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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 4 Recap

Oh hi friends and future friends! Thanks for joining me.  Wasn't episode 4 of The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days just the sweetest? If you haven't watched it you should as soon as possible (which you can do on the likes of DramaFever and Viki), otherwise join in as I recap this episode's happenings and put in my own personal opinion on the matters at the end.

When we last left off Won had shown up to save the day for Ha Na after she was dumped and felt used and manipulated.  They go back to her hotel room and spend all night drinking and playing games. They talk about love and how with Ha Na's ex-boyfriend, Seo Hoo, Ha Na only thought about him and not herself. She says that's because she was in love and love means sacrificing for the other person. Won tells her love is finding someone who loves you for who you are.  Ha Na responds that the only one who likes her for who she is is him but he'll never see her as a woman and he responds that she'll never see him as a man. They eventually pass out.

Won wakes first to find he and Ha Na laying next to each other, with her on his arm.  He brushes the hair out of her face while she's still sleeping. She wakes up and he pretends to be sleeping and then opens his eyes as she's looking at him. The two awkwardly separate and then awkwardly part when they get home. Ha Na's brother sees them arrive together.

Later that day Ha Na has a flashback to her and Won waking up next to each other as she's cleaning her room ferociously. Her mom finds this concerning as she's only ever cleaned her room during troubling times like when she broke up with Seo Hoo.  Ha Na then decides to go on a bike ride alone and falls and sprains her wrist. She has to get a cast put on.

Won is at work at is also thinking about the fact that he woke up across from Ha Na and tries calling her, but she's at the hospital and doesn't see her phone ring.  So Eun asks Won how he could leave her in the middle of dinner to go to Ha Na. He tells her that Ha Na is a "family-like friend". So Eun asks if Ha Na is like family does that mean she (So Eun) is his girlfriend. Won doesn't confirm nor deny this.

Ha Na and Na Young meet up with another one of their high school friends who is getting married to a guy they went to high school with.  Her friend wonders if the same thing happened with Ha Na and Won and Ha Na tells her they've never thought of each other like that. The friend emphasizes how her relationship changed suddenly from friendship to something more with one simple but meaningful touch and how the way they thought about each other changed.

Ha Na goes home and is thinking again about waking up next to Won and is startled by the realization that she keeps thinking about him and it causes her to drop her phone in the toilet. Won has bought beer for them to share and tries texting her but she doesn't answer. He waits on the roof but she never comes (because her phone isn't working and she didn't get his texts). He thinks she's avoiding him because things got awkward.

The next day at work Ha Na's manager celebrates the fact that they got Yeon Jung's endorsement and takes credit for it himself, but Ha Na manages to spin it around by getting an account she had been lobbying for in exchange. After the meeting she goes to her manager and asks him to give Sung Jae a full-time position based on his performance and flexibility, despite his education and experience.

She goes to leave work and it's raining again. That seems to happen to her a lot.  All of a sudden an umbrella appears over her head and Sung Jae is standing next to her. He thanks her for the recommendation. Then Ha Na pulls out her own umbrella and goes to walk away. Then she decides to come back and tells him that the recommendation was based on his merit and nothing else and to not use such manipulative means in the future. He tells her that he was thinking about really becoming her protector.  She walks away and he starts to run after her but then stops.  Through an internal monologue she tells us it's a little comforting to know that, but she's only going to use it to make her wound heal faster.

Ha Na goes to have her phone repaired but finds out it's going to take a few days. She then takes her brother to buy new shoes and runs into So Eun while at the mall. They have coffee and So Eun explains she's okay with Ha Na and Won's relationship since he said they're like family.  Ha Na seems hurt by this but confirms they are like family. When Ha Na gets home her family is leaving for an overnight trip without her (in an effort by then to have Won keep her company). When they leave Ha Na's dad calls Won and tells him she hurt her arm and needs to be checked on. He rushes over to her house and helps her change a light that mysteriously needed fixing. They have a moment of awkward sexual tension as they almost run into each other. After Won leaves he fantasizes about going and kissing Ha Na, but then her punching him in the face. End of fantasy. Lol.

We see a flashback of Won getting beat up in high school by a few other male students, taunting him and asking if he was dating Ha Na and calling him a traitor and fatherless.  So I guess that reveals the whole depressing 'Won's an orphan' truth. Won starts to fight back, even though it's a losing battle and asks why he can't like Ha Na.

