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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 8 Recap

Hi friends and future friends! Sorry for the delay in posting this recap. I started watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal for the first time and got so wrapped up in it that I forgot about everything else. I'm sure you know how that is. Anyway, I'm so ready to talk about Episode 8 of The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, how about you?

When we last left off with Ha Na and Won, Won had given her a piggyback ride home from the club after drinking with Seo Hoo and her co-workers.  Episode 8 has us backing up a little bit to Seo Hoo talking at the club with Ha Na's boss about the project and how Seo Hoo has a reason that he has to do well.  Won knows to come pick Ha Na up, because when he called her co-worker answered and told him where they were.  He comes and gives Ha Na a piggyback ride.

We see a flashback to him giving her a piggyback ride in college and while she's passed out he tells her that he likes her. Back to present day, Won gets her home and tucks her in.  Meanwhile Seo Hoo's manager tells him that he's going to have to go back to the U.S. for a performance.  Seo Hoo says that he won't; that he wants to focus on the project with Ha Na.

Won drives Ha Na to work in the morning and then goes to work himself where he finds out from Mi Hyang that he's been selected for a very prestigious position that involves going overseas to train.  He says he'll have to think about it and Mi Hyang is surprised that he isn't thrilled because it's such a good opportunity.  While we know that it's because he doesn't want to leave Ha Na.

Seo Hoo tells Ha Na that she needs to stay with him every day from 9-2, needs to have a flexible schedule for whenever he needs her, and needs to be available 24/7 for him to call. Despite his child-like demands, she remains professional and doesn't argue.

She goes to the stage with him where he practices for 5 hours, all the while she watches him intently. He is an incredibly gifted pianist after all. After Won is done with work, he calls Ha Na to see if she wants to get something to eat and hears Seo Hoo in the background. Ha Na tells him she'll call him back. Won looks dejected and Seo Hoo tries to give Ha Na an unwanted foot rub.

At work the male flight attendants are talking about So Eun's quick rebound and Won replays hearing Seo Hoo on the phone and thinks about the possibility of the overseas training position..  Ha Na's younger brother, Dae Bok, meets up with Ha Na's co-worker who asks him to go to a concert with her. When he sees the ticket, he sees it's Seo Hoo's concert and tells her he can't go.

Ha Na has other work to do at the shoe store so she leaves the theater but Seo Hoo insists on going with, reminding her that she needs to help clothe him for the promotional events. Won is finished with work and texts Ha Na that he'll pick her up at the store.   Meanwhile So Eun tells Mi Hyang she hopes Won will take the overseas position so he'll be away from Ha Na and Mi Hyang realizes she's kind of crazy.

Seo Hoo makes Ha Na bring him a ton of shoes to try on at the store. Won approaches the store as Ha Na is putting a shoe on Seo Hoo's foot and for some reason deciphers this as an intimate moment and looks upset. He calls Ha Na and she says she'll be done soon. Seo Hoo sees him watching them. When Ha Na does meet up with Won, he's grumpy towards her and she gets mad at him being so finicky.

Mi Hyang is at home, putting laundry away in Won's room when she sees the jewelry box Won had earlier and she opens it; it's a necklace. When he gets home she gently confronts him and asks if the reason he's hesitant to take the position because of Ha Na which he all but confirms and she suggests that it'd be good for him and Ha Na to spend some time apart from each other. He calls Ha Na and asks her to go shopping the next day and even though she's still annoyed she agrees.

The next morning they meet up to go shopping shopping and agree to forget about their disagreement the night before.  They look for gifts for her parents' anniversary and he buys them a camera. Later, after they've given her parents their gifts they go to the sushi restaurant to drink. Won tells her about the overseas opportunity. She says it's a good opportunity and that, while she'll be bored, she's more than fine being bored if it's for him.

