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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 5 Recap

Thanks for joining me friends and future friends!  Lines are being drawn and stakes are being claimed as we delver further into The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days.  Let me recap what's been going on and then I'll point out some things I noticed.

When we left off last week, Won was waiting outside Ha Na's house with some beer, when he noticed a tall and handsome stranger waiting near by whom we assume is Ha Na's ex-boyfriend back to stake his claim.

This episodes starts off with a flashback to 2011 where we see Ha Na on the phone with Won, asking him to cover for her at a party she was supposed to attend because she's meeting her boyfriend, Seo Hoo, at the airport as he is unexpectedly back in town early. Won is not happy about this.  Ha Na hangs up and sees Seo Hoo coming off the plane. He is, in fact, the tall stranger we saw lurking outside her house earlier. She goes to greet him and he wraps her in an unexpectedly passionate kiss.

Back to present day, Won grabs Ha Na before she can see Seo Hoo waiting for her and leads her in the other direction and as it to be expected Seo Hoo does not look happy.  Instead of going to the roof to drink like originally planned, Seo Hoo takes Ha Na to the sushi restaurant they frequent.  Ha Na brings up their two high school friends who recently broke off their engagement. Won says once it's over it's over and you can never get back into a relationship with that person but Ha Na says it depends on the relationship and depth of feelings. Won does not seem pleased with her answer.  Won suggests they go on a biking outing.

When Ha Na comes out of her house ready to bike in the morning, guess who's waiting to come along? So Eun! We see a flashback to So Eun asking Won on a date and him telling her he had plans with Ha Na. She asks if she can come and not only does he NOT say yes but also tells her he thinks of her only as his hubae (junior). So even though Won rejected her, she still invited herself and Ha Na is too nice to say no so So Eun comes along. It turns out So Eun can't even ride a bike and so she has to ride a tandem bike with Won, making Ha Na almost into a third wheel.

After their bike ride, the three have a picnic of bimbibap So Eun made and brought along and then go to the batting cages.  Won bats excellently, but Ha Na is not so athletic. In an absolutely cliche but still absolutely adorable moment, Won helps Ha Na to bat by standing behind her, getting close, and helping her to swing properly.  So Eun is pained with jealousy and says she wants to bat. She expects the same treatment, but instead Won only gives her verbal batting tips. Before they leave Won gets a call from his mom that he doesn't answer.  So I guess she's alive after all.

On the way home Won gives Ha Na a goofy smile that she goes onto desribe to us has a very distinct meaning.  We see a flashback to Won in high school reading a note from his mom, saying that she is leaving.  He sits there, looking pained and Ha Na comes in. She asks what's wrong. He stays still for a minute before giving her the same goofy smile. The one he gives when he's in pain but doesn't want her to know. Back to present day Mi Hyang is going off to Won about what a horrible person his mom is when Won defends her saying regardless she's still his mom.

The next day Won gets a visit at work from Seo Hoo. He asks if Won and Ha Na are still just friends and while Won doesn't answer, Seo Hoo can tell right away that they are still strictly platonic. Won tells Seo Hoo to leave Ha Na alone and Seo Hoo makes it clear that he has no intentions of doing so.  So Eun sees Seo Hoo leave.

(I no longer have to deal with this thanks to DramaFever Premium, but I remember the pain like it was yesterday)
Ha Na's having a hard day at work, having been scolded for something that wasn't her fault, and she goes back to her desk to find a giant stuffed bunny sitting in her chair with no note. Won carries it home for her, but tries to convince her to get rid of it; He has a pretty good idea that it's from Seo Hoo. But Ha Na likes the rabbit and so she keeps it.

So Eun brings food to Mi Hyang the next day in order to inquire about the types of things Won likes, which it turns out all revolve around Ha Na and the things she likes.  Ha Na is back at work again when she has an unexpected visitor, Seo Hoo.  Ha Na is not happy to see him but he doesn't seem too incredibly deterred.

