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So You Haven't Listened to Kpop Yet?

For many Kdrama fans, Kpop is a natural companion to Korean dramas, considering many dramas star Kpop idols or feature Kpop singers as part of their OST (soundtrack). But for others, they are two separate entities. Some binge-watch Kdramas but swear off Kpop, and others listen to Kpop nonstop but avoid Kdramas like the plague. Today, I will address those who are on the Kdrama-only side and offer some advice since I was once in their shoes. I'll have some words for you Kpop-only people in a later post :)

There's no question that I'm a Kpop fangirl now, but I wasn't always this way. For most of my life I'd have never entertained listening to music that wasn't sung in English. Even when I discovered the bliss that is Kdramas, I stuck exclusively with English-only lyrics. It wasn't a two-for-one package for me. I wasn't worshipping Korean culture and devoting my whole life to it- I just liked watching the dramas. To me Kpop had a couple factors that kept me from it. The first was that while Kdramas had subtitles to translate for me, I had no idea what they were saying in Kpop songs. The second was that I didn't listen to very much American 'pop' to begin with, so why would I like Korean 'pop'. Because of these factors, I never went searching for Kpop and because it is in a foreign language, Kpop isn't a genre of music I was exposed to in America. If you want to listen to Kpop, you have to go looking for it. So truthfully I didn't think much about listening to it at all.

I first started opening up to the idea of Korean music through the Kdramas I watched. I started downloading songs from the OSTs when I couldn't get them out of my head. Mary Stayed Out All Night, in particular, had several songs I loved. But I didn't think of them as pop music, I thought of them as rock and I already knew I liked rock. Right around the time I started thinking about checking out Kpop, my sister beat me to it. She LOVED SHINee and made me listen to some. I didn't care for them at all and since that was the only Kpop I had heard, I assumed I didn't like any Kpop. It took a few months of me running away every time I heard the sound of Kpop before my sister got me to listen to a couple songs that I actually liked. She showed me a Super Junior song that I thought was catchy and 2NE1's I Am The Best. And then I was interested. I went on a YouTube Kpop sampling frenzy, looking up all the Kpop groups I had heard of to see which ones I like. I soon found BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby and my life was forever changed. This music was super catchy, the video was the most awesome one I had ever seen, and the band members themselves were cool incarnate. I wasn't going to avoid Kpop anymore; I was going to embrace it.

This was only a couple weeks prior to Gangnam Style becoming a worldwide phenomenon so the timing was uncanny and only fueled my passion for Kpop (although in retrospect Gangnam Style is a horrible representation of Kpop). It didn't take long before my listening palette was exclusively Korean and has been ever since. I now listen to a huge variety of different Kpop artists as different as they come. While, I'm still a VIP (fan of BIGBANG), I've embraced great love for countless groups. It turns out all of my hesitations about Kpop were completely unfounded. Thankfully, this has also made me more open to listening to music in other languages as well, though Korean is still my preference. So for those who, similar to me, love Kdramas but aren't sure about Kpop there are a few things I'd like to say to you.

1). Kpop isn't like American pop. I learned that while American pop means music only incorporates a certain 'pop' sound usually consisting of catchy but meaningless club tunes and most often sung by women, Kpop is more inclusive; it incorporates all of we would consider Top 40 and popular music, which makes sense because pop is meant to mean popular music. So Korean pop, hip-hop, r&b, and electronica can all be considered Kpop in addition to other genres that I can't even give a name to. There are so many different sounds that are all considered Kpop. There are sub-genres within Kpop that I don't have any interest and others that turn me into a Kpop crazy lunatic. To me, American pop music all sounds very similar.

2). Kpop videos are the best. Colorful. Random. Creative concepts. Awesome Dance Moves. Great Outfits. Even my American ahjumma, over-logical mother will admit that they are much better than American music videos. And that's saying a lot because she hates Kpop and Korean dramas.

3). They can DANCE! Never, ever have I seen dance moves that rival those of the best Kpop groups. I watch EXO's videos with my jaw-dropped. One amazing solo dancer is one thing, but when you have 12 (Now 9, maybe 10 *sniff*) in sync and amazing dancers, it's completely exhilirating to watch.

4). They win the singing/rapping combination game. I like rap, but don't like listening to 5 minutes of nothing but rapping so I have always been a fan of songs that smoothly combine a great rap hook and great singing hooks. It's becoming more popular and better executed in American pop these days, but Kpop really knocks it out of the park in this area. They don't just feature a rapper in their songs, they have rappers as part of the band. TOP from BIGBANG is an obvious perfect example of this. He's just as much a part of the group as anyone else. In fact, he's possibly the fan favorite member. And on the female group front, LE from EXID is a rapping machine. Almost every Kpop group has a rapper that can lay it down.

5). You can enjoy the song without knowing what they're saying. Koreans convey so much emotion through their voice without even using words. Just like how in Kdramas, the expressions are more important than the words, in Kpop the emotions are more important than the words. You can get the gist of what they're saying without understanding a word of the language. Now if you do want to know what they're saying, you can always find the translation online, which a lot of Kpop fans do. Personally, I've always enjoyed the beat and music of a song more than the lyrics, so I don't find it necessary.

6). There's nothing like having an Idol bias who acts. Idols who act help bridge the world between the Kpop and Kdrama fandom, but you can't experience the full excitement until you love an idol for his/her singing AND his/her acting. In my opinion there's nothing like it. Getting to see them in two different universes: one where they're serenading you and the other where they're giving you feels is like doubling the fandom experience.

Not everyone is going to love Kpop, I get it. It's okay to like different genres of music. Even in Kpop, it's okay to not like certain groups. I certainly don't love all Kpop groups. But for those of you who've been avoiding Kpop, for one reason or another, I'm urging you to give it a chance. There are so many different groups out there with different sounds that there's bound to be one that piques your interest. So even if you've heard Kpop before, give it another try. Don't just stop at Girl's Generation and Super Junior if they're not you're thing- there's so much more to Kpop than boy bands with a dozen members. If you're new to the genre altogether, check out my post on 10Kpop songs for beginners! If you give Kpop a good college try and still don't like it, I swear I'll never bother you about it again. But I'm speaking from perspective of someone who once thought they wouldn't like Kpop; if I had continued to be so stubborn I would have missed out on something I really loved. You don't want to be in the same position, do you?

Thanks for reading friends and Kpop on!


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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 9 Recap

Oh don't mind me, friends and future friends. I'm just over here BAWLING MY EYES OUT!  This episode had me on such a rollercoaster of emotion. Building me up only to bring me back down.  Wasn't it wonderful and wasn't it awful? So let's recap.

