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The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Episode 11 Recap

How have you been friends and future friends? Wonderful, I hope. I know I have been.  Let's get right into recapping this episode of our drama.

When we last left off with The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, Seo Hoo had shown up at Ha Na's house and was kneeling in front of her family. Let's rewind a few steps.  Won and Ha Na are out walking and he gives her the whistle he used on his trip.  Dae Bok goes to take out the garbage and sees Seo Hoo in front of their house and runs inside to tell his parents. Seo Hoo comes in and kneels before Ha Na's parents and Dae Bok texts Ha Na. She rushes home right away.

Seo Hoo tells Ha Na's parents he was wrong and that he plans to marry her.  She gets there right after he says that and drags him out.  She tells him that he should have talked to her about it first. He says he's trying his best and then leaves. Dae Bok texts Won and tells him what happened.

Won, distraught over Seo Hoo's declaration, goes for a walk and finds Ha Na sitting on a bench alone. He watches her from a distance and texts her.  She doesn't tell him what happened and even lies to him. He stands there for a minute texting her without her knowing she's there.  When Ha Na gets home she thinks about all the people she's disappointing, including Seo Hoo.

After work the next day Ha Na has coffee with her high school friends, Na Young and Jung Mee. Neither like Seo Hoo, but tell Ha Na that she's in the wrong in their current fight. Seo Hoo is trying his best and she's only thinking of things from her perspective.  Meanwhile Won is at working, training the newbies. Mi Hyang tells him that she's going to try to regain the chance for him that he lost of going overseas.

Ha Na stops by the BBQ place near her house on her way home from work. Won is there and they walk home together. He asks if she's well and she tell hims that she is and that everything's going well with Seo Hoo since she knows that's what he was getting at.  He stops walking and she keeps going, seemingly unaware that he wasn't beside her.  This is a very accurate representation of their relationship right now.

Ha Na drinks with her mom when she gets home.  Her mom tells her that she's not going to bother telling her not to date Seo Hoo because she knows Ha Na wouldn't listen anyway. However, she warns her that making the same mistake twice is ugly.

Seo Hoo has  moved to a new place and Ha Na goes to visit him.  He gets a call while she's there and he acts weird and answers it quietly.  Ha Na has a flashback to Seo Hoo showing her his place back when they were dating before and giving her a key; he tells her to come everyday and it appears that it was a proposal.  Back to present day, Seo hoo has filled half of his closet with clothes and accessories for Ha Na. Kinda creepy.

Won and the rest of the airline crew have gone to feed and give hair cuts to the elderly.  Won cuts the older ladies' hair, using his experience from the military and So Eun watches him with admiration. He catches her joking around in a regional dialect with the old ladies and thinks it's cute.

Ha Na and Seo Hoo are on a date and go sunglasses shopping. While Seo Hoo starts to pick out the ones he likes, Ha Na mentions it and he decides to get whatever she picks out. His phone rings again while they're there. Seo Hoo buys them each a pair of the ones Ha Na liked. On the way back from the store Ha Na is telling Seo Hoo the story of Chan Soo and Jung Mee getting drunk and missing their honeymoon flight. He doesn't seem to think it's funny and says it will be once he meets them and knows them. His phone rings again and he tells Ha Na he thinks he'll have to go.

Seo Hoo's manager has showed up at Tandy (Ha Na's work) and is discussing cancelling the benefit concer with the director and says Director Min (Seo Hoo's director) will take care of it. He stops by Ha Na's office to let her know that there might be problems for Seo Hoo and with the project, but that he'll keep her up to date.

Ha Na tries to call Seo Hoo but he doesn't answer. Meanwhile Mi Hyang is getting ready to go out somewhere. We see a flashback to her leaving after getting Seo Hoo's teacher's autograph and see that along with the autograph he left his number and a note that they should get something to eat.

Present day Mi Hyang and Chong Park (Seo Hoo's teacher) meet up for a meal and he suggests they keep meeting up for meals. She seems a little put off by the commonness of their date place, a dingy meat place, but also she's blushing when he says they should get to know each other slowly.  He mentions he's Seo Hoo's teacher and you can see the panic on her face.

On her way walking home, Ha Na finds Won drinking beer outside the convenience store. Things are awkward between them and she sits and has a beer for all of thirty seconds of awkward conversation before leaving to go home. 

We see Seo Hoo at the airport and a pretty woman grabs his arm and asks if he's going to guide her around Korea. He begrudgingly says yes and they get into a car. Won sees them and looks utterly pissed.  The woman is Director Min and she tells him she has it set up so that in three months he will go to another country for 2 years. He tells her he has no inteniton of leaving.

