Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome, Officially

Welcome friends and soon-to-be friends to the official unveiling of my blog. I'm a first-time blogger, so please forgive any blogging faux pas.  Because I recently have been asked to contribute as a writer to my favorite Korean Drama site, DramaFever, starting my own blog became a necessary means to connect with my readers.  While I want to connect with those who will get to know me from my writings on Korean Dramas , I also wanted to be able to share other aspects of my life and connect with those who aren't interested in Kdramas but can appreciate my view on things. 

So I will be alternating between postings on Korean Dramas and postings on every other aspect of my life and random thoughts that I have.  I hope that if you are a fan of Korean culture you will also enjoy the other things that I have to write about and I hope that if you don't like Korean culture that you'll still give me a chance because I have a lot of other things to say.

I wanted to upload a decent amount of content onto my blog before I shared it with others and I finally have it filled out a bit.  I will be sharing new stuff in the future. Look forward to some of my funny anecdotes,  thoughts on current events, and even some works of fiction on blogs to come.

Anyway, thanks for giving me a chance.  I hope that you enjoy my silly ramblings. 

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