When we left off last week Ha Na was running, but we didn't know to whom. I predicted Seo Hoo and as it turns out I was right, BUT she was only running to him to essentially yell at him for being a jerk. She tells him she doesn't want to remember the memories they share. Oooo burn! Ha Na has texted Won telling him they should meet up another time, but for some reason he still waits at their hideout in the rain.

The next day at work Ha Na gives a presentation and her director questions if it's still a good idea to work with Seo Hoo but Ha Na says it will benefit them.  He asks her if she'll take responsibility if the project fails. Right, because she really wanted to do this project to begin with.  After the presentation Ha Na tries to call Won but he doesn't answer because he's in bed with a cold.  Seo Hoo's manager tells him he's risking his career, but he doesn't really seem to care. He goes to Ha Na's work to reassure her.

Ha Na goes home to check on Won and finds him in bed.  She makes quick work of giving him medicine and even calls her mom to get instructions for how to make porridge for him.  Well, she's a horrible cook and he tells her it's disgusting.  She goes home for a brief moment, but then right back to Won's.

She stays with him through the night and ends up sleeping next to his bed. When he wakes up the next morning he finds the kitchen is trashed. He eats the rest of the porridge, even though it's gross, and then cleans the kitchen. And I have to tell you I've never seen a man look so happy to be cleaning a kitchen. When Ha Na wakes up she asks Won what he had to show her last night and he says it was ice cream. It wasn't. It was the necklace he bought for her.

When Ha Na goes into work her manager tells her to cancel the charity soccer game they had planned with Seo Hoo that day and to hold off on the Seo Hoo project for now.  Ha Na tries to tell the reporters the Seo Hoo interview has been cancelled, but he shows up and she decides to have him do the interview anyway.  He reveals he has someone in his heart to the reporters and then goes and plays soccer with the kids. It's *kinda* cute. After the match Ha Na and Seo Hoo eat lunch on the stairs near the soccer field and he tells her the music he made while with her was his favorite.

Ha Na's parents have come home and upon finding out Won was sick, Ha Na's mom made him soup and has Won and Mi Hyang over for dinner and they all sympathize with him for having to eat Ha Na's bad cooking. Seo Hoo's goes back to his hotel after the soccer game and alludes to his manager about a 'Director Min' arriving soon and tells him to let the director know that he's in the best condition. This makes it seem like he's hiding an illness, doesn't it?

When Won and Mi Hyang go home she tells him it's not right that he hasn't let Ha Na know about his feelings yet. In the morning Won and Ha Na meet up to go running when they are rudely interrupted by Seo Hoo.  Seo Hoo and Won competitively jog next to each, leaving Ha Na in the dust.

She eventually leaves and they face off.  Seo Hoo says he's going to make Ha Na his.  He says that while Won saw might have seen Seo Hoo not showing up to the engagement party, what Seo Hoo saw was his woman crying in the arms of another man and therefore it was harder for him.  Yeah, that makes sense. Won tells Seo Hoo he never deserved her (Won is right!)

At works So Eun asks Won to a concert, which he quickly declines and tells her he'll never say hes. So instead she asks Mi Hyang. After work Mi Hyang brings Ha Na's mom make-up as a thank you for the meal and then tells Ha Na that Won isn't going overseas and wonders if Ha Na knows why. Ha Na didn't know that he had chosen not to go. Later Ha Na calls Won to meet her at a nearby playground. She asks why he didn't go overseas, says it was a good opportunity. He says he can't be friends with her forever and that he sees his opportunity there.  He gives her the necklace and she is understandably shocked and confused to her core at his confession.

At work the next day Ha Na gets yelled at for not cancelling the soccer match until the director finds out that people are responding well. Mi Hyang and So Eun go to the piano concert, which happens to be a concert put on by Seo Hoo's teacher. Seo Hoo and Ha Na are there as well and So Eun sees them together. Mi Hyang thinks that teacher looks familiar, but cannot place him.  Meanwhile Dae Bok is eating dinner with Ha Na's co-worker who only keeps rambling about Ha Na and says she wants to come to his house.

After the concert Seo Hoo visits his teacher to give him some flowers and introduces Ha Na as the girl he likes. Ha Na is going to leave, so Seo Hoo leaves with her. Once they're outside it starts to rain and Seo Hoo covers her with his hand and then run for shelter.

They get to his hotel room and he gives her a shirt to wear and starts drying her hair with a towel.  Things become very intimate between the two and Ha Na gets up to leave. He follows after her and they have an even more intimate moment at the door and you think they'll kiss but Ha Na leaves.

Mi Hyang comes home from the concert and is fan-girling over the piano teacher. Won goes to play basketball and when he comes back finds Ha Na waiting outside for him.

They go back to the park and she tells him that she doesn't have control over her emotions, that she can't push Seo Hoo away.  Won says that this will change their relationship but that he needs time to enter her heart and she needs time to think without him.  He tells her he's going on a trip. She's crying and he hugs her to comfort her. Then he walks away and he starts to cry as well. 

*One month later* We see Ha Na at the bus stop and Seo Hoo shows up with coffee. They take the bus together and hold hands.  She gives a killer presentation about their project with Seo Hoo at work as well. We then see her at her friends, Jung Mee and Chang Soo's, wedding. She's looking around for Won who isn't there.  Then he shows up in the middle of the ceremony, looking all rugged and wearing a backpack and hiking clothes.  And that's where we end this episode.

-So first off, I can't hold it in, OWWWWWW! My heart! It aches! It aches so much! It was so painful to watch Won get rejected like that. I'm pretty sure it's in a million pieces now.

-So clearly Ha Na is in one of those cases where the physical attraction is over-powering everything else.  Let's be honest. Ha Na and Seo Hoo have some INTENSE moments. And that's apparently all she can think about.  In her head, she knows he's bad news. And even though his apology and reasoning are pathetic, she still can't deny her carnal instincts. It sucks, but it's realistic. I've had more than one friend that do this. I stand and shake my head, but I understand that sometime the *ahem* "heart" wants what it wants.

-However, I would have expected her to be a lot more considerate of Won in the way that she told him. He's the most important person to her in the world. Even if she feels she needs to be honest with him, she also should show him how much he means to her. The decision to go to Seo Hoo was stupid to begin with, but the decision to do it in the way she did was even more stupid. Okay so now that those major thoughts are out, I can move on :)

-How did Ha Na end up having to be responsible for the Seo Hoo project when she didn't want to do it in the first place? What kind of screwed up logic is that?

-Even though I don't love Seo Hoo, seeing him play with those children still made my heart flutter! Curse you maternal instincts!

