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Produer Episode 4 Recap

Hi friends and future friends!  Episode 4 of Producer is where our character dynamics begin to reveal themselves. What did you all think of the episode? Well, I'll recap it quick and then end with my own commentary at the end.

So we left off with Seung Chan as he knocked on the door of Ye Jin and Joon Mo's shared apartment and then passed out as Ye Jin caught him.  She brings him inside and lets him pass out on the couch.  When Joon Mo comes home he's also drunk. He wakes Seung Chan up and Seung Chan accuses of him of being a two-timer before passing out. When he wakes up the next morning Ye Jin and Joon Mo feed him the breakfast of Hotteoks that he brought and inform him that their relationship is strictly platonic. Although, you can see the heartbreak on Ye Jin's face when Joon Mo emphasizes multiple times that they are just friends. 

Seung Chan leaves their apartment and runs into his mom and his sister. His sister asks him to get one of the producers for the health program to go to her husband's office so they can get publicity. And then his mom grills him on what he was doing spending the night at his co-worker's when they live right across the street. Joon Mo hears back from JYP who says that he'll give his biggest star to 2 Days, 1 Night- himself. So it's a no-go on Suzy and Joon Mo is super frustrated.

Cindy is meeting with her CEO aka CEO Cruella and tells her that she wants to do 2 Days and 1 Night. When Cruella asks why, Cindy repeats the facts that Seung Chan told her while trying to convince her.  Cruella says she can do any other variety show, but Cindy insists on 2 Days and 1 Night and tells the CEO she owes her because she's always done everything she says before this. She calls her mom and for a brief moment we think that she is Cindy's mom, until Cindy says "that's what I used to call you when I first came here" and Cruella responds that she's "like a mom" to Cindy.  Cindy's manager is surprised that Cindy is choosing to do the show because she's so high maintenance.  Cindy disagrees and says she's super easy-going. Lol.

At work, Ye Jin is still paranoid that Seung Chan is going to tell everyone about her and Joon Mo living together, so she approaches him one more time to make sure he understands.  She then takes him out to lunch and tells him that if anyone finds out she'll know he leaked the information and she won't pay him back.  On their way back to work Seung Chan reveals that he was concerned because he thought Joon Mo was two-timing his girlfriend, Hye Joo (Seung Chan's first love). When Ye Jin tells Seung Chan that they broke up, he can't hide his excitement and Ye Jin can tell right away that he likes her. 

When Ye Jin gets in the building she gets a summons from the KCC (remember, the really strict committee from episode 1) because of Cindy's outfit.  When Ye Jin realizes that Cindy is supposed to be on Music Bank again this week, she lets Cindy's people know that Cindy is banned.  The manager comes to visit Ye Jin and asks her to let it go, but Ye Jin is upset that CEO Cruella has not even acknowledged this issue and refuses to back down. She thinks eventually they'll come and apologize.

CEO Cruella does come to KBS studios, but for a different reason.  She goes to see the president and she lets him know that Cindy has agreed to do 2 Nights, 1 Day, but she has some strange conditions: no water immersion, no soup, and no filming past midnight.  Instead of being grateful, Joon Mo is upset at her conditions.  They barter back and forth until they agree on water immersion up to her thighs, hard boiled foods, and filming until 1:30 am.

The 2 Days, 1 Night  staff is really impressed that Seung Chan got Cindy to agree to join the show and says it must be because she thinks he's handsome and this makes him blush adorably.  He gets a call from Cindy who is waiting in her van out in the parking lot.  He goes out to meet her and she tells him that she did the variety show because of him and because of this he must make sure to pay special attention to her. After he leaves she calls Joon Mo down and tells him the same things. She's playing both of them.

Joon Mo and Ye Jin walk home from work together and she has to stop by the security office to get a package. While she's doing that Seung Chan comes home and sees the two. Ye Jin asks Seung Chan about how he got Cindy to agree and while they're talking Joon Mo gets a call from his mom trying to set him up on a blind date. Ye Jin suddenly snaps at Seung Chan in the middle of his story, but he can see that it's because she's upset about Joon Mo's blind date. They both have each other pegged.  Seung Chan carries Ye Jin's package for her because he remembers that she hurt her wrist trying to move a car out of the way.

When Joon Mo comes in he teases Ye Jin about not being able to carry her own box, until Seung Chan tells him she hurt her wrist and then he feels bad.  After she goes to bed he goes to check on her, wanting to make sure her wrist is okay.  She tells him he doesn't care and he responds "I'm always worried about you". Awww....

Joon Mo goes back to work to pack. They have to head out for filming the next morning. He's getting advice from another PD about the type of things to bring only to discover he's bringing all the wrong things. He doesn't need toothpaste and those types of things, he needs cup ramen and fish sauce !?! Oh the life of a Producer!  Ye Jin shows up and tells him he needs other things too. She takes him to the store and helps him get the things he'll need-especially the ones that will be beneficial for Joon Mo like instant coffee.  Seung Chan tells her that she's a good friend. She thinks he's buttering her up, but he's sincere and it helps bring them a little closer together.

The next morning on shoot at 2 Days, 1 Night they come to Cindy's house to wake her up with what is supposed to be a funny gag, but her manager's already clued her in and instead of being funny it just seems kind of sad that they sprayed her with water.  When they arrive on set Cindy as well as the queen, 2NE1's Dara, and the other four idol contestants show up.  Dara is upset that Cindy has been cast because she thinks it'll make her look bad so her and the other contestants team up against Cindy. When it comes time for the guys to pick who they want to partner up with, no one picks Cindy. So she ends up having to walk to the site with Seung Chan while everyone else participates in the games.

