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Producer Episode 2 Recap

Okay, so this recap I'm getting out to my friends right away.  We left off learning that Ye Jin and Joon Mo are living together, but that's about all we knew.  What did we find out tonight? Let's hop right into it.

So it turns out that Joon Mo and Ye Jin were childhood friends, kind of. He walked her home from school, but only so that he could take the elevator to take her to her apartment. They totally captured how magical something so basic like an elevator can be when your a kid.  He envied her apartment because of this elevator so he asked his mom to buy it.  Eventually when Ye Jin's family fell on hard times, his mom did. So it came to be that as an adult he became the owner of the apartment.  Ye Jin needed a place to stay in between leases and they got drunk together and he signed an agreement that she could stay in his house free for those months. So now they're living together temporarily.

They are drinking together after the bad day they have and she tells him she thinks it's ridiculous his show got cancelled. She goes on to list all the reasons why he's such a great Producer and he pretends to want her to stop, but is loving all the praise.

Meanwhile we see Seung Chan at his house, watching old variety shows. The documentary team asks him about his research and he does some hilarious impression of the characters from the variety show.  He goes to take out the trash and runs across his first love, Hye Joo.  She mentions that her boyfriend (Joon Mo) lives in the same area and she knows he's home because she sees his car.  When she leaves Seung Chan leaves his trash bag tied to Joon Mo's car and runs away.

Ye Jin gives Joon Mo grief about leading Hye Joo on.  Hye Joo thinks they're going to get married, but Joon Mo has no intention of that.  Ye Jin pretty much calls him cowardly.  As Joon Mo's leaving Ye Jin's brother enters who also lives in the apartment.  He tells Ye Jin that she needs to marry Joon Mo so that they can get the apartment back.

The next morning Seung Chan's dad inspects the damage that Ye Jin did to the car and they agree that they will have her pay them back because otherwise she will look down on Seung Chan for trying to curry her favor. Little do they know she actually really can't afford it, so she's banking on Seung Chan going easy on her.

When Seung Chan goes into work he gets assigned to no other team but the failing 2 Days, 1 Night team with his secret rival.  Apparently the show isn't getting completely cancelled, but they have to get a completely new cast. That means all the ahjumma actresses need to be fired. The whole team is stressing out about it.  Right away they send Seung Chan on the difficult task of going to get toner for the printer. The office supplies lady is very strict and will not give out toner without some serious buttering up so another teammate has to eventually help him.  Things aren't starting out too well on his new team, but he runs into Ye Jin. She's trying to butter him up over the car so she's really nice to him. He gives her the estimate his dad got from the repair shop. She said there's always negotiating over those prices and to see if his dad could negotiate it.

In the last episode Ye Jin had requested Cindy's CEO come to see her, but instead the CEO sends the manager back. Ye Jin is not having it so she bans any of that CEO's performers from performing on their show.  Neither the CEO or Cindy seem to care. The two are having a meeting with the three other members from the group that Cindy was a part of. They are complaining about how Cindy gets all the work and upset because Cindy doesn't want to do any more work with the group. The CEO proceeds to put them in place by pointing out how unpopular and incapable the three of them are compared to Cindy. The CEO and Cindy leave and are walking out of the building when the CEO comes across a group of children performers that work for her company. She chastises one for not losing weight, saying they are only allowed to eat one sweet potato a day. After she leaves Cindy gives the girl's advice on how to sneak in food and then follow it up with the advice that they should leave the company altogether and choose a different life.  Guess she has a heart after all.

The production team for 2 Nights, 1 Day decide to send Seung Chan, who at this point has only been on the team for 5 hours, to tell the most difficult ahjumma actress that she's being fired because everyone else is too intimidated. He agrees and goes to visit the actress. He tries to break it to her kindly by telling her he'd rather see her in movies and dramas and that they need to make a cast change. She says she understands what he's saying and makes him leave. Only she didn't understand what he was saying. She just thought he meant she had to work harder (although it was pretty obvious what he was saying to me)

All the other actresses have already been told that they are doing a cast turnover and try to make it look like they already had plans to leave as they show up at what was supposed to be their one-year anniversary party and has now turned into a wrap party.  But when the oldest ahjumma shows up she is devastated to find out that everyone else knew and no one told her.  The production crew is furious with Seung Chan and embarrassed.  Joon Mo apologizes. He should have been the one to tell her and he knows it.

