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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 8 Recap

Welcome back friends and future friends to our eight installment of these My Unfortunate Boyfriend recaps.  Yesterday we left off with Tae Woon, Ji Na, Hee Cheul, and Hye Mi all running into each other at a charity event party.  Anxious to know what happened? Or do you already know and just want to know what I think? Either way, let's talk about it.

So it's quite awkward as Hee Cheul and Ji Na both see each other there with other dates.  Ji Na goes in the bathroom to calm herself when Hye Mi comes in to "reapply her lipstick" or just to gloat. These two sure meet in the bathroom a lot.  She says to Ji Na with no uncertainty that her and Hee Cheul are together. I bet Ji Na is super confused.  Meanwhile Hee Cheul approaches Tae Woon and confronts him about being Dr. Seed, accusing him of hiding something.  Tae Woon says he's not hiding anything.  The pianist for the event has gone missing, so Hee Cheul asks Tae Woon if he plays, which he does.  Well it turns out Hee Cheul does to and so ensues a very strange piano battle between the two. They were both fantastic, so I'm not exactly sure I could declare a winner, but Hee Cheul seems defeated.  Afterward, Tae Woon is not so happy by the way he was treated by Hee Cheul so he grabs Ji Na's hand and together they leave, which makes Ji Na happy as well because she wasn't having any fun.

Hee Cheul and Hye Mi stay back at the party and mingle and someone suggests that the two of them dance.  Hee Cheul agrees, because he's polite like that. While they're dancing Hye Mi tells him to forget about the girl he's thinking of and that it'd be in his best interest to focus on her.

 Tae Woon and Ji Na are walking back and they come to a park where there is music playing somewhere off in the distance. Tae Woon asks her if she wants to dance and she agrees. They dance together right there in the park and it's frickin adorable.

Back at the party Hee Cheul is now taking Hye Mi home and she's upset.  She confronts him about his feelings for her and he says he's just holding them back to which she scoffs. She tries to kiss him and he is not at all into it. When he realizes how it looks, Hee Cheul kisses her back, a real kiss this time. It was disgusting.

We get a glimpse of who I believe to be Ji Na's parents back at their restaurant. This is based on the fact that the restaurant and the woman look just like the restaurant and woman from Ji Na's high school flashback in an earlier episode. And guess who comes to visit them? The Chairman. There is an obvious past between them and the man I assume to be Ji Na's father tells him to leave.

Hee Cheul, who is now even more suspicious of Tae Woon, orders the eccentric general manager guy, Mr. Choi to join Team B and report back everything they do.  So Mr. Choi, let's just call him Mr. Eccentric joins Oddball and Ji Na and they go search for Tae Woon. They find him at a junkyard filled with old cars. There, they encounter a strange friend of Tae Woon's who "heals" the cars.  Together the five of them try to brainstorm ideas for their upcoming presentation on how to make their nature theme park original.

The car doctor talks about how the cars in his junkyard are memories that he tries to give a new life to and the discussion evolves into the idea of recycling memories.  Certainly an abstract theory and none of Team B really understands what he means, but he insists that Tae Woon and Ji Na go to the address he give them and there they will find memories which can then be recycled.  Everyone a bit confused by this car doctor, but he seems so confident that they go along with it.  Tae Woon and Ji Na take off and Mr. Eccentric and Oddball stay to help the car doctor work on cars, against their will.

We're back with the chairman who is returning to the office after his extended fishing trip. We find out that he's actually Tae Woon's uncle and feels responsible for his brother's (Tae Woon's dad's) death.  We also learn that the man the chairman visited was a major shareholder at the company who he is trying to win favor with. Wait, so does that mean that Ji Na's dad is a shareholder...what?!?

At the same time Hee Cheul is meeting with the Senator who informs him that he found that the chairman put forward Tae Woon's names as a candidate for CEO. We find out that Tae Woon used to be the director before Hee Cheul, but neglected his office work to take care of the plants. That would explain why everyone in the office knows him and allows him to remain.

Ji Na and Tae Woon arrive at the address that Dr. Car sent them to and it turns out to be a small abandoned amusement park in the middle of nowhere. They go around taking pictures and pretending to ride the rides. They're having a lot of fun together until it's time to leave and they realize that they both locked their phones in their car along with the keys.  So now they're inevitably trapped there for who knows how long and that's where the episode ends.

So here's what I've got to say:

-The scene where Ji Na and Hee Cheul first spotted each other with different dates was so awkward; I wanted to look away.

-For being a fancy charity party, it really didn't look all that fancy. It kind of looked like an office meeting with everyone in fancy dresses and tuxes. I can see why Ji Na and Tae Woon left so early

-How do Hye Mi and Ji Na always end up in the bathroom at the same time? At this point it can't just be coincidence.

 -Hye Mi is a horrendous hypocrite and absolutely disgusting in my opinion. She says she doesn't want her father to get things for her, yet how obvious is it that Hee Cheul is only spending time with her to win favor?  She knows that it's not by choice when she tells him it would be in his best interest to focus on her.

-Awwww....that dance scene in the park between Ji Na and Tae Woon was the cutest thing ever. Also the Ji Na/ Tae Woon dance was a thousand times better and more romantic than the Hye Mi/ Hee Cheul dance.

-NO! Hye Mi needs to get her mouth off of Hee Cheul right now! Why would you try kissing someone who clearly isn't interested in you?

-Now that Mr. Eccentric is on Team B, it is officially the perfect team. I feel like all my wishes have come true.  I just love his character. I don't even care that he's there to spy, because I think he's going to grow to love his team members a lot. 

-"Why is that car guy doing an African tribal greeting if he isn't African?" I ask as I'm in America watching a Korean drama. Okay, I get it.

-So I guess the chairman isn't Hee Cheul's dad. I could have sworn his assistant called Hee Cheul his son. And didn't it seem like they were father and son before? Oh well, I guess I wrong.

-Hee Cheul is really turning into a dirty player, isn't he? He makes it so hard to keep liking him.

-The fact that multiple people are looking into Ji Na's file is not going to end well for Ji Na.

-So if Ji Na's dad really is a major shareholder, does that mean they secretly have money? Does that also mean Ji Na is going to become a major power player later on by proxy? This could get interesting.  

We'll have to see just how interesting it gets next week :) 

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