-GIVE UP SO EUN! Okay, I'll give her some credit in that she's not coming on so strong anymore. She gets that Won isn't into her right now, she just isn't buying the fact that he won't ever be. She's still looking for her opening. Which makes me sad for her, knowing it won't happen, but I guess I don't mind it so much when Ha Na's with another man and So Eun is being more passive. I just feel bad for her.

-Won, there was something to be desired in your confession. You didn't really come out and say "I love you". There is a small chance that Ha Na didn't get the full picture of your feelings from a wimpy confession like that. Granted, I would have loved it. But you're dealing with Ha Na here and apparently she doesn't always make the best choices or understand people's hearts.

-I would not be able to keep my hands off of Won if he showed up in front of me looking like that...just saying.

Okay, so we've had a lot to process. Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay.  We'll continue with this saga tomorrow with Episode 10. In the meantime catch up on all my posts from this drama by clicking below.

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Orange Marmalade: Drama Diagnosis

Orange Marmalade is over! Here I was ignorant to the fact that it's only 12 episodes long, thinking I had another month of high school vampire band bliss. I expect some major withdrawal from this series as I found it absolutely delightful.

Brief Summary: Ma Ri is a teenage vampire living in a fictional Seoul where vampires are known to exist, but live in hiding amongst humans. If their identity is discovered, they have to relocate. Ma Ri only wants to blend in which becomes hard when class president Jae Min takes notice of the new student and is oddly compelled by her. He's hated vampires since his mom married one when he was a child. Ma Ri's childhood friend, Shi Hoo, is also a vampire and transfers to her school. In contrast to Ma Ri, he doesn't like the fact that he's supposed to live an obedient vampire life and is a bit rebellious. All three students are also incredible musicians. Despite her resistance, Ma Ri and Jae Min fall in love and along with Shi Hoo and other students at the school start a band, Orange Marmalade. Along the way we see complications as Ma Ri's vampire identity is revealed and we also see the past lives of our three main characters as almost half of the drama takes place during the Joseon era. It's a story of love, friendship, sacrifice, and acceptance that transcends time.

LoganLand Rating: 4.4 Stars

From start to finish I loved this drama. Within the first episode I was addicted; craving more like a vampire craves blood. Sadly, only one episode a week was released so this was a torturous drama to simulcast (watch weekly as it airs). It gave me that sweet feeling of anticipation and excitement that got me addicted to Kdramas in the first place. Often I get frustrated with high school Kdramas at the shallowness in relationship and story development along with the snail-like romance development. That was a non-issue in Orange Marmalade. We had several great kisses between the leads and a few "Whoa, did that just happen in a high school Kdrama?" moments. While the general purity of Kdramas is one of the things I love about them, I do love Kdramas that stray from the norms and shake things up a bit and this drama did. The major detractor was the fact that there are only 12 episodes! There was so much more I wanted from this drama! The fact that I loved this drama just left me frustrated because I didn't get enough of it. Seriously, whose idea was it to have such a great drama and cut it to 12 episodes? Point them out to me. I have some words for them. More on this and how it took away from the drama later. The music element was a fun factor, but a lot smaller than I expected. On other music-themed high school dramas we get a lot of fun band moments, but they were quite limited in this drama. And no surprise, but I would have liked to see more. Still, it was fun to see the band become like a family in the end. Overall probably one of the better Kdramas I've seen and would have gotten flying colors if they had extended this- I think a 30+ episode arc would have been appropriate. Anyway, onto the specifics of the good and the bad of this drama.

Things I Loved:
-Seolhyun. I'm not going to say Ma Ri, because I didn't feel particularly attached her character. Although I did like her, she was a little too weak for my tastes. Not that a character has to be confident all the time, I understand her insecurities and need to fit in, but I would have liked to see a little more conviction in her moments of conviction and a little more camaraderie with Shi Hoo (her only friend for most of the drama). Seolhyun, however, proved herself a great actress with the material she had. The way her face lit up in moments of happiness was pure magic and how she conveyed sorrow was so incredibly believable. Way to go, Seolhyun, you are a delight!

-The parallel Joseon Plotline (Surprisingly!). I'll be honest; I've been avoiding historical Kdramas for a long time. If you didn't notice, the extensive list of Kdramas I've seen did not include one historical one before starting Orange Marmalade. I was sure I'd hate them, but imagine my surprise to find that I did not hate the historical plotline. I actually really enjoyed it, more than the modern day Orange Marmalade plot if I'm telling the truth. It was full of great emotion and a great plot with these characters I loved without the high school drama. I was kind of bummed when we went back to present day. I so loved the Joseon plot that I finally felt emboldened to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal and loved it - a treasure that I may never have discovered if it weren't for Orange Marmalade.

-Mr. Han. Oh how I loved this man. Ever since first seeing him in Answer Me, 1997, I’ve been fascinated by Song Jong Ho. For starters, he's got a great face and is equally magnetic playing a villain or a hero. I hope for many more rich roles for him, like the one in this drama. Mr. Han as a character was effortlessly kind and understanding of both his vampire protégés and the testy Jae Min. Let’s not forget he made an excellent vampire ninja assassin as well. I'd let him bite me, that's for sure.

-Shi Hoo's reunion with his parents. Shi Hoo's tearful reunion with his parents at the end of the series had me tearing up as well. Here we've been thinking they're dead for most of the show and now this rugged badboy is hugging his mom while crying. *Emotions* I love the fact that he and Ma Ri are essentially the ones that got them out of prison. The vampire immersion program wouldn't have been so successful if it weren't for Orange Marmalade setting the example for human/vampire peace. Because they taught the world that vampires could get along with humans, his parents were forgiven for the crime of revealing their vampire identity.

-The Second Lead Loveline. Even though it was only hinted at in the end, and we saw brief interactions between Shi Hoo and Ara, our two second leads in this drama, it was unexpectedly perfect. I hated Ara for the majority of the series. Only in the last third of it did I find it tolerable. And for most of the drama I felt that Shi Hoo was a much better man for Ma Ri than Jae Min. But after the destiny between Ma Ri and Jae Min was clear and Shi Hoo was determined to let it happen, was I open to the Ara/Shi Hoo loveline. His bold flirtations along with her shocked and coy responses are unexpected and yet so true to their character. The fact that he's the one that gets to and changes her perspective on vampires speaks to their compatibility. And he's far too smoldering of a second male lead to end the series unattached.

