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Producer Finale (Episode 12) Recap

So friends and future friends, the sad moment that we've been waiting for has come. Producer has aired its final episodes. So many emotions: sadness, joy, anger, frustration so let's vent together friends and talk through our feelings. Sorry if this recap's lengthy but it was such a long episode and so much happened.

So when we last left off Cindy had woken to find the entire cast of 2 Days, 1 Night in her bedroom, ready to film her in a super powerful scene. Cindy realizes she's not alone anymore and breaks down. So from there, the drama rewinds a few hours...

At work Joon Mo is facing criticism for his deciscion to stick up for Cindy. Tae Ho tells him it's going to be the end of his career. His female writing staff is in the bathroom talking about how careless he is when Ye Jin overhears and tells them that when everyone told him to get rid of them as writers, he wouldn't because he said they are family.  Seung Chan then finds Ye Jin and pulls her aside. He says he wants a restart with her since he made too many mistakes. She doesn't give him an answer.  On her way home that night she finds that all of the streetlamps on the way to her apartment are suddenly working when they weren't the day before.  She's suspicious that Seung Chan is responsible, but we know from the previous episode that Joon Mo is the one that got them fixed for her.

The cast of 2 Days, 1 Night shows up at Cindy's apartment like we saw in the previous episode and she cries upon seeing them. Her manager drives her to the location looking incredibly happy watching Cindy get back on her feet. She asks him if he's not scared of the Byunpire (her CEO). He says he's not, but he's scared of Cindy  Cindy is confused until he explains that he's not scared of the Byunpire because he doesn't like her so he doesn't care what she thinks of him, but Cindy's scary because he does care what she thinks. *AWWWWW* Cindy is touched.

The Byunpire finds out that Cindy went to set and is upset because she thought Ji Ni was going to take her place. She knows Joon Mo was behind it. The crew goes to the filming sight where this week the cast members are tasked with spending the day and night with a Grandma. Cindy is shocked to find out that the grandma with whom she is staying does not know who she is.  She enters the grandma's house to find everything dirty and disorganized and in true Cindy OCD fashion goes to work cleaning and organizing.

The Byunpire shows up at the KBS studios to have a word with the chief, but when she demands that he take out Cindy and replace her with Ji Ni, he's offended that she thinks she can boss him around and from that point he doesn't listen to a word she says.

On set at Ye Jin's show, Music Bank, Ye Jin is listening to the other Producers talk about Cindy's downfall. She doesn't stick up for her, but she doesn't join in and she seems a little saddened by it. One of the producers says that Cindy didn't lie, that he remembers being on a program 7 or 8 years before where Cindy admitted that she was orphan but then the Byunpire (Cindy's CEO) came and told her not to say that and had the main Producer pull the interview. Ye Jin inquires about what show it was on.

Seung Chan is beginning to worry that they'll have no good shots since all Cindy's doing is silently cleaning and he hears that the other cast members are performing talent shows and playing games. In this moment, when he realizes he's worrying about shots and angles, he also realizes that he's sounding like a real Producer and is quite proud of himself. It's really a turning point in his transition from a rookie who knows nothing to a successful producer. Joon Mo comes to check on him and acknowledges that Seung Chan is becoming more and more like a Producer. The two discuss the likelihood of the show being cancelled.

Back at work Ye Jin goes to the media library to try to access the unaired footage from the interview 7 years before when Cindy admitted to being an orphan. The clerk tells her that they were on tape back then, so Ye Jin checks out all of the tapes from around that time, which winds up being a huge stack of tapes that she takes into an editing room and begins to watch.

When Cindy finishes cleaning she comes outside and the three sit on the porch and look at the stars. They're such a cute trio.  Cindy thanks Joon Mo for standing up for her, although she feels a little guilty because she knows it could ruin his career. She's worried the cancellation rumors surrounding 2 Days, 1 Night are because of her. He tells her those rumors were around before her and acknowledges that if the show doesn't succeed they're both over.

