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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 12 Recap

Again, sorry I've been neglectful, friends and future friends. I have no excuse other than I didn't want to be cooped up in the house, but rather out enjoying the last remnants of summer now that I've committed myself for an inevitably terrifying winter in Minnesota (I love it, though, don't get me wrong). So let me recap Episode 12 for you. I'm going to try to shake things up a bit this week and include my commentary in the recap. Let me know what you think of the new format. 

When we last left off with Won and Ha Na, Won told Ha Na that they should continue to be friends. She told him when he left on his trip she thought of him as her friend, but thought that was too selfish to imagine that she could keep him as her friend. He offers her his hand as a sign of friendship.

Seo Hoo walks up to see them holding hands and gets as angry beaver. Are beavers really angry? I guess I don't understand that expression. Anyway, he grabs Ha Na by the hand and drags her away.  Aish, just when Won and Ha Na are making up, Seo Hoo comes in and tries to mess with it. Anyway, he gets mad at her, thinking she sought Won for solace after their fight.  She gets mad back and tells him not to assume things. You know what they say "assume makes and ass out of you and me".

She tells Seo Hoo there was a reason that they were together and reminds him that she chose him over the long friendship she had with Won.  With this statement, Seo Hoo realizes his mistake and hugs her. He tells her he's sorry.  It seems like Seo Hoo really got the weight of what she was saying here. It's a bit surprising to see him authentically apologize like this.  It's still not enough after everything he's done, but surprising nonetheless.

Director Min (Seo Hoo's boss) goes to Ha Na's company and tells Ha Na the concert is being cancelled and asks her to back out of the planning.  This woman is like pure evil. I'm just going to call her Director Satan. She seems really scary and like she has done really dark things to get her power. Ha Na defends Seo Hoo's artistic rights and says the director should check to see what Seo Hoo wants. Ha Na calls Seo Hoo herself who tells her that he's not going on the world tour and that he's going to perform the benefit concert.

Won is attending to a flight where his old teacher, who now has cancer, is a passenger. They greet each other and we see a flashback to Won gazing out the window at Ha Na and his teacher catching him and calling Won out for liking her in a playful manner. Ha Na is working too, this time at the shoe store and Seo Hoo comes to pester her. This time she puts him to work signing autographs and manages to sell a ton of shoes.

Mi Hyang takes a trip to the sauna with Seo Hoo's teacher, Jong Hoon and she tries to break up with him over guilt that he's involved with Seo Hoo, but he's too laid back and says he'll call her. Jong Hoon has this funny sort of confidence, that's not cockiness but more rather he just believes that he and Mi Hyang are meant to be together so he doesn't even question it, like they have been together forever. I think it's sweet in a weird way.

 Sometime later Won finds out that his teacher with cancer died. He and the whole high school gang go to the memorial where the funeral of a past high school friend of theirs, Dae Yoon, is brought up and we find out Won was close to him.  Their teacher left some belongs for the students including old pictures and an old movie script that Won had written in high school.

Director Satan shows up at Seo Hoo's apartment uninvited and teases him about liking Ha Na. It's clear she does not get what he sees in her.  She expresses mild jealously, but mostly over the fact that Seo Hoo is choosing Ha Na over his career.  Director Satan threatens to reveal the real reason that Seo Hoo didn't make it to their engagement party and his face goes pale.  What, why? What's the real reason? This mystery is killing me!

Right after Director leaves, Ha Na shows up and they stay inside for two hours while he plays piano.  He's moody and doesn't really want to talk.  Ha Na's a little surprised that he doesn't even ask about the funeral.  Meanwhile Won has gone to his high school friend, Dae Yoon's memorial. We see a flashback ot hem playing basketball in high school. He asks Won to give a love letter to Ha Na. Won never does and we see that Won has a whole stack of undelivered letters in his backpack.

Back to present day, Won says that he's not going to feel guilty anymore for loving Ha Na. AHA! There we go! Finally! I've been waiting for so long to know why Won couldn't love Ha Na and surprisingly it's actually a reason that makes sense. Guilt is a powerful motivator. But I'm glad that he's letting go of it now. Let the romance commence (seriously, any time now I'm getting anxious).

On the way home Won runs into Ha Na who looks tired. She asks if she can see his screenplay and he says he will show it to her.  Later on Mi Hyang is on a date with Jong Hoon at a coffee shop and he tells her he has someone he wants her to meet. It is of course, Seo Hoo with Ha Na in tow. Awkward!

