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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 4 Recap

Welcome back friends and future friends. It's time for the companion recap to the My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club. This week we talk about blossoms of love, but there was more going on than just love. I can assure you. Let me give you a recap, or you can just skip to the bottom for some bonus thoughts.

We start the episode with Ji Na punching Tae Woon in the face.  She quickly realizes she misunderstood, but like I said, I'm proud of her for doing it.  She didn't hesitate to take action when she thought she saw something unjust happening. The teenage friend of Tae Woon chastises Ji Na and in the process kind of reveals that she (teenage girl) is in love with him. Ji Ni leaves the flower shop in embarrassment over the misunderstanding she leaves without the flowers she went to pick up. Mr. Unfortunate chases her down with the flowers and after a series of misunderstandings a viral video goes around making it look like 1). Ji Na is pregnant and 2) Mr. Unfortunate has proposed.  She insists to her co-workers that it's not true and they may or may not believe her.

Meanwhile Ji Na's creepy friend takes her along to a wedding, where they are pretending to be enthusiastic friends of the bride for pay.  And guess who shows up? Of course it's Tae Woon.  Somehow he seems to end up everywhere Ji Na is.  That's kind of the point, though, isn't it? You're supposed to be cursed after meeting him after all.  Ji Na sees him and manages to hide herself from him until she accidentally catches the bouquet.  He ends up almost revealing she doesn't know the bride so she takes him into the men's bathroom stall to tell him that she's a friend of a friend of a friend. Another innuendo scene ensues where all the on-listeners think they're getting busy up in the stall.

Ji Na's weird friend and Mr. Unfortunate's weird friend meet and it's even more wonderful than I'd hoped. They have this creepy and disgusting food flirting scene that is perfectly their style.  I can just tell that their relationship is going to be wonderful.

Back at work Hye Mi and Ji Na are in fierce competition because only one of them gets to work on Hee Cheul's new project.  Ji Na scores points for herself by stealing one of Mr. Unfortunate's lines when she can't think of any other ideas at the meeting. It's cheesy, but everyone likes it.  She takes an extra coffee to the garden in hopes of running into Hee Cheul, which of course she does.  He asks her out to dinner again and says this time it will be just the two of them. What? Is he for real?  Well, before Ji Na gets a chance to answer he gets a phone call from what sounds like a really important business guy who wants to meet for dinner.  Hee Cheul says he doesn't have any plans.  What the heck, Hee Cheul, have you no consideration for Ji Na. He apologizes and she turns another sour situation into a gem. She tells him it's okay because just having dinner together doesn't mean anything, not yet that is.  Seriously, this girl is my hero. I'm just going to steal her lines.  It turns out that Hee Cheul is meeting Hye Mi's father and guess who shows up? Hye Mi. That's the second time she's stolen time with Hee Cheul that was supposed to be Ji Na's. 

Anyway, when it comes down to the final presentation at work, Ji Na loses.  Her idea is peaceful and simplistic, but Hye Mi copies an idea from someone else again and grabs everyone's attention. Seriously, Hye Mi, do you even have an original idea in that head of yours?  Ji Na's understandably sad, I mean she is the better choice after all. And instead of comforting her the pregnant manager lady asks her to go find this seemingly eccentric plant specialist professor guy. Ji Na, being the eager to please employee she is agrees.

So Ji Na goes to this orchard place to find this professor. I already had a feeling that it was going to be Tae Woon because how could it not be really?  After walking for a really long time she finally finds this professor and who does it turn out to be? Tae Woon. Well, at least we think it is because the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Guess we'll find out for sure next week.

So that's what happened. Now here are some bonus thoughts:

-That little girl is going to have her heart broken falling in love with Tae Woon. I hope they introduce a love interest for her too.

-The scene where everyone thinks that Ji Na is pregnant and Tae Woon is proposing is comic gold. The writers on this drama are kind of geniuses.

-I love that even Ji Na's mother saw the video of her and Tae Woon.

-Tae Woon being moved to tears at the wedding was so cute.  Every girl's dream is for a man who finds weddings beautiful.

-Ji Na and Tae Woon's friends flirting scene was incredibly disgusting, but the fact that he snorted wine all over his face without cracking a smile was seriously the most amazing thing I've seen on this show so far.

-There are soooo many innuendos on this show!

-I love what Tae Woon says about Ji Na when he's describing to his diary why he likes her "A woman who does a sidekick when she sees injustice, a woman who runs like a marathonner in high heels, a woman who can speak up boldly wherever she may be..."  He actually does see the real her, he doesn't just have these naive feeling with her and I may be getting a little sentimental, but that's quite beautiful.

-Ji Na really needs a friend at the company, someone on her side.  Hee Cheul is far too impartial.  Seriously, writers please bring her a knight in shining armor because I'm going to be really distraught if she has no friends there.

-Was anyone really surprised to see Tae Woon at the orchard?

That's all for this week.  Join me next week to take a look at episodes 5 and 6.

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