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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 11 Recap

Hello friends and fans of My Unfortunate Boyfriend. How was your week? Things are getting so tangled in this episode that we'd better just jump right in.

Episode 10 ended with Hee Cheul kissing Ji Na and Tae Woon throwing confetti and streamers on Hye Mi, thinking it was Ji Na.  Hye Mi is understandable dejected because not only did she realize that Ji Na is not with Tae Woon, like she implied she would be, but now she's also covered in glitter. Which as most of us know is nearly impossible to get off.  Her stomach rumbles while she's there and Tae Woon offers to cook for her.

Meanwhile, Ji Na is recovering from her kiss.  Hee Cheul seems quite pleased to have shocked her with it and made her blush.  He takes her to a convenience store where they have Ramen and rice triangles.  She's surprised that he eats at places like this when he's so successful. He reveals that he wasn't always successful and says that's why he chose her, because he seems a kindred spirit of ambition.  He's actually being a little bit adorable here as he smiles at her and unrolls her rice triangle for her.

Tae Woon is also being adorable. He's cooked Hye Mi a delicious pasta and when she asks for desserts he brings out a tray of baked goods that he reveals he made himself.  Hye Mi compliments him on the unique shapes of the cookies and he goes on to tell a story for every shaped baked good he made, including a pastry in the shape of poop.  He says that he made it for Ji Na, because the first time they met was over poop (remember, when she stepped in his manure on the first day of work).  Tae Woon tells Hye Mi he's always wanted to ride a cable car and Hye Mi tells him she'll go with him and she drags him off.

Back on Ji Na and Hee Cheul's date they also have gone to ride the cable cars.  They're at the bottom of a long flight of steps leading up to where the cable car is and they propose a game where each right answer gets you ten steps and the first one to the top gets a wish granted.  They choose a word game where they have to say a palindrome (word that's the same backwards as forwards like mom or stats).  Hee Cheul chooses flirty palindromes that leave Ji Na at a loss for words and ends up winning.  Again, he's being really cute.

Hye Mi realizes she was impulsive and angry when she took Tae Woon out to ride cable cars and he says that it helped both of them feel better.  He offers to walk her home.

Ji Na and Hee Cheul are walking toward the cable cars when their paths intersect Hye Mi and Tae Woon's.  All four are flustered and speechless.  To bring the awkwardness to the next level who should walk by at the same time but Mal Sook and Creepy (Tae Woon's friend) arm in arm.  So it's been confirmed they're a couple. They break the silence and greet everyone. First Mal Sook asks Ji Na which guy she kissed. And to make it more awkward when Mal Sook realizes Creepy knows Ji Na and asks how, he says that Ji Na is Tae Woon's girlfriend.  Ji Na is uncharacteristically unable to come up with an explanation and just bumbles around awkwardly. Eventually she pulls Mal Sook away and says goodbye to Hee Cheul.  Hye Mi leaves upset and Creepy and Tae Woon end up following Ji Na and Mal Sook. Hee Cheul isn't angry at Ji Na, but doesn't seem happy about seeing Tae Woon. He follows Hye Mi in his car until she gets in.

Back at the cable car Creepy tells Ji Na she should ride the cable car with Tae Woon because he waited all day for her.  Mal Sook who understands how flustered Ji Na is right now drags him away.  Tae Woon asks Ji Na out for a drink. 

Hee Cheul offers Hye Mi no explanation of why he was with Ji Na, but says he'll tell her later.  She wants him to apologize, but says it's not her he should be apologizing to, it's Ji Na. And then tells her he'll end it soon.  He's up to something shady again, and I'm starting to get scared. He takes her home where her dad sees her upset. Her dad comforts her and tells her that he knows she wants Hee Cheul and he'll help her to get him, because he likes Hee Cheul as well.

Ji Na and Tae Woon go to a street bar and Ji Na starts taking one shot after one another, saying she needs to get drunk to say what she needs to. She makes Tae Woon take a shot, too.  She finally gets it out and tells Tae Woon that he shouldn't wait for her anymore. That she's a bad woman and that although her feelings for her were genuine, she can't trust that she'll stay true to her feelings. She tells him he's a really good man and shouldn't wait for someone like her.  Of course, she couldn't meet his eyes the whole time and when she does sees he's very drunk.  He tells her not to meet Hee Cheul, that he'll treat her better than Hee Cheul could.

Hee Cheul meets Hye Mi's dad, the Senator, for a drink. He tells him she's upset because she saw him with another woman. He explains to the Senator that Ji Na is Tae Woon's woman and the reason Tae Woon's been getting more involved at the company.  He insinuates that is also the reason Hee Cheul's been getting involved with Ji Na. His intentions are to mess with Tae Woon. The Senator seems pleased by this, but I definitely am not. I am so angry with Hee Cheul right now.  How much of what he's saying is genuine and how much is an act? I NEVER KNOW!!!