When Ha Na gets her phone backs she sees she has a ridiculously sweet amount of missed calls and texts from Won including one asking if she wanted to go to the museum that weekend. She didn't respond, but decided to head to the museum on her own accord. After she's there awhile she sees that Won and So Eun are there together and sees them leaving. She doesn't get upset nor try to get their attention, but rather ponders his and So Eun's relationship. Ha Na then gets a message from Na Young and her other friend to find out her friend's wedding was cancelled.  Her friend tells her the only thing she'll regret is the fact that their 17 year-friendship is ruined. That they were friends first but no longer can be.

When Ha Na gets home Won asks if she's had dinner, which she hasn't so he orders her black bean noodles and they eat together (even though he's already eaten). She asks him if he'll come visit her when she's old and in the nursing home and he says they'll play together for the rest of their lives.

Next we see Ha Na in the hospital getting her cast off. Won calls her on his way home from the airport and asks if she wants to drink beer to celebrate, which of course she does!  As he's leaving the airport, he sees someone he thinks he recognizes.  We then go to the man playing a piano in some sort of auditorium while hearing Ha Na's voice in his head.

Won goes by Ha Na's house with the beer, when he sees that the pianist is parked on the road, watching Ha Na's house and they most definitely recognize each other and both seem incredibly threatened by the other. Ha Na comes out of the house, in a terrific mood and the pianist smiles as he sees her. And that's where they cut us off for this episode! I right?  Lol. Here's my take.

-Ha Na and Won look like they had a blast drinking and playing together in the hotel room. It was sweet to see two thirty-somethings playing like teenagers. Absolutely adorable.  But the friendship line was nearly crossed during some of those moments.  Won stroking her face, them looking at each other intimately, him moving her hair back while she slept. 'Friends' is becoming a vague term here.

-Frickin So Eun! Take a chill pill. What right do you have to question Won leaving to go to Ha Na's side and comfort her? You don't have any right to do that and then to assume you're his girlfriend without any confirmation or reciprocation from him.  I'm warning you, sister, you're borderline pathetic right now.

-I'm really sad Ha Na's friend's relationship didn't work out. I was looking forward to seeing their wedding and a reunion between all the high school friends. That would have been a lot of fun.

-Why didn't Won just go over to Ha Na's house when she didn't respond to his text? Shouldn't he have been worried something more serious than things getting awkward occurred when they were usually in constant communication with one another? I've only know her 4 episodes and already I know it's not in her personality to ignore someone she loves just because it's a little awkward.

-Alright Ha Na has cemented herself as an awesome female lead in this episode in a few different ways. 1)  She brings her own umbrella. She doesn't need a man to shelter her from the rain any more. She can do it herself. 2) She coolly gave Sung Jae a recommendation even though he was a spineless jerk. Seriously, awesome.  And to top it off 3) She doesn't run to Sung Jae when he admits he was going to protect her, because she has more self-respect than that.  Bravo, Ha Na! You have won my respect.

-Won has the strangest fantasies. He never seems to enjoy them. Either he doesn't have any control over his fantasies, or he doesn't understand the point of them. Lol.

-I am so confused why the bullies were beating up Won for liking Ha Na. Did one of them like her? Oooo maybe this Seo Hoo character went to high school with them too and was known for liking Ha Na. He seems a little young, but maybe this is what happened. I'm hoping because this would explain so much.

-I was a little surprised at how cool Ha Na was about seeing Won and So Eun at the museum on a date. Major cool points. Especially when she knows he originally wanted to go with her, well maybe that is why she's cool about it. Lol.

-So Seo Hoo, I'm excited to meet you. Please treat my heart well as I'm so susceptible to a good love triangle.  I hope we get along well and that we part on good terms.  Lol. But in all seriousness, what is the history here with Seo Hoo I'm so excited to find out that I don't think I can stand it!

Well those are my thoughts.  Catch up with my previous recaps and get ready for a DramaClub posting later today. It's going to be a good one if I do say so myself.

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  1. Hi! just discovered your blog and I am curious about the designer clothes that Oh Ha Na has been wearing for every episode and there's like 4 to 5 outfits per episode. can't find any site or blog that is like doing a fashion recap, there's Koreandramafashion but it's not really active nowadays. (and somewhat -my search brought me here) lovin' the blog style! :-)

    1. Thanks for reading :) I have been absolutely loving Ha Na's outfits so far! Each one catches my eye and Ha Ji Won looks fantastic. I was just thinking how funny it is that at work she's so much better dressed than the "design team". Whoever did her wardrobe did an A+ job!!!


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