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Favorite K-drama Female Leads

Hello friends and future friends! So as you probably know I'm currently watching My Unfortunate Boyfriend and Sensory Couple. The thing that both of these dramas have in common is a fantastic female lead character. That got me thinking that sometimes there are so many beautiful male characters in Korea dramas that some great female characters get overlooked.  Not by me!  Today I present to you my top favorite Korean Drama female leads. 

1. In Ha from Pinocchio

 Even though In Ha has the unfortunate side effect of hiccuping when she lies, she doesn't stop it from letting her personality shine through. While most people with this fictional syndrome become secluded and kept to themselves for fear of embarrassment, she keeps her head up when she has to admit even the most humiliating truth and instead embraces the truth.  Even when she's sneered at from her own mother when she wants to become a reporter, she doesn't let it stop her.  Not only that but she's completely understanding of everyone she loves, way more understanding than most K-Drama characters.  She's so understanding and kind that even when her boyfriend wants to hate her for something her mother did, he can't.  In ha is such a great character because she's tenacious, understanding, and spunky.

2. Soo Sun from You Are All Surrounded

Soo Sun is a great mixture of fun and seriousness. She becomes a detective because she thinks it'll be good money, but as she realizes how important being a detective is, she takes it more seriously and she puts her whole heart into solving the cases.  Her character really shines when her friends are in danger.  She works nonstop for days on end trying to solve the cases to find the criminals who hurt them.  Soo Sun is so sympathetic and you can see the pain on her face when her friends are in pain. Soo Sun is a great character because she's loyal, brave, hardworking and tender-hearted.

3. Jung In from Smile, Honey (Smile, You)

When the drama starts Jung In is incredibly spoiled.  She is used to getting everything she wants and has never had to work a day, but within minutes of the show's start she's been left at the altar and finds out her family is completely bankrupt.  Jung In has to learn what it's like to have nothing and make her way up from the bottom.  Even through the struggle she never loses her spunk, but learns to value people more than things.  She goes through a lot of great character development and you see that she's always had a good heart even through her spoiled nature. Jung In is a great character because she's optimistic, confident, and adapts to make herself better.

4. Young Chae from Wonderful Mama

This is another drama that starts with a spoiled rich girl.  Young Chae has never been denied anything and completely spoiled by her loan shark mother.  Her mom gets so sick of her kids leeching off of her that she pretends to lose all her money.  Young Chae is forced to work. She uses her degree in fashion to work for a fashion company and learns the value of hard work and the importance of family.  Young Chae is a great character because she's fun, resilient, and learns to appreciate what she has.

5. Chae Kyung from Goong (Princess Hours)

Chae Kyung is essentially forced into an arranged marriage with the fictional king of South Korea to pay off her family's debts.  That alone says something about her character. She is full of personality and eccentric and incredibly headstrong, yet she still agrees to do it only for her family's sake.  Of course she eventually comes to love the prince, but first has to face a lot of rejection and betrayal from him and his family.  Through it all, she never loses heart. Chae Kyung is a great character because she's caring, loyal to her family, and she's full of life.

6. Choon Hee from Trot Lovers

Choon Hee ends up being forced into becoming a Professional singer in order to pay off her father's debt. At the same time she's taking care of her little sister and babysitting a prima donna idol who has fallen out of grace.  Even as life gets harder and harder she keeps singing and keeps a smile through scandals, amnesia, and lots and lots of backstabbing. She is a great character because she's hard-working, resilient, and loves to bring happiness to others.

7. Ah Jung from Lie to Me

Ah Jung is just minding her business in life until one little lie about being married leads to a series of misunderstandings that make it look like she is married to a hotel chaebol.  He is very cold and mean to her at first, but she doesn't take his orders. She plays her own game and keeps her head up no matter what kind of situation she's found herself in.  Eventually he breaks her heart and when he's ready to apologize she doesn't take him back so easily.  Ah Jung is a great character because she's true to herself, has healthy self-esteem, and learns to stand up for herself and not let others treat her poorly.

8. Min Young from Dating Agency: Cyrano

Min Young is a romantic who goes to work for a dating agency that essentially tricks people into falling in love with other people.  It's definnitely a for-profit business when she thinks that love and feelings are more important.  The agency is run by a strict and cold ex-actor and of course Min Young falls in love.  Min Young doesn't let him boss her around, though, and always does what she feels is right first. She is just such a sweet and spunky and refreshing character in this drama, she's absolutely adorable. She's a great character because she's optimistic, caring, and fun.

9. Sang Eun from Creating Destiny

Sang Eun is forced to move in with a family whose son she has been "engaged" to since she was 5. They hate each other at the start and she has no intention of marrying him, but she wants to show her dad she gave it a shot.  When he teases her she teases him right back.  When they do eventually fall in love, his family suddenly doesn't approve (it's a long story), and she is understanding and patient while not losing heart. She is such a great character because she's confident and perky but also considerate of her family and very caring. 

10. Yoo Rin from My Girl

Yoo Rin is an expert scam artist, something that she's forced to learn because of her father's horrible gaming. She's charming and fun and loveable and knows which strings to pull. She gets asked to pretend to be a rich man's granddaughter whose dying wish is to see her again.  Of course she agrees because it pays well. Through it she falls in love with the man who is supposed to be her cousin and helps him reconcile with his ex even though it hurts her.  Through the drama she reveals how much she cares for others. She's a great characters because she's charming, funny, and quick.

These are just a few of the many great Kdrama female leads out there.  Any of your favorites that I missed?  Let's hear them.

*All of these dramas can be found on DramaFever. You Are All Surrounded  can be found on Netflix*

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