Things I Didn't Love:
-The Inconsistent Speed. The timing was a bit off. Some parts went at a normal speed; there were even a few parts draw out that definitely didn't need to be, but then they completely glazed over big chunks of the plot. For instance we see the characters debating starting a band for several episodes, but once they agree the process of starting and rehearsing and even their first gig takes place in one musical montage. A few months’ worth of really good bonding and character development over in a few minutes. In this case, the band storyline played a very small part of the drama overall which surprised me because I thought that was going to be the focus of the plot, with the vampire part being the smaller factor. What could have remedied this problem has to do with the next issue I have with this series...

-The Number of Episodes. This drama is one that would have been considered too short if it was the normal 16-episode length, but 12 episodes!?! In my experience, any drama that has one or more episodes that take place in the past needs to have an extended length otherwise there isn't enough time to explore the story thoroughly. This is no exception, especially considering that there was a completely different plotline during the Joseon-era episodes. We only were allowed to shallowly skim the surface of these great stories. Never can I think of a better example of where the length of the drama is its major fault.

Resolution: 95%
Keeping in mind that there typically isn't a whole lot of resolution in a high school drama, since they've still got so much of their lives ahead of them, I was pleasantly surprised at how much resolution we have. We get a glimpse into the future of Orange Marmalade and their viral success; we see growing acceptance of the vampire race, we see Ma Ri and Jae Min's continued relationship; we see Shi Hoo reuniting with his parents, and we see a possible romantic future between Shi Hoo and Aara. This is probably the most satisfying resolution I've seen among high school Kdramas. Thank you writers!

Despite my complaints about the length, I loved this drama! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fun supernatural twist and a sweet love story. For those worried about the historical plot or who don't typically let vampires I'd say don't let it stop you. It's a really good drama!

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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 8 Recap

Hi friends and future friends! Sorry for the delay in posting this recap. I started watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal for the first time and got so wrapped up in it that I forgot about everything else. I'm sure you know how that is. Anyway, I'm so ready to talk about Episode 8 of The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, how about you?

When we last left off with Ha Na and Won, Won had given her a piggyback ride home from the club after drinking with Seo Hoo and her co-workers.  Episode 8 has us backing up a little bit to Seo Hoo talking at the club with Ha Na's boss about the project and how Seo Hoo has a reason that he has to do well.  Won knows to come pick Ha Na up, because when he called her co-worker answered and told him where they were.  He comes and gives Ha Na a piggyback ride.

We see a flashback to him giving her a piggyback ride in college and while she's passed out he tells her that he likes her. Back to present day, Won gets her home and tucks her in.  Meanwhile Seo Hoo's manager tells him that he's going to have to go back to the U.S. for a performance.  Seo Hoo says that he won't; that he wants to focus on the project with Ha Na.

Won drives Ha Na to work in the morning and then goes to work himself where he finds out from Mi Hyang that he's been selected for a very prestigious position that involves going overseas to train.  He says he'll have to think about it and Mi Hyang is surprised that he isn't thrilled because it's such a good opportunity.  While we know that it's because he doesn't want to leave Ha Na.

Seo Hoo tells Ha Na that she needs to stay with him every day from 9-2, needs to have a flexible schedule for whenever he needs her, and needs to be available 24/7 for him to call. Despite his child-like demands, she remains professional and doesn't argue.

She goes to the stage with him where he practices for 5 hours, all the while she watches him intently. He is an incredibly gifted pianist after all. After Won is done with work, he calls Ha Na to see if she wants to get something to eat and hears Seo Hoo in the background. Ha Na tells him she'll call him back. Won looks dejected and Seo Hoo tries to give Ha Na an unwanted foot rub.

At work the male flight attendants are talking about So Eun's quick rebound and Won replays hearing Seo Hoo on the phone and thinks about the possibility of the overseas training position..  Ha Na's younger brother, Dae Bok, meets up with Ha Na's co-worker who asks him to go to a concert with her. When he sees the ticket, he sees it's Seo Hoo's concert and tells her he can't go.

Ha Na has other work to do at the shoe store so she leaves the theater but Seo Hoo insists on going with, reminding her that she needs to help clothe him for the promotional events. Won is finished with work and texts Ha Na that he'll pick her up at the store.   Meanwhile So Eun tells Mi Hyang she hopes Won will take the overseas position so he'll be away from Ha Na and Mi Hyang realizes she's kind of crazy.

Seo Hoo makes Ha Na bring him a ton of shoes to try on at the store. Won approaches the store as Ha Na is putting a shoe on Seo Hoo's foot and for some reason deciphers this as an intimate moment and looks upset. He calls Ha Na and she says she'll be done soon. Seo Hoo sees him watching them. When Ha Na does meet up with Won, he's grumpy towards her and she gets mad at him being so finicky.

Mi Hyang is at home, putting laundry away in Won's room when she sees the jewelry box Won had earlier and she opens it; it's a necklace. When he gets home she gently confronts him and asks if the reason he's hesitant to take the position because of Ha Na which he all but confirms and she suggests that it'd be good for him and Ha Na to spend some time apart from each other. He calls Ha Na and asks her to go shopping the next day and even though she's still annoyed she agrees.

The next morning they meet up to go shopping shopping and agree to forget about their disagreement the night before.  They look for gifts for her parents' anniversary and he buys them a camera. Later, after they've given her parents their gifts they go to the sushi restaurant to drink. Won tells her about the overseas opportunity. She says it's a good opportunity and that, while she'll be bored, she's more than fine being bored if it's for him.

Won takes Ha Na' parents to their airport for their anniversary trip the next day and Ha Na gets a call from the stage that there's some kind of emergency. She arrives and Seo Hoo is meeting with his teacher. His teacher tells him he is jeopardizing his sponsorship just like he did over his engagement three years before.  Seo Hoo tries to stop him from revealing this to Ha Na, but it's too late. Seo Hoo tells Ha Na that he did come to the engagement three years ago, he was just late. She's angry that he let her think that she was abandoned for three years and says it would be better if he hadn't come.

Won sees Ha Na moping and follows her. Eventually she notices him and she's glad to see him. They go to the sushi restaurant again. She relays to him what Seo Hoo told her and Won tells her it's ridiculous. Won asks if he should turn down the overseas training and instead Ha Na ponders what would have happened if Won had stopped her from going on her trip to Paris where she first met Seo Hoo. The next morning Won tells Mi Hyang that he is staying.

Ha Na goes to work where her team is talking with Seo Hoo's manager about how his agency is trying to ruin his reputation. Ha Na feels bad and she finds Seo Hoo at the theater.  He tells her that he came back to Korea because he never wants to lose her again. He hands her a stack of his music books with the notes she wrote still on them and tells her to come back when she's remembered. She doesn't know what he's talking about, but he leaves.

