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Producer Episode 8 Recap

Hi there friends and fellow friends. I know I just released episode 7 but since I had some time I finished up Episode 8 early and thought I should post it. In my opinion, Producer, just keeps getting better and better. So let's talk about episode 8 and I'll fill you in on what I've been thinking.

We left off our last episode with 2 shockers. The first that Cindy kissed Seung Chan and the second that Ye Jin appeared to be in some sort of trouble in the amusement park parking lot.  So first off the kiss.  Seung Chan is surprised and that is not the reaction Cindy expects. She wants to know how he feels, but tells him she'll wait to hear his answer.  She goes to the bathroom and cries, because she takes his lack of enthusiasm as a form of rejection. When she comes out, Seung Chan races her wheelchair down the path to try to cheer her up. A parade passes by and he stands in front of her, trying to shield her and make sure no one sees her.  She asks one of the characters in the parade to their picture.  

Now back to Ye Jin who has just arrived at the amusement park and gets the call telling her that her headlights are on.  She's on the phone with Joon Mo when she realizes she didn't leave her number on the car, so how did the person know her number? She turns around and sees the head manager from Cindy's company and is so startled she drops her phone. Ye Jin had been ignoring his calls so he went to find her.  He tells her that he knows that Cindy is staying with her because he found a blackbox from a car in the parking garage at the hospital.  Joon Mo runs up out of the blue and hits the manager over the head with a traffic cone. When he sees who it is he apologizes, he thought Ye Jin was in danger. Joon Mo is caught up to speed and asks the manager to give them until tomorrow since it's still Cindy's birthday and they want to let her enjoy it.  

They go back into the park and meet up with Seung Chan and Cindy and watch the fireworks together.  Ye Jin has her arms around Seung Chan and Joon Mo's necks while Cindy's in the wheelchair. Cindy doesn't like that so she stands up and backs in between Seung Chan and Ye Jin and Ye Jin puts her arm around Cindy instead.

Afterward they go to karaoke. Cindy doesn't want to go but Joon Mo and Ye Jin insist it's tradition to end someone's birthday by going to karaoke. Seung Chan sings first showing off his impressive skills then Joon Mo and Ye Jin sing together.

Cindy is bored out of her mind the whole time. Seung Chan seems a bit jealous of the closeness between Joon Mo and Ye Jin so he chooses to sing "You're my woman" by Lee Seung Gi, which is a song about loving a noona (older woman). Joon Mo and Cindy seems disturbed by the song choice, but Ye Jin is loving it...that is until Cindy stops the song on "accident". She then sings her own song about love.

The next morning before Cindy goes to leave Joon Mo's house she finds out that netizens have been harassing Ye Jin over the stage incident.  As she's leaving she takes a selfie with Ye Jin and then goes to meet the manager and he takes her home.  After she leaves Ye Jin's brother come in and asks if it was a dream that he just saw Cindy and Joon Mo leaving together- Ye Jin says it was. Guess we don't get to see his and Cindy's interactions after all.

Joon Mo goes to work and the staff suggests that since Cindy hasn't connected romantically with anyone on the show, that they pair her with Seung Chan since the audience had a good reaction to the two of them and it would be unexpected. They suggest they send Seung Chan to her house to film the "best friend" segment with her.

Ye Jin gets a package from Cindy's fans who are sending her presents.  The writer on her team shows her that Cindy uploaded the selfie of them together and so her fans have changed their tune toward Ye Jin.  Joon Mo and Seung Chan go out to lunch and while they're there Ye Jin and Hong Soon show up.  Hong Soon is trying to set her up on a blind date with his friend. Seung Chan does not like the idea and feels the need to take revenge on Hong Soon which he does in the typical Seung Chan way by taking all of the mints from the candy dish and giving one to everyone but Hong Soon.

The byunpire (Cindy's CEO) comes to talk to Cindy and warns her that she won't win a war if she starts one and tells her that she's replaceable.  What a great mom-like figure, huh? Seung Chan confronts Joon Mo about Ye Jin's date and asks if he's okay with it considering how Ye Jin feels about him.  Joon Mo tells him to butt out and says that good intentions don't always have good results.

So instead Seung Chan goes to Ye Jin and tells her he doesn't think she should go on the date because the guy said he was interested in a fashionista and tough girls and guys who are after physical traits can't be trusted.  Ye Jin remembers she has to pay him back some money for the damage she did to his car and he asks if instead she'd pay him back by taking him out for dinner, drinks, movies, and other things like that and says he'll give her a 20% discount. She agrees because it'll save her quite a bit of money and he's very happy about this.

