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If You Use Amazon Prime...

Hey friends and future friends, so if you're an Amazon addict, like me, you've probably noticed that Amazon has a great selection of Korean movies available on Amazon Prime. I've found quite a few gems (ie Rough Cut), but to my great disappointment I didn't see any Kdramas. Until today. Lo and behold they now have Answer Me, 1997 available to watch for free for all Amazon Prime members! Here's a link. I think I'll be mararthonning it out of pure principle. Happy watching!

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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 1 Recap

Hey Friends and future Friends! Surprise, I wasn't expecting to be back with a new drama so soon, but I couldn't resist when I saw that the latest Ha Ji Won drama came out tonight and I had nothing on my docket.  The Time That I loved You, 7000 Days is a remake of the Taiwanese In Time With You, which I have not seen but might have to if this drama turns out to be good. This story is about two adults who have been friends since childhood and make a bet over which one of them can get married first. Definitely sounds like there's a lot of great story development potential. So let's start it off with a recap and some memes of course and then I'll wrap things up with my own thoughts.

The drama starts off introducing us to Jang Ha Na, a fabulous but unmarried woman woman in her mid-thirties who is definitely starting to feel the pressure of her age and things are not going so well for her at work.  As her 34th birthday hits she gets greetings from her friends and a bouquet from her boyfriend with a short message and no warmth. She also gets a video message from her longtime next door neighbor best friend, Choi Won. He tells her not to worry about getting old because he'll always remember her as her 17-year old self. We see a flashback to the two of them as teenagers making bets and eating at food carts and spending all of their time together.

She calls him to thank him for the message. The two banter about how he believes that men only get more desirable at his age, while she's at her peak. She points out that she's soon to be married and has a great life. He concedes, but then she expresses her concern at her boyfriend's lack of "I love you" in his note and Won suggests that maybe he was cold because he's planning a proposal.

They get off the phone and Won proceeds to board a plane where it appears he is a pilot, or possibly a stewardess because they haven't exactly said.  There, a new stewardess is bumbling her way through the first day and getting giggles from the rest of the staff while Won sticks up for her to a creepy passenger.

Meanwhile Ha Na sees her boyfriend shopping for jewelery and prepares herself to be proposed to only to learn that he's breaking up with her and getting married to someone else. He's been two-timing her and the other girl is three months pregnant.  Ha Na tries to reign her anger in at first, but eventually stomps on him twice with her heels. She finds out that it's one of her younger co-workers in her twenties and can't help but show her contempt for the girl in their team meeting.

Won has just gotten off the plane and gets a call from Ha Na's mother, inviting him over for supper. He gets to Ha Na's house and finds her drunk outside.  She tells him it's his fault that she can never find a good man. We see another flashback to when they were teenagers and Ha Na's friend asked her to deliver a gift to Won on her behalf because she liked Won but was too nervous. Ha Na approached Won, who mistakenly thought the gift was from Ha Na and boldly states that even if they were the only two people alive on a deserted island he would never love her.  Back to present day Ha Na questions what about her is so unloveable.

Ha Na's brother overhears the conversation and looks at Ha Na's boyfriends' social media site to see that he's engaged.  He tells his family and Won, who now feels horrible for not properly consoling her. Over the next few days/weeks Ha Na works diligently, trying to get her product line picked up at work and eventually the day of her ex's wedding comes. All of her co-workers are going and she decides that she needs to go to to regain some dignity.

When she gets there, Won is waiting for her to escort her, to boost her confidence. She goes and pays her respects to the bride who has since discovered her fiance and Ha Na had a relationship. The girl says she respects Ha Na and is sorry for stealing her man.  Ha Na honestly admits she can't wish them well.  In the meantime Won is in the bathroom and overhears Ha Na's ex telling his fiancee's father that Ha Na was the one to chase him and then curses Ha Na for coming.  Won gets so mad that he attacks Ha Na's ex and the fight spills out into the hall where the whole wedding party sees. Ha Na's ex accuses her of coming to get her revenge and Ha Na is left standing there in disgrace.

As Won and Ha Na make their way home, Ha Na is angry at Won. But her anger dissipates as she watches him fall asleep on the bus and by the time they get home they're ready to drink beer and eat chicken feet together.  As they're drinking they begin talking about marriage and soon come to make a bet. That they both will try to get married before they're 35 and whoever wins gets $5000. Game on. Here's what I'm betting.

-I went into this drama kind of blind which was fun. I had been watching for it to be released, but didn't know a whole lot about it.  I'm excited with the premise.  Having best friends that "
*hopefully* fall in love is a plot I always enjoy.

-Won's obviously got some serious issues. What about him is so anti-Ha Na? She hasn't shown remote interest in him and he's already rejecting her.  Does he owe money to gangsters and they're threatening his life if he loves her or something? Oh, he must think they're related somehow. I bet that's it.  Either way it's obvious that he does in fact love her quite a bit.

-Ji Won looks fantastic. It's nice to see her in a role where she doesn't have to play someone tough. She does an excellent job at playing a badass, but it's nice to see her soft, feminine side in this drama so far.   

-I'm sure we're going to be seeing more of that bumbling flight attendant, which is fine by me. She's so adorable.

-I noticed at least three actors from Pinocchio in this drama. Anyone else? Not that I"m complaining. That drama had a great cast same as this one.

-Even though she stomped on him, I still thought Ha Na's reaction to find out that not only was she being two-timed but also that he was marrying the other girl and she was pregnant was kind of mellow. I feel like if that was me some of his property would definitely be set on fire.

-Ha Na's boyfriend was clearly an idiot if he couldn't see what a great catch she was.

-I love that Ha Na's brother is the one to realize what's really going on with her and to have sympathy towards her. I hope they continue to have a good relationship.

Please stay with me as we go through this series. You can catch up on all up-to-date recaps as soon as available as well as the DramaFever Drama Club for this drama, which I am participating in, on my main page for this drama by clicking below.

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

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Top 10 K-Drama Tearjerkers

I'm just going to come right out and say it. I am a K-Drama crier.  I mean, the tears just start rolling down my face when something sad happens. I think Korean dramas have a special line right to my tear ducts and I don't think I'm alone. I've witnessed middle aged women and teenage boys alike brought to tears over K-Drama tragedy. I've learned to embrace it as part of my humanity.  So today, I will celebrate it. I present to you my top 10 tear-jerker scenes from the catalog of 90+ Korean drams I've seen. I will say that these are not necessarily always the saddest scenes of the drama by everyone's opinion. These are the scenes that, for whatever reason, made me cry the most.  Some dramas might have made the list a few times, but for the sake of variety I will only include them once. So let me countdown my 10 ten tearjerker scenes and we'll ugly cry together with our leads.

