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Producer Episode 6 Recap

Hello again friends and future friends? Is everyone doing absolutely wonderful today? I hope so.  So we've come upon our sixth episode of Producer, which means that we're half way done already. Can you believe it? This drama is going by so fast.  So let's do a recap of the episode and then I'll add my own thoughts, you know I can't keep them to myself! A lot happened this episode so we've got lots to talk about so bare with me.

So we left off with Seung Chan confronting Joon Mo about what he remembered of Ye Jin's confession.  Seung Chan knows he was lying, because the street cart lady told him that Joon Mo wasn't that drunk. Joon Mo admits to remembering, but says it's his choice to pretend like he didn't. They go back to the station to edit, but Seung Chan is mad at Joon Mo so he takes revenge in the small strange ways he likes to.

Ye Jin is at home having dinner with her brother when Seung Chan sneaks out for a bit and asks her to meet him at the playground near their apartments.  He looks torn but then tells her that he's certain that Joon Mo doesn't remember. He lies and says that cart lady told him how drunk Joon Mo is.  Ye Jin is relieved and expresses embarrassment for this whole incident unfolding around Seung Chan. He reminds her that she's supposed to talk to him if she needs someone to talk to and that liking someone is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Ye Jin fondly remembers how Joon Mo comforted her at the same playground when they were teenagers and she had to move out of her house.

At Cindy's house she's in bed reading the book that Seung Chan gave her and going over her schedule with her manager.  He goes over the extensive of list of things she has to do within the next week, one of which is a big event at KBS for which Ye Jin is going to be the Producer.  Her manager explains how with big events they have staff from different shows helping out.  She wonders if Seung Chan will be there and her manager thinks it's because he annoys her and she doesn't want to see him. Exasperated Cindy tells him to not read too much into what he says because he always reads the wrong thing.

At work they've placed bets on how their show will score in terms of rankings. Where the other staff members intentionally give high guesses to be optimistic, Seung Chan is just too logical and guesses a 6.8 percent rating.  Everyone is annoyed at him, especially Joon Mo. Joon Mo says that their show is going to be a hit and the rest of the staff seems really upset that Joon Mo said this.  Seung Chan's variety show fairy godmother kid explains that Joon Mo has a history of having really bad sense.  That everything he predicts it's usually the opposite.  For instance he said that neither Lee Seung Gi or Suzy would ever make it in the business.

The episode is about to air and Seung Chan's gone home to watch it with his whole family.  He's a bit shocked when it's funny and is bored while watching the show. When Seung Chan shows up on the screen they're all surprised, but his parents get upset when it shows Seung Chan tying her shoes.  Seung Chan's mom is convinced Cindy is an evil seductress. Cindy herself is watching the show on her phone and sweetly smiles at the scene between Seung Chan and her.

Meanwhile at Joon Mo's house he and Ye Jin are watching together. Unlike Seung Chan's family, Ye Jin is laughing and tells him it's really funny. As they continue to watch Ye Jin spots an error in one of their subtitles, calling the city they were in by the wrong name.  Joon Mo starts to freak out, because he knows this going to reflect really poorly on their show.  As he's freaking out, Ye Jin steps out to take a call from his mom.  She asks Ye Jin again to help her find him a woman and tells her that he didn't show up at the blind date and is now refusing to go.

She goes back inside and after the show is finished the two of them sit out on the deck. Ye Jin casually mentions the blind date and Joon Mo says that he went.  Not only that but he says he met up with her a second time as well. Ye Jin knows that he's lying so she takes his face in her hands and makes him tell her again.  When he won't meet her eyes, that's all the confirmation she needs.  She knows that he heard her confession and is choosing to pretend it never happened therefore rejecting her.  He tells her that he did it because he knew it was a mistake on her part and he wanted things to stay comfortable between them. She gets really upset and goes to bed.