Won takes Ha Na' parents to their airport for their anniversary trip the next day and Ha Na gets a call from the stage that there's some kind of emergency. She arrives and Seo Hoo is meeting with his teacher. His teacher tells him he is jeopardizing his sponsorship just like he did over his engagement three years before.  Seo Hoo tries to stop him from revealing this to Ha Na, but it's too late. Seo Hoo tells Ha Na that he did come to the engagement three years ago, he was just late. She's angry that he let her think that she was abandoned for three years and says it would be better if he hadn't come.

Won sees Ha Na moping and follows her. Eventually she notices him and she's glad to see him. They go to the sushi restaurant again. She relays to him what Seo Hoo told her and Won tells her it's ridiculous. Won asks if he should turn down the overseas training and instead Ha Na ponders what would have happened if Won had stopped her from going on her trip to Paris where she first met Seo Hoo. The next morning Won tells Mi Hyang that he is staying.

Ha Na goes to work where her team is talking with Seo Hoo's manager about how his agency is trying to ruin his reputation. Ha Na feels bad and she finds Seo Hoo at the theater.  He tells her that he came back to Korea because he never wants to lose her again. He hands her a stack of his music books with the notes she wrote still on them and tells her to come back when she's remembered. She doesn't know what he's talking about, but he leaves.

Meanwhile Won has set up a presentation for Ha Na in the hideout with the necklace. He's going to tell her how he feels. He texts her to meet him. As Ha Na gets Won's text, she knocks over the stack of music books and sees a note that she wrote to Seo Hoo with a rabbit on it. We see a flashback to her writing the note and saying that Seo Hoo reminded her of a rabbit (remember how he bought her a stuffed rabbit a few episodes back?) Back to present day, we're left with Ha Na running passionately, we assume to either Won or Seo Hoo and we don't know who. That's where our episode ends.

Oh geez, such a climax to leave off on. I have about a mililion thoughts in my  head, so let me start getting some of them out.

-First thing's first.  I truly believe that Ha Na is running to Seo Hoo. Which makes me so sad. I actually don't hate Seo Hoo, but I don't believe he deserves Ha Na. He didn't give her a good enough explanation or an apology. Regardless, Ha Na and Won are my OTP.  I only hopes Won doesn't chicken out and decide not to tell her how he feels or change his mind about going overseas. If she decides to go to Seo Hoo he needs to win her over. She still thinks that Won will never see her as a woman. He needs to let her know that's not true.

-Seo Hoo got major points docked off for getting Ha Na drunk on purpose. I think that's disgusting. Guys who get girls drunk on purpose are pigs. I suppose the same goes for the other way around as well.  No matter who you are, if you're trying to impair someone's judgement to take advantage of them,that's disgusting. 

-I have to say Ha Na and Won's 'piggyback rides' are some of the most intimate I've ever seen. Especially considering they're 'just friends'. Dang! Speaking of intimate, that was quite forward of Seo Hoo to give Ha Na such an intimate foot rub. I felt like he was totally going to get away with it, but I think she was just reigning in her temper to keep from hitting him.

-Why can't Ha Na's co-worker get Dae Bok's name right if she likes him so much? Is she just boy-crazy and doesn't really care about him that much individually? If so, that's kind of sad. He totally lost his cool waving to her all excitedly when they met up. It was the cutest thing.  They'll be such a sweet couple if it works out.

-Seo Hoo is also a complete jerk by his behavior in the shoe store. He likes it that Ha Na is waiting on him, but he probably doesn't even give a second thought to how uncomfortable he's making her fetching him shoes, bending over, squatting down, over and over while wearing heels. 

-So far, there is no logical explanation as to why Seo Hoo didn't talk to Ha Na ever again after the engagement party, especially when he was in the wrong to begin with.  He certainly has to right to assume she's going to want him back after that. Is there still a missing piece to the puzzle here? If he really was jealous of Won and Ha Na's relation and assumed they were in love, then why did he expect her to be unattached when he came back?

Well, I guess we'll have to wait until the next episode to see who Ha Na was running to. Until then, drama on, friends!

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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

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