On the same night there is also a welcome party for new hires.  Seung Chan doesn't go because Joon Mo tells him not to and he pretty much hates Seung Chan. Instead Seung Chan is at the office trying to plan a prank to pull on the jerk that is Joon Mo, when Joon Mo's desk phone rings. It's the older ahjumma. She left one of those fancy homeade Korean plum drinks for Joon Mo and asks Seung Chan to bring it to him.

Seung Chan leaves the building and sees Cindy standing under the awning in the rain waiting for her manager. He lends her umbrella, but makes her promise to bring it back to KBS because otherwise they'll fine him.  She agrees, but he goes a step further and pesters her about it until she gives him her phone number and he makes sure that it is, in fact, her number.   As he's leaving he gives his name and tells her that he's the PD from 2 Nights, 1 Day. She remembers that a PD from that show was the one that bought her a meal and mistakenly thinks it was him (it was Joon Mo, remember?)

At the party the director tells Joon Mo that it wasn't Seung Chan's fault, it was the whole team's fault. Joon Mo goes to find Seung Chan's number to tell him to come to the party, but he shows up at the same time. Ye Jin's there as well and again she's really nice to him, until he gives her the cost that they paid to get the vehicle repaired. Once she realizes she's going to have to pay him, she's done being nice and now is pretty much sick of him.  Joon Mo leaves the party and it looks like something more is weighing on him.

He goes to find Hye Joo and tells her he has no interest in things getting more serious and tells her they should stop dating secretly. She's heartbroken and he leaves. He finds a bench to sit at and texts the older ahjumma that he's sorry.  Seung Chan finds him and gives him the gift that she left and Joon Mo is touched.

Cindy has started walking around town with the umbrella. No one can see her face so she stops and gets street food. You can tell that she dreams of that kind of freedom. Later Seung Chan is walking home and he overhears Ye Jin and Joon Mo talking.  She asks Joon Mo to kill Seung Chan (figuratively of course) and says if he doesn't she will and Joon Mo also agrees that he can't stand Seung Chan and that he needs to be destroyed.  Seung Chan is quite shocked and hurt by this, but then sees the two of them entering the same apartment and knows something's up. That's where's our drama ends...almost. We then get a bonus scene of the night Joon Mo and Ye Jin drew up the contract for her to stay in his house.  He sealed it with his thumb print, but as a second seal he kissed her and she seemed rather taken aback.

Okay so there's the episode at a glance now for my feelings on what happened.

-This episode had me hooked.  I knew the pace would pick up. Crisis averted.

-So I was totally off on Ye Jin and Joon Mo being ex-lovers, but I do think she's in love with him.  She gives him those looks.  That's where the tell always is.

-This documentary team is kind of creepy to follow Seung Chan around his house at night.

-Seung Chan's impressions from when he was watching the variety show were amazing! I was cracking up.

-But not as funny as when he left his trash on Joon Mo's car. The jerk totally deserved it and it was hilarious.

-What's up with that one yet to be seen writer and always being on bridges. It's suspicious and kind of creepy, but it's definitely going to come up again later.

-That toner situation was say too stressful. Why can't they just go to like Best Buy and get some? Or whatever the Korean equivalent of Best Buy is.

-Cindy definitely hates the CEO, that must be why she felt a kindred spirit when she found out the man who bought her food was the CEO's rival.

-That CEO is a vile woman and I loathe her. She's giving those poor children horrible self-esteem.

-What kind of cowardly idiot sends the guy who's been on the team for 5 hours to tell a cherished actress that she's losing her job? AND THEN blames the new guy when it doesn't work out well.

-This mockumentary set-up is pretty slick, because the characters can talk right to the the audience then. I like it.

-The scene where the actress finds out that everyone else knew is horribly, horribly sad.  I loved that the young writer was crying for her.  This scene made me loathe Joon Mo more than anything else.

-Seung Chan is being treated completely unjustly and I get so angry when there's injustice. I just might turn into the hulk.

-So...Seung Chan can't afford to replace an umbrella? I mean, he drives an imported car...

-That poor director guy and his book. No one pays attention, but right there he had a chapter on how to courteously let actors go. I bet it's a really good book too. 

-Ye Jin and Moon Jo are the two most petty, vindictive a-holes on the planet.

-I really hope Seung Chan rats on Ye Jin and Moon Jo or gets them in trouble somehow. They deserve it.

That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned Monday for the DramaFever Drama Club's take on how things are looking for the future. Need to catch up on Episode 1, find the link to the recap below.

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