The next day at work, it turns out Seung Chan won the bet and guessed the exact ratings they got. Everyone pays up begrudgingly and he seems a little embarrassed for getting the number right because it means they didn't do as well as they wanted to.  But everyone else at the office seems to think that he's some sort of psychic now because he was so precise.  Even the stingy paper lady gives him extra paper and asks if he sees anything for her future.

Ye Jin tells Seung Chan that she found out that Joon Mo did remember her confession.  He apologizes, but she tells him he didn't do anything wrong and she's sorry that she put him in the middle of it.  She asks Seung Chan why he fell in love with his first love and he says it's because she was pretty, but has no other reason.  She says that's what guys like-pretty- and she was never that to Joon Mo.  Seung Chan tells her that she is pretty.

Joon Mo has found out from Ye Jin's brother that she wants to move out and is looking for a place. He waits for her to return and tells her she doesn't need to move out, that there's no need for her to make herself uncomfortable. She says that it's more uncomfortable living there with things the way they are between them.  He says fine out of anger and storms away.  After a minute he feels bad and goes to resolve things, but she's already gone.  She goes to spend the night at the office instead.

The next day is the big event at KBS studios.  As Cindy is arriving she runs into the charming and loveable Lee Seung Gi. Cindy wonders why none of the producers are coming to give her the run-down of the show (she's looking for Seung Chan).  Her manager proudly tells her that it's because he thought she would want to rest and so he told them not to bother her. Ye Jin instead comes in and Cindy says it was a misunderstanding and she can send in an assistant PD. Ye Jin brings in Seung Chan to walk Cindy through everything.

Seung Chan helps get Cindy ready by attaching her mic for her.  He has to get really close and wrap his arms around her waist to do so and Cindy is quite flustered.  He leads her to the lift to show her how the procession works. Seung Chan steps onto the lift and gives Cindy his hand to hold.  She holds onto his hand as the lift starts to move. Seung Chan is so startled that he grabs onto Cindy's arms.  Cindy is flustered into speechlessness at this point.

He leaves Cindy on stage to go do more Producer stuff. Cindy closes her eyes and zones out. Ye Jin directs everyone to set up the stage and one of the rolling stage pieces on a tracks starts rolling right toward Cindy.  Ye Jin sees that it's about to hit Cindy so she runs and pushes Cindy out of the way. Ye Jin gets hit by the stage.

Seung Chan gets word that Ye Jin had to go to the hospital and rushes there.  He finds Cindy is the one in the hospital bed and asks why she's there and where Ye Jin is. Cindy seems hurt by this. It turns out that when Ye Jin pushed Cindy out of the way she pushed her into the hole where the lift was and Cindy was even more injured than she would have been had Ye Jin not pushed her. Ye Jin walked away with only a bruised arm.

Seung Chan finds Ye Jin and tells her he's relieved she's not hurt.  Tae Ho and the Director muse over the accident and how it would have been better if Ye Jin let the stage hit Cindy, but they can't say anything since Ye Jin was trying to save her.  They wonder whether or not the Byunpire (Cindy's CEO) will sue them. Joon Mo gets word that Ye Jin was in the hospital. Even though he's in another city he rushes back to Seoul as soon as he finds out.

Seung Chan tells Ye Jin that Cindy will have to stay a few days to get some tests. Since he knows this he must have stayed with Cindy long enough to check on her condition. They go to Cindy's room together and Cindy seems annoyed to see them and down overall. She says that he knows Ye Jin didn't do it on purpose.  Ye Jin explains that she was trying to save her and Seung Chan tells Cindy that Ye Jin is sincere and Cindy cuts him off and tells them it's fine.  She doesn't resent Ye Jin and knows she was trying to save her.  That she even got some time off and some sleep because of it.

The Byunpire comes in while they're talking and goes right up to Cindy's manager and slaps him asking what he was doing when Cindy got her. Cindy defends him and says it was her fault she got her.  The Byunpire tries to comfort Cindy saying she was only coming this late because she had to take care of Cindy's schedule and that she rescheduled most of the things but that she couldn't miss the event in Japan in a couple days.