***Warning- Major Spoilers Ahead. Use caution if you see a drama you haven't watched and plan on watching.***

10) You're the Best Lee Soon Shin

I really sympathized with Lee Soon Shin in this drama. She was so upbeat and likeable yet had to face crap from everyone. Lee Soon Shin, after a series of hijinks, decides to become an actress. She discovers along the way that she was adopted and that her birth mother is a famous actress, a woman who she thought of as her mentor before she found out the truth.  She gets blamed for a lot of things that were absolutely not her fault and that she has no say in so there a lot of low moments for Soon Shin.  I felt so bad for her at how horrible her older sister treated her, but the saddest scene had to be when she received a birthday cake that her dad had ordered for her before he died.  It showed what a loving father she lost and how much he looked out for her. 

9)It's Okay That's Love

Within a couple episodes of this drama I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. It's a drama about a group of people dealing with mental illnesses-large and small- and learning to love one another in spite of their flaws. You can tell right away that things are not going to end well and the realization of Jae Yeol's mental illness is constantly hanging over.  So as can be expected the most tear-jerking scene for me was when Hae Soo finds Jae Yeol after he gets into an accident and he's only worried about his imaginary friend and she it's out in the open just how bad his illness is.

8) Stars Falling From the Sky

I sometimes forget about this drama, but it is a really great, underrated in my opinion, drama about family, taking care of those you love, and personal development. Pal Gang loses her parents and is charged with taking care of her five siblings. They have no money and no place to stay so she gets a job as a housekeeper and her siblings live in her room.  She ends up falling in love with her boss. It's obviously got a lot of heart-wrenching scenes, but for me the scene where Kang Ha sees her go to the orphanage and slaps her, thinking she was there to give up her baby sibling.  She isn't, and she doesn't really seem affected by his slap because she is already agonizing about how she's going to take care of her siblings.  It made me cry, not because he slapped her. If she really was giving up her sibling I'd be on his side. It made me cry because it showed how much he had grown to care for the kids and for her and it spoke to the lesson that no matter what family comes first. You do everything you can to take care of your family.

7)Baker Kim Tak Goo

Ah, the tragic yet triumphant tale of Tak Goo who had everything taken away from him, but still manged to come out on top.  Tak Goo is probably one of my favorite Kdramas characters ever because his character and integrity is so strong and he truly cares for others more than himself.  There many moments of bloated-face crying for me in this drama, but the penultimate was a scene where Mi Sun realizes that the cold medicine that she had though she was giving to Tak Gu was, in fact, poison and had dulled his senses leaving him temporarily incapable of making the incredible bread he had been. Possibly destroying his future.  The scene is sad because it's a culmination of events.  You have to start with right before Tak Gu fell ill when he realized that his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart had left him for his brother and nemesis Ma Ru.  He forgave her, but was heartbroken.  Mi Sun tried to help him using what Ma Ru said was cold medicine, but in fact was a plant designed to rob Tak Gu of his senses. Ma Ru himself was going to use it, but had decided against it.  When Mi Sun overhears Ma Ru telling Tak Gu that it was his intention to poison him even if he actually hadn't been the one to do it, she is devastated.  She tries to help Tak Gu recover his senses and breaks down crying.  He holds her while she bawls.  If only he had been there to hold me too. Lol. Mi Sun represents someone who genuinely cares about Tak Gu and doesn't want to hurt him, unlike everyone else in his life.  So her crying represents the loyalty that Tak Gu needed. I just really love the scene.

6)What's Up

A musical-esque drama about a Arts College and the students who study acting and singing there. They grow together as a family as they overcome their personal and career obstacles  It has its moments of tragedy, but the worst is when their director dies from cancer.  Doo Ri, a student who was in love with him, is in tears and the funeral is a gut-wrenchingly sad scene.

5) Producer

This drama was a mockumentary-like drama following the behind-the-scenes workings of variety shows and work and personal lives of the Producers working at KBS.  The tearjerker scene in this drama was a combination of happy and sad tears.  Cindy, who is a top-star idol in Korean has been betrayed by her CEO and false information has been leaked out making her fans believe that Cindy maliciously lied to them and causing them to turn on her.  She's seen it happen before and knows her career is going to be ruined and that everyone will abandon her.  She begins to experience the rejection she anticipated which is especially tragic because she's been used by pretty much everyone her whole life. Then she wakes up one morning to find the entire crew for the TV show she's starring at in her room, ready to film her. Instead of abandoning her, they chose to stand behind her. She is so grateful and relieved that she begins to sob.  You really have to watch this whole drama to understand why the scene is so powerful. Cindy was known as being cold and unfriendly, but it turns out she's just been used her whole life and is sick of it. She begins to open up to and befriend 3 of the Producers and for the first time in her life have people who see the real her and accept her.  It's two of these Producers that show up to her house and risk their own careers in order to take her side. For the first time ever she has real friends and it's at a time when she needs them the most. 

4) King 2 Hearts

An amazing drama, again totally underrated.  About a hypothetical South Korean prince and North Korean lady spy that fall in love and have to try to reunite their countries through much opposition.  It took a lot of thought to decide which scene to include since there are so many incredibly, incredibly sad ones and the tear factor was pretty equal.  After much debate I recalled that the scene that made me cry the absolute most was where Jung Suk, the prince's right hand man, is shot by the evil John Mayer (not kidding, that's his name), moments after you realize how incredibly loyal Jung Suk has always been. His character in this drama was so amazing. He was manly, and dignified, and had such strong character.  When he dies so unexpectedly it totally throws you off. Much crying involved.

3) Love Rain

I'll admit that I did not like Love Rain when I first started watching it. It literally took me four or five different times to get into it. It's a story that spans between a love story between two people in the 70s who split up and get married to other people and the love story between their two children in the present. Things get complicated when it turns out they still love each other.  I got hooked when they finally made it to present day and I got hooked pretty hard.  It was just so sad all the time. It's like In Ha and Yoon Hee hardly found any happiness together between the bits of sadness. The saddest scene for me, though, was when Yoon He decided that they couldn't be together and In Ha was modeling for him and he was being so cruel to her and she just had to take it. I felt so bad for her. My heart broke for her. It was awful.

2) Boys over Flowers

This was the first Korean drama I ever saw. Now that I'm much more experienced and have seen a gauntlet of different dramas and types of dramas I am a little embarrassed at how affected I was by Boys over Flowers.  I sobbed pretty much for most of the drama. It was a really intense first experience watching Korean dramas and I refused to watch another one for four months afterward.  It's so over-dramatic, but somehow it gets right to me and I'm even more embarrassed to say if I rewatched it, I'd probably still sob.  But the scene that really got me was the scene where Goo JungPyo gets amnesia and forgets who Jan Di is. After all they went through, how could he forget her? It was an introduction to the whole amnesia- forget your biggest love-plotline that Kdramas are famous for. I never wanted to feel that kind of sadness again, but I did when I watched this next drama, which takes the #1 slot on my list.