While they're talking, Seung Chan has fallen asleep and his head falls onto Joon Mo's shoulder.  Joon Mo scoffs and pushes him away and now Seung Chan's head lands on Cindy's shoulder.  She is frozen.  Joon Mo tells her she should go to bed, but she doesn't want to. Joon Mo leaves and Cindy stays there frozen until Seung Chan wakes up some time later. He is startled to find himself alseep on her shoulder and asks why she didn't wake him. She says it's because she likes him. She goes on to say that she knows he likes someone else and isn't going to try to interfere, but won't deny her feelings.  He mentions one-sided love and Cindy accuses him of looking down on her because she has a one-sided love and he says not at all. He tells her that he's honored and is grateful that she likes

Back at work Ye Jin has been working all to seemingly no avail, until she's nearly given up and BINGO! There is Cindy breaking down in tears, admitting that her parents are dead, and the Byunpire chastising her for saying that and telling her to tell people her parents are in America.Ye Jin has found the right tape.

The next morning the cast leave the Grandma's house and Cindy parts from her warmly, with a hug. Joon Mo and Seung Chan return to the office.  Seung Chan gets to work editing footage until Joon Mo send him on a mission to interview a message for one of the grandma's from a popular tv host she likes.

Cindy is at home when the Byunpire shows up along with Ji Ni and the head manager of the agency.  Cindy is stone-faced the whole time as the Byunpire turns on the TV and gloats to Cindy that she did an interview to the press apologizing for Cindy's behavior, which of course would be the agency admitting that Cindy really was a bad egg. But as what is supposed to be the interview starts, the anchor reveals that they were tipped off of another interview from 7 years before.  He then airs the interview where CEO says she's an orphan and the Byunpire tells her to lie.  Cindy continues to show no reaction.

We see a flashback to earlier in the day when Ye Jin met up with Cindy for coffee to tell her that the video proving her innocence was going to be shown.  Joon Mo thanks Ye Jin for what she did for Cindy and Ye Jin reveals that she did it because she knew it was important to him. Seung Chan returns from interview the TV host drunk as the old man made him drink quite a bit. As usual he's quite loose with his words when he's drunk.  Joon Mo and Ye Jin are walking him home. Seung Chan begins to imitate the overly cute behavior Ye Jin puts on when she's drunk and then kisses Joon Mo on the mouth. I really don't understand why he did it, but he did. For the umpteenth time he wakes up on Joon Mo's couch the next morning. Ye Jin has also spent the night in her old room.

We see the next day as the Byunpire goes into her office that everything has been graffittied and that the fans are back on Cindy's side. Cindy tells her that she can reccommend a cleaning service, since she got used to her car getting grafittied.The Byunpire and Cindy go out to dinner one final time where the Byunpire hands a contract termination over to Cindy to sign.  Cindy takes out her seal to sign it without even reading it, but her CEO stops her and tells her in the future to make sure to read every line of a contract before signing it. The byunpire goes on to tell her that she really did love her as her own daughter.  Cindy tells her that she knows she did and that's why she's leaving. Cindy doesn't want to be overworked any longer. She tells the CEO to think about how why, even though the Byunpire is amazing at what she does, that everyone leaves her and asks her not to make anyone sign unfair contracts anymore.

Seung Chan goes to have a talk with the Broadcasting fairy godmother and in the conversation asks him why he never shows up to meetings. He giggles and another producer comes in and asks who Seung Chang was talking to and the godmother has disappeared. turns out that he was a ghost all along, although Seung Chan prefers to call him a fairy! Do you guys remember when I totally called that after the first episode? I must be a Kdrama pyschic  Lol. Anyway, the rest of the crew tells him that means he's going to succeed.

Ye Jin runs into the security guard around her apartment on her way home that night and finds out the reason that the lights got fixed so quickly is because someone who said they were a producer kept calling and pestering them, saying he was going to send a crew. The confirms her suspicions that it was Seung Chan. The next morning at works she confronts him about it and he tells her he didn't do it and she realizes it was Joon Mo.

