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Producer Episode 7 Recap

Friends and future friends, what did you think of Episode 7 of Producer?  I found myself glued to my screen and completely captivated the whole time. I feel like the story is really in motion now and it's starting to get fun.  Let's recap what happened and then we'll talk about it a little. Sorry, if my recap's a little long this week-there's just so much to talk about and it's not a short episode.

So we left off during the high-tension moment when Seung Chan comes to comfort a sobbing Ye Jin and hugs her.  After a brief moment of silence, Ye Jin asks what he's doing and he says it's so she can cry comfortably without people looking at her and then she points out that he's drawing more attention to her.  He releases her. Meanwhile, Joon Mo is also wanting to comfort Ye Jin in his own way.  We see a flashback of a series of times when she was in a bad mood as a kid and he cheered her up with food. He's waiting for her to come home so he can make her feel better, but she's not coming.  In fact, she's planning to sleep at her office. So what does he do? He sends her a picture of him holding her purse with a scissor, telling her it's the end of her purse if she doesn't come home within 30 minutes. Well, she's right outside so she runs in.  He gives her an apple or "sagwa" which in Korean is the same word for apology and tells her not to move out until she can move into her apartment. She calls it childish, but she doesn't really think so and it seems like she will stay.

The next day on his way to work, Seung Chan sees Ye Jin waiting at the bus stop.  She says she's on her way to the hospital to get her stitches taken out.  He says he has time and that he'll take her so she gets in and they go to the hospital together.  Cindy is at the hospital, getting ready to get discharged already.  The Byunpire (her CEO) is making her go to Japan for a scheduled event.  She's leaving the hospital at the same time as Seung Chan and Ye Jin. As Cindy gets in her van she sees them getting into his car nearby. So when her manager isn't looking, Cindy gets out of her van and into Seung Chan's car and tells them she's hiding.  

Cindy explains to Seung Chan and Ye Jin in an honest and genuine manner that she just wants to rest for four days, which is understandable since she should still be in the hospital. Cindy's manager who has already driven away thinking Cindy was in the van, realizes that she's missing and scours the van trying to find her. When Byunpire realizes that Cindy is gone, she's furious and order the managers to find her right away. After all, think of all the money she's losing.

Ye Jin and Seung Chan decide to help Cindy. They try to figure out where Cindy could stay, but Seung Chan has a middle-schooler sister who wouldn't be able to keep the secret and Ye Jin doesn't have her own place. Ye Jin suggests that they put Cindy up in a high-end hotel, but Cindy says that's the first place they'd look for her.  Seung Chan feels a lot of sympathy toward Cindy as she explains this and seems worried for her. He looks at Ye Jin pleadingly. Joon Mo is at work and already rumors that Cindy's disappeared have begun to spread since she missed her Japanese event. 

Ye Jin decides to bring Cindy into Joon Mo's house and let her stay there.  Seung Chan goes into work and Ye Jin stays at home where Cindy helps her fold towels and it turns out that Cindy is better at it than Ye Jin, which surprises Ye Jin. Cindy says that she likes to keep things organized. On his way to work, Seung Chan overhears people talking about the fact that Cindy must have disappeared because she ran away with a Chaebol (wealthy heir) and scowls at them.  When inside, he tries to give Joon Mo a hint that Cindy is at his house, but gets interrupted when Hong Soon asks the two of them out for drinks.  Seung Chan declines and instead goes by to bring limes to Ye Jin that Cindy requested for her water.  As he's leaving Cindy asks if he wants to stay for dinner and then reluctantly Ye Jin repeats this question to which he happily agrees. 

Joon Mo returns from drinking to find Seung Chan rummaging in his fridge, getting out ingredients, and asks what he's doing here. He tells Ye Jin she's turning his house into a boarding house. He heads towards the bathroom and Ye Jin and Seung Chan try to warn him, but opens the door to see Cindy scrubbing his bathroom sink.  He's so shocked that he falls to the floor and Cindy smiles at him and greets him sweetly.  The four eat dinner together and Joon Mo has a difficult time coming to terms with the situation. 

