group begins to move as well. Lily is so focused on getting away that she doesn't notice this.  Now the L-shaped pattern that Lily was making and Blake's group's straight path were set to intersect. I've demonstrated on the diagram below.

At this point I've stopped and tried to get her attention because I can see exactly where this is going. However, Lily is in her own little world so I just stand there and watch.  As the two parties get closer, Lily, who is holding her iPod, drops is out of nervousness. It skitters a few feet across the ground. Lily stops to pick it up and Blake's group passes right in front of her.  Blake walks on by without even glancing at Lily. Now being me, I can't hold the laughter in any longer. Lily is not amused.

In an attempt to make an escape she nearly literally ran right into her ex and definitely drew more attention to herself in the process.  Now the funny thing here is that Blake most likely had seen her before she saw him and was making the decision to ignore her himself. Lily and I weren't exactly being quiet as we greeted and the fact that he didn't even glance at her as he walked by only a few feet away was a little suspicious. The whole scenario played out just like a scene from a movie. However, I tried to remind Lily that it would have been a lot worse if they had made eye contact and had to acknowledge each other in that awkward situation.

So as a word to the wise: if you are in public and you see someone that you want to ignore- stay low and move stealthily.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

First Feels: Sensory Couple

Since I'm doing the weekly recaps for My Unfortunate Boyfriend, I didn't want to bog things down with another weekly drama review. That being said, I am also simulcasting Sensory Couple, which I have such strong feelings on that I can't help but do this brief diagnosis on the show so far.

Feels Like I Should... Keep Watching

To be honest, when I first heard the synopsis of Sensory Couple, I was not at all interested.  A girl who can "see scents". Nope. But....then I saw that Yoo Chun was in it and I do quite love him, so I decided to give it a go. Sooooo glad I did. So far I think it's great. I don't know if it's just me but Se Kyung and Yoo Chun seem to have amazing chemistry. Their characters are so cute together and the fact that she can see scents adds a fun element into the plot. And not giving away any spoilers, but there is a super creepy serial killer and I love it. I love super creepy characters in K-dramas because it creates so many crazy plot moments and it sets them apart from most other dramas. All the characters, even down to the small roles, seem perfectly cast and there's a lot of 'character' in the characters.

With this show, each episode is better and more intriguing than the last. I am eating them up and counting down the days until the next episode. I think this drama is only going to continue to get better. Totally looking forward to it.

You can watch all the current episodes here on DramaFever. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Sound of the Clock

I've never considered myself much of a poet. Truth be told I have a hard time sharing any creative writing I've written, but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone. I wrote this a couple months ago and it conveys a metaphor that just really speaks to me.  My brother convinced me to post it. So here it is:

The Sound of the Clock by Logan Blair

I did not know there was a clock in my house,
though its ticking has been constant for years.
I never stopped to listen for it.

How have I been keeping time all this while?

Instead of counting seconds I have been
counting coins,
counting jewels,
counting praise.

I have been keeping time by counting my own prosperity and
I have been relentlessly tardy.
I strain to catch up, but my efforts are fruitless.
I fall further and further behind.
How many appointments have I missed completely?
The world loves to laugh at my delinquency.

I sit in the quiet pondering the cause of my perpetual tardiness.

And I hear something. Because I took a moment to be silent,
I hear the ticking that has always been there.
And I realize that I have been keeping time by the wrong measure all this while.

I recalibrate and begin keeping time by the sound of the clock,
and I find that I have missed nothing.
All the while I thought I was late,
I was on time,
according to the clock.
My timing was perfect,
according to the clock.
The clock's timing was perfect.
The clock's timing is perfect.

So I shall not count coins,
nor count jewels,
nor count praise any further.

They are no way to measure time.

Now that I can hear the sound of the clock,
I know that every other method by which I tried to keep time,
was never meant for keeping time.

The clock has always been and will always be the only way. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 2 Recap

Hello friends and future friends! Here's my recap of episode two of My Unfortunate Boyfriend and some thoughts/comments I had while watching as a companion to my DramaFever blog. If you've already watched the episodes feel free to skip to the bottom for my comments on it :)

So we saw a lot more funny interactions between Mr. Unfortunate and Ji Na this episode.  The episode opens with us learning that Hye Mi used to be chubby and not what most would consider pretty.  I love that she's open about her plastic surgery and that Ji Na reassures her.  They're interactions are so cute so far.