When Seung Chan goes back inside he finds Joon Mo who tells him that the ratings for 2 Days, 1 Night are up so they're not in jeopardy of cancelling after all. It's thanks in part to Cindy's regained popularity and in part due to Seung Chan's preview. Joon Mo tells him that he's going to let him be in charge of the next preview as well.

That night Ye Jin calls Joon Mo late at night while he's sleeping and tells him that she has a mosquito in her room and can't sleep. She asks him to come and kill it. He acts like she's crazy and says he won't, but seconds later he's getting out of bed and heading over to her place. When he gets out of the car she's there waiting for him on the path to her apartment. He is startled. She tricks him into admitting he called the office and pestered them into replacing the lights. Then she asks him why he did it and why he came all this way for her to kill a mosquito.  He tries to give some rational non-romantic explanation, but she's not having it and starts to leave.

He stops her and goes on to tell her that all his life he's been following her: he had to study hard so he could go to the same university as her; when she decided to become a producer, he had to pass all the same exams and the whole while he didn't realize why he was doing it until now - it was love.  She smiles and they hug. Yes, you heard right. Hug.

We see Cindy pulling up to KBS and getting bags out of her car. She has moved out of her apartment and now belongs to an agency with just herself so things are changing for her. She sees Seung Chan walking by and challenges him to rock, paper, scissors again to see how will carry the bags. She tells him she's going to choose scissors and then chooses scissors and he chooses rock. She pouts, but says that one day she will win rock, paper, scissors and he smirks. He walks away, like he's going to make her carry it, but then returns to take the luggage for her.  They walk together, both with big smiles on their faces. 

The drama ends as each character gives a recap of where they've come in the span of time since end of the drama which seems to have been a couple months. They all act like things have changed a lot, but they really haven't. Except for Cindy who's still doing well, but adjusting to doing a lot more things by herself. And that's all we've got!

Can you believe it's over? Netizens are urging for a second season, but we've still got this one to talk about. So here are my thoughts.
-First of all: WHYYYYYYY? Why are you so cruel Producer writers? All I wanted was for the Umbrella Couple to be a thing. Okay, sure the door isn't completely closed there, but whyyyyy?

-Okay, in all seriousness things ended exactly as I imagined. As we talked about during the last episode, the only pairing that could feasibly happen right away was the Ye Jin/Joon Mo pairing and that's exactly what we saw. At the place in time we're at they were the only two who had strong enough mutual romantic feelings for one another. So I understood the conclusion, but I would have been much more satisfied with a stronger hint of a future for Seung Chan and Cindy.

-Yay Ye Jin! You saved Cindy. I was so proud of her in the moment. Of course, at first I thought she was doing something for Cindy out of the kindness of her heart and then she revealed it was for Joon Mo, but still...Cindy would have been ruined if not for her.

-The Byunpire got what she had coming for her. Although, I would have preferred to see her a little more ruined. After all she was super evil.

-A hug? That's our big romantic gesture? A freakin' hug? Are you serious? Anyone can hug. I'm super disappointed in the anticlimactic climax.

-Now that our drama has ended, I have to give a large round of applause to IU. To me, she carried this drama through to the other side. Cindy was the one who showed the most character development and had the best character of the four of them. IU's acting was absolutely flawless. She made me smile, cry, and laugh at just the right moments. Not to mention this was a completely different from any of the others she's played. The more I see her act, the more I love her.

-Cindy's manager is just so cute. I wouldn't have minded if she had a loveline with him either.

-Seung Chan is always a fun drunk. I'd drink with him any time.

-I was really glad that Seung Chan told the truth about not being the one to get the lights fixed when it would have been so easy for him to lie like he did before to keep Ye Jin away from Joon Mo. 

-So the drama is over. It was frustrating at times, and the lovelines didn't end up like I wanted, but it was a good drama. It gave me a lot of emotions and I really connected with the character of Cindy.  I'm going to miss these weekly episodes and recapping with my friends here. But I'll see you soon with another drama! 

In the meantime you can catch up on a whole season's worth of recaps and watch for the final drama club posting some time tomorrow.

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