Ji Na has had to give Tae Woon a piggy back ride back to his house because he's so drunk. And yes, he just had one shot. When she goes inside she sees the surprise event he had planned for her.  After she lays him in bed she has a brief fantasy about him coming onto her and finds herself shocked that she was thinking it.  As she's leaving she knocks over a trash can and finds the earrings of her Tae Woon had been keeping as well as the mixed tape he made her, but had never given to her.

At the same time, Ji Na's parents receive a couple unexpected visitors to their restaurant.  The first is that ominious spy guy the Senator sent for Hee Cheul to use. Is he checking up on Ji Na's background? Creepy.  Then while he's there the Chairman shows up. He kneels in front of Ji Na's father for forgiveness. We see a flashback of Ji Na's dad going to the Chairman as a younger man and begging him not to run an ad for a product, because a large company stole his design and it was something that he spent 10 years developing and if the Chairman ran the ad it would destroy his family.  Remember from an earlier episode the Chairman's brother (Tae Woon's dad) was begging him not to run this ad as well?  But the Chairman could not be moved ever after Ji Na's dad kneeled in front of him.  In the same way, Ji Na's dad does not forgive him but walks away.

As he leaves the restaurant the spy realizes there's some sort of connection between the two and reports back to Hee Cheul saying he'll get to the bottom of this. So Hee Cheul is spying on Ji Na. Come on, Hee Cheul, that's icky.

Tae Woon wakes up the next morning to find a breakfast that Ji Na had left with a note that asks him to wait for her that night and they would do the event. He's unbelievably happy.

Ji Na, who's on her way to work at the time get stopped when a car pulls next to her. Out comes the chairman and she realizes she recognizes him.  That's where we end for this episode.  So I know what I've been thinking. Want to hear?

-I have to talk about this right away. I'm really upset with this emotional roller coaster Hee Cheul's been taking me on. At the beginning of the episode he was being so adorable that I was about to like him again, but then he went and...he just...

-HEE CHEUL, HOW DARE YOU?!?  I knew you were sleazy and manipulative, but are you really trying to use Ji Na?  I know you like her. You have the world's worst poker face, buddy, and your face says that you find her delightful.  Is it really worth sacrificing and taking advantage of someone you like.'re such a scumbag.  

-But that begs the question, how much of what Hee Cheul's saying is for real and how much is an act? Is he just saying he's using her because a good excuse or is that his plan all along? I mean, Tae Woon wasn't really involved in the company that much at the beginning when Hee Cheul started to show interest in Ji Na, so I can't buy that it's always been his plan.

-It just proves what a nice guy Tae Woon is that he offers to cook for Hye Mi even though he doesn't know her that well.

-It's so friggin' adorable that Tae Woon not only cooks, but bakes.  A lot of guys I know can cook, but I haven't seen one bake yet, that is a girls' fantasy.

-Creepy and Mal Sook are perfect together.  And the best part is together they're not even creepy, they are actually adorable.  And he looks super cute when he cleans up. They might be my true OTP.

-Kind of a long thought here, but a good one so stay with me: One thing that I absolutely love about this show is the way they showcase the female characters. All of the female characters on here are confident and successful women. Not only that but they showcase the character's value based on character and not looks.  Manager Oh, who the others joke is not attractive, has a loving and devoted husband who the others are surprised to see is completely hot.  Tae Woon is in love with Ji Na because of her thirst for justice. Even Mal Sook charms Creepy because of her quirkiness.  In fact Hye Mi, the one who only uses her beauty and power, is the one that is continually rejected. 

-Ji Na's honesty about her feelings is so refreshing. I get so sick of characters denying or lying about how they feel.  She flat out tells Tae Woon she has feelings for him. I think she's confused about Hee Cheul. When she realizes she doesn't really like him, I'm confident she's just going to tell him. I just hope her heart doesn't get broken first.

-How great is it that Ji Na is the one having a romantic fantasy about Tae Woon? Lol.

-Awww, at the end when she asks him to wait for her, that was so sweet.  They are just so adorably sweet to each other sometimes.

-So I was right. Ji Na's dad was the inventor that the Chairman screwed over.  The chairman should just give Ji Na's dad a whole bunch of money and his house to make up for it.

-It's breaking my heart to watch the Chairman walk around. He looks like he's in so much pain.  

Okay so there's my recap.  Stay tuned tomorrow for Episode 12 and in the meantime check out my earlier recaps. Also for all those interested Producer recaps have started rolling out.  If you've heard it's boring, give it a chance. It really picks up on the second episode.  Also as always feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and comments. I love hearing from you :)

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