Dae Bok finds out from Eun Jung, Ha Na's co-worker, that there was a scandal between the Director and Seo Hoo when he was in America. Eun Jung is sick of talking about Seo Hoo and complains that Dae Bok never asks her questions about herself and in response he kisses her.

Ha Na and Seo Hoo are on their way out to eat and she can see he's got a lot on his mind, but won't say what about. They meet Na Young and Jung Mee for dinner.  Na Young makes snide, but truthful comments throughout about Seo Hoo's past behavior.  She mentions Seo Hoo leaving and he says he had a good reason and is being very careful this time. Won gets brought up and Seo Hoo muses about whether he and Ha Na would still be close when he marries Ha Na, which makes everyone uncomfortable.

Won's at home and Mi Hyang asks if Ha Na is dating Seo Hoo and he tells her that she is.  Mi Hyang gets mad at him for messing up the timing with Ha Na. In reality, she's mad because now liking Chong Park will make her feel disloyal to Won. He asks her if she was dating someone she admits she was trying to but doesn't tell him who.

After dinner, Ha Na confront Seo Hoo about why he was acting that way. He turns it back around and asks why she's being hesitant after he said he was going to marry her; asks if it's because of Won. She's baffled, but Seo Hoo reveals that he never came back because he saw her in Won's arms and smiling at him after being heartbroken. Ha Na seems to feel guilty over this.

Won finds Ha Na looking down, sitting on the bench again and asks what's wrong. She says she can't tell him because they know each other too well and now that she's found out everything (his feelings) she can't tell him and that's how their relationship should be. Then she leaves.

Ha Na finds hears about Seo Hoo's scandals with Director Min and it makes her nervous She tries to call him but gets no answer.  She and Won have both received invitations to Cha Soo and Jung Mee's housewarming party and show up having both bought the exact same gift. The friends talk about their memories together growing up, having all been friends for so long.

After the party Won and Ha Na walk home together. Won tells her they have a great relationship where they know everything about one another and that they shouldn't ruin that. He says they should go back; that they shouldn't be people who can't be friends and Ha Na looks quite relieved. That's where our episode ends for today.

So here's what I've been thinking:

 -I will give Seo Hoo credit in that he seems to be trying to do things right this time. He's going based off of the Ha Na he knew, though, and not giving her credit for having changed. However, it's not like it was discussed before they started dating about how she changed. They didn't have a chance to get to know each other again before jumping into a relationship. So all things considered, I don't believe Seo Hoo's committed a sin here.  Ha Na, however, needs to think through her actions and be clear up front.

-How crazy is it that Ha Na never introduced her friends to Seo Hoo. I mean, what kind of a relationship is that where you're about to marry the guy but he's never met the friends who you meet up with on a regular basis? And why when she's finally having them meet Seo Hoo is Won not there? Won would have supported her and made the dinner less awkward, probably.

-Honestly I'm staring to get bored with Ha Na and Won not getting together and leading their separate boring lives (But spoiler, it starts getting more interesting in the next episode). But neither seems to be having any fun at all. What's the point in living like that?

-Since I found out Director Min was a woman, I had a feeling there was romantic history between her and Seo Hoo, but I did not expect it to be so creepy. I am not a fan of her at all. I feel like she's really used Seo Hoo in really disgusting ways and even he doesn't deserve that.

-It's a bit weird that Seo Hoo filled his closet half with stuff for Ha Na. Sweet, in a way, but also borderline creepy.  I'm really getting a Misery vibe from him.

-Okay, I gave you grace earlier, but here's my beef with you this episode and really every episode, Seo Hoo. Your logic is flat out stupid.  How can you possibly think that seeing Ha Na smiling at another man justifies you never explaining to her what happened and not showing up for three years? And Ha Na. How DARE you feel bad for Seo Hoo about that. You know you didn't do anything wrong and Won did even less wrong. Won's been nothing but an angel for you. Honestly, I'm pretty close to saying you do not deserve Won.  

-And Ha Na, how could you knowingly hurt Won but suggesting your relationship remain cold? You feel bad that Seo Hoo's own misunderstanding caused that douche bag who ditched you to feel bad, but not for alienating the person who has always been there for you? Girl, come on!

-I'm starting to want So Eun to pursue Won again. I think maybe she'd suit him better. She adores him after all. Okay, not really. What I really want is Ha Na to snap out of it and beg Won's forgiveness and adore him the rest of her life. Come on, make it happen!

Alright, well there are my musing for this episodes. Keep watching this sweet drama and catch up on all my posts in relationship to this drama by clicking the link below and in the meantime Drama On, friends!

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

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