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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 12 Recap

Hello, hello, friends and future friends!  Were you anxiously waiting for the next episode of My Unfortunate Boyfriend all day? Me too! So what happened in tonight's episode? Well, let's talk about it.

So the episode starts with Hee Cheul asking Hye Mi to come into his office.  He tells her that it's not going to be easy if she chooses to be with him, but that he wants her by his side anyway.  Hye Mi is still upset and she cries, because he's still a little cold.  He gives her a handkerchief and leaves her in his office with Ji Na's resume sitting right on the table in front of Hye Mi. Remember, everyone thinks Ji Na went to a prestigious university and has money, but her resume reveals otherwise. It seems like it was intentional. More shennanigans, Hee Cheul, seriously?

Hye Mi's father, the Senator, is in the building and having a meeting with most of the board members to discuss the selection of the new CEO.  He jokes about how incapable Mr. Unfortunate is and suggests they have a competition between Hee Cheul and Tae Woon to see who comes out the winner. And, of course, whoever win becomes CEO.  Hee Cheul comes into the room as they're discussing this and agrees to the competition. 

The Chairman has approached Ji Na on her way to work and has a talk with her. He tells her about how their pasts are connected.  Her father invented an artificial sunlight technology that he was trying to sell, but one of the companies he proposed it to stole the development plans and pushed it off as their own. They came to the Chairman's company and asked him to make an advertisement for it, citing them as the creators.  Even though his brother begged him not to, the Chairman made the commercial and ended up ruining Ji Na's dad's life.  He's the reason they had to move back to the oceanside with no money and open up a restaurant.  He also reveals that on the day they had died, Tae Woon's parents had tried to visit Ji Na's dad, but he wouldn't see them. Tae Woon was with them that day and on the way back to Seoul his mom makes him promise to help her with the garden-which would explain his current obsession with flowers. But before they reach Seoul they get into an accident, the one that killed them.  The Chairman takes the blame for everything that's happened and apologizes to Ji Na.  She is understandably shocked and doesn't respond as he leaves. 

Back at the company, Hye Mi finds out from Manager Oh and the other office ladies that they are no longer on the same team. They have been switched to Ji Na's team and Hye Mi has been put onto a new team that has formed with the Director in charge. Hye Mi goes to speak to Hee Cheul, but she sees that her father is there and they are busy talking. Hee Cheul tells the Senator that if his team starts to lose he's going to use Ji Na to distract Tae Woon. Another strike against Hee Cheul, man he makes my blood boil!

So Mr. Eccentric decides that the office ladies new to the team need to meet Mr. Seed. So he takes them along with Oddball and Ji Na to Tae Woon's. He's super excited to show them the flower shop because he knows how surprised they're going to be. Oddball's pretty excited about it as well. Once they get to the shop the office ladies are surprised that Mr. Unfortunate is Mr. Seed, but they get over it pretty fast when they see inside the beautiful greenhouse area between the shop and his house.

Ji Na feels bad about invading his space with all these people, because she learned from the Chairman that Hee Cheul been hiding out from the world there since his parents died and that it's his place of solace.  He's okay with it, though, because Ji Na is there. 

They order in food and are having a picnic on the greenhouse floor, when Manager Oh, who has been suspicious about Ji Na and Tae Woon's relationship for awhile, can't control her curiosity any longer. She suggests they play a game of "Truth" where you have to answer the question truthfully or do a song and dance.  The first couple of question reveals that one of the office ladies likes Oddball and that Mr. Eccentric likes the other office lady.  They're pretty cute, but then the questions turns to Tae Woon.  Manager Oh asks when his first kiss was.  Ji Na looks nervous and even more so when he reveals it was 91 hours ago.  The alarm in Manger Oh's head goes off and then she asks Ji Na when her last kiss was.  Understandably Ji Na says she'll just sing.  It's a good thing, because otherwise she'd have to reveal that it was the night before and Tae Woon would know that it was with Hee Cheul.  Still, the fact that she chooses to sing pretty much tells everyone else on the team that something's going on between Ji Na and Tae Woon.

As Ji Na sings we have a montage of all her interactions with Tae Woon since the beginning of the show and a voiceover of the Chairman talking. We hear what the show didn't show him saying to her earlier.  He says that Tae Woon's been hiding in the past and that if he remains with her, he'll stay in the past since she is linked to his past.  He asks Ji Na to let go of Tae Woon and break their connection.