1) 49 Days

This drama wins the overall prize for most tears shed. I think I was sobbing pretty much the entire time. It's the story of a girl who is hit by a car and due to a heavenly mix-up mistakenly ends up in a coma. They allow her a trial period to attempt to get her life back and through it she learns lots of dirty secrets that the ones she thought loved her were keeping from her.  However, there is a scene that is the clear winner for absolute saddest and that is when we find out that, after everything she's been through, Ji Hyun only has a couple days to live.  The whole drama you spend cheering for her to come out of the coma and start anew then once she finally does she has to die. She never even gets a chance at happiness with Hyun Jae.  It took me a few days to recover after this drama it was so devastating.  I even questioned what kind of cruel people would make such a heart-breaking drama.  That being said, it was an amazing drama and I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of crying.

So those were my top 10 tearjerker. There were many other dramas and scenes through which I bawled that just didn't make the cut. Anyone else cry through these dramas? Anyone have any different top tearjerker moments? Let's hear them. 

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Female "Bang Bang Bang" Dance Cover

Time for a quick video share.  I just watched this. Three times in a row. Which is unusual for me. Anyway, have you guys seen this all female version of BIGBANG "Bang Bang Bang"? Completely mind-blowing especially when we're so used to seeing girls in kpop dance the cutesy girly moves. These ladies are my new heroes. The video is the original BIGBANG vocals with the girls lip-synching, but they are so awesome. This is so different than the other female dance groups that cover girl group kpop songs in front of the mirror.  Normally I'm not a fan of dance covers, but this has me changing my mind. Just watch it. You're not going to regret it.

They also did a version of EXO's "Call Me Baby" which is also pretty great. The dance moves might even be better on that one. You can find it here.

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Producer Finale (Episode 12) Recap

So friends and future friends, the sad moment that we've been waiting for has come. Producer has aired its final episodes. So many emotions: sadness, joy, anger, frustration so let's vent together friends and talk through our feelings. Sorry if this recap's lengthy but it was such a long episode and so much happened.

So when we last left off Cindy had woken to find the entire cast of 2 Days, 1 Night in her bedroom, ready to film her in a super powerful scene. Cindy realizes she's not alone anymore and breaks down. So from there, the drama rewinds a few hours...

At work Joon Mo is facing criticism for his deciscion to stick up for Cindy. Tae Ho tells him it's going to be the end of his career. His female writing staff is in the bathroom talking about how careless he is when Ye Jin overhears and tells them that when everyone told him to get rid of them as writers, he wouldn't because he said they are family.  Seung Chan then finds Ye Jin and pulls her aside. He says he wants a restart with her since he made too many mistakes. She doesn't give him an answer.  On her way home that night she finds that all of the streetlamps on the way to her apartment are suddenly working when they weren't the day before.  She's suspicious that Seung Chan is responsible, but we know from the previous episode that Joon Mo is the one that got them fixed for her.

The cast of 2 Days, 1 Night shows up at Cindy's apartment like we saw in the previous episode and she cries upon seeing them. Her manager drives her to the location looking incredibly happy watching Cindy get back on her feet. She asks him if he's not scared of the Byunpire (her CEO). He says he's not, but he's scared of Cindy  Cindy is confused until he explains that he's not scared of the Byunpire because he doesn't like her so he doesn't care what she thinks of him, but Cindy's scary because he does care what she thinks. *AWWWWW* Cindy is touched.

The Byunpire finds out that Cindy went to set and is upset because she thought Ji Ni was going to take her place. She knows Joon Mo was behind it. The crew goes to the filming sight where this week the cast members are tasked with spending the day and night with a Grandma. Cindy is shocked to find out that the grandma with whom she is staying does not know who she is.  She enters the grandma's house to find everything dirty and disorganized and in true Cindy OCD fashion goes to work cleaning and organizing.

The Byunpire shows up at the KBS studios to have a word with the chief, but when she demands that he take out Cindy and replace her with Ji Ni, he's offended that she thinks she can boss him around and from that point he doesn't listen to a word she says.

On set at Ye Jin's show, Music Bank, Ye Jin is listening to the other Producers talk about Cindy's downfall. She doesn't stick up for her, but she doesn't join in and she seems a little saddened by it. One of the producers says that Cindy didn't lie, that he remembers being on a program 7 or 8 years before where Cindy admitted that she was orphan but then the Byunpire (Cindy's CEO) came and told her not to say that and had the main Producer pull the interview. Ye Jin inquires about what show it was on.

Seung Chan is beginning to worry that they'll have no good shots since all Cindy's doing is silently cleaning and he hears that the other cast members are performing talent shows and playing games. In this moment, when he realizes he's worrying about shots and angles, he also realizes that he's sounding like a real Producer and is quite proud of himself. It's really a turning point in his transition from a rookie who knows nothing to a successful producer. Joon Mo comes to check on him and acknowledges that Seung Chan is becoming more and more like a Producer. The two discuss the likelihood of the show being cancelled.

Back at work Ye Jin goes to the media library to try to access the unaired footage from the interview 7 years before when Cindy admitted to being an orphan. The clerk tells her that they were on tape back then, so Ye Jin checks out all of the tapes from around that time, which winds up being a huge stack of tapes that she takes into an editing room and begins to watch.

When Cindy finishes cleaning she comes outside and the three sit on the porch and look at the stars. They're such a cute trio.  Cindy thanks Joon Mo for standing up for her, although she feels a little guilty because she knows it could ruin his career. She's worried the cancellation rumors surrounding 2 Days, 1 Night are because of her. He tells her those rumors were around before her and acknowledges that if the show doesn't succeed they're both over.

While they're talking, Seung Chan has fallen asleep and his head falls onto Joon Mo's shoulder.  Joon Mo scoffs and pushes him away and now Seung Chan's head lands on Cindy's shoulder.  She is frozen.  Joon Mo tells her she should go to bed, but she doesn't want to. Joon Mo leaves and Cindy stays there frozen until Seung Chan wakes up some time later. He is startled to find himself alseep on her shoulder and asks why she didn't wake him. She says it's because she likes him. She goes on to say that she knows he likes someone else and isn't going to try to interfere, but won't deny her feelings.  He mentions one-sided love and Cindy accuses him of looking down on her because she has a one-sided love and he says not at all. He tells her that he's honored and is grateful that she likes

Back at work Ye Jin has been working all to seemingly no avail, until she's nearly given up and BINGO! There is Cindy breaking down in tears, admitting that her parents are dead, and the Byunpire chastising her for saying that and telling her to tell people her parents are in America.Ye Jin has found the right tape.