Her manager thinks she's going to be upset, but Cindy says it's good. Her plan is not to partner up with any of the idols, but instead with Seung Chan.  She thinks it'll make her seem even more relatable and likeable if she pairs up with someone like him.  The other cast members are at the location and when CEO Cruella finds out that Cindy didn't get chosen she rushes over and yells at all the male cast members for not choosing her. She thinks Joon Mo did it on purpose, but he assures her it's just because no one liked Cindy.

When Ye Jin wakes up she finds that Joon Mo prepared her breakfast and uncapped all the bottles for her. Be still, my heart! Joon Mo contacts Ye Jin to meet up. She thinks Joon Mo is dating a girl because he doesn't want her to come to his house and he changed the passcode, but Ye Jin assures her he's not.  Joon Mo's Mom wants Ye Jin to set him up with someone young.  Afterward Ye Jin meets up with her brother and they eat Ramen together at a convenience store and he reassures her, tells her that she needs to marry Joon Mo and that she can make it happen because a guy has to be at least a little interested in you to even be your friend.

Seung Chan and Cindy start their hike through the woods and Cindy suggests they play rock, paper, scissors to see who has to carry the others' bag. She tells him she's going to pick scissors and he chooses rock. She's shocked. Cindy had assumed he'd be gentlemanly and choose paper so that he could carry her bag. But now she's stuck. She's on camera so if she doesn't carry his bag she'll only look bad. She carries his bags and they trek on for a long time. It gets dark and they've spent hours in the woods and although she doesn't show it on camera she's frustrated. When the cameraman stops to change the battery she chastises Seung Chan for getting lost and making them suffer and explains how she has to carry the bags.  He feels bad, he obviously didn't think about how she would look. As they're standing there it begins to rain and he covers her head with his hand and then grabs the umbrella from her pack to shelter them both. She seems shocked and touched and that's where our episode ends.

So now that we've caught up with what's going on, here's what I have to say...

-Ye Jin and Joon Mo are powerful when they combine forces.  Even I felt a little scared when they were lecturing Seung Chan.  I think they would make a fantastic couple and clearly have the history and chemistry to make it work.  I'm shipping them. It's been declared. They're my first OTP.

-Seung Chan's family may be a bit annoying, but they all seem to genuinely care about him.

-It seemed for a minute that CEO Cruella actually was Cindy's mom, which would have explained so much, but I guess not. I wonder what happened to Cindy's real mom. I can't imagine that she's alive and if she is she can't be a kind person to have let her daughter go through what Cindy has.

-If Ye Jin is worried about her secret leaking she should be a lot nicer to Seung Chan. I'm just saying, if I didn't want my secret getting out I wouldn't go around bullying and threatening the one person that knew it.

-The fact that Ye Jin doesn't think she should have to pay for the damage she did to Seung Chan's car or that it's optional. How arrogant!

-I have to say I don't care for this blurry camera thing the new director is doing. 

-Didn't Ye Jin already ban Cindy from Music Bank? Why are they so surprised she won't let her on then? And I don't feel bad for Ye Jin at all that they didn't come to apologize. She shouldn't tell someone that they can't be on the show if she's not prepared for the idea that they might accept that as fact.

-Cindy has some weird conditions, but are they her conditions or are they her CEO's? After all she did eat the soup that Joon Mo bought for her.

-PD Tae Ho is actually a really cool guy and completely underrated. I love how the chapters in his book are related to each episode. Is he really a PD genius and no one's realized it?

-Isn't Seung Chan's reaction to being called handsome the most adorable thing? Then he goes and practices being handsome in the mirror. Lol.

-Cindy is one smart girl.  You can't put all your eggs in one basket. Playing both PDs is a good way to go.

-Ye Jin and Seung Chan both have each other pegged. So cute. I hope they become best friends.

-I just want to reiterate, if Ye Jin and Joon Mo don't get togehter. I'm going to riot. It's not going to be pretty. They have so much chemistry and are so considerate of one another. 

-My second Producer OTP is Cindy and Seung Chan.  They are the perfect balance to each other. I think they'd be so cute and so perfect together.  She just wants someone to see the real her. She's practically begging for it and he's very honest and sincere.

-Who is that kid Seung Chan keeps talking to at station. Is he some sort of PD Fairy Godmother?

-When Joon Mo says "I'm always worried about you", I may have almost cried. Lol.

-I really like Cindy's relationship with her manager.  She super honest with him and he's not really as scared of her as he should be. They're cute.

-Dara's cameo! She's the queen, but isn't she more prestigious than Suzy? Shouldn't she have been the top star? Well, she is in my opinion.  

-Why do they play this game of choosing a girl/guy. I hate it. In one way or another someone always ends up feeling bad.

-CEO Cruella lost her cool a little bit. Lol. Was it just me or did she seem like she genuinely felt bad for Cindy and wasn't just worried about her image? It was probably just my imagination.

-Cindy's idea to pair up with Seung Chan instead of the idols is really smart. What a great idea! Seung Chan is not being very smart. How could he choose rock instead of paper?  How could he let her carry his bag?  He's just a bit too naive sometimes. I know he didn't do it maliciously.

-Ye Jin and her brother are sweet.  I love good sibling relationships in dramas, because I have good relationships with my siblings so that's something I like to see reflected in fiction. Not all siblings hate each other. In fact most don't.

Alright, so there you have it. I've purged all my thoughts. If you've been following along with the Drama Club expect a new post out tomorrow. We'll be talking about romance potential. Ooo la la. Lol.  Catch up on my previous Producer posts below and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

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