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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 2 Recap

Thanks for joining me friends and future friends! We learned even more about Ha Na and Won's friendship this week as well as getting to see some more from some other characters.  This drama has definitely lead with a good foot as far as I'm concerned.  Let me recap what happened for you and then you can hear my comments.

At work, things are still looking bad for Ha Na. She's having difficulty selling the latest shoe that they've launched (I think I forgot to mention before that she works for a shoe company). Not only that but her ex and his newly minted wife are due back from the honeymoon in a couple of days.  On her way to work she stops in a coffee shop while on the phone with Won discussing her worries. A cute young guy (played by Infinite's L) takes notice of her and when she leaves a packet of information behind he brings it to her. He asks her if she recognizes him, but she just thinks he's flirting.

As expected, Ha Na gets reamed out by her boss and the sales for the shoe are still not picking up.  One of her team members comes by to introduce the new intern. And who else could it be but the cute young guy from the coffee shop.  Ha Na is embarrassed but keeps a professional demeanor and he just smiles at her. After he leaves she remembers running into him at the mall one day when she was carrying a stack of boxes and he helped her to carry them even though she said she was fine.

Won is at work as well, going into a meeting. It appears as though he is in fact a flight attendant.  The other three male flight attendants are discussing how there is no perfect woman, they all have a flaw. The newbie female flight attendant, So Eun, comes in with coffee for them all and manages to have guessed exactly what they liked.  Right in front of her, they discuss her as a woman and say that she's sweet and suits Won because he's cold and prickly.  Won tells them to knock it off, but So Eun seems pleased by this.

Back to Ha Na who has a moment to talk to he new intern, her hubae (younger colleague), alone at work (they have yet to give him a name).  He tells her he was surprised to learn she was his sunbae as he thought she was his age and that's why he was flirting with her.  Ha Na is shocked to learn that he was actually trying to flirt with her earlier. The two of them go to one of their company's shoe stores where she learns from the manager there that the shoes aren't selling well and Ha Na helps with an irate customer. While she and her hubae are in the back room getting shoes he tells her how impressive he thinks she is and how she gets more and more attractive to him, the more he learns. The two share a moment of undeniably strong sexual tension. He also stays at work until Ha Na is finished because he says it's not safe for a woman to be alone. 

Ha Na explains her encounter with her hubae to Won as they talk on the phone on their way home from work (as they seem to do quite frequently). She knows he's just playing around since he's young, but Won says a young attractive man would never seriously be interested in her.  Ha Na gets mad and says he's jealous because the young staff at work don't like him, but he tells her he's really popular.  Ha Na's words are still reeling through his head when the young flight attendant, So Eun, asks him out to dinner and he says yes.

The two go out to dinner and So Eun makes it clear that she's interested in Won and asks if she can call him 'oppa' (older brother, also a term used for a boyfriend) since she never had any brothers or sisters. She's cute and doesn't seem put off by his prickliness. While they're eating Won gets a call from Ha Na and doesn't even hesitate to answer it; he tells her he's at dinner with a hubae , but then Ha Na hears So Eun call him 'oppa'. Won insists that it's just a friend and says he can call her when he gets home.  So Eun asks if that was his girlfriend to which Won responds that she's just a friend. So Eun tells him that makes her happy.

When Won gets home he looks up at Ha Na's room and has a flashback to their friendship as teenagers.  Unbeknownst to the two of them, they both ended up at the same group date.  To determine who would be paired together the girls each had to put an item on the table and whichever item the guy picked would be who he was paired up with.  Ha Na pulled Won aside ahead of time and showed him the scrunchie she was using.  When it came time to pick, there were two similar scrunchies on the table: one polka dot and one plaid.  Won picked the polka dot one, which was of course Ha Na's.  So the two were paired, but since they were friends comfortably hung out and had fun together playing video games and riding bikes.

Back to present day, Ha Na's ex and his wife has now arrived back at work and Ha Na has decided to avoid her.  She finds out that the celebrity that is endorsing their shoe is back in town so she goes along with her hubae and another one of the office workers to track her down at her house. Ha Na hasn't said it, but it seems like she believes getting this celebrity to promote the shoe will help the sales.  The other office worker has to leave so Ha Na and her hubae stake out the celebrity's house all night to no avail.  He takes her home.

Ha Na has the day off of work since it's a holiday and her parents are worried because she's been up in her room snacking and watching videos on her computer all day.  They wonder if there are any men they could set her up with and they have her brother fetch Won. In her room Ha Na thinks about all the men she knows and if there are any suitable to marry.  She fantasies about a few of the ones she knows showing up in her room, but finds flaws with them all.