The next morning the cast leave the Grandma's house and Cindy parts from her warmly, with a hug. Joon Mo and Seung Chan return to the office.  Seung Chan gets to work editing footage until Joon Mo send him on a mission to interview a message for one of the grandma's from a popular tv host she likes.

Cindy is at home when the Byunpire shows up along with Ji Ni and the head manager of the agency.  Cindy is stone-faced the whole time as the Byunpire turns on the TV and gloats to Cindy that she did an interview to the press apologizing for Cindy's behavior, which of course would be the agency admitting that Cindy really was a bad egg. But as what is supposed to be the interview starts, the anchor reveals that they were tipped off of another interview from 7 years before.  He then airs the interview where CEO says she's an orphan and the Byunpire tells her to lie.  Cindy continues to show no reaction.

We see a flashback to earlier in the day when Ye Jin met up with Cindy for coffee to tell her that the video proving her innocence was going to be shown.  Joon Mo thanks Ye Jin for what she did for Cindy and Ye Jin reveals that she did it because she knew it was important to him. Seung Chan returns from interview the TV host drunk as the old man made him drink quite a bit. As usual he's quite loose with his words when he's drunk.  Joon Mo and Ye Jin are walking him home. Seung Chan begins to imitate the overly cute behavior Ye Jin puts on when she's drunk and then kisses Joon Mo on the mouth. I really don't understand why he did it, but he did. For the umpteenth time he wakes up on Joon Mo's couch the next morning. Ye Jin has also spent the night in her old room.

We see the next day as the Byunpire goes into her office that everything has been graffittied and that the fans are back on Cindy's side. Cindy tells her that she can reccommend a cleaning service, since she got used to her car getting grafittied.The Byunpire and Cindy go out to dinner one final time where the Byunpire hands a contract termination over to Cindy to sign.  Cindy takes out her seal to sign it without even reading it, but her CEO stops her and tells her in the future to make sure to read every line of a contract before signing it. The byunpire goes on to tell her that she really did love her as her own daughter.  Cindy tells her that she knows she did and that's why she's leaving. Cindy doesn't want to be overworked any longer. She tells the CEO to think about how why, even though the Byunpire is amazing at what she does, that everyone leaves her and asks her not to make anyone sign unfair contracts anymore.

Seung Chan goes to have a talk with the Broadcasting fairy godmother and in the conversation asks him why he never shows up to meetings. He giggles and another producer comes in and asks who Seung Chang was talking to and the godmother has disappeared. So...it turns out that he was a ghost all along, although Seung Chan prefers to call him a fairy! Do you guys remember when I totally called that after the first episode? I must be a Kdrama pyschic  Lol. Anyway, the rest of the crew tells him that means he's going to succeed.

Ye Jin runs into the security guard around her apartment on her way home that night and finds out the reason that the lights got fixed so quickly is because someone who said they were a producer kept calling and pestering them, saying he was going to send a crew. The confirms her suspicions that it was Seung Chan. The next morning at works she confronts him about it and he tells her he didn't do it and she realizes it was Joon Mo.

When Seung Chan goes back inside he finds Joon Mo who tells him that the ratings for 2 Days, 1 Night are up so they're not in jeopardy of cancelling after all. It's thanks in part to Cindy's regained popularity and in part due to Seung Chan's preview. Joon Mo tells him that he's going to let him be in charge of the next preview as well.

That night Ye Jin calls Joon Mo late at night while he's sleeping and tells him that she has a mosquito in her room and can't sleep. She asks him to come and kill it. He acts like she's crazy and says he won't, but seconds later he's getting out of bed and heading over to her place. When he gets out of the car she's there waiting for him on the path to her apartment. He is startled. She tricks him into admitting he called the office and pestered them into replacing the lights. Then she asks him why he did it and why he came all this way for her to kill a mosquito.  He tries to give some rational non-romantic explanation, but she's not having it and starts to leave.

He stops her and goes on to tell her that all his life he's been following her: he had to study hard so he could go to the same university as her; when she decided to become a producer, he had to pass all the same exams and the whole while he didn't realize why he was doing it until now - it was love.  She smiles and they hug. Yes, you heard right. Hug.

We see Cindy pulling up to KBS and getting bags out of her car. She has moved out of her apartment and now belongs to an agency with just herself so things are changing for her. She sees Seung Chan walking by and challenges him to rock, paper, scissors again to see how will carry the bags. She tells him she's going to choose scissors and then chooses scissors and he chooses rock. She pouts, but says that one day she will win rock, paper, scissors and he smirks. He walks away, like he's going to make her carry it, but then returns to take the luggage for her.  They walk together, both with big smiles on their faces. 

The drama ends as each character gives a recap of where they've come in the span of time since end of the drama which seems to have been a couple months. They all act like things have changed a lot, but they really haven't. Except for Cindy who's still doing well, but adjusting to doing a lot more things by herself. And that's all we've got!

Can you believe it's over? Netizens are urging for a second season, but we've still got this one to talk about. So here are my thoughts.
-First of all: WHYYYYYYY? Why are you so cruel Producer writers? All I wanted was for the Umbrella Couple to be a thing. Okay, sure the door isn't completely closed there, but whyyyyy?

-Okay, in all seriousness things ended exactly as I imagined. As we talked about during the last episode, the only pairing that could feasibly happen right away was the Ye Jin/Joon Mo pairing and that's exactly what we saw. At the place in time we're at they were the only two who had strong enough mutual romantic feelings for one another. So I understood the conclusion, but I would have been much more satisfied with a stronger hint of a future for Seung Chan and Cindy.

-Yay Ye Jin! You saved Cindy. I was so proud of her in the moment. Of course, at first I thought she was doing something for Cindy out of the kindness of her heart and then she revealed it was for Joon Mo, but still...Cindy would have been ruined if not for her.

-The Byunpire got what she had coming for her. Although, I would have preferred to see her a little more ruined. After all she was super evil.

-A hug? That's our big romantic gesture? A freakin' hug? Are you serious? Anyone can hug. I'm super disappointed in the anticlimactic climax.

-Now that our drama has ended, I have to give a large round of applause to IU. To me, she carried this drama through to the other side. Cindy was the one who showed the most character development and had the best character of the four of them. IU's acting was absolutely flawless. She made me smile, cry, and laugh at just the right moments. Not to mention this was a completely different from any of the others she's played. The more I see her act, the more I love her.

-Cindy's manager is just so cute. I wouldn't have minded if she had a loveline with him either.

-Seung Chan is always a fun drunk. I'd drink with him any time.

-I was really glad that Seung Chan told the truth about not being the one to get the lights fixed when it would have been so easy for him to lie like he did before to keep Ye Jin away from Joon Mo. 