Meanwhile Won has set up a presentation for Ha Na in the hideout with the necklace. He's going to tell her how he feels. He texts her to meet him. As Ha Na gets Won's text, she knocks over the stack of music books and sees a note that she wrote to Seo Hoo with a rabbit on it. We see a flashback to her writing the note and saying that Seo Hoo reminded her of a rabbit (remember how he bought her a stuffed rabbit a few episodes back?) Back to present day, we're left with Ha Na running passionately, we assume to either Won or Seo Hoo and we don't know who. That's where our episode ends.

Oh geez, such a climax to leave off on. I have about a mililion thoughts in my  head, so let me start getting some of them out.

-First thing's first.  I truly believe that Ha Na is running to Seo Hoo. Which makes me so sad. I actually don't hate Seo Hoo, but I don't believe he deserves Ha Na. He didn't give her a good enough explanation or an apology. Regardless, Ha Na and Won are my OTP.  I only hopes Won doesn't chicken out and decide not to tell her how he feels or change his mind about going overseas. If she decides to go to Seo Hoo he needs to win her over. She still thinks that Won will never see her as a woman. He needs to let her know that's not true.

-Seo Hoo got major points docked off for getting Ha Na drunk on purpose. I think that's disgusting. Guys who get girls drunk on purpose are pigs. I suppose the same goes for the other way around as well.  No matter who you are, if you're trying to impair someone's judgement to take advantage of them,that's disgusting. 

-I have to say Ha Na and Won's 'piggyback rides' are some of the most intimate I've ever seen. Especially considering they're 'just friends'. Dang! Speaking of intimate, that was quite forward of Seo Hoo to give Ha Na such an intimate foot rub. I felt like he was totally going to get away with it, but I think she was just reigning in her temper to keep from hitting him.

-Why can't Ha Na's co-worker get Dae Bok's name right if she likes him so much? Is she just boy-crazy and doesn't really care about him that much individually? If so, that's kind of sad. He totally lost his cool waving to her all excitedly when they met up. It was the cutest thing.  They'll be such a sweet couple if it works out.

-Seo Hoo is also a complete jerk by his behavior in the shoe store. He likes it that Ha Na is waiting on him, but he probably doesn't even give a second thought to how uncomfortable he's making her fetching him shoes, bending over, squatting down, over and over while wearing heels. 

-So far, there is no logical explanation as to why Seo Hoo didn't talk to Ha Na ever again after the engagement party, especially when he was in the wrong to begin with.  He certainly has to right to assume she's going to want him back after that. Is there still a missing piece to the puzzle here? If he really was jealous of Won and Ha Na's relation and assumed they were in love, then why did he expect her to be unattached when he came back?

Well, I guess we'll have to wait until the next episode to see who Ha Na was running to. Until then, drama on, friends!

You can catch up with the rest of the series recaps and Drama Clubs below. 

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 7 Recap

Welcome back friends and future friends! Are you ready for another nail-biting, sigh-inducing episode from The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days? Things keep getting more and more interesting and a complicated web of relationships is starting to form.

When we left off last week Won was outside Ha Na's house wondering if it was okay to start loving her.  I kindly told him on her behalf that it was, of course, okay.  We start this episode when Ha Na's mom comes out of the house with snacks she prepared for Ha Na and asks Won to take them to her at work. When he gets there, he finds she isn't there any longer and no one seems to know where she is. He calls around to all her friends and co-workers and eventually finds out that she lost the project she had been working on for a year and is probably feeling pretty down. Ha Na's family is worried and eventually her mom gets a call from Ha Na who tells her she's staying the night at a friend's.  Ha Na's brother, Dae Bok shows Won a packet he found in Ha Na's room showing the project she's collaborating on with Seo Hoo.

Ha Na is not actually staying at a friend's house but books herself a nice suite in a nice hotel.  Ha Na has called her mom to come and the two drink together. Ha Na tells her mom about losing her project and getting singled out at work for 'men problems' and they cry together. Ha Na's mom points out how perfect Won is for her. Ha Na admits she does see him as a man, but that her mom shouldn't hold out hope.

We see a flashback to 2002. Won is at a carnival with a girl who is trying to gain his attention. Ha Na and some other friends show up and they all drink together.  The girl gets jealous of Ha Na and makes her a pancake made out of grass, feeds it to her, and then sprays alcohol all over her, telling her she leads men on.  Won defends Ha Na and the girl leaves.

In the taxi on the way home, Ha Na tells Won she's never going to be able to get married with a reputation for leading men on and says he'll have to take responsibility for her. He says he will, as a friend. She asks if he sees her as a woman and he asks what does it matters as long as he's going to take responsibility for her.

Back to present day. Upon hearing the story, Ha Na's mom agrees not to try to force their relationship anymore.  In the morning Won, who is still worried about Ha Na, calls Mi Hyang and has her reschedule his flights so he can go look for Ha Na.  When he goes to look for her at work he finds she didn't show up. As Won goes to leave, Seo Hoo shows up and Won is relieved to see that Ha Na has not been with him. Right after he leaves, Won gets a call from Ha Na.

Seo Hoo meets with Ha Na's manager and asks that once she arrives she be sent straight to him. Then we see a Seo Hoo flashback.  He's in a suit and is covered in sweat, sprinting towards Ha Na's house. When he shows up he sees her and Won arrive and then sees Won comforts her and he realizes they're in love but aren't aware of it.

Back to present day Ha Na comes home and Won is sitting on his step. She greets him excitedly, but he is mad.  She tells him she didn't call on purpose. That she wanted to, but that she needs to become more independent because she's been relying so much on him to help solve her problems and she's staying away from men for the time being.  Internally, he's a little frustrated at the timing since he's decided to start loving her, but decides to respect her decision until she's ready to start involving herself with men again.

When Ha Na goes into work the next morning she apologizes to her manager and then gets sent straight to Seo Hoo. He takes her to the place that he's staying, a hotel room, to conduct their business.  Ever the professional, she tries to show him the marketing posters that have been designed but Seo Hoo, just happy to have her there, keeps smiling and asking silly questions.

Dae Bok shows up at Ha Na's office and runs into Ha Na's co-worker, the one that he met at the shoe store. She flirts with him and asks if he has a girlfriend.  Back at Seo Hoo's hotel room, Ha Na is getting frustrated with Seo Hoo, but luckily his teacher shows up and she gets to leave. She calls Won as she's leaving who is still mad and says she has to make it up to him.

Flashback to college when Ha Na tries to set Won up with a friend and takes her to the rooftop to meet him. Won wants nothing to do with the set up and is mad that Ha Na took someone else to their hideout, their special place.