Ha Na calls Won and then goes home and waits on the roof .  We see a flashback to what looks to be an engagement party with Ha Na in a white dress. Back to present day. Won shows up. She tells him Seo Hoo's back and he tells her not to get involved with Seo Hoo again. We see another flashback to the same engagement party with Ha Na standing alone, abandoned.  The two leave the roof and go inside Ha Na's house where her mom has cooked dinner especially for Won.  Won has his own flashback to their group of friends meeting up at a club. Ha Na wasn't going to come because of Seo Hoo but cancelled her plans and is on her way because Seo Hoo had an important meeting to go to.  Won sees Seo Hoo show up at the same club with a group of giggly girls. One of whom he appears to give a gift.

(Apologies for the cheesy meme. I had to post it. It was cracking me up)

In the morning, waiting on Ha Na's desk, is a bouquet of flowers with a note from Seo Hoo saying he'll pick her up that evening.  She has the flowers thrown away. Won texts Ha Na later to see if she wants to go to the movies.  Things are crazy busy at work and she looks at the note from Seo Hoo hesitantly, but says yes to Won despite the two potential hurdles to a night out. She gets a text from Seo Hoo saying he'll be a little late but to wait for him.

Ha Na never shows up at the theater and ignores Won's texts and calls as she stays at the office looking anxious. Eventually she goes outside and watches the street. Won tries to watch the movie alone, but it too worried about Ha Na and so he goes to her office.  Won confronts Ha Na for waiting for Seo Hoo and tells her he'll show her that Seo Hoo is nothing but bad.  He takes her wrist and leads her home.

When they get back home, Seo Hoo is waiting outside Ha Na's house.  He asks her if she waited long. and tries to talk to her, but Won steps between the two. Our episode ends going back to the flashback with Ha Na and Seo Hoo in the airport and we see that Won (who works at the airport) was there and watching on sadly as they kissed.

So we finally have a potential solid suitor putting his hat in the ring for Ha Na. How is this going to turn out? I'm anxious to know. In the meantime here were my thoughts on this episode:

-Seo Hoo has some serious passion. I have to admit that in the airport scene I was expecting him to be cold and brush her off so I was totally surprised when he grabbed her so passionately. From that moment alone I could being to see why Ha Na was so in love with him.

-Who invites themselves to hang out with two best friends after you've already been rejected. Way to look pathetic, So Eun.  When a man tells you he doesn't like you like that, that's your cue to back off. And even worse she didn't even know how to ride bike? Or was it just a sad excuse to get to ride with Won? I especially had a problem with her stealing Ha Na' position in the front seat. That is a sacred place to a best friend.

- So it was a little bit of a shocker that Won's mom isn't dead, but that really makes it all the more sad since she chose to abandon him. It's touching in a sad way the he won't say anything bad about her. That gives us a little bit of an insight into his character.

-I couldn't pinpoint why, but Ha Na and Seo Hoo's very first interaction made me sad. I guess that's a sign of great acting. I could tell there was some sort of tragic story behind the two's interactions; I just don't know what that story is yet.

-I seriously have a problem with Ha Na continually ditching her friends and family for Seo Hoo in the flashbacks. It's really irritating. Those are the people who have always been there for her. I suppose that gives Won extra reason to hate Seo Hoo, since he was a bad influence on Ha Na's character.

-Seo Hoo showing up with a gaggle of girls at the club, sure doesn't look good. But I also just didn't buy him as a player. I'd be surprised if he had really been cheating on Ha Na. And because it's a flashback we don't know if Won told Ha Na or not, but as her best friend he most definitely should have and it's bothering me a little that we don't know. I'm sure it will come up again.

-Not only does Ha Na ditch her friends in the past but as soon as Seo Hoo shows up, she's already ditching Won. She doesn't call him or text him to cancel and even worse she ignores his calls and texts when he tries to get ahold of her. I was really liking Ha Na as a character up until now but this took her down several notches in my book.  She on probation.  If she keeps these actions up I'm not going to be happy. 

Okay, so those were my thoughts. Catch up with past reviews and look for future ones on The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days main page. You can get there by clicking below.

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