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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 13 Recap

Aren't you anxious to talk about what's going to happen next in The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, friends and future friends? When we left off, Ha Na had just discovered the reason Won swore to never love her ( a pretty legitimate reason) and Seo Hoo had left for a business trip with his boss and more than likely ex-lover even after Ha Na told him it would be the end.

As always we take a few steps back. As Ha Na reads Won's play, entitled Summer Days, it recounts many of the encounters that she and Won had during their days in high school from the time they accidentally kissed in the library (which she remembers fondly) to the time he told her that he'd never love her (which is turns out made her sob).  She reads through the end and finds out about Won's friend, Dae Yoon, being in love with her and Won's guilt over not giving her the letters after he died.

She comes out of work and Won is there waiting for her.  They go together to the park and have a very mature relationship about the status of their relationship. Won explains more about shamed by his friend and his own guilt causing him to say he'd never love her. And she in turn explains that it really hurt her and she was scarred by those words.  I can't lie, I was hoping she'd run right into his arms after reading that play but it wasn't exactly a negative reaction.  It seems as though she's finally opened up her heart to Won and now their relationship is going to blossom.

We see Seo Hoo at the airport about to get on the plane when he stops and tells Director Satan (Director Min) that he's not going, even though he knows it'll probably end his career.  I am impressed that Seo Hoo chose not to go. Although, the fact that he even considered going in the first place probably caused a lot of damage to his relationship. Still, it's showing that he is in fact growing as a person as well.

Ha Na meets up with Na Young and Jung Mi and discusses her relationships with Seo Hoo and Won honestly. She tells them about how Seo Hoo chose to left and more than that, the way he was acting changed the way she felt about him; she lost the passion he had caused.  As far as Won, she doesn't deny her feelings, but she says that she has to be careful considering the preciousness of their friendship.

Afterward she goes to the batting cages, where Won ends up as well. They realize how often they run into each other, because they share the same familiar locations. They make a bet for one week, that they'll avoid the places they always go and see if they still run into each other to see if it's out of habit or essentially fate.

A few days later Won is having a birthday dinner with his co-workers including So Eun and his other friends send him messages.  Ha Na has completely lost track of days and forgot that it was Won's birthday.  She asks the horrible witch design team leader for some leather and stays late at work to hand-stitch him a gift. After Won's done drinking with his co-workers he walks with So Eun a bit before she gets a cab.  She talks about she gave up trying to win him over, because she doesn't want to waste her life liking someone who doesn't like her. I was impressed to hear this from So Eun who just couldn't take a hint earlier.  I think she was just blinded by love, but when she came to her senses she realized her behavior and now I think she could actually be a good friend to Won.

Won seems a little bummed out that the day's passed and he didn't receive any message from Ha Na, even though all of his other high school friends sent him well wishes. Bummed, that is, until he goes outside in the morning and sees that she left him a present. He opens it to find the hand-stitched passport holder she made for him that even has his name embroidered.  The look on his face tells you all that you need to know about how incredibly happy he is to receive a gift like that from her.

They run into each other that night on their way home and realize that even without going to the same familiar places, they still run into each other. They go to their hideout where Ha Na has a happy birthday banner and they share food. It's nice to see them back at the hideout, it's where Ha Na was always the happiest and it's been too long since we've seen them there. We see a flashback to Ha Na and Won celebrating his birthday years earlier.  Ha Na made him a shirt and tried to put his English nickname "Loney" on it, but instead writes "Lonely", which makes Won laugh. She prepares a few other things that area all disasters too, but it doesn't matter because Won loves them regardless.

Back to present day, Ha Na asks Won if he's always that nice and thoughtful of everyone, but he admits to her that he's only like that with her. She seems completely shocked. I don't know how she's completely shocked. She's known the man for 17 years, better than anyone else. Has she never noticed how he treats other people? Then again, the two are kind of in their own bubble when they're together.

Seo Hoo shows up at Ha Na's office and tells her director that the concert is back on.  He goes to see Ha Na in her office and she is not at all happy to see him.  He tells her he didn't get on the plane and that there's nothing going on with him and Direcotr Satan and reiterates that they should get married. She asks if she's just supposed to wait for him every time that he leaves and he can't give her a good answer. So if Seo Hoo never got on the plane, where was he for three days? If he really chose Ha Na over his career, why didn't he go running straight to Ha Na? I don't get this guy at all.

Meanwhile, Dae Bok's girlfriend, Eun Jung says she wants to get married soon which has him seriously thinking about his future and career. Mi Hyang and Jong Hoon also go on a date.  It's cute that even though they have opposite interests, they still seem to get along quite well because they are both willing to adjust to the other one.

Ha Na gets a call from Na Young who is sick so Ha Na goes with her to the hospital.  She has to have surgery so Ha Na stays there overnight with her and through her surgery the next morning since she doesn't have anything she needs to be at work for until an afternoon meeting. Or so she thinks.  While Na Young's surgery Seo Hoo tries to get ahold of Ha Na because they moved the time of the meeting. Ha Na doesn't get to work until after the meeting has taken place and Seo Hoo gets super mad at her without even asking her why she didn't answer her call. This seems ridiculous. Why did they reschedule the meeting without consulting Ha Na, who is supposed to be the lead person in charge. And how can he dare get mad that she wasn't there, when they are the ones who changed the time on the same day.

Ha Na goes home exhausted and Won calls her.  She tells him that she's so tired she wishes she had someone to remove her make-up for her. So, lo and behold, Won comes over and removes her make-up for her gently.  It's probably the most romantic scene to ever happen in a Kdrama from a woman's point of view.  Men probably have no idea how many points Won gained by doing that.

The next day Ha Na breaks up with Seo Hoo! Yes!!!! Thank you, Ha Na! It's about frickin' time. Sure, he's not very happy but she made a good desicion.  He was not good to her and they just weren't good together to be honest. Later, Seo Hoo shows up at the outdoor stage where his benefit performance is going to be and starts playing to gather a crowd with the intention to get attention from Ha Na.  While he's doing that Won texts Ha Na. He tells her that he has started working on the script again and recounts to her how he'll always be there for her. Then he asks her to come and find him. And that's where our episode ends!  Please go to him, Ha Na, please! You guys will be perfect again.

Well, looks like we'll have to wait until the next episode to find out whether she goes to him or not. While you're waiting you can catch up on the rest of the series below as well as our Drama Club post on DramaFever. Drama on, my dear friends, drama on!

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