-So the drama is over. It was frustrating at times, and the lovelines didn't end up like I wanted, but it was a good drama. It gave me a lot of emotions and I really connected with the character of Cindy.  I'm going to miss these weekly episodes and recapping with my friends here. But I'll see you soon with another drama! 

In the meantime you can catch up on a whole season's worth of recaps and watch for the final drama club posting some time tomorrow.

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The Road Not Taken

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Producer Episode 11 Recap

Hello again friends and future friends! It's good to be back.  So I don't know if you noticed but things are getting super intense on Producer.  Let's recap what's going on and then talk about it.

So when we left off Seung Chan had just kissed Ye Jin which left half of us Producer fans upset and the other half ecstatic. Such a divided fanbase on this drama. Lol.  Anyway he quickly realizes that it was a brash move and Ye Jin can do nothing but scoff.  She doesn't give an answer to his confession and seems neither moved or put off by it.

Seung Chan tells her that given time she could start to see him in a new light now.  Ye Jin returns to Joon Mo's place where she asks him if she thinks she's only tough on the outside like Seung Chan mentions to her before. Joon Mo tells her that she deserves love and that she's easy to love. *Ahhhhh*

The next morning Ye Jin is finally moving out of Joon Mo's house. She tells Joon Mo that she's glad he's in her life and heads off to her new place with the moving truck. At work Tae Ho takes Joon Mo and Seung Chan out to lunch after they get upset from learning the pilot show got good ratings.  He insinuates that 2 Days, 1 Night is going to be cancelled and Seung Chan does another one of his silly little pranks by bringing Tae Ho a coke but shaking the can first so Tae Ho gets covered in cola. But when they return to the office, the whole crew for 2 Days, 1 Night is starting to get looked down on.  Ye Jin is torn over what to make of Seung Chan's confession, especially when she still loves Joon Mo. Da Jung, the writer on her team, tells her to let go of whichever one she feels sorrier to.

Meanwhile, Cindy is looking through the clothes her stylist has brought her and isn't satisfied by anything she sees- it's all too cheaply made.  The stylist confides in Cindy that the Byunpire (Cindy's CEO) has convinced all of the sponsors to sponsor the rookie Ji Min instead.  Cindy also finds out that "Cindy the bum" is the number one search item accompanied with an animated picture of her in a beggar's outfit. Cindy's manager suggests it's all Seung Chan's fault. Cindy decides that she needs to see him right away to discuss what's going on- which is really just an excuse so that she can see him at all. She asks him what he's going to do about this being her new image. He tells her that he thinks it's a cute image, but apologizes anyway.  Cindy starts blushing when he says it's a cute image.

Ye Jin has moved into her new apartment, but the moving guys never showed up. Even though she told both Seung Chan and Joon Mo not to show up to her apartment, both did. They help her move her stuff and then they eat dinner together.  Afterward Joon Mo gives Seung Chan a ride back home.

Cindy returns home to find the Byunpire and a reporter waiting in her apartment, with an interview set up for her.  We know something's up.  Cindy reluctantly concedes to the interview. The interviewer begins to ask Cindy questions about her parents.  We see a flashback to Cindy's debut where the Byunpire convinced Cindy to lie about her parents living in the US so people wouldn't pity her for being an orphan.  The interviewer continues to accuse Cindy of lying about her parents since none of their information could be verified and eventually Cindy in tears and tells the truth about her parents. Both her Manager and the general manager f are near tears as Cindy tells her story while the CEO gloats. As Cindy is about to reveal that it was the Byunpire who made her tell the lie, the CEO has the interviewer stop, making Cindy look like the liar.

Cindy knows her life is going to be destroyed. News of Cindy's lies travel fast and the Byunpire is ecstatic. The public is outraged that she lied. Even KBS wants to kick her off of the show.  Seung Chan is sad for Cindy when he finds out. After what she confided in him, he knows that she wouldn't have intentionally lied about her parents when she loved them so much.  He goes to Joon Mo, who is also feelings conflicted about Cindy when he promised to look out for her. He's having massive flashbacks to years previous when he failed the other idol that the Byunpire destroyed.  He tells Seung Chan that there's nothing they can do because they have a responsibility to the rest of the show to do well.

That evening Ye Jin and Seung Chan go to a movie and to dinner, which is the final payment Ye Jin owes to Seung Chan. Afterward she tells him that she's sorry. That whenever she sees him she feels sorry  and insinuates there's no future for them. Seung Chan tells her that feeling sorry could turn into gratefulness and then love, but when he leaves he starts to sob at her rejection. 

Cindy is at home all alone with no friends or anyone for that matter to comfort her.  Her manager expresses frustration at her for angering her CEO because of the state she's in now. He seems angry, but in reality he just feels really badly toward Cindy. 

Back to Joon Mo who has been internally struggling over this Cindy business.  He knows that she's been struggling and that it was really the Byunpire who put her in this state. He remembers Yuna and how he couldn't protect her in the end.  When he has a meeting with Tae Ho and the chief and they tell him to replace Cindy with Ji Min, the rookie, he says no. He says that as the main producer he will accept the responsbility for keeping her on the show even though it may ruin his career.

Cindy is at home alone in bed and she wakes up to water being misted on her face. When she opens her eyes she sees Seung Chan. Then she notices her manager and the rest of the 2 Days, 1 Night crew.  Joon Mo tells her that they have to start filming.  Cindy is so touched that she started to cry. And that's where our episode ends.

Whew! So what an episode, right? Here are my thoughts:

-I was completely expecting Ye Jin to go off on Seung Chan after he kissed her, but the fact that she didn't was kind of telling. She seemed to have no emotional reaction to it whatsoever, which is worse than if she was angry.  To me that says that she doesn't consider Seung Chan a man at all.

-If I was Ye Jin and Joon Mo told me that I deserved to be loved and that I was easy to love, I would have totally got the hint that he had feelings for me. Ye Jin, what are you doing? You're a confident modern woman, take the reins and kiss him already!!!

-Although I make fun of Seung Chan's pranks, they are totally the type of pranks I do. Although he does them to be passive aggressive and I do them because I childishly think they're hilarious.  I don't think either of us are cut out for pranks. Lol.

-I love how Cindy's manager actually cares for her a lot. He looks so pained and heartbroken any time something bad happens to her.  I think he just wants her to care about him just a fraction of the amount he cares about her. 

-I'm surprised that Cindy doesn't really seem to care that she's called a bum but only pretends to be so that she gets to see Seung Chan.  I love that she turns it around to promote herself positively. 

-Seung Chan is a borderline stalker at this point. His puppy dog love has turned pretty creepy. I think the fact that he replaced a picture in Ye Jin's house of her and Joon Mo as kids to one of him and her was the breaking point.  Maybe it's just me, but I do not find that at all romantic.