Then through an "unfortunate" accident where Ji Na and Mr. Unfortunate both fall to the ground, Ji Na gets her hair caught in Mr. Unfortunate's pants zipper and the whole office sees them like that.  Poor Ji Na, how awful. They finally find the cleaning lady and borrow a scissors.  Ji Na cuts her hair free and walks around all day with a completely obvious chunk missing from her hair.  Mr. Unfortunate picks up her earring and tries to return it her to her but she's pretty much fed up with him.

Ji Na tells her weird friend, Mal Sook, that she needs a magician to help her win the talent show at work. Mal Sook says she can help her in exchange for a fake designer bag like Ji Na.  Ji Na accepts the deal. This will come into play later.

Mr. Unfortunate goes back home and tries to explain the situation to his creepy friend, who completely misunderstands and thinks Mr. Unfortunate and Ji Na had a romantic hook up and Mr. Unfortunate's little neighbor girl friend tells him he must like Ji Na. He seems okay with the idea.  Shouldn't be long now until he's completely head over heels.

Meanwhile Ji Na and Hye Mi are visiting a commercial shoot with the manager and Hye Mi bumps into Ji Na causing her to spill hot coffee over the model's legs. Did I mention Hye Mi did this intentionally? So much for their happy partnership, I had such high hopes for Hye Mi.  Anyway, the model's nice about it but now they need someone else to model and while both Hye Mi and Ji Na are gorgeous, Hye Mi's toenails are freshly painted.  Then we have a hilarious scene where Hye Mi is trying to model, but is horrible and Ji Na is trying to coach her.

Hee Cheul takes them aside afterward and says that yes they made mistakes, but they also did a great job and worked hard.  You can see both girls with hearts in their eyes over the fact that he is a decent and reasonable man. What does that same about Korean dramas that a man who is reasonable is a rare find? Lol.

Ji Na is arranging a meeting with the people who sell fake designer bags and Mr. Unfortunate, who for reasons we aren't quite sure of is dressed as a clown, happens to see her. The bag lady's goons grab Ji Na and throw her into a van and take off.  Mr. Unfortunate thinks she's been kidnapped so he follows her on his bike and calls the cop. Now because Mr. Unfortunate has this little voice changer device in his mouth, the cops think he's making a prank call and send a car after him.  So now the cops are following Mr. Unfortunate who is following Ji Na. Eventually the cops catch up and Mr. Unfortunate leads them to the van, where they take the bag lady, her goons, and Ji Na into custody for fraud once they realize it was not a prank call.

Mr. Unfortunate seems to feel bad because he thought he was saving Ji Na. Thankfully Ji Na is quick on her feet and once she realizes the clown was delivering balloons does her make-up to look like a clown and pretends to be his partner. The cops seem to buy it and she walks right out of the police station.  Only then does she realize it is Mr. Unfortunate and you can tell she's now starting to believe in the curse. He ends up with another one of her earrings. Hmmm, I  wonder if this will come up again and she leaves.

She ends up going out to lunch with her co-workers some time later, maybe the next day.  They have this real awkward conversation about plastic surgery and then eventually how Ji Na's had none. We'll just leave it at that.  Then in walks the bag lady.  She almost gives away how they know each other, but makes up a story about how they met in Milan and how Ji Na is ahead of the trends. She's grateful to Ji Na who walked out with the evidence making it so they all got released. But because of the conversation Ji Na's co-workers now think she is from a wealthy family. Which she isn't and ironically it's Hye Mi who's from a wealthy family. This is the second time that co-workers have believed a lie about Ji Na that she didn't initiate, but I guarantee she's going to get in trouble for it down the road. 

Ji Na ends up in the garden at work, which seems to be her new favorite thinking spot. There she runs into Mr. Bossman, Hee Cheul, who gives her the extra cup of coffee he was carrying around.  Hye Mi spots them and is pissed! She's definitely head over heels. Careful girl, don't you know how cruel and volatile second male leads are to the second female lead? But Hee Cheul has a really adorable baby face, doesn't he?

Later on Hee Cheul gives Hye Mi a ride and tells her there's no need to try so desperately for the talent show. She doesn't seem to like hearing that, who would? It bothers me because I can't tell how Hee Cheul feels about Hye Mi, but at the same time it leaves me intrigued about his character and wanting to learn more. Also I still can't decide whether he's a jerk. Hee Cheul, just let me know already so I can pick a side, k?

