Monday, June 15, 2015

Producer Episode 10 Recap

Sorry friends and future friends. Still working off of my phone so this will be another potentially flawed recap but posts will return to normal for the final two episodes next week.

So when we left off, Seung Chan was about to confess his feelings to Ye Jin, but then hears Joon Mo tell her that he doesn't want her to move out. The two spot him before he can hide so he gives Ye Jin the flower he got for her but not the Panda that held his recorded confession.

After he leaves Ye Jin and Joon Mo discuss what Joon Mo meant about her not leaving. She totally misunderstands and thinks it's because he likes having her cook and clean and he gets frustrated at the misunderstanding and they argue again.

The next day at work Ye Jin asks Seung Chan what he thinks it means and even though  he knows it means Joon Mo likes her, he doesn't tell her.

The crew of 2 Days, 1 Night is still worried about getting cancelled in favor of the new pilot and know that they have to try something new with this week's preview to attract more viewers. They decide to let Seung Chan take care of the entire pilot and he says he's up for the challenge.

Meanwhile Cindy's anti-fan club administrators decide that they need to meet up. Cindy shows up in disguise and asks them why they don't like Cindy before revealing her identity. She confronts them all for their irrational reasons. She asks them how she can avoid the downfall they're hoping for her. Then the 5th member they're waiting for shows up and who should it be but Cindy's manager.

Back at work, Seung Chan has worked all night on the preview, but when Joon Mo sees it he criticizes him for not highlighting Cindy's charms. He says that as producers they have to have affection for their subjects so they can highlight the good and the truth about them.

 Ye Jin finds Seung Chan later editing footage of Cindy with a smile and mistakenly thinks he likes Cindy. She teases him and he tries to deny it but she's not buying it.

Seung Chan is struck by what he thinks is a stroke of genius and has the popular members of 2 Days 1 Night, including Cindy, come in and do a voice-over  on the preview asking viewers to tune in so they can keep their ratings up. Cindy thinks it's pandering, but does it because Seung Chan asked. When one of the other members says Cindy looks pretty in a picture, Seung Chan responded that she always looks pretty, but tells her she looks prettiest when the cameras aren't on her. Cindy is touched by this.

Cindy has to go to yet another event with the rookie, one that was supposed to be a solo event for her. When she enters to find the rookie sitting in front of her mirror, she kicks the girl's chair out of the way and tells the Byunpire ( her CEO ) that next time she'll make her cry. Ever the professional,  the event goes off without a hitch.

Joon Mo and Ye Jin are back at home when they run into Seung Chan's mom while taking out the recyclables. She is relieved to discover Joon Mo is the sunbae whose house Seung Chan has been staying at and invites the two to dinner. They eat and spend a little time with Seung Chan's family. The preview airs while they're there and his family asks if Seung Chan did a good job. Joon Mo had no choice but to say yes, but we don't know if that's how he really feels. Joon Mo and Ye Jin tease Seung Chan on how overbearing his whole family is. Ye Jin gets left alone in Seung Chan's room where she sees the panda and accidentally knocks it over, hearing Seung Chan's confession.

After Cindy's schedule she confronts her CEO with the rookie there to witness it. It turns out the Byunpire was trying to sue Cindy for breach of contract, but on advice from one of her anti-fans, it turns out the CEO's treatment of her when she was injured was illegal. Cindy tells the CEO they should keep the peace for the next few months until her contract expires. She wanted the rookie to see how the Byunpire would start treating her.

Seung Chan realizes that Ye Jin heard his confession and she asks to meet up with him. She starts to ask why he would like her and the episode ends as Seung Chan pulls the swing she's sitting on toward his and kisses her. I bet you can already guess some of my thoughts so let me give you all of them.

-I have to admit as someone who is team umbrella couple that the Ye Jin/Seung Chan kiss is not something that I liked to see. However, she hasn't shown any romantic feelings for him whatsoever and did not seem in the  least bit jealous when she thought Seung Chan liked Cindy so I'm still not giving up. 

-I'm so proud of Cindy for sticking up for herself against the Byunpire. I admire the fact that now she's getting some spirit and  doesn't want to just exist anymore. 

-Speaking of Cindy being awesome, I loved that she turned her anti-fans into her fans. That scene was so great. I'd love to see more interactions with those characters. I am kind of shocked her manager was a member, he seemed to genuinely care about Cindy.

-I for one thought Seung Chan's preview idea seemed horrible and desperate. I guess we'll have to see how the episode turns out. 

-The misunderstanding between Ye Jin and Joon Mo is ridiculous. All it would take would be a few words to clear it up. She's being willfully ignorant and he's being stupidly stubborn. 

Okay that wraps up this week's episodes. See you soon to wrap up this drama and then I'll be starting a new one again shortly.You can catch up on all the recaps so far in this series below.

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  1. producer is very interesting korean drama, thank you for your synopsis


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