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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 1 Recap

Later this week I will be sharing the blog for My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club on DramaFever that I am writing for. That blog will be focusing on a specific theme. As a companion I will be doing a weekly recap of each episode and including some memes and additional comments.

Okay so I've seen a lot of mixed reviews about this series so far. Some think No Min Woo's acting is horrible, some think it is great. Some love the characters, some hate the characters. Well first you have to accept the fact that this drama was not meant to be realistic. The character of Mr. Unfortunate is over-the-top and incredibly naive and No Min Woo is playing him exactly as was written. This being said once you accept that, this is a fun drama to watch. A lot of crazy stuff happens.  There is one disaster after another and there's no shortage of drama.

In the first episode we are introduced to Ji Na, a quick and ambitious girl with an unexpected charm. It's clear from the get go that she doesn't let anything get in the way of what wants. Her first meeting with Mr. Unfortunate is, as you might expect, a complete disaster. She ends up stepping in the manure he has let spill on the sidewalk and he makes a complete spectacle as he tries to help her clean her shoes.  She learns that there's a rumor at the company that anyone who encounters him is essentially cursed, which she quickly dismisses. Hmmm...wonder if that will come into play later in the series?

So Ji Na continues onto the interview she was heading towards which ends up being completely bizarre. They make the candidates come up with an ad for a boring household item like a battery or a spoon in less than an hour.  Ji Na takes the challenge and ends up coming up with a really awesome ad using Mr. Unfortunate and a shovel. After he helps her she calls them even and her interview goes really well.

That is until a spider, who hitched a ride on Ji Na, ends up startling her interviewers. In a truly brave and completely hardcore move, Ji Na smashes the spider with her bare hands. That's true hero behavior there. It also unintentionally makes the boss, Hee Cheul, think she's from a prestigious university since the dead spider's body has obscured her resume. She's a hero for about thirty seconds until Mr. Unfortunate comes over the intercom looking guessed it, his precious pet spider. Ji Na is dismissed from the interview, but determined not to let it get the best of her. She goes to look for Mr. Unfortunate to explain the situation.

Meanwhile we meet Hye Mi, another contender for the job Ji Na's after.  She presents a great presentation as well, but the boss, Hee Cheul, questions if she copied the ad from another company.  Something about their interaction makes it seem like they already know each other.

At first Ji Na wants to ream Mr. Unfortunate out for ruining her chances at getting the job, but when she sees Hee Cheul eavesdropping she puts on her best act and has a heart to heart with Mr. Unfortunate, sharing in his sympathy. Mr. Unfortunate forgives her and announces over the intercom that he won't hold anyone responsible.

Even though Ji Na's presentation was clearly more impressive, Hee Cheul chooses both of them for the position. With a catch. They'll have a three month probationary period and after the three months are over, one of them will be chosen for the position, which is totally bull. But to the ladies' credit they both take it in stride. After a brief moment of animosity racing to be the first one out the door, they end up laughing it off and end up parting on friendly terms. Both Mr. Unfortunate and Ji Na go home where we meet their friends and see their houses. Also, it turns out that Hye Mi has connections and does know Hee Cheul after all. I called that one!

 So that was just a brief summary of the first episode. Here are my thoughts:

-I have to say there are some unique characters. I'm a fan of both female leads especially. Ji Na and Hye Mi, although both ambitious, are adorable and both have great facial expressions. This is my first time seeing Kwak Ji-Man in anything. I'm going to have to watch some other dramas that she's been in.

-I will admit Mr. Unfortunate is almost too naive, but I don't think it will last.  I've got the sense that we're going to see a fun bit of character development. We'll have to see, though.

-How convenient that Mr. Unfortunate falls into the water wearing a shirt, but is completely shirtless when he pops up. I think the producers were looking for an excuse to get No Min Woo shirtless or to just prove that even though he's objectively beautiful he's still socially clueless.

-I can't tell if Hee Cheul is a nice guy or a jerk. He seems really fair, but also really emotionless. I think he's going to break poor Hye Mi's heart, who obviously is in love with him.   

-The red-haired assistant guy that works at the office is totally an underrated gem.  He's so eccentric and even though he was only on screen for a couple minutes, I can tell I'm going to love him.

-Both Mr. Unfortunate and Ji Na have really weird friends. I wonder if they'll fall in love. They would be the perfect strange couple. I bet he would think her costumes are charming

It's hard to gauge a lot after the first episode.  I'll have to continue to watch to see where this is going, but so far I think this drama has a lot of fun potential.  I hope you've all enjoyed this recap. Have your own thoughts on this drama? Let's hear them! Stay tuned for a recap on Episode 2 in a couple days.

You can watch My Unfortunate Boyfriend here on DramaFever.

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