-Da Jung actually gave really decent dating advice. Here I thought she was all arrogance and no substance, but I have to give her credit on this episode.

-Okay, I tried to get all my other thoughts out before I started my rant but here it goes.  At this point, I don't think it's a secret that I'm a fan of Cindy so I was horribly upset and impossibly distraught by this episode. I want to murder the Byunpire in the worst way. She is the epitome of evil. How has no one taken her down?  When the two managers were watching the horrible interview looking completely agonized I couldn't help but wonder how they could continue to work for that monster? How?!? The fact that Cindy didn't have a single person to be there for her, to comfort her was heart-breaking.  Honestly, I was surprised that considering the relationship that her and Ye Jin were building that Ye Jin didn't reach out to her.  Super disappointed in Ye Jin on this account. But when Joon Mo decided to stand up for Cindy I was sooooo proud of him. My love for his character grew exponentially.  Seung Chan acknowledged her innocence, but I was kind of disappointed that he decided to go on a date with Ye Jin instead of check on Cindy when he knows she could have used his support.

-Sadly at this point I don't even know if I can root for Seung Chan to be with either Cindy or Ye Jin.  He's treated Cindy too carelessly in my opinion for him to deserve her and Ye Jin seems to apathetic to him for her to deserve him.  Realisitcallly a Joon Mo/Ye Jin pairing would be one of the only ones that I would find believable at this point. And trust me, it really hurts me to say this, because I had such high hopes for the Umbrella couple. Although admittedly, I will still not be disappointed if the Umbrella Couple comes into fruition.  

-When Cindy woke up to find the crew of 2 Days, 1 Night in her room and started crying I started bawling as well. In my opinion it was one of the most beautiful Kdrama scenes I've seen.  As a viewer you could feel how isolated and lonely Cindy was and now that she finally had people who were supporting her you could feel her relief and gratefulness.  It was so humane and the confirmation to Joon Mo and Seung Chan that they were doing the right thing was evident.  Such a simple scene, but it said so much.  Total props to the writer and director here!!!!

Okay so sadly the next episode is our last. Can you believe Producer is already over? Far too short in my end. Well, join me tomorrow as we cry together either happy or sad tears. Until then catch up on all my other recaps!

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My Unfortunate Boyfriend: Drama Diagnosis

So now that the drama is over, I wanted to take an honest look back at My Unfortunate Boyfriend and do an overall drama review in a similar vein to other dramas I've reviewed. So here we go.

First a quick summary: The bright and ambitious Ji Na gets a job working at a prestigious company after moving to Seoul, but at the same time crosses paths with the aptly named Mr. Unfortunate who is said to curse everyone he interacts with. And sure enough hilarious hijinks ensue as the two continue to cross paths over and over. Ji Na has her eye on her charming but manipulative boss, Hee Cheul, and he's got his eye on her as well. This doesn't make his long-time friend, Hye Mi, happy. She's been in love with Hee Cheul for a long time and she's not about to let just anyone get in her way. Hye Mi and Ji Na are competing for more than just a man as they become rivals at work as well as they both fight to prove their worth. Another workplace rivalry erupts between Hee Cheul and Mr. Unfortunate as the position for CEO is up for grabs.  As Ji Na and Mr. Unfortunate continue to interact their initial feelings of annoyance toward one another turn into something much more and Ji Na is forced to make a choice between following her head and going toward the life she always wanted or following her heart into uncharted territory with a truly bizarre man. 

LoganLand Rating: 4 Stars

Overall, I'd say this is a good solid drama. In this drama, it was the wonderful cast of characters that really brought the drama to life. It doesn't have a super dramatic or crazy plot, but there are some fun plot twists. I found myself intrigued and looking forward to each new episode. I experienced the full spectrum of emotions from giddiness to anger to sadness-every emotion that a good drama should evoke.  It had its flaws, but they were more than compensated for some fresh plot elements. Blah Blah Blah really was the breakout star and took this drama from being a mediocre drama to a good one.

Things I loved:

-The character of Ji Na. Seriously one of my favorite female protagonists of all time. When the drama starts, you think she is going to be this ambitious ladder-climber that steps over anyone she needs to on the way to the top, but you quickly see that she's not like that at all. She's full of life and hilarious but most importantly has a heart of gold. In fact, she is kind and accepting to everyone that comes her way whether they're incredibly weird, childish, or even if they're her rival. As much as she likes to believe she's heartless and ambitious, she always chooses to do the right thing over the most advantageous.  They set the drama up with No Min Woo as the star but  Yang Jin Sung quickly and easily became the show stealer and seemed to get much more screen time.

-The secondary characters.  They were so great. So quirky. So much fun. From "Oddball" the genius who cyber-bullied a celebrity to Ji Na's and Mr. Unfortunate's best friends who flirted with food all over their faces, I would watch a spin-off series for any one of the minor characters.  And they weren't just cliche characters either, they were all loveable and quirky in their own unique ways.

-Straying from Kdrama cliches.  Okay, so every drama is going to follow some Kdrama cliches- I mean that's what makes it a Kdrama: piggy-back rides, second male lead syndrome, sick uncles- BUT this drama broke free of a lot of the overused plot devices that can weigh kdramas down. To begin with, when the leads finally got together, they did not once break up.  Even though Ji Na finds herself in love with the goofy Mr. Unfortunate, she never denies her feelings towards him. She's even the one to kiss him first.  Even when his uncle asks her to end things with him she does not.  Another nice reversal of the kdrama cliche is that when Mr. Unfortunate realizes that his parents were on the way back from visiting Ji Na's parents when they died, he doesn't blame Ji Na's parents at all.  I mean, to me that's logical. But so many times in Kdramas, people get blamed for things that weren't even remotely their fault. 

Things I didn't love:

-I hate to say it, because I know a lot of people loved him, but I did NOT love the character of Mr. Unfortunate.  He was too childish for my tastes. I will admit he had a few very manly moments that had me swooning, but that also made me realize that he was not slow but acted like a kid by choice. Which kind of grossed me out. His naivety did lessen throughout the series but fell just short of a leading man for me. With just a little more maturity a little sooner and a little less whining, he would have been quite lovely. Although I won't lie, I did enjoy some of his antics. At one points he's dressed up a clown and chasing a van down on a bicycle and I was in tears I was laughing so hard.

-I'm going to put this in the "things I didn't love" category, although I know that it actually added a lot to the drama and that is how manipulative Hee Cheul, the second male lead, was. I really, really wanted to root for him. Right from the get go I was sure I was going to have a strong case of SLS (second lead syndrome), but he was too big of a player for it to stick.  He got to the top through manipulation and not even being the object of his affection could keep a person safe from his sleazy ways.  Basically, I was disappointed that he was too much of a slimeball for me to be in love with. Lol. So again, it actually probably made the drama better, but still...

