Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Totally Understand Cat Ladies

I used to hate cats. Let me preface that by saying I was highly allergic as a child and had the unfortunate experience of crossing the paths of some psychopathic cats. I'm talking like they would pace outside my door waiting to attack me psycho. So I  never understood how a person could possibly consider themselves a cat person.  Until my sister got a kitten while I was home for Summer break and I was forced to spend a lot of time with it.  At first I could not be bothered with the cat, but eventually I grew to like that cat's odd sleeping positions and tolerance for wearing silly costumes. During that time I also realized my cat allergy had disappeared. When my sister had to get rid of him I actually found that I was sad.

Then later she got another cat, a tiny little almost sickly little thing. She waddled when she walked and pounced around like a miniature wild cat. She inexplicably chose me as her favorite and I grew to love her. When I got home from work she'd come right to me and seek my attention. She was small and quirky and would taunt the dog by batting its food around. I thought she was hilarious and the cleverest animal I had ever met.

At that point I was finally willing to admit that I liked cats. Even bold enough to proclaim myself a cat person. I was totally baffled at this revelation, though.  How could I be a cat person when everything I ever believed about myself told me I was not? I was by no means ever a dog person. I like some dogs individually, but overall I'm not a fan of drooling and constantly being follow around and sat on (sometimes my lap has other functions than for you to sit in, dogs).  So that part I was okay with, but how could I like cats? Cats were independent and stubborn and mischievous and apparently just my style. I was all those things too.

Then I got my own cat, the feisty Katniss, as pictured here.  She only reconfirmed my realizations. She is so independent.  She'll come into the room you're in looking for attention, but she doesn't want you to know it. So she immediately finds something to play with, thinking she's tricking you. I am so independent that I've looked into getting a flowbie so I can cut my own hair (but decided against it knowing I can't pull off that style). My cat is so stubborn that she wants my attention but instead of coming to me will meow until I come and acknowledge her first. I am so stubborn that I insist on using bad grammar if I like it better than proper grammar.  My cat is so mischievous  that she jumps on my keyboard even though she knows she's not supposed to. Then she rolls on her back when I go to get her because she knows I think it's cute so I won't get mad. I'm so mischievous that I tell my mom that my sister says horrible things to me, even though she doesn't, and my mom believes me because I was always the "good child" growing up.

I get cats. I appreciate that, although they intentionally cause trouble, they're smart and adorable. I aspire to be the same. Also, I get cat ladies.  If I let myself get another cat I don't think I could stop either. I have to admit that every time I see a cat in the pet store I'm tempted to take it home.  You want to post a picture of your cat on Facebook every day Cat Lady? Do it! I'll look at your pictures.  I'm proud to be your friend.

And for the record I do think dog people are great, too.  Dogs are loyal and good companions so I get where you're coming from. I'm just coming from an entirely different place.

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