No seriously, it's super awkward which is something I didn't really expect from two old friends.  Mi Hyang follows Ha Na into the bathroom and tells her that she understands how both she and Won feel. She relates it to her feelings for Jong Hoon. Even though she was going to break up with him, she couldn't because she can't control her feelings around him.  Personally, this makes me happy. I hate when Kdrama couples break up due to unfortunate family connections that really have nothing to do with them personally. But it also makes you think.  If Ha Na feels ashamed by her boyfriend in front of someone she's known forever, maybe he's not the right one. Well, honestly there are a million other reasons he's not the right one, but this is certainly one to add to the list.

Ha Na finds Won outside the convenience store on the way home and they drink together before going home.  When Mi Hyang gets home she confesses to Won that she was with Jong Hoon and that she had a meal with Seo Hoo and Ha Na.  He tells her that she should date Jong Hoon and to not think about his connection to Seo Hoo when she's with him.  Those two are the sweetest cousins ever, they have such great insight into each others' lives and speak a lot of truth. What a healthy relationship, seriously, it's always refreshing to see healthy relationships in Kdramas.

Dae Bok has started working at a convenience store and is now officially dating Ha Na's co-worker Eun Jung, but they have to keep it a secret so it doesn't look like she's being favored at work. The two of them are just the cutest. I feel guilty for misjudging her interest in him earlier. She does really seem to like him, which is cute especially considering he doesn't have much to offer.  And she is starting to motivate him to want to do things and discover his potential. It's a great combo.

Won has been invited back to the high school he graduated from to share his work experience as an alumni.  They ask about his dreams and if he gave up on them - becoming a Director and winning over the heart of a girl he liked - he says that his dreams could still happen so he won't give up on them. Ahh, that's right Won! Never give up!

At work Ha Na's director tells her the benefit concert IS going to be cancelled. She isn't happy and she meets with Director Satan to see why she did it.  Director Satan tells her that Seo Hoo will eventually choose her (The Director) and to get married to Ha Na is a waste of his talent.  Ha Na asks what kind of a relationship Director Satan had with Seo Hoo to be saying those kind of things and the director tells her to ask Seo Hoo herself. This really upsets Ha Na, as it should. This woman is pretty much throwing down the gauntlet and staking a claim to her man.

Seo Hoo calls Ha Na right after this altercation and asks her to come over, but instead she asks him to come find her, although she doesn't tell him where she is, which is kind of weird.  It seems a bit like she's playing games. Why does he have to play Where's Waldo? Anyway, surprisingly, he finds her right away but instead of asking her what's wrong, he immediately tells her that he has to go to Austria for a week.  Shouldn't you at least ask if she's okay first, buddy? I mean, she just called you acting all weird and cryptic and is clearly distraught. He does not get points for attentiveness.

Anyway, Ha Na asks if the trip is with Director Min and he says it is.  Ha Na asks him not to go. She says that if he does it will be the end.  He says he just needs a week and then he leaves. Okay, I mean she flat out tells you that it's going to be the end and you're going to leave anyway? After all that talk about what you'd do to keep her? Or are you just that arrogant? You actually but no bearing into what she says at all do you, Seo Hoo, whoa, what a jerk! Ha Na maybe should have asked what his side of the story was first, but after she drew her line and then he crossed it, that would be a definite deal-breaker for me.

Ha Na goes home and sobs. In the morning she finds Won's screenplay in her mailbox and starts to read it throughout the day and at work.  When Won gets to work he sees Seo Hoo getting ready to board the plane with Director Satan.  We see the plane take off, but we don't actually see Seo Hoo get on the plane so it's very possible he changed his mind last minute. This is a Kdrama after all. Ha Na looks shocked after she's finished the screenplay.  She finds Won waiting for her as she leaves her office and announces to him that now she knows why he said he'd never love her.

Eeek! So exciting! Does this mean Ha Na's heart is finally going to start opening towards Won, I hope so.  And does it mean things are OVER with Seo Hoo. They'd better be.  He's shown his true colors.  Apart from all the manipulation, he's completed dismissed Ha Na and that's a pretty atrocious crime in my book.

Anyway, we'll catch up with the story soon and I can't wait to see where it's going to take us.  Catch up on all my previous posts on this drama with the link below. Have fun friends and Drama On!

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

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