So now we find ourselves at the talent show.  Hye Mi, who is now incredibly jealous of Ji Na's garden time with Hee Cheul, sees that Ji Na's magic show is not bad and so she slips a laxative in the magician's drink.  Oh come on, not again, Hye Mi! Oh well. Anyway so now Ji Na has no partner until she sees Mr. Unfortunate and ropes him into helping. Even though she's never done magic and she was only supposed to be the assistant, she puts her all into it, wanting to impress her co-workers.  Seriously, this girl is unstoppably ambitious. I love it!  Mr. Unfortunate is nervous, but the show goes well until the crowd applauds and Ji Na throws her hat into the audience.

This sets off a chain reaction of people knocking into each other and knocking things over and eventually Mr. Unfortunate gets knocked out. Ji Na begins to perform mouth to mouth and the episode ends with Mr. Unfortunate waking, looking completely infatuated.

So that's the episode. Here are some thoughts I had while watching:

-Anyone else notice that manager lady was also in Full House Take 2 with No Min Woo?

-I can't blame Mr. Unfortunate for being terrified something bad is going to happen when Ji Na tries to cut her hair out of his zipper. She's not exactly gentle.

-Why didn't Ji Na ever fix her hair after she cut it? It would have only taken a little bit of water and a comb and like two seconds.

-Mr. Unfortunate needs a new best friend. His current one is far too creepy.

-I feel bad for Ji Na and Hye Mi having to deal with the popularity box. What if you had a popularity box where you worked? That would suck!

-I have to admit I thought picking a magic act for a talent show was a really bad idea. Magic acts never win a talent show!

-I love how the bag lady is enthralled by Ji Na's clown dance in prison.

-Let's make "crunch" happen- creative lunch. Those ladies were onto something.

-Okay Ji Na, I have to disagree with you. Not all coffee is created equally.

-The magician's name is Aladdin Copperfield? Really?

-Wow, Hye Mi's talent of spinning in a circle is really impressive...I'm being sarcastic here.

-I can't believe the magician just sharted...I

-Okay, that magic bit was absolutely fantastic.

-Why did Hee Cheul come in for literally two seconds and then leave? Was he offended by something?

-Never has one hat done that much damage.

-I wouldn't normally bring it up but I'm actually really surprised that Ji Na's showing a Korean drama?

-Why does CPR always have to be considered sexual? This is why they took mouth-to-mouth out of the process in America, because of people like him.

Well that's where I leave you today. The DramaFever Drama Club blog is now out and can be found above under the Drama Club page and here.  Hope everyone out there has an absolutely fabulous day.

You can watch My Unfortunate Boyfriend here on DramaFever.

4 Tips to Cure Your Post K-Drama Hangover

All of us drama addicts have been there.  You've just finished an amazing show. Over the last 16 or more episodes, you've grown with these characters and grown to love them and now their story is over. You will never hear from these people again and the thought it devastating.  God forbid it was a tragic ending, that's even more damaging. 

There are ways to avoid the post K-drama slump and maybe we'll talk about those another day, but I'm talking about what to do when it's already happened to you. How do you cope?  As I've shared, my first Korean drama experience was with Boys over Flowers and I was so devastated afterward that I moped around the house for two days and wouldn't watch any Korean dramas after that for four months. Can you imagine? Me abstaining from Korean dramas for four months? I know, it was crazy. Since then, in order to maintain emotionally healthy Korean drama watching habits, I have mastered different techniques to make sure that I don't fall into that post-drama slump and ones so that if I do, I can get right out.  So, I've compiled a list of tips for all my friends who might be struggling with a K-Drama slump right now. 

1) Start another drama right away- Seems counterintuitive, I know, but it works.  A lot of times after a really strong drama you're not going to feel like watching anything else, but make yourself. Just one and half episodes.  At that point you're invested enough in the new drama that you don't feel the loss of the last, but not so invested that you have to dedicate your life to it yet.  Make sure to stop in the middle of the second episode unless you want to roll head-on into another drama binge. Stopping in the middle of an episode is the best place to stop, because as any addict knows, all episodes end on horrible cliffhangers.