Back to present day Won visits Mi Hyang at work and So Eun is there with her.  So Eun asks to speak with Won. Before she can say anything he basically insinuates that if she tries to go any further she's only going to hurt herself; ending it as efficiently at Won knows how (which isn't very efficient if we're being honest). So Eun starts to cry and Mi Hyang finds her and awkwardly comforts her.

Won and Ha Na go out for drinks with their high school friends and then to the rooftop afterward.  In the interest of honesty, Ha Na tells Won that the new project she's been assigned to at work features Seo Hoo and that she has to work with him. He's glad she's loyal in telling him. Won tells her that he's going on a short trip to the U.S. for three days and asks if she wants to go on a date when he gets back. She says sure. (I'll interject and say it wasn't really in a romantic way, more of a friend date). While he's gone he has treats set up for Ha Na every night.

Ha Na leaves for work in the morning and Seo Hoo is there waiting for her outside her house. He takes her to the concert hall where he begins to play a piece. We see a flashback of Ha Na asking him to play a song in his next performance. He tells her it's not her performance style, but suggests a private performance for her instead. Back to present day, when Seo Heo finishes the song he looks up to see Ha Na is no longer there. She has gone back to work and complains to her manager that she's being treated like a secretary. Seo Hoo goes home and is looking through his old music books which all still have sticky notes from Ha Na posted on them from when they were together.

After work Ha Na comes home and Won is back. The two are excited to see each and they embrace enthusiastically.  They go to the arcade, but then Ha Na gets called away for work. After she leaves Won pulls out a jewelry box and tells himself he'll have to wait a little longer.

Ha Na gets called to a club where her team, Seo Hoo, and his manager are all drinking.  Meanwhile Won is at Ha Na's house playing video games with Dae Bok when Ha Na's mom finds Ha Na's discarded bunny in Dae Bok's room who says it's that bunny's fate to live in their house.

Ha Na comes out of the club drunk and Seo Hoo follows her out and offers to give her a ride home. She declines and tells him she doesn't like him. Won shows up and has Ha Na get on his back and gives her a piggy back home.

Our episode ends as we see a flashback to Won and Ha Na in college.  Ha Na prepares a special event with watermelon outside at night in an effort to apologize to make it up to Won for bringing someone else into their hideout.

Ahhh, we came so close to Won confessing this episode. I'm feeling some major frustrations, how about you? Let's discuss ;)

-First of all: Won, you're the one who's bringing up timing. I say you've got to act now before you lose your chance. Your gut is right not to trust Seo Hoo. He came very close to permanently stealing Ha Na away and now he's back. Tell her how you feel, Man!

-Back in college Ha Na gave Won the perfect opportunity to confess his feelings and he gave it up! What an idiot.

-Okay, seriously, who makes a grass pancake for someone and feeds it to them just because the boy you like is being nice to her. That is some petty crap right there. I mean, seriously!

-My heart was so warmed by the fact that Ha Na called her mom to come comfort her at the hotel. She's trying to be independent, but she knows it's always okay to rely on mom. And what a great mom she is, crying with her and telling her it's okay to quit her job.

-I do not buy for one second that So Eun likes Mi Hyang enough to hang out with her all the time. She's clearly doing it just to get to Won and I feel bad for Mi Hyang, because she's super cool. That being said, I did genuinely feel bad for So Eun when Won told her to stop.  She looked so devastated that I almost forgot that she was acting and I was watching a drama.  I actually felt bad for her.

-Dae Bok + Office Girl = Cutest couple ever.

- I'm not Seo Hoo's biggest fan, but he does seem to have always really sincerely liked Ha Na as much, if not more, than she liked him. Which is something since she's the type to get caught up in romance.  He may be arrogant, but he does seem pretty genuine.  

-I felt a physical ache in my heart when Won pulled out the jewelry box.  It was a foreboding, ominous ache. Like the fact that he was pulling out now means that she's not going to get it for a very long time.  Like something seriously big is going to happen that will massively destroy their romance. No, it was not a good sort of ache at all.

-Why doesn't Won tell Ha Na's parents about Seo Hoo coming back. Surely, they'd help to keep her from him. Is it because he doesn't want them to cause more trouble for her at work?

The next episode will hopefully keep us just as much on our toes as this one.  Tune in tomorrow for my recap of Episode 8 and if you like catch up on the rest of the series so far below.  Until next time friends, Drama On! 

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Recaps and Drama Clubs

Kdramas For Your Hogwarts House

Hey friends and future friends! There's no use denying that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I know that I'm not the only one whose love for Harry Potter is equal in strength to their love for Kdramas. That being said, I thought it might be fun to compile a list of a few dramas each to watch in relation to the house to which you'd be sorted. If you don't know what house you're in, you can start a free account on Pottermore and be sorted by a quiz created by J.K. Rowling herself. Personally, I'm a proud Ravenclaw. So below I've listed a few dramas that I believe best represent each house. For those who know nothing about the Harry Potter universe I've given a quick description of each house by their two most prominent traits. Let me know in the comments if you can think of any other good examples!

Know for their bravery and loyalty

Boys Over Flowers: Our heroine, Jan Di, epitomizes the Gryffindor spirit. Her bravery is clearly demonstrated as she stands up to an entire school of rich bullies. She even saves a man from jumping off the roof. While most people in her situation would be intimidated and would have gotten as far away from that school as they could, she sticks it out even in the harshest conditions. And she's loyal as heck. Who else but a Gryffindor would stand up for a girl who tried to ruin her reputation?

Wonderful Mama: Bok Hee's bravery knows no bounds when it comes to protecting her children and making sure they will be able to take care of themselves when she's no longer there. As a single mom, she became a loan shark in order to take care of them. You know a single mom loan shark has to be a brave lady! When she finds out that she's getting sick, she decides to fake going broke so that her spoiled children learn the value of money and hard work and how to take care of themselves and each other. She doesn't do this because she's sick of taking care of them; she does it because of her intense love and loyalty to them. Even though she didn't give birth to them, she gives up her own chance of happiness and when she falls ill instead of being a burden to them, she decides to go off on her own. It's easy to see why this drama represents Gryffindors, Godric would be proud.