When she goes downstairs, her parents and brother dressed for going out and Won is there with the meal her mom made.  Instead of sitting and having a meal together, like Ha Na's parents planned, they combine their food in a big bowl and eat out of it together while watching TV.  They talk about their respective hubaes and Ha Na expresses distaste that So Eun calls Won 'oppa'. Won asks if her hubae calls her 'noona' and Ha Na says no and that she would stop him if he did because what you call someone determines the relationship.

Won gets a call from his older cousin, Mi Hyang, who is also the head flight attendant at work, who needs him to pick up groceries so he and Ha Na go to the grocery store together and then over to his Mi Hyuang's house to help her cook. She is the president of the fan club for the idol, Mir, and is cooking the food for him even though he's 20 years younger.  Mi Hyang and Ha Na talk about how you only have one life so age doesn't matter when it comes to love.

At work the next day Won sees So Eun helping an old lady carry her bag and thinks it's sweet. He in turn takes the bag from her and carries it himself.  Ha Na and her hubae are having their own interactions at work as they keep accidentally touching hands or having moments where there face ends up inches from the others' face. At this point the sexual tension is off the charts.  Her hubae sees her feet are hurting so he borrows a pair of comfortable sandals for Ha Na to wear on the way home.  He walks her to her house and calls her 'noona', saying when they're outside of work that she's neither the team leader nor is he a newbie.  Let it be noted that she does not stop him. Won is outside of his house and sees this interaction.  When Ha Na sees him, she looks caught, but says hi and he comes over. She introduces him to her hubae.

Once her hubae leaves, Ha Na and Won go to the roof to drink again. Ha Na tells Won that he called her noona and Won points out to her, that she liked it and her heart opened to her hubae upon hearing that.  She denies it, but you can tell she knows he's right.  The next day she assigns her hubae to work elsewhere while she helps out at the store. Won has an unexpected day off so he texts Ha Na to see if she wants to meet up to eat, but she's busy and doesn't see the text. Won sends her a follow up text saying he'll swing by her work.  As she's leaving work it's pouring. She stands under the shelter when her ex's new wife comes out. They are amicable, but then her ex pulls up and comes to get his wife and takes her to the car with an umbrella while Ha Na is left there alone with no umbrella.

She decides to make a dash for it so she puts her purse above her head and runs out to the road to try to hail a cab where she gets partial shelter from a tree. But then someone comes from behind her and covers her with an umbrella. Who is it? Is it Won? We see Won leaving his work with an umbrella, but then he hears someone call him 'oppa' and So Eun comes up and runs under his umbrella.  Back to Ha Na who turns around to see her hubae holding the umbrella for her and that's where our episode ends this week. Or does it? We go back to the flashback of Won and Ha Na when they were teenagers only to learn that Won knew which scrunchie was Ha Na's and intentionally chose it. Not only that, but he was intentionally late every morning so that she would win and he could buy her food and when they were competing in a game against each other at school he helped her win against him. Cute, right? Let's squeal together.
-Why haven't they given L's character a name? It's kind of annoying only being able to refer to him as hubae. But I will say I love his and Ha Ji Won's chemistry.  The sexual tension is so thick and so much fun to watch!

-Those male flight attendants are kind of pigs. They were discussing So Eun's level of appeal right in front of her. 

-So Won agreed to go out to dinner with So Eun just to spite Ha Na.  That doesn't seem like a very romantic way to start a relationship. Although so far I don't hate So Eun. She's cute and kind. I do have a bone to pick with her about forcing her way under Won's umbrella. How dare she?  Doesn't she know that's sacred territory? Because of that factor I'm going to have to put her on probation. One more infraction and she goes on my list.  

- That fact that Won doesn't even think twice about answering Ha Na's call while he's with So Eun says so many things. First, that he cares about Ha Na more than anyone and second, that he has absolutely no romantic feelings for So Eun.

-Note to the producers: the freeze frame is very helpful in distinguishing between flashbacks and present days. You have my sincere thanks.

-I love that even though Ha Na wanted to be paired with the other guy in the flashback, that her and Won still ended up having a lot of fun on their date.

-Did you see the men that Ha Na was considering?  How can she say there are no men she knows to choose from?

-Ahhhh, Won's first thought when he has a day off is to spend it with Ha Na, that's freakin' adorable.

-I just about died when they revealed that Won chose Ha Na on purpose and that all along he's been letting her win.  They just continue to reveal more and more all the little ways he's been in love with her all these years. She obviously loves him as a friend, but is she in love with him?  Or will she suddenly grow to realize she is. I'm curious. But mostly I'm curious as to why Won doesn't think they can be together? I'm still betting on the fact that he thinks they're related but I NEED TO KNOW!?!

Well, I guess we'll all have to wait to learn more for now. Also, I just learned that I will be participating in DramaFever's Drama Club for this drama so you can expect that posted on Wednesday or Thursday every week on DramaFever. You can find all available The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode recaps and associated Drama Clubs by clicking below.

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days recaps and drama club

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