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Producer Episode 5 Recap

Hey there friends and fellow friends!  How's everyone doing?  Spring is settling down and summer's greeting us soon. It's getting hot outside and with Producers. Let dive right in and see what's been going on.

When we last left off our friends, Seung Chan and Cindy were out in the woods and it started to rain.  Seung Chan had pulled out the umbrella to cover him and Cindy. Well, the moment was only fleeting as he saw the cameraman getting wet along with the camera. He goes to cover the camera guy and leaves Cindy out in the rain.

They get to the campsite and Seung Chan sets up her tent for her, but then makes her play a game for her supper as was originally planned.  Cindy loses the game, but then Seung Chan gives her a chance to still get her supper. If she can call a friend and they cheer her on without being prompted she wins.  You can tell by the look on Cindy's face that she doesn't have anyone to call.  She ends up calling a member of her girl group who scoffs at Cindy and tells Cindy to leave her alone.  Cindy is humiliated and has to go without dinner.

Seung Chan is worried about her sleeping outside so he gives her the book and music he brought for himself as well as his baseball cap.  Although still annoyed, she seems touched. The next morning for breakfast, Cindy gets paired with Seung Chan and has to play a trivia game to eat.  All of Seung Chan's clues are awful so Cindy ends up not getting breakfast either.  CEO Cruella (Cindy's CEO) reams out Joon Mo for his treatment of Cindy and tells him how cruel he's being for starving her and not letting her eat anything the day before either.  Joon Mo didn't know that Seung Chan hadn't let Cindy eat.

Joon Mo finds Seung Chan and yells at him- telling him he should have had the sense to know that since they got lost in the woods and were hiking, that she needed to eat.  Seung Chan apologizes and the camera man then explains to Joon Mo that Seung Chan felt bad that Cindy couldn't eat so he didn't eat either. Joon Mo doesn't accept that as an excuse and instead tells the camera guy that he should have known better too.  Joon Mo's not wrong on this point. 

Joon Mo and Seung Chan go back to the office briefly before heading out to a celebration dinner with the cast and crew.  Ye Jin finds out about it and tells Seung Chan he shouldn't go because he's not supposed to be drinking in case he gives away her secret.  He goes anyway.  Ye Jin decides to go to the same restaurant the party's at with her own staff and runs into Cindy as she's going in. Cindy pretends not to recognize her without her make-up, goading Ye Jin.  Ye Jin goes off to Joon Mo and Seung Chan about how obnoxious Cindy is, but neither seem to agree.  Eventually Ye Jin and Cindy end up at the same table and Ye Jin keeps bringing up how upset she is that she has to go to the KCC. We know she only has to do this because of the risque outfit Cindy wore. Ye Jin brings it up over and over and Cindy eventually says it must be because of her. The staff though Cindy did it out of spite because Ye Jin yelled at her, but Ye Jin is caught in a lie because she never yelled at Cindy that day. Rather, she bargained and pleaded with Cindy. 

Ye Jin, upset from her interactions with Cindy has a bit too much to drink and is drunk before they leave the restaurant. After everyone parts, Ye Jin convinces Seung Chan and Joon Mo to go for a second round at a street cart. The three sit there drinking and are all pretty drunk.  Ye Jin, who is known for not being able to keep a secret when she's drunk, tells Joon Mo that she likes him.

When she wakes up the next morning she's mortified.  One of Joon Mo's drinking habits it to black out when he's drunk and not remember anything, so she doesn't know if he remembers or not. She prays he doesn't.  She comes out of her room to find Seung Chan sleeping on the couch.  They all have breakfast together and Ye Jin can't seem to tell if either of them remembers.

She grills Seung Chan at work to learn he did hear her confession. She enlists his help in trying to figure out whether or not Joon Mo remembers.  Seung Chan agrees. Ye Jin says it's important because if he remembered and he's pretending not to, that's a definite rejection. At work they've started the editing process and so everyone is super busy. As the newbie at work, Seung Chan's job is to make sure everyone gets their food which is a hard job because they're super stressed and super picky.  All the while he's trying to get info from Joon Mo. From the questions Seung Chan asks him, it seems that Joon Mo doesn't remember anything about the night. 

During the editing process, Joon Mo is piecing together the clips trying to make it funny when he realizes that the clips of Seung Chan helping Cindy are good and should be included in the show.  He asks Seung Chan if he has any objections and he doesn't.  Is he thinking the same thing Cindy is? That they'll make a much more exciting match for the viewers?

CEO Cruella, who Joon Mo calls the Byun-pire, brings a ton of food for the variety team while they're editing to try to curry favor so they'll make Cindy look good in production. Seung Chan thinks he's off the hook for getting the PDs meals, but of course Joon Mo hates the Byunpire so he makes Seung Chan go to a food cart to get him something. Joon Mo realizes that he sent Seung Chan to the same place they drank at the night before and tries to call him, but Seung Chan left his phone so he runs after him.  When Seung Chan gets to the cart the lady mentions how drunk he and Ye Jin were the night before. When he asks about Joon Mo she says he was fine compared to the two of them, which meant he wasn't drunk enough to forget Ye Jin's confession.

The episode ends as Joon Mo reaches Seung Chan and Seung Chan accuses him of pretending to forget. So this episode was full of emotion and do you know what I think?

-Seung Chan has no sense.  He only sees things from a logical standpoint, but lacks commonsense.  He left poor Cindy to bring drenched in rain to cover the camera man and didn't even think of her feelings.

-CEO Cruella was completely right in everything she told Joon Mo about how he treated Cindy. He should have just fessed up about the mistake.

-What kind of a variety show gets their antics from making celebrities play games and starving them if they lose. I don't find that entertaining in the least bit. Do they really do this on 2 Days, 1 Night? I guess I need to watch it more. Or conversely if they do, not watch it at all.

-Ye Jin has the weirdest taste in fashion.  It's a very unique style, though, so you have to applaud her for that.

-I'm finding Ye Jin really annoying right now.  She's super controlling, which really bothers me.   She's going on and on and on about going to the KCC. I find it really obnoxious when people feel the need to make their problems everyone else's.  

-Even though she was drunk, I do have to give Ye Jin credit for admitting her feelings.

-Seung Chan and Ye Jin's brother should become best friends. I think they'd be funny together.

-If Ye Jin's drunk habit is to insist on paying, wouldn't everyone want to drink with her?

-I think it's funny how serious Seung Chan takes his spying duties.

-When Kim Jong Kook''s character started a strike against the paper lady, I totally wanted to join!

-This drama's already half way over, but we've hardly gotten anywhere in terms of romance. I fthey don't step it up, I feel like I'm going to have a lot of unsatisfied feelings.

-I don't think I can ever root for Seung Chan and Ye Jin as a couple. He has a little too much reverence for her as his sunbae and she's too bossy and the combo creeps me out. Of course, feelings and relationships could change but as they are no, I'm completely against it. 

-Okay, Byunpire is a way better nickname for Cindy's CEO than CEO Cruella. I concede and therefore will be referring to her as the byunpire from now on out.

 So those are my thoughts on Episode 5. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for my Episode 6 recap and on Monday for the DramaFever Drama Club posting.  In the meantime you can catch up on my past episode recaps below.

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