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Kdramas For Your Hogwarts House

Hey friends and future friends! There's no use denying that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I know that I'm not the only one whose love for Harry Potter is equal in strength to their love for Kdramas. That being said, I thought it might be fun to compile a list of a few dramas each to watch in relation to the house to which you'd be sorted. If you don't know what house you're in, you can start a free account on Pottermore and be sorted by a quiz created by J.K. Rowling herself. Personally, I'm a proud Ravenclaw. So below I've listed a few dramas that I believe best represent each house. For those who know nothing about the Harry Potter universe I've given a quick description of each house by their two most prominent traits. Let me know in the comments if you can think of any other good examples!

Know for their bravery and loyalty

Boys Over Flowers: Our heroine, Jan Di, epitomizes the Gryffindor spirit. Her bravery is clearly demonstrated as she stands up to an entire school of rich bullies. She even saves a man from jumping off the roof. While most people in her situation would be intimidated and would have gotten as far away from that school as they could, she sticks it out even in the harshest conditions. And she's loyal as heck. Who else but a Gryffindor would stand up for a girl who tried to ruin her reputation?

Wonderful Mama: Bok Hee's bravery knows no bounds when it comes to protecting her children and making sure they will be able to take care of themselves when she's no longer there. As a single mom, she became a loan shark in order to take care of them. You know a single mom loan shark has to be a brave lady! When she finds out that she's getting sick, she decides to fake going broke so that her spoiled children learn the value of money and hard work and how to take care of themselves and each other. She doesn't do this because she's sick of taking care of them; she does it because of her intense love and loyalty to them. Even though she didn't give birth to them, she gives up her own chance of happiness and when she falls ill instead of being a burden to them, she decides to go off on her own. It's easy to see why this drama represents Gryffindors, Godric would be proud.

Full House Take 2: All three of our leads in this drama are most assuredly Gryffindor and as the plot focuses on them, this drama is therefore very Gryffindor. Starting with Won. He's going blind, but he refuses to give up his dreams and still goes on stage to perform. Tak Gu essentially sells his soul to an evil man to get back the home his father built and even though he seems prickly toward his partner, he defends Won when the agency conspires against him. Won does the same in return. The two are quite loyal to her. And our female lead Man Ok is incredibly loyal to them both: refusing to leave Won's side in his trouble and helping the two whenever she can. (Note: you do not need to have seen the first Full House to enjoy this one; the plot is completely unrelated and is only considered the "spiritual successor" to the original)

Known for their intelligence and creativity

My Love From Another Star: Ravenclaws are a creative and quirky bunch. This drama about an ancient alien who falls in love with an eccentric movie star could not get anymore creative or quirky. Our leads Min Joon and Song Yi are prime Ravenclaw candidates. Min Joon knows secrets of the universe that most Ravenclaws would kill to get their hands on. He has an extensive library and endless knowledge. He also possesses the certain intellectual arrogance that can be common amongst certain Ravenclaws. And Song Yi's odd behavior would be right at home in Ravenclaw. This drama is a champion for romances between the weird, the quirky, the Ravenclaw.

God of Study: Well, from the title alone this drama screams Ravenclaw. It's about a group of high school students who, realizing their grades are pretty awful, devote all their time to studying like crazy. Led by a dictator-like ex-lawyer they devote every spare minute they have to learning and are able to turn their not only their grades around, but their whole lives around. This drama speaks to the importance of studying and the transformative power of knowledge.

What's up?: Creativity and wit overflow from the students in What's up? who enroll in a performing arts college. They hone their natural talents and build new skills in performing, composing, and directing. They give every ounce of their being to become the best. The mental and creative pursuits are difficult but rewarding for our cast of loveable and eccentric characters. All of whom would be right at home in Ravenclaw Tower.

Known for their friendliness and hard work

Flower Boy Next Door: When I asked my sister, the proudest Hufflepuff you'll ever meet and an amateur Kdrama aficionado which drama best represented her house, this is the one she gave me. Dok Mi is a genuinely kind person, but painfully introverted and surrounded by an unusual number of attractive Flower Boys neighbors. In particular, a bold but kind Enrique. Everyone in this drama is so kind and considerate of each other and the neighbors even have weekly cooking sessions together. You can't get much more Hufflepuff than that.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend: The male lead in this drama, Mr. Unfortunate, is one of the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. He refuses to speak a negative word about anyone and to top it off; he's a huge plant-lover. He would absolutely adore the Herbology department at Hogwarts as any good Hufflepuff does. This drama is all about being kind and loving people for who they are and that is something the Hufflepuff knows quite well.

Coffee Prince: While our female lead is arguably more of a Slytherin in her deceptiveness, the male lead of this drama, Han Kyul displays the heart of Hufflepuff. He's willing to love and accept someone he loves, even if it means questioning everything else in his life that he's known to be true. When he falls in love with Eun Chan while she's pretending to be a man, he's even willing to admit that he's gay if that's what it means to love her. He's not after all, but he accepted the person he loved despite any hurdles.

Known for their ambition and cunningness

Heirs: Cunningness and ambition abound at Jeguk High School. It's a school full of those who are either very rich, very smart, or both. There's very little room at the top here and everyone wants to be King. Whether it's the power-hungry bully Chan Do, the cunning and jealous Rachel, or the selfish and manipulative Tan, there is hardly a student at this school that wouldn't have been instantly sorted into Slytherin.

I Miss You: Of course Harry has a lot to be angry about, but he uses that anger to become bitter as he puts revenge over all else. It's safe to say that he goes over to the dark side of what being a Slytherin means. He manipulates and plots against those that have brought him so much pain so far, but worse he also harms the innocent in his attempt at revenge. From a young age he becomes a murderer and takes pleasure in harming those who harmed him. There's a lot of dark stuff in this drama, which epitomizes what can happen when a Slytherin becomes dark.

Pretty Man: Of course, not all Slytherins are inherently bad. In fact most aren't. So I wanted to include a drama that showed a Slytherin as the hero. In Pretty Man, Ma Te decides that he needs to be successful in life and is willing to do pretty much whatever it takes. In this case, what it takes is him seducing a number of successful, powerful, and wealthy women thanks to his beautiful good lucks. He learns what he can about moving up in the world from them. But he also learns that manipulation won't always get him what he really wants.

I don't know about you, but now I want to go and watch Harry Potter and  Kdrama simultaneously. I'm in desperate need of some sort of mash-up. Maybe they should make a Kdrama version of Harry Potter. Who do you think would play Harry? Now I've got some serious thinking to do.  See you soon friends!


  1. Hello.Are there any k-dramas that have a similarity to harry potter?

    1. Moorim School has a Harry Potter feel to it. They're not witches or wizards but there is some magic involved and I really enjoyed the drama. I would say that is the only drama that even comes close to feeling like Harry Potter unfortunately.

    2. @loganblair thankyou so much :D


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