Full House Take 2: All three of our leads in this drama are most assuredly Gryffindor and as the plot focuses on them, this drama is therefore very Gryffindor. Starting with Won. He's going blind, but he refuses to give up his dreams and still goes on stage to perform. Tak Gu essentially sells his soul to an evil man to get back the home his father built and even though he seems prickly toward his partner, he defends Won when the agency conspires against him. Won does the same in return. The two are quite loyal to her. And our female lead Man Ok is incredibly loyal to them both: refusing to leave Won's side in his trouble and helping the two whenever she can. (Note: you do not need to have seen the first Full House to enjoy this one; the plot is completely unrelated and is only considered the "spiritual successor" to the original)

Known for their intelligence and creativity

My Love From Another Star: Ravenclaws are a creative and quirky bunch. This drama about an ancient alien who falls in love with an eccentric movie star could not get anymore creative or quirky. Our leads Min Joon and Song Yi are prime Ravenclaw candidates. Min Joon knows secrets of the universe that most Ravenclaws would kill to get their hands on. He has an extensive library and endless knowledge. He also possesses the certain intellectual arrogance that can be common amongst certain Ravenclaws. And Song Yi's odd behavior would be right at home in Ravenclaw. This drama is a champion for romances between the weird, the quirky, the Ravenclaw.

God of Study: Well, from the title alone this drama screams Ravenclaw. It's about a group of high school students who, realizing their grades are pretty awful, devote all their time to studying like crazy. Led by a dictator-like ex-lawyer they devote every spare minute they have to learning and are able to turn their not only their grades around, but their whole lives around. This drama speaks to the importance of studying and the transformative power of knowledge.

What's up?: Creativity and wit overflow from the students in What's up? who enroll in a performing arts college. They hone their natural talents and build new skills in performing, composing, and directing. They give every ounce of their being to become the best. The mental and creative pursuits are difficult but rewarding for our cast of loveable and eccentric characters. All of whom would be right at home in Ravenclaw Tower.

Known for their friendliness and hard work

Flower Boy Next Door: When I asked my sister, the proudest Hufflepuff you'll ever meet and an amateur Kdrama aficionado which drama best represented her house, this is the one she gave me. Dok Mi is a genuinely kind person, but painfully introverted and surrounded by an unusual number of attractive Flower Boys neighbors. In particular, a bold but kind Enrique. Everyone in this drama is so kind and considerate of each other and the neighbors even have weekly cooking sessions together. You can't get much more Hufflepuff than that.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend: The male lead in this drama, Mr. Unfortunate, is one of the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. He refuses to speak a negative word about anyone and to top it off; he's a huge plant-lover. He would absolutely adore the Herbology department at Hogwarts as any good Hufflepuff does. This drama is all about being kind and loving people for who they are and that is something the Hufflepuff knows quite well.

Coffee Prince: While our female lead is arguably more of a Slytherin in her deceptiveness, the male lead of this drama, Han Kyul displays the heart of Hufflepuff. He's willing to love and accept someone he loves, even if it means questioning everything else in his life that he's known to be true. When he falls in love with Eun Chan while she's pretending to be a man, he's even willing to admit that he's gay if that's what it means to love her. He's not after all, but he accepted the person he loved despite any hurdles.

Known for their ambition and cunningness

Heirs: Cunningness and ambition abound at Jeguk High School. It's a school full of those who are either very rich, very smart, or both. There's very little room at the top here and everyone wants to be King. Whether it's the power-hungry bully Chan Do, the cunning and jealous Rachel, or the selfish and manipulative Tan, there is hardly a student at this school that wouldn't have been instantly sorted into Slytherin.

I Miss You: Of course Harry has a lot to be angry about, but he uses that anger to become bitter as he puts revenge over all else. It's safe to say that he goes over to the dark side of what being a Slytherin means. He manipulates and plots against those that have brought him so much pain so far, but worse he also harms the innocent in his attempt at revenge. From a young age he becomes a murderer and takes pleasure in harming those who harmed him. There's a lot of dark stuff in this drama, which epitomizes what can happen when a Slytherin becomes dark.

Pretty Man: Of course, not all Slytherins are inherently bad. In fact most aren't. So I wanted to include a drama that showed a Slytherin as the hero. In Pretty Man, Ma Te decides that he needs to be successful in life and is willing to do pretty much whatever it takes. In this case, what it takes is him seducing a number of successful, powerful, and wealthy women thanks to his beautiful good lucks. He learns what he can about moving up in the world from them. But he also learns that manipulation won't always get him what he really wants.

I don't know about you, but now I want to go and watch Harry Potter and  Kdrama simultaneously. I'm in desperate need of some sort of mash-up. Maybe they should make a Kdrama version of Harry Potter. Who do you think would play Harry? Now I've got some serious thinking to do.  See you soon friends!

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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 6 Recap

Hello again friends and future friends!  So lovely to see you all here. More and more drama unfolds on The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days. Should we talk about it? Let's recap what happened and then we'll discuss the juicy details.

So when episode 5 ended, Seo Hoo shows up at Ha Na's house after never picking her up from work like promised. Ha Na lies and said she didn't wait for him and essentially that he's not worth waiting for.  Won takes her inside and into her room. She tells him she was really busy at work and that's why she didn't make it to the movie.  She looks at the bunny and says she wishes it wasn't there. Won takes it and asks if he wants her to take down her punching bag as well.

We see a flashback to Ha Na moping in bed after breaking up with Seo Hoo three years ago. Won comes and opens her curtains and hangs up the punching bag. He issues her a challenge an arcade game where whoever punches hardest wins.  He gives her some time to prepare and tells her the loser has to buy 3 years of chicken feet. We don't find out yet who wins, but something tells me Won lost on purpose. Back to the present they go to play the same game, and then plan to start working out together every morning.

As planned the next morning they work out together. Won is invigorated and Ha Na is exhausted. Ha Na goes to work and kills in her presentation.  Ha Na has a flashback to being in an airplane bathroom when Seo Hoo comes in and hugs her.  He says he misses her and they hold each other.

Back to present day- So Eun is at the mall browsing the classical music section and looking at Seo Hoo's CD. He happens to be there at the same time and starts a conversation with her. She recognizes him from when he visited Won at the airport and is surprised he's famous. Seo Hoo asks her how she knows Won. She says she's his hubae (junior). Seo Hoo asks if that's all and she says she's not sure; it's complicated and she think he likes his friend more than her. Seo Hoo says Ha Na's name, which surprises So Eun and then he asks for a favor.

Won is at home with Mi Hyang noona, talking about Ha Na as he always does.  Mi Hyang tells him he should marry her and he responds that maybe he should. This surprises Mi Hyang, because he's always argued against the idea in the past.  He meets Ha Na after she's done with work and they go to a movie. They laugh during parts and during another Won is moved almost to tears. Ha Na seems touched by this.

Seo Hoo waits for Ha Na in front of her house to come home, but she's still out with Won. They go to a bar after the movie and talk about they both never got along with each other's exes.  Won says he won't date anyone Ha Na doesn't approve of anymore.  Seo Hoo eventually stops waiting for Ha Na to come home.

