Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 14 Recap

Hello friends and future friends. I know this is long past due, but all my things have been packed away and I had an across country move.  I still am functioning with only a few of my belongings so I won't be able to do as thorough as a summary as I normally do, but I didn't want to delay the summary any longer. I'll try to have episodes 15 and 16 summarized by tomorrow. 

When we left off Won had asked Ha Na to find him. Well, she did.  She tells him she broke up with Seo Hoo and that she needs time.  She goes home and tells her family that she broke up with Seo Hoo and they're happy to hear it and believe it's a sign of maturity.

She cleans her room, which is unlike her, but otherwise Ha Na takes the break up pretty well. Dae Bok shares his concerns about the impending seriousness of his relationship with Manager Hong and Won encourages him to re-explore his talent in drawing and make a career out of it.  Dae Bok seems to like this idea. 

Ha Na confesses to Won that she wanted to run to him right away after learning the reason he said he'd never love her, but didn't because she didn't understand her feelings for him.

She tells him she doesn't feel crazy and out-of-control when she thinks about him, but can't say that she thinks of him just as a friend either. He says they should figure it out together.

 Ha Na gets offered a position working in Paris for a year.  She's torn, but Won encourages her, saying it will be a good opportunity. So Ha Na says yes to the position until she finds out that Seo Hoo was the one that recommended her for the position. Meanwhile, Won has taken a training role in Paris for 3 months because he wants to be around Ha Na as much as he can.  Ha Na turns down the position in Paris and waits for Won to return from his flight to tell him, only to find out that he's accepted the training position and is on his way to the airport to go to Paris. 

 He's left her a note asking if she wants to right the next scenario continuing the script that is their story together. Ha Na rushes to the airport to stop Won. She tries calling him, but gets no answer.  Won is on his way to board a plane when he sees that he has 17 missed calls from Ha Na. He immediately turns around and calls her back.  She tells him she's at the airport and he says he'll come find her. She sees him run past her so she takes out the whistle he gave and blow it to get his attention.

 He comes running toward her and she tells him she knows how she wants to write the scenario. She kisses him gently and tells him "I like you".  He's come to his sense and kisses her quite passionately and they have a full make-out session in the middle of the airport and that's where our episode ends.

My thoughts: I was kind of disappointed she didn't just run to Won and take him in her arms as soon as he called her out, but she did need a transition period after breaking up with Seo Hoo. I was also really upset when I thought she was going to take the job in Paris.  They were finally confessing their feelings and starting a relationship and she was going to leave for a whole year? That's Kdrama relationship murder.  But I love that she went into sort of a panic, thinking he was going to leave without her telling him how she felt because it made the need more urgent. And that kiss! That was a great kiss and it was about time!

Only a couple more episodes left in this drama. Make sure to catch up on the previous recaps and DramaClubs to catch up with what's been going on and to see what else we have to say about these episodes on this drama's homepage. Until next time drama on!

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days 

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