After dinner,  Joon Mo gets a call from the Byunpire who's waiting outside his apartment.  She tells him that Cindy is missing and ask that they work together to find her, but keep it quiet since he needs her for his show too. After dinner he comes in and Cindy offers to leave, but he tells her not to. Instead, the four drink beer together and a game of "of course" starts between Ye Jin and Joon Mo where the object of the game is to say "of course" in response to whatever the other person says and if you can't then you have to take a drink.  So for instance Ye Jin says "You like having a young and pretty celebrity like Cindy staying in your house, don't you?" to which Joon Mo answers "of course!". The game soon turns to be between Cindy and Ye Jin. Ye Jin says "You're just staying here because you have no friends." Cindy answers of course and replies with "You're staying here because you have no money." And they continue like that. Eventually Seung Chan gets drawn into the game and he just makes things awkward when his 'of course' statement to Ye Jin is "You're prettier than you think you are" and Ye Jin compliments him back.

Joon Mo seems disgusted by this interaction and Cindy seems hurt.  The four continue to drink and Cindy becomes drunk.  She keeps repeating how she was 13 when she started and has been in the business for 10 years.  Ye Jin says she's a bad drunk and that's an obnoxious drinking habit, but then Ye Jin's own drinking habit appears as she begins acting overly cute. Joon Mo tries to keep Cindy under control while Seung Chan tries to keep Ye Jin under control while the two display their drinking habits.

The next morning as Cindy, Joon Mo, and Ye Jin are eating breakfast, Cindy mentions it's the first homemade meal she's had on her birthday in 10 years. The two don't know if it's seriously her birthday or not until Ye Jin looks it up and it turns out it is. Ye Jin asks Joon Mo if they should throw Cindy a party that night, but he can't because he has to go to the amusement park for work.  Cindy asks if he'll take her with and she promises to not be seen. He says she can go and she seems excited.

The two leave Cindy home as they go to work. The rumors about Cindy have only grown. The Byunpire releases a statement saying that the rumors are false and that Cindy is taking some time to rest after her injury. In the statement the fault of "a certain producer" is indicated. A poll has started online about whether or not this producer intentionally hurt Cindy. So far 85% are saying that she did and everyone knows that Ye Jin is the one that pushed her.  Ye Jin scoffs at the fact that she's actually helping Cindy in this scenario but is being labeled the bad guy.

While Cindy is at Joon Mo's alone she takes out the recycling while wearing a mask and runs into Seung Chan's mom, neither knowing who the other is.  Seung Chan's mom, who we know from her interactions with Ye Jin, is really into recycling and proper housekeeping habits starts to instruct Cindy about proper recycling only to find that Cindy is already doing everything properly. She is completely charmed and impressed by how Cindy does everything properly and cleanly and asks Cindy if she wants to join their volunteer organization, Cindy says that she's only going to be there temporarily. She goes back into Joon Mo's house and takes a nap.

Ye Jin is starting to get stares at work and finds that her car has been written all over and her mirror damaged by "fans" of Cindy. She starts to get harassing texts and Seung Chan tells her to take her phone number off of her windshield because it could get dangerous.

Joon Mo, Seung Chan, and Cindy go together to the amusement park.  Joon Mo gets a wheelchair and tells her that she has to ride in it because of her leg. Seung Chan wheels Cindy around while Joon Mo is taking care of business.  Cindy tells him the story of how she came to this place on her 10th birthday and she wishes she never had because that's when she was scouted by the Byunpire. She says that there has been nothing positive about her lifestyle. Seung Chan tells her that there are good things, that singers touch people's hearts and even if they aren't as popular later on, that people will think of those songs and associate them with warm memories of their pasts and think of Cindy positively as well.