Later on at Tae Woon's house the team is hanging out. Mr. Eccentric is teaching one of the pretty office lady to play guitar, Oddball is taking pictures of the other, and Manager Oh is taking a nap.  Tae Woon asks Ji Na if she wants to go for a walk and she agrees.  She asks him if he was okay having that many people in his house and he tells her it was weird.  She tells him that it's good to let people in.  As they're walking Tae Woon sees a kite caught in a tree.

We see a flashback to him as a kid getting a kite stuck in a tree at the beach.  A girl walks by that he mistakes for a boy. As it so happens that girl is Ji Na.  She boosts him and they knock the kite right out of the tree.  It turns out their fates have been woven together for quite some time.

Back to present day, Tae Woon climbs the tree to get the kite out and he's getting out of the tree slips. His face ends up only a few inches from Ji Na's.  This time he's the one that kisses her and they share another quite intimate kiss with him still hanging in the tree.

Hye Mi and Hee Cheul are having dinner when Hye Mi asks him why he switched the teams. He told her it was because she seemed to be having a hard time and with him on her team she was bound to win.  She mentions "the hilt of the sword" that Hee Cheul gave her which I'm assuming means Ji Na's resume and asks who he intends her to destroy- Tae Woon or Ji Na.  He says that he doesn't care, but we know he secretly does still, because he can't control his poker face.

Ji Na is back home now and ignoring a text she got from Hee Cheul. She even goes so far as to delete it. She's obviously quite conflicted.  She starts to call her dad, but then hangs up and decides against it. Her roommate, Mal Sook, comes out and sees her staring at the phone.  The director calls Ji Na and when she doesn't answer it Mal Sook calls her crazy.  She reminds her what a good catch Hee Cheul is. 

Ji Na can't think so she goes for a jog to clear her head and when she gets back Hee Cheul is waiting for her there, below her apartment. That's where all the excitement ends this week. So are you ready to hear my thoughts? Because I'm ready to give them.

-Hee Cheul is probably one of the most disgusting second male leads of all time. He's still asking Hye Mi to stay with him after not even apologizing? 

-This show sure loves it's competitions.  The one between Hee Cheul and Tae Woon has got to be like the fifth or sixth.

-Anyone else noticed how in the flashbacks little Tae Woon was not seatbelted in the car? No way he would have survived that accident without a seatbelt on? Safety first! He should have been wearing a seatbelt.

-So now we need another obstacle to Tae Woon and Ji Na's relationship?  They can't be together because their parents knew each other once? I'm not buying it.

-So it appears Tae Woon has a thing for keeping women's earrings. He kept his mom's from the car crash and he kept the ones of Ji Na's that he found.

-Mr. Eccentric leading the Office ladies to Tae Woon's flower shop is like Willy Wonka leading the kids on a tour of his factory. He's both smug and excited.

-I'm loving the new couples that emerged this episode.  Mr. Eccentric and the pretty office lady (not picking favorites, but they mentioned early she was the pretty one) are super cute.  And Mr. Oddball and the other office lady are absolutely adorable.  Yay, there's someone for everyone!

-Manager Oh is a quick lady. Not only could she tell something was going on between Ji Na and Tae Woon, but she knew just how to get it out of them too.  I thought she was going to be obnoxious at first, but she actually has a lot of wisdom and is pretty fair to the other employees.
-Tae Woon's dad was a cutie, must be where Tae Woon gets it.

-Little Tae Woon was not very sharp.  Ji Na didn't even remotely look like a boy. 

-Can Ji Na's resume really be the "hilt of the sword"? I don't feel like it could do that much damage. Maybe there's something else that they haven't shown us yet. 

-That tree kiss was intense and amazing.  It's probably one of the most creative and intimate kisses I've ever seen in a Kdrama. 

-Is it just Hee Cheul and Hye Mi on a team? If that's the case the other team has more talent.  Then again Hee Cheul makes it clear he's going to use dirty tricks to win.  But something tells me that his dirty tricks are going to come back to bite him. Or at least they'd better. 

-I was super proud of Ji Na for deleting Hee Cheul's text. She doesn't even have concrete proof that he's a scumbag, she can just sense that Tae Woon is so much better.

-Okay, now to let out that pent up agression I have against Hee Cheul. Hee Cheul, I regret the day I ever said you were cute. I regret that I have second male lead syndrome over you even for a second. You are scummy and disgusting and you don't even deserve to be in the same room as Ji Na or Tae Woon. At this point even Hye Mi deserves better than you. Please quit your job and go live by the ocean so no one will ever have to see you again. Thank you, that is all.

So there you have it friends.  Check back next week as I recap Episode 13.  If you're checking out these recaps for the first time, catch up on the previous weeks with the links below.  Also we've got a new Drama Club post rolling out on Thursday. Until next time!

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