-The plot development was a little lacking. From the synopsis and the feeling the drama gave off at the beginning, I thought it was going to be one of those dramas with a crazy fun plot. However, not a lot happened over the course of the drama.  Not to say it was boring, it wasn't.  I just was expecting some sort of big event or journey or what have you and really the drama just consisted of a whole bunch of little situations and mishaps. 

Resolution: 85%
-They did tie things up at the end of the drama, but they also left things open-ended. Along with all of the resolutions, there were new beginnings.  Three of our beloved couples get engaged, someone is expecting a baby, someone gets a new job, and someone opens a new business. So while we get closure in some areas, there are even more questions that we need answered.  Still, it ends on a happy note with a bright future ahead, so I won't complain too much. 

I'd recommend this drama to anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy, especially if you enjoy dramas that step away from some of the old Kdrama cliches.  What did you guys think? What were the things you loved/didn't love about this drama?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Producer Episode 10 Recap

Sorry friends and future friends. Still working off of my phone so this will be another potentially flawed recap but posts will return to normal for the final two episodes next week.

So when we left off, Seung Chan was about to confess his feelings to Ye Jin, but then hears Joon Mo tell her that he doesn't want her to move out. The two spot him before he can hide so he gives Ye Jin the flower he got for her but not the Panda that held his recorded confession.

After he leaves Ye Jin and Joon Mo discuss what Joon Mo meant about her not leaving. She totally misunderstands and thinks it's because he likes having her cook and clean and he gets frustrated at the misunderstanding and they argue again.

The next day at work Ye Jin asks Seung Chan what he thinks it means and even though  he knows it means Joon Mo likes her, he doesn't tell her.

The crew of 2 Days, 1 Night is still worried about getting cancelled in favor of the new pilot and know that they have to try something new with this week's preview to attract more viewers. They decide to let Seung Chan take care of the entire pilot and he says he's up for the challenge.

Meanwhile Cindy's anti-fan club administrators decide that they need to meet up. Cindy shows up in disguise and asks them why they don't like Cindy before revealing her identity. She confronts them all for their irrational reasons. She asks them how she can avoid the downfall they're hoping for her. Then the 5th member they're waiting for shows up and who should it be but Cindy's manager.

Back at work, Seung Chan has worked all night on the preview, but when Joon Mo sees it he criticizes him for not highlighting Cindy's charms. He says that as producers they have to have affection for their subjects so they can highlight the good and the truth about them.

 Ye Jin finds Seung Chan later editing footage of Cindy with a smile and mistakenly thinks he likes Cindy. She teases him and he tries to deny it but she's not buying it.

Seung Chan is struck by what he thinks is a stroke of genius and has the popular members of 2 Days 1 Night, including Cindy, come in and do a voice-over  on the preview asking viewers to tune in so they can keep their ratings up. Cindy thinks it's pandering, but does it because Seung Chan asked. When one of the other members says Cindy looks pretty in a picture, Seung Chan responded that she always looks pretty, but tells her she looks prettiest when the cameras aren't on her. Cindy is touched by this.

Cindy has to go to yet another event with the rookie, one that was supposed to be a solo event for her. When she enters to find the rookie sitting in front of her mirror, she kicks the girl's chair out of the way and tells the Byunpire ( her CEO ) that next time she'll make her cry. Ever the professional,  the event goes off without a hitch.

Joon Mo and Ye Jin are back at home when they run into Seung Chan's mom while taking out the recyclables. She is relieved to discover Joon Mo is the sunbae whose house Seung Chan has been staying at and invites the two to dinner. They eat and spend a little time with Seung Chan's family. The preview airs while they're there and his family asks if Seung Chan did a good job. Joon Mo had no choice but to say yes, but we don't know if that's how he really feels. Joon Mo and Ye Jin tease Seung Chan on how overbearing his whole family is. Ye Jin gets left alone in Seung Chan's room where she sees the panda and accidentally knocks it over, hearing Seung Chan's confession.

After Cindy's schedule she confronts her CEO with the rookie there to witness it. It turns out the Byunpire was trying to sue Cindy for breach of contract, but on advice from one of her anti-fans, it turns out the CEO's treatment of her when she was injured was illegal. Cindy tells the CEO they should keep the peace for the next few months until her contract expires. She wanted the rookie to see how the Byunpire would start treating her.

Seung Chan realizes that Ye Jin heard his confession and she asks to meet up with him. She starts to ask why he would like her and the episode ends as Seung Chan pulls the swing she's sitting on toward his and kisses her. I bet you can already guess some of my thoughts so let me give you all of them.

-I have to admit as someone who is team umbrella couple that the Ye Jin/Seung Chan kiss is not something that I liked to see. However, she hasn't shown any romantic feelings for him whatsoever and did not seem in the  least bit jealous when she thought Seung Chan liked Cindy so I'm still not giving up. 

-I'm so proud of Cindy for sticking up for herself against the Byunpire. I admire the fact that now she's getting some spirit and  doesn't want to just exist anymore. 

-Speaking of Cindy being awesome, I loved that she turned her anti-fans into her fans. That scene was so great. I'd love to see more interactions with those characters. I am kind of shocked her manager was a member, he seemed to genuinely care about Cindy.

-I for one thought Seung Chan's preview idea seemed horrible and desperate. I guess we'll have to see how the episode turns out. 

-The misunderstanding between Ye Jin and Joon Mo is ridiculous. All it would take would be a few words to clear it up. She's being willfully ignorant and he's being stupidly stubborn. 

Okay that wraps up this week's episodes. See you soon to wrap up this drama and then I'll be starting a new one again shortly.You can catch up on all the recaps so far in this series below.

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Producer Episode 9 Recap

 Hi friends and future friends, I've missed you. Thanks for being patient with me this week. I'm still away from my desk and working off of my mobile devices so please forgive any typos and the brevity. Also, I was able to make a few memes, but no screenshots so everything is a bit sloppy just for this week. So let's talk about episode 9.

When we left off Seung Chan was faced with the decision of whether to meet up with Cindy or Ye Jin, both of whom are waiting for him. Well, he  chooses Ye Jin. But he tells her that they can't see the  movie and have to go check on Cindy. Joon Mo finds Cindy outside in the rain and brings her inside. When Seung Chan shows up with Ye Jin, Cindy realizes that he really likes Ye Jin. Seung Chan apologizes for hurting Cindy's feelings when he told her that her sincerity was acting.

The 2 Days, 1 Night team gets some bad news in the form of their show getting cancelled for a week so a new pilot program can air. That means they get the week off, but also that they're in danger of being cancelled.  Ye Jin is getting ready to move into her new place and since Seung Chan has the week off he's helping her in every way he can, getting her discounts left and right. Joon Mo doesn't seem to like this as he was always the one to help her in the past. Also, he doesn't seem to want Ye Jin to move out at all.