The next day at work So Eun asks Won who Ha Na's dream guy is. It seems like a weird question to be asking, but moving on. We flashback to Won and Ha Na in high school where Ha Na is reading a book and tells Won that she is going to find her dream man through a kiss.  Her ideal romance is full of passion.

Back to present day So Eun calls Ha Na to meet up. When Ha Na gets there, So Eun tells her she's setting her up on a blind date. Ha Na says no thanks, but So Eun tells her the person is someone she already knows. Out comes Seo Hoo.  Ha Na is not happy.  Seo Hoo tells Ha Na that he could never get her voice out of his head or her face out of his mind and he had to find out why. He had to see her and that's why he came back to Korea (from New York).

So Eun has gone to Won and told him what happened and he is furious.  He takes off.  Ha Na is leaving the cafe and Seo Hoo pursues her.  He accuses her of pushing him away because she's afraid she's going to fall for him again. Won shows up and is yelling Ha Na's name, trying to find her. Seo Hoo scoffs about how Won always follows her around. Ha Na takes off in the opposite direction. SeoHoo yells after her that she doesn't know the whole story.  Won tries to call Ha Na, but she won't answer so he calls Seo Hoo.

The two meet up and Won grabs Seo Hoo by the collar and tells him to stay away from Ha Na.  Seo Hoo accuses Won of ruining their relationship in the first place. Won tells him he abandoned Ha Na and Seo Hoo says he did not.  Won tells Seo Hoo he's going to do everything he can to make sure Seo Hoo can't get any closer to Ha Na. Shaken by Won's anger, So Eun goes to Mi Hyang to see what the deal with Seo Hoo is and Mi Hyang tells her about Ha Na and Seo Hoo's past.

Ha Na goes home and is having flashbacks to her preparing excitedly for her engagement party three years before. She sleeps in on accident and while she's sleeping there's big trouble at work.  He co-workers tell her it all got taken care of and when she gets to work she apologizes. The boss has her hand over her marketing plan and everything seems like it worked out okay.

After work she goes out drinking with her high school friends. They get drunk and she tries to call Won to come hang out with them. Won is with So Eun who apologizes for setting up Ha Na, saying she didn't know the history and he apologizes for getting angry.  Back to the drunken high school trio, her friend's ex-fiance shows up and begs forgiveness. The four of them sob happily together at the reunion and you can tell that it's causing Ha Na to think about Seo Hoo at least a little.

Ha Na gets to think about Seo Hoo a lot more when she finds out at work the next day that she's been personally selected to lead a new project focused solely on Seo Hoo.  He specifically requested her for the project. To top things off, she also finds out that she's lost her big project- the one she was working on for a year and that the evil witch from the design team is taking over (you know the one that tried to out her and the intern).  She tells Ha Na that she should stop focusing on men and focus more on work since she's had so many guy troubles recently.

Won runs into Ha Na's dad on his way home and they drink together.  Won has a flashback to high school when Ha Na told him that someone asked what her relationship to him was and she answered honestly. She told the person that he was someone who was more important than a husband or her family. The most important person in the world to her. He then flashes back to the fight he had with the bullies telling him he couldn't like Ha Na. They still never say why. She sees him after the fight and is worried for him.  She tells him she won't ever love him either, assuming he's worried she's going to develop feelings for him.

Back in the present day, Won wonders how things would change if he would have revealed all along that he loved her. If she could have avoided heartbreak. We see him looking up at her window and silently asking "Would it be okay, if I start loving you?"

The drama ends going back to the scene in the library shortly after Ha Na's revealed her dream guy.  The power goes out and Won makes his way to Ha Na. It's hard to tell if it's fate or if it's intentional (I like to think it's a bit of both), but while making his way to Ha Na, Won's lips collide with hers and they kiss.  It doesn't look like they just collided. It looks like an actual kiss. We'll have to see where this leads. But for now let me get out some of my thoughts.

-Is Seo Hoo a bit dumb? If he wants to make things right with Ha Na why did he blow the first chance he had to talk to her? Why say he'll pick her up if he can't give her an exact time or if there's a possibility he'll be late.

-I really wanted to see Won give Ha Na a hug and comfort her when she got ditched by Seo Hoo. To me, that's a sign that there is some chemistry between them. If they were strictly platonic, it'd be nothing to give her a comforting hug after getting dumped. In fact there were a few times already when he should have.  It would only be awkward because there are feelings there.

-If I'm being honest I'm only 70% sure that Ha Na and Seo Hoo did not join the mile high club...just saying.

-When Ha Na and Won are at the bar after the movie, and a song comes on and everyone there started singing along, it was adorable. It reminded me of Cheers. I want to go somewhere like that.

- Seo Hoo wanted to give Ha Na a signed CD? Are you kidding me? How arrogant! It could have been a ploy, I suppose, but his arrogance remains unchanged. He is so sure that Ha Na is going to come running into his arms and says she's 'become stronger' when she doesn't.  Shouldn't he be giving Ha Na reasons she should give him another chance instead of just demanding that she does? Even when he's telling her why he came back, he never said it was because he missed her or that he liked her- just that he couldn't get her voice out of his head.  He probably means it to be romantic, but that can be taken a number of different ways.

-I'm really surprised that with the amount of involvement they have in each others' lives, that Won hasn't installed a tracking device on Ha Na's phone.  It'd make things much easier for him.

-Another great episode of outfits for Ha Na. The evil witch from the "design team" could learn a thing or two from her. 

-So Eun gets points for admitting that she was unsure about her relationship with Won instead of saying flat out she's his girlfriend, but then she goes on to express surprise that he likes Ha Na more than her and she loses any points she's gained.  Even if he didn't already tell you he didn't like you, you should be weary of any guy that's going to like you more than his best friend off the bat.  Also, Won didn't think it was strange that she was asking about Ha Na's dream man? I sure did. I'll forgive So Eun for setting up Ha Na because she honestly didn't know, but she really should have been more suspicious.

-Why did Ha Na avoid Won when he was calling her? Was it because she didn't want to be lectured? If so, I guess I understand that. However, she needs to stop ignoring him and start turning toward him. Maybe she feels like she doesn't want to burden him with her problems. Whatever the reason, she needs to communicate better.

-Oooooo Won and Ha Na's dark library kiss! I loved it! Couldn't stop squealing. Now that just needs to happen a lot more often. 

For now I have more questions than I do answers, but we've still got lots of time to see where this is going.  Until next week, catch up on my past recaps  by clicking below.

 The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Recaps and Drama Clubs

New Blog - Where to Find New Memes - 611 Drama Unnies

Hi Friends! Since it's no longer just me who is creating the memes and since Tiara and I are working  together on collaborations across...