2) Talk about the drama- Get it out of your system!  Find someone else who has seen it and share the emotions. If you don't have any K-drama watching friends check my list and if I've seen it we can have a heart-to-heart. Lol. But seriously, find blogs or videos about the drama.  Hearing other people share the same feelings as you will make getting over it easier, because you know the characters will never truly be lost as long as you keep them alive in your heart.

3) Re-watch the first episode- When you realize that the story is pretty much always going to be there and you can go back and rewatch at any time, it'll make you feel better. I've re-watched many of my favorite dramas- sometimes more than once. Seeing the beginning of the story again helps to reset your frame of mind.

4) Start an American (or British) show- Gasp! I know, I know, but there is still some good American television out there, people.  Sometimes if I hit the K-drama slump I just need to change it up a bit and watching a show in English helps me to do that.  They're working from a different set of plots so you're getting a whole different kind of storyline. 

Of course, but unfortunately, these tips are not going to work for everybody all the time. But it's definitely worth a go. I've helped a few others through their slumps and I know I've helped myself through a few (49 days, anyone?).  Anyone have any tricks they use that I didn't mention?

When a Broken Arm Isn't Even the Worst Part...

I recently told this story at work and got a few laughs, so I thought it might be worth sharing with my friends and future friends out here in blog world.

I was eight-years old the first and only time I ever broke a bone.  It was the middle of winter in Minnesota and everything was covered with ice and snow.  My younger brother and I were out riding our bikes in the driveway.  Yes, typically snow and bicycles do not mix, but we're Minnesotans. We tend to not let snow tell us what to do.  So we were out riding back and forth, which really lead to little amusement until I discovered that the compacted snow had formed a make-shift hill in the front yard.  Essentially it was a three-foot tall mound of ice.  One thing lead to another and I found myself riding my bike down the ice mound. I zoomed fast toward the ground and it felt as though I was going to crash face first, but I didn't. It was thrilling; it felt just like riding a roller coaster. I did it again and it was just as fun. Again I felt like I was going to fall but didn't.

I told my brother he should try it to.  He was six at the time. He studied me and the mound and decided against it. He thought it was dangerous.  Now the funny part here is that those of you who know both me and my brother know 2 things. 1) Although I like to try new things, I abhor dangerous ones 2) My brother considers himself Evel Knievel.  Ever since he could walk he was an adrenaline junkie.  Normally the tables would have been turned and it would have been him doing something dangerous and me deciding against it.  I don't know what made him say no that day, but he made a good choice.  I told him I was just going to do it one more time and then go inside.

So I got to the top of the mound and went down one more time. This time when I felt like I was going to fall, I did. I was splayed out in the street and sobbing. I asked my brother to go get my mom and he said he would.  I lay there, on the residential street, crying for what felt like forever and no one came. Eventually I peeled myself off the street and hobbled inside where I found my brother sitting on the couch watching TV and everyone going about life like normal.  I was furious when I found out that my brother had never told my mom and left me there. Now I was a *little* dramatic about my injuries as a child. I thought I was going to die at the sight of blood and wailed over the most minor injury, so when my parents inspected my arm and found no blood and no bruises they figured I was fine.

Well, after I held my arm still all day and started crying in my sleep they realized that I wasn't just crying wolf.  They took me to the emergency room where they learned that I had fractured my arm. Now the next part of the story always makes me mad.  The emergency room put on a temporary cast that used hot water.  I later found out that the water was so hot that it gave me deep second degree burns. I cried as is well expected and they, not even knowing that I was dramatic, told me to toughen up. The nurse brought me outside to cool off, without having me put a jacket on. Did I mention it was the middle of winter in Minnesota where temperatures are well below freezing? Needless to say this was the worst hospital ever. I think they hurt more than they helped.

When I went to get a normal cast a few days later my regular doctor was furious at the hospital and I had to deal with itching scabs under my cast the whole time I had it. You can still see the scar to this day from the burns.  I was eight years old and a hospital gave me deep second degree burns and then told me to toughen up. If we were a more litigious family we probably would have sued.

Okay, so the last part of the story wasn't really funny, but the only permanent damage done is a barely visible scar and a everlasting distaste for that hospital.  All in all it makes a pretty great story to share and maybe it's because of that horrible experience, but I haven't broken a bone since.  Does anyone else have any broken bone horror stories?

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