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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 6 Recap

Hello again friends and future friends!  So lovely to see you all here. More and more drama unfolds on The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days. Should we talk about it? Let's recap what happened and then we'll discuss the juicy details.

So when episode 5 ended, Seo Hoo shows up at Ha Na's house after never picking her up from work like promised. Ha Na lies and said she didn't wait for him and essentially that he's not worth waiting for.  Won takes her inside and into her room. She tells him she was really busy at work and that's why she didn't make it to the movie.  She looks at the bunny and says she wishes it wasn't there. Won takes it and asks if he wants her to take down her punching bag as well.

We see a flashback to Ha Na moping in bed after breaking up with Seo Hoo three years ago. Won comes and opens her curtains and hangs up the punching bag. He issues her a challenge an arcade game where whoever punches hardest wins.  He gives her some time to prepare and tells her the loser has to buy 3 years of chicken feet. We don't find out yet who wins, but something tells me Won lost on purpose. Back to the present they go to play the same game, and then plan to start working out together every morning.

As planned the next morning they work out together. Won is invigorated and Ha Na is exhausted. Ha Na goes to work and kills in her presentation.  Ha Na has a flashback to being in an airplane bathroom when Seo Hoo comes in and hugs her.  He says he misses her and they hold each other.

Back to present day- So Eun is at the mall browsing the classical music section and looking at Seo Hoo's CD. He happens to be there at the same time and starts a conversation with her. She recognizes him from when he visited Won at the airport and is surprised he's famous. Seo Hoo asks her how she knows Won. She says she's his hubae (junior). Seo Hoo asks if that's all and she says she's not sure; it's complicated and she think he likes his friend more than her. Seo Hoo says Ha Na's name, which surprises So Eun and then he asks for a favor.

Won is at home with Mi Hyang noona, talking about Ha Na as he always does.  Mi Hyang tells him he should marry her and he responds that maybe he should. This surprises Mi Hyang, because he's always argued against the idea in the past.  He meets Ha Na after she's done with work and they go to a movie. They laugh during parts and during another Won is moved almost to tears. Ha Na seems touched by this.

Seo Hoo waits for Ha Na in front of her house to come home, but she's still out with Won. They go to a bar after the movie and talk about they both never got along with each other's exes.  Won says he won't date anyone Ha Na doesn't approve of anymore.  Seo Hoo eventually stops waiting for Ha Na to come home.

The next day at work So Eun asks Won who Ha Na's dream guy is. It seems like a weird question to be asking, but moving on. We flashback to Won and Ha Na in high school where Ha Na is reading a book and tells Won that she is going to find her dream man through a kiss.  Her ideal romance is full of passion.

Back to present day So Eun calls Ha Na to meet up. When Ha Na gets there, So Eun tells her she's setting her up on a blind date. Ha Na says no thanks, but So Eun tells her the person is someone she already knows. Out comes Seo Hoo.  Ha Na is not happy.  Seo Hoo tells Ha Na that he could never get her voice out of his head or her face out of his mind and he had to find out why. He had to see her and that's why he came back to Korea (from New York).

So Eun has gone to Won and told him what happened and he is furious.  He takes off.  Ha Na is leaving the cafe and Seo Hoo pursues her.  He accuses her of pushing him away because she's afraid she's going to fall for him again. Won shows up and is yelling Ha Na's name, trying to find her. Seo Hoo scoffs about how Won always follows her around. Ha Na takes off in the opposite direction. SeoHoo yells after her that she doesn't know the whole story.  Won tries to call Ha Na, but she won't answer so he calls Seo Hoo.

The two meet up and Won grabs Seo Hoo by the collar and tells him to stay away from Ha Na.  Seo Hoo accuses Won of ruining their relationship in the first place. Won tells him he abandoned Ha Na and Seo Hoo says he did not.  Won tells Seo Hoo he's going to do everything he can to make sure Seo Hoo can't get any closer to Ha Na. Shaken by Won's anger, So Eun goes to Mi Hyang to see what the deal with Seo Hoo is and Mi Hyang tells her about Ha Na and Seo Hoo's past.

Ha Na goes home and is having flashbacks to her preparing excitedly for her engagement party three years before. She sleeps in on accident and while she's sleeping there's big trouble at work.  He co-workers tell her it all got taken care of and when she gets to work she apologizes. The boss has her hand over her marketing plan and everything seems like it worked out okay.