Meanwhile, Cindy's got some problems of her own. Her contract renewal is coming up and rather than the Byunpire (her CEO) treating her well,  she plans to use Cindy up and exhaust her schedules doing scores of variety shows with a new rookie to try to boost her popularity. It turns out the Byunpire had done this before with an idol who Cindy and her group took over for. Back then, as a Producer, Joon Mo had promised to help the girl if she stood up to the corrupt CEO, but the Byunpire's reach was too far and she got the girl blacklisted. That explains Joon Mo's hatred for her and his sympathy to Cindy. He has flashbacks to that girl as he starts to watch Cindy go through the same thing.

Cindy is scheduled to appear on Music Bank and the CEO comes along with the rookie and tries to have them share a dressing room but Cindy says no. Seung Chan, who is helping Ye Jin on music bank since he had free time, takes the rookie to share another dressing room with an all male comedy team. He does this for Cindy's benefit.  The CEO asks Ye Jin to take care of her. Ye Jin tells the CEO that she's going to be taking care of Cindy, not the rookie. Cindy wins Music Bank for the day. The producers aren't expecting a speech from Cindy  since she never says more than thank you, but unexpectedly she thanks Joon Mo, Ye Jin,  and the person who held the umbrella for her.

Afterward, Seung Chan decides he needs to share his feelings with Ye Jin. He gets her a flower and a stuffed panda with a recorded message that reveals his feelings and goes to find her at her new place.

 As he arrives he overhears Joon Mo telling Ye Jin he doesn't want her to move out. And that's where we end for today. Now here's what I've got to say.

-I love the umbrella couple, but if that doesn't happen, I at least hope Cindy can find love somewhere else ans despite the age difference, I think she'd be cute with Joon Mo too.

-Seung Chan, saying "I'm sorry if what I said hurt you " is one of the biggest jerk moves out there. FYI.

-Cindy's always found ways to do things her way before. Can't she do that again now? 

-I absolutely love that Ye Jin stood up for Cindy again, that gave me so much affection for her character. 

-How can Seung Chan not be moved by hearing Cindy's confession from stage?  Even I was  moved.

-Seung Chan's level of obsession over Ye Jin's place really grossed me out. There's a fine line between liking someone ans being obsessed with them.

That's all for Episode 9. We're getting near the end here. You can see what's been going on in all the previous episodes from my prior recaps below.

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Fictional American Recast: My Unfortunate Boyfriend

I decided it was time for another in my series of "Fictional American Recasts" posts and since we've just finished My Unfortunate Boyfriend, I thought it'd be a good one to use.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Rather than bog it down with every role I just did it for the four main leads.  So if I had to recast this drama, using only American actors who would I choose? If you are unfamiliar with My Unfortunate Boyfriend (which you probably aren't unless this is your first time on my blog) let me give you a quick recap.  An ambitious woman named Ji Na keeps running into the unfortunate and awkward Tae Woon.  Through a series of hijinks they grow closer. Meanwhile Ji Na's cold even more ambitious boss, Hee Cheul, has taken an interest in her and she in him, which doesn't make his longtime friend Hye Mi happy- she's had her eyes set on him for quite some time. She'll do whatever she has to in order to intervene in their romance.

Ji Na-Emma Stone 

As a character that I've grown to love very much, I put a lot of consideration into who could do Ji Na justice and there was one obvious choice in my mind, Emma Stone.  Emma's been in about a gazillion different movies including some of my favorite cult classics: Zombieland and The Rocker as well as big box-office hits like The Amazing Spiderman and Easy A

Ji Na is someone who is both ambitious and yet empathetic.  We started off thinking that she was going to be such a ladder climber, but she turned out to have such a sweet and caring heart. I think Emma could pull this off perfectly. She's great at humor and physical comedy which Ji Na pulled off a lot of and she's also great at making you fall in love with her characters. In my mind no one could portray the role better.

Tae Woon- Zach Efron

When choosing Zach Efron for the role, this is a time I set my feelings aside and tried to decide who could best portray the character. Of course Zach rose to fame during his in the High School Musical franchise but has since moved on to more mature and comedic roles like Magic Mike and Neighbors.

Zach nails the perfectly chiseled handsome thing that Tae Woon has going on. I have to say I am not in love with Zach Efron, like most women, but have to admit he is clasically good-looking.  And in all fairness Zach's acting has improved a lot from his high school musical days. Tae Woon is someone who needs to be childish, but not so much so that he comes off as learning disabled.  I think that Zach could pull this off. He's pulled off naive characters before and he's also pulled off sensitive roles and could convincingly play up the manly parts as well.  This was a very tough role for me to cast and Zach Efron was the one who came closest to portraying all aspects of Tae Woon. The only criteria he didn't meet was height, I would have liked to cast someone tall like No Min Woo.

Hye Mi-- Amanda Seyfried 

I love this casting choice for Hye Mi. I first noticed Amanda in one of my favorite TV series, Veronica Mars, but she was also in the cult classic Mean Girls as well as Mama Mia.

Hye Mi has a lot of emotions and sides to her that she has to portray: cute, classy, flirty, and desperate.  I think Amanda would nail all these effortlessly.  You can just look at her picture to see how much character she can portray with just a look. Looks were a big means of communication for Hye Mi in this series. I've seen Amanda play sweet characters and vicious characters so she's perfect for a character that's a little bit of both.

Hee Cheul- Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt became known as the loveable goofball on 3rd Rock From the Sun but as he blossomed into adulthood took on more serious and prestigious roles such as 500 Days of Summer and Inception. 

There were a few different criteria I was looking for when casting Hee Cheul: someone who looks good in a suit, someone with great facial expressions, and of course someone who could act both sweet and shady.  Joseph Gordon Levitt was an easy frontrunner.  He has that cool confident manner that just exudes the same kind of feeling we get from Hee Cheul. If he chose to he could easily manipulate all the women in the office.  His smile really takes the cake, capturing that same ahhh-inducing expression that is so signature Hee Cheul. Not to mention he's an exceptional actor and could really sell Hee Cheul's duality. He's proven his experience through many varied roles.

If you haven't watched My Unfortunate Boyfriend yet, you can catch up on the entire series on DramaFever or just read all of my recaps featured here at DramaFever. You can link to all My Unfortunate Boyfriend related posts here.

So who's ready to see the American version produced? Can we get someone on that? Lol. What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for the other characters? Anyone you'd cast instead? Let's hear your ideas! Oh and let me know if you have any dramas that you're dying to see a Fictional American Recast of.

New Blog - Where to Find New Memes - 611 Drama Unnies

Hi Friends! Since it's no longer just me who is creating the memes and since Tiara and I are working  together on collaborations across...