Ye Jin steps in on Cindy's behalf and tells her that Cindy needs at least four days rest in the hospital for the tests. Seung Chan adds that if there's a medical diagnosis that it's wrong to ignore that and exploit Cindy for profit.  Ye Jin says that she's got a big company and can afford to let Cindy rest for a few days.

They leave and we see a montage of things happening:  Ye Jin grabs Seung Chan's hand as they make their way through Cindy's fans, the Byunpire goes over Cindy's new schedule with her, Joon Mo is on a taxi frantically trying to call Ye Jin, Cindy's manager rubs his face and looks out the window sadly. The montage ends with Cindy lying in bed crying.

Joon Mo finally makes it to the hospital as Ye Jin and Seung Chan are leaving. He sees that Ye Jin seems to be relatively fine with a patch on her arm and he asks how Cindy is.  He expresses annoyance that Ye Jin did that to his biggest star.  Ye Jin doesn't know that he rushed to the hospital for her sake and thinks he's there instead only for Cindy.  He tries to ask how her arm is, but she's mad at this point and walks away angrily. As soon as she's out of sight she starts to cry. The episode ends as Seung Chan finds her and holds her.

So I have a lot of feelings about this episode, let's get to them.

-Watching drunk Seung Chan while he thinks he's safely taking Joon Mo and Ye Jin home is hilarious.  He's falling over bushes but accusing Joon Mo of staggering. Lol.

-Seung Chan's pranks are so childish, but I like them because they make me laugh every time.

-What's up with the paper lady? Is she the owner of the company? I feel like she is somehow based on how closely she guards the supplies and the fact that she has money.

-Why is Cindy's manager so scared of her when she doesn't really treat him all that bad? She only expresses exapseration when he does something stupid, but he is kind of senseless.

-I think it's hilarious that Tae Ho has to beg to watch TV in his own house.

-Seung Chan's family are so supportive of him, yet they can't pretend to like his show? 

-Ye Jin is a good friend and in those moments she's really likeable, but I find her super obnoxious when she's doing anything else.

-Joon Mo is not very tactful at all.  He really doesn't know how to handle people's feelings as is evidenced from the way he handled the older actress and the way he treats Seung Chan and especially his relationship with Ye Jin.

-I didn't expect Seung Chan to be so shallow as to only like his first love because she's pretty-whom he's seem to have forgotten btw.  I think he's growing, though.

-Seung Chan might be the only person in the world to not like Lee Seung Gi.

-I loved the scene on the lift between Cindy and Seung Chan, so adorable. Still rooting for the Umbrella Couple.

-Okay now that I've gotten all my other thoughts out of the way let me talk about the stage incident.  First, I was proud of Ye Jin for trying to save Cindy, although she clearly pushed her the wrong way.  But friggin' Seung Chan just made me mad.  He couldn't have expressed any empathy towards Cindy when he found her in the hospital?  You've spent time together, and you've had sympathy for her before but when you see her lying there in a hospital bed you can't at least ask if she's okay? Cindy clearly took notice of this and I think she felt more alone than ever.  She was very gracious toward Ye Jin. Even though Ye Jin tried to save her it would have been very easy for anyone to be upset when she caused them greater injury. I was a little surprised the Byunpire didn't go off on Ye Jin.  But I have a feeling that might come up next week.  

-I'm going to try to give Seung Chan a little bit of grace and assume that he stayed to make sure Cindy was okay before going to find Ye Jin. Isn't it human courtesy to be concerned about someone who was seriously injured when you know your friend wasn't?

Okay, we had a lot to cover this week, which leads me believe that there's going to be a lot more going on from here on out. I look forward to see where next week brings us. Stay tuned for the DramaClub's view on this week's episodes tomorrow and in the mean time catch up with the recaps for all the previous episodes.  Until next time! 

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