After work she goes out drinking with her high school friends. They get drunk and she tries to call Won to come hang out with them. Won is with So Eun who apologizes for setting up Ha Na, saying she didn't know the history and he apologizes for getting angry.  Back to the drunken high school trio, her friend's ex-fiance shows up and begs forgiveness. The four of them sob happily together at the reunion and you can tell that it's causing Ha Na to think about Seo Hoo at least a little.

Ha Na gets to think about Seo Hoo a lot more when she finds out at work the next day that she's been personally selected to lead a new project focused solely on Seo Hoo.  He specifically requested her for the project. To top things off, she also finds out that she's lost her big project- the one she was working on for a year and that the evil witch from the design team is taking over (you know the one that tried to out her and the intern).  She tells Ha Na that she should stop focusing on men and focus more on work since she's had so many guy troubles recently.

Won runs into Ha Na's dad on his way home and they drink together.  Won has a flashback to high school when Ha Na told him that someone asked what her relationship to him was and she answered honestly. She told the person that he was someone who was more important than a husband or her family. The most important person in the world to her. He then flashes back to the fight he had with the bullies telling him he couldn't like Ha Na. They still never say why. She sees him after the fight and is worried for him.  She tells him she won't ever love him either, assuming he's worried she's going to develop feelings for him.

Back in the present day, Won wonders how things would change if he would have revealed all along that he loved her. If she could have avoided heartbreak. We see him looking up at her window and silently asking "Would it be okay, if I start loving you?"

The drama ends going back to the scene in the library shortly after Ha Na's revealed her dream guy.  The power goes out and Won makes his way to Ha Na. It's hard to tell if it's fate or if it's intentional (I like to think it's a bit of both), but while making his way to Ha Na, Won's lips collide with hers and they kiss.  It doesn't look like they just collided. It looks like an actual kiss. We'll have to see where this leads. But for now let me get out some of my thoughts.

-Is Seo Hoo a bit dumb? If he wants to make things right with Ha Na why did he blow the first chance he had to talk to her? Why say he'll pick her up if he can't give her an exact time or if there's a possibility he'll be late.

-I really wanted to see Won give Ha Na a hug and comfort her when she got ditched by Seo Hoo. To me, that's a sign that there is some chemistry between them. If they were strictly platonic, it'd be nothing to give her a comforting hug after getting dumped. In fact there were a few times already when he should have.  It would only be awkward because there are feelings there.

-If I'm being honest I'm only 70% sure that Ha Na and Seo Hoo did not join the mile high club...just saying.

-When Ha Na and Won are at the bar after the movie, and a song comes on and everyone there started singing along, it was adorable. It reminded me of Cheers. I want to go somewhere like that.

- Seo Hoo wanted to give Ha Na a signed CD? Are you kidding me? How arrogant! It could have been a ploy, I suppose, but his arrogance remains unchanged. He is so sure that Ha Na is going to come running into his arms and says she's 'become stronger' when she doesn't.  Shouldn't he be giving Ha Na reasons she should give him another chance instead of just demanding that she does? Even when he's telling her why he came back, he never said it was because he missed her or that he liked her- just that he couldn't get her voice out of his head.  He probably means it to be romantic, but that can be taken a number of different ways.

-I'm really surprised that with the amount of involvement they have in each others' lives, that Won hasn't installed a tracking device on Ha Na's phone.  It'd make things much easier for him.

-Another great episode of outfits for Ha Na. The evil witch from the "design team" could learn a thing or two from her. 

-So Eun gets points for admitting that she was unsure about her relationship with Won instead of saying flat out she's his girlfriend, but then she goes on to express surprise that he likes Ha Na more than her and she loses any points she's gained.  Even if he didn't already tell you he didn't like you, you should be weary of any guy that's going to like you more than his best friend off the bat.  Also, Won didn't think it was strange that she was asking about Ha Na's dream man? I sure did. I'll forgive So Eun for setting up Ha Na because she honestly didn't know, but she really should have been more suspicious.

-Why did Ha Na avoid Won when he was calling her? Was it because she didn't want to be lectured? If so, I guess I understand that. However, she needs to stop ignoring him and start turning toward him. Maybe she feels like she doesn't want to burden him with her problems. Whatever the reason, she needs to communicate better.

-Oooooo Won and Ha Na's dark library kiss! I loved it! Couldn't stop squealing. Now that just needs to happen a lot more often. 

For now I have more questions than I do answers, but we've still got lots of time to see where this is going.  Until next week, catch up on my past recaps  by clicking below.

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