Meanwhile Cindy's at home and she's been hoping that Seung Chan will call her all day, but he hasn't. She's browsing her anti-fan sit where her anti-fans are saying how they wished she'd do something so they can attack it.  While she's on the site, she gets asked to be a site administrator and she accepts. She is now the site administrator for her own anti-fan club. Ye Jin calls Cindy to ask where she put something and asks how Cindy is doing. Cindy is touched that Ye Jin is checking up on her, but when Ye Jin mentions Seung Chan helping her, Cindy gets mad and they both hang up irritated. When Joon Mo gets home he also tells Ye Jin she shouldn't go on the date for the same reasons Seung Chan said. She figures if they both said it, then it must be true.  

In the morning Cindy wakes up to the 2 Days, 1 Night at her house. Basicially a camera man and Seung Chan.  They are having her "best friend" come over, but Cindy has no idea who it could be because she doesn't have any friends. When she opens the door she sees Go Ara.  They act happy to see each other, but they have secretly been rivals since childhood. The Byunpire arranged for Go Ara to pretend to be Cindy's best friend since the publicity will be good for the both of them.  They act friendly enough on camera, but when Go Ara leaves along with the cameraman Seung Chan stays to talk to Cindy.

He says that he can tell Go Ara isn't Cindy's best friend and that they shouldn't lie on camera.  Cindy says they're friends, just not close friends.  Seung Chan tells her that he thinks she's a good person, but that she doesn't think that.  And that part of her acting is her true self.  Cindy realizes that this is a rejection from him and that no one will ever like her because she doesn't know who she is. Seung Chan seems sad that he broke her heart.  She goes into her room and sobs.

At work the next day is an athletic competition with a series of events that culminates in a soccer match. The Chief is on one of the teams and everyone is trying to make sure that he wins, except for Seung Chan who is taking the game seriously because Ye Jin is in the crowd cheering him on.

After the game, Ye Jin suggests they do one of the activities to pay him back and he says a movie so they plan to meet at the movie theater.  Ye Jin arrives and is waiting for him and realizes she has a dead phone.  Seung Chan is on his way to the movie theater to meet her when he gets a call from Cindy.  She says that she needs to talk to him and is waiting outside his house even though it's raining.  He says he has a prior engagement, but she says she'll be waiting and hangs up. The drama ends as we see both Cindy and Ye Jin waiting and Seung Chan looking torn, trying to decide the right thing to do.

So lots more interesting stuff unfolded this week, here are my views on the episode.

-The scene where Cindy goes into the bathroom and cries because Seung Chan wasn't responsive to her kiss is so realistic.  She understands the rejection and it's totally relatable. Though, he did treat her pretty sweetly in trying to protect her from the parade and racing her down the path. 

-It was nice to see that they were all trying to make sure Cindy have a good birthday. It was sweet of them to do, especially Ye Jin who didn't feel particularly warm towards her. They even included her in on their own birthday traditions.

-I thought they were all completely oblivious to how much Cindy hated karaoke, but it was cute to see Joon Mo trying to play with her and keep her entertained. Still, it's pretty rude to make someone do something they hate that much for their birthday. 

-Ye Jin and Joon Mo singing karaoke together proves to me how perfect they are for one another. Seung Chan just makes the whole situation super creepy again. He's good at turning a good time into a creepy one.  I loved that Cindy just cut off his song and claimed it was an accident. Smart girl. But they were all super passive aggressive in their song selections.  

-Wow, Seung Chan's childish revenge pranks know no bounds. Even pranking Hong Soon for trying to set Ye Jin up on a date. He legitimately was only trying to be nice. And why should Joon Mo oppose the date, he's trying to let Ye Jin make her own decisions and not control her.  He actually is very mature in the way he handles their relationship. He didn't think her confession was all that serious and wants to maintain their friendship.

-Thank you Ye Jin for calling out Seung Chan when he said your blind date only sounded interested in looks when he said he liked his first love because she was pretty. If you weren't going to call him on it, I was, so thank you for doing it for me.

-GO ARA! Loved her cameo! Loved her! She is just adorable and one of my favorite actresses.  I would love to see her and Cindy become friends in the drama. And it was rude and not at all fair for Seung Chan to call Cindy out on not really being friends with her since he knows she doesn't have any friends. And furthermore to use that to bridge into rejecting her was a little cruel. If he felt so bad doing it, why couldn't he have done it in a more sympathetic way.   He better realize his mistake fast and run to her before she changes his mind about her.  

-At this point, my desire to ship Cindy and Seung Chan is lessening, only because I'm sick o f him torturing her by flirting with Ye Jin around her.  I think Cindy should be with someone who really likes her and sees only her.  I haven't give up hope on the Umbrella couple yet, though, so don't worry. I just want to give Seung Chan a little kick for not grabbing onto Cindy right away.

Okay those are my thoughts. What are yours? Feel free to share in the comments below.  Be on the lookout for our Drama Club posting Monday and make sure to check out all of my previous recaps.

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