Ye Jin had to get her car fixed, but she's on her way to meet up with the other three at the amusement park. She sees the sticker with her phone number on the windshield and remembers what Seung Chan said. She takes off the sticker.  Back at the amusement park Cindy has Seung Chan take her to an arch covered in lights that she remembers.  She tells him that once she became a trainee she lived in Seoul and her parents visited her twice a month and that on one of those trips they got into a car accident and died. And that's why, even if a million good things came out of her becoming famous, she wished she never went to the amusement park on her 10th birthday.

 Seung Chan wipes her tears and tells her that it wasn't her fault.  She tells him that she is glad that she came back to the amusement park with him and that from now on when she hears the word "amusement park" that she's going to think of him.  Then, to Seung Chan's shock, she gives him a quick kiss and then tells him that now whenever he hears the word "amusement park" that he's always going to think of her.

The episode ends as Ye Jin arrives at the park. As she's heading in she gets a text from someone telling her she left her headlights on. She goes back to turn them off when halfway there she realizes that she took her number off-so how would they know to text her. She turns around and is so startled by something that she drops her phone.

Ok, what an eventful episode, right?  So here's my thoughts.

-My affection for all the characters grew this episode. Even Ye Jin, who had started to get on my nerves took some impressive actions by agreeing to help Cindy and even more so when she suggested throwing Cindy a birthday party.  It seems that once someone's in Ye Jin's inner circle she's a good friend, but she's a little prickly to anyone who's not in that circle.

-I do have a bone to pick with Ye Jin when she complained about Cindy getting in the car. I mean really, was it her car? No. She had no right to tell her to get out. If she had any sense at all she'd have seen that Seung Chan didn't mind, he wanted her there.  

-Kim Soo Hyun is really great at acting through his facial expressions. Seung Chan doesn't say a lot, but you always know what he's thinking. The amount of compassion that he had for Cindy was evident and I thought it was about time. It was also really touching to see him offended by the rumors against her. 

-I have to give Joon Mo credit and say that he seemed uptight at first, but he's actually he's not. He's pretty go-with-the-flow. He deals with Ye Jin and Seung Chan's crazy antics and actually a lot of times seems like the only level-headed adult. 

-Cindy's story was so incredibly heart-breaking.  She didn't even have parents to protect her in the music business after her parents died and Byunpire became her 'mom'. You can't have someone looking out for you who's also trying to use you.  She seems cold because she hates her life as an idol because her choosing that life lead to her parents' death in her mind.

-Byunpire doesn't seem worried about Cindy at all, even though they have no idea where she is and she has no friends. Why does no one even consider the fact that something bad may have happened to her-she's a celebrity after all.

-It's funny that Hong Soon is so serious about finding out what's up with the paper lady and she's equally serious about finding out what he's saying about her and threatening him. Their interactions are hilarious and something tells me we have a potential couple on our hands with the two.

-I'm really looking forward to Ye Jin's brother's reaction when he realizes Cindy is staying with him. Will he be really excited or will they not get along? I can see it going either way and I think both will be fun.

-I'm guessing that once Seung Chan's mom learns about this weird love square, she's going to be anti- Ye Jin and pro-Cindy and I'm really looking forward to that. After all, the way a woman recycles can say a lot about whether or not she's right for your son.

-I loved the "of course" game scene. It went from cute to funny to uncomfortably awkward but it kept my attention the entire time.  But the game just seems like a passive aggressive excuse to say mean things to one another. Although Seung Chan had to make it weird and start flirting (if you can call it that) with Ye Jin.

-Even if my ship doesn't come to fruition, I really hope two couples form out of the four of them.  Ideally Seung Chan + Cindy and Joon Mo + Ye Jin because my favorite scenes are when all four of them are interacting. Can you imagine how great the double dates would be? I really want to see some double dates between the two.

So my thoughts for this week end there. Stay tuned for Episode 8's recap probably late tomorrow and for our Drama Club posting on Monday. Catch up on all the past episodes as well below!

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