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Cheer Up! Episode 6 Recap

Hi friends and future friends! Sorry again about the delay in uploading Episode 6. I know we're almost at episode 7 already, but on the plus side it'll come that much quicker.  Let's just right into it.

When we last left off Yeon Doo had told the reporters that she'd be willing to do a interview. They take her to their very sketchy creeper van to interview her.  Yeon Doo tries to ensure that the interview will actually help her homeroom teacher and the reporter is evasive. He asks her about the fact that the students were being used to help build other specs which she says was true at first but now everyone's working together as a team.  I get the very bad feeling that he's going to take her words horribly out of context. Flashback to Pinnochio anyone?

We don't see the whole interview, but afterward both Yeol and Ha Joon approach the reporter together looking none too happy.  Yeol asks the reporter if he had a good interview with Yeon Doo to which the reporter agrees that he did. Ha Joon gets angry and kicks the reporter.  When the reporter is surprised at the aggression, Yeol explains that he just broke the Interrogative Security Law that is supposed to protect the interviewee's identity and then Yeol threatens to sue him if he doesn't properly protect Yeon Doo. Be still my heart.  Yeol and Ha Joon both acting like Yeon Doo's private bodyguards and going to protect her.  It's almost too much. 

Afterward Ha Joon walks by Yeon Doo and she stops him and has him sit down to eat some gummy bears with. She admits to him that she gave the interview and he tells her that he already knew; that he saw her talking to the reporter. She wonders if he had secretly wanted to give the interview as well which he doesn't outright admit, but says he hopes Teacher Yang will be alright.

That's looking unlikely, though, as the 60 minutes special on Sevit High has been pulled.  Teacher Yang calls the reporter to find out what happened and learns that the higher ups at the station told him to trash the story and the reporter warns Teacher Yang to be careful as well.  It turns out that wormy teacher found out realized that Teacher Yang was plotting with 60 minutes and reported it to the principal.

They know they need to get rid of him, but also know they can't fire him for being a whistleblower. Instead, they make it their mission to be on the lookout to find anything they can to fire him with.  What I was thinking here was that they were going to frame it to make it look like he and Yeon Doo had an inappropriate relationship, which would help the principal to get rid of both of them at the same time.

Yeon Doo is feeling down about the report getting trashed and Yeol tells her that it's for the best, that it helps to keep her safe. He also reminds her that she needs to focus on the competition between her team and Soo Ah's.  When it comes down to the time to show the coach their routines, Soo Ah and the Real King members perform some of the flashy cheer moves they learned from the National Team. Only Dong Jae doesn't perform with them as he still hasn't gotten over his phobia.  Yeon Doo and the members of Baek Ho perform a fun dance number that allows some of the individuals to shine.  Each team loves the others' performance, with the exception of the perpetual sourpuss, Soo Ah.

When it comes down to decide the winner, the coach agrees that both team had great aspects to their performance, but announces that because Soo Ah did not include Dong Jae, that Yeon Doo is the winner and therefore is now the captain. And because both routines are good, they are going to combine them together for the athletic competition. I thought Soo Ah's routine was a little bit better, but the Coach recognized that Soo Ah didn't even attempt to include Dong Jae and obviously was looking for more than just ruthless motivation, but leadership skills as well. The coach is becoming a real ally to these kids. She was loving their performances and cheering them on. She's actually quite adorable. I really hope that her and Teacher Yang become a couple. They'd be cute together.

So as you might have expected, Soo Ah is furious that she lost the captain position and to add to her fury she find out that Teacher Yang was the whistleblower.  Her mom reassures her that the adults will take care of him, but she doesn't trust that.Later, the cheer team is practicing, trying to prepare for the upcoming competition and the coach enlists Teacher Yang to be the spotter for Jae Young, of the girls from Baek Ho.  Her partner stumbles and so Jae Young falls backward.  Teacher Yang is there to catch her and protect her from getting hurt, but she yells at him as he inadvertently touches her chest while doing so.  Everyone else realizes that this was necessary in order to keep her from getting her, but she's upset and embarrassed and leave the classroom.

Once she has time to get over her embarrassment Jae Young realizes that he didn't do it on purpose, but before she has time to make those feelings known Soo Ah appears and convinces the other Baek Ho girls that they need to get back at Teacher Yang for being the whistleblower. So they go to the principal and tell her that Teacher Yang intentionally touched Jae Young inappropriately.  The moms of all the Baek Ho students find out (I still can't figure out why there are so many more moms than Baek Ho students) and come to the school absolutely irate demanding that he be fired.

I know Soo Ah was low, but this stunt has sunk her to a whole another level.  This will ruin Teacher Yang's life and is completely false. It's girls like her that make it so that girls who are seriously taken advantage of aren't taken seriously.  The Coach comes into the principal's office to explain that the touch was necessary in order to prevent Jae Young from getting hurt. The principal tells him that she'll submit this to the education office and see what they have to say about it.

Rumors start to float around the school about Teacher Yang and althoug he's ashasmed and embarrassed he continues to teach.  Yeon Doo is absolutely upset, knowing that he's being framed, and when whispers start to circulate in Teacher Yang's class while he's teaching, she can't take it anymore and stands up to give them a piece of her mind.  But before she has the chance, Yeol stands up and has Yeon Doo sit down.  He then goes on to point out that the girls from Baek Ho were the main targets of the story Teacher Yang gave as a whistleblower and no one had ever seen Teacher Yang sexually harass girls.  Yeol points out that the girls are lying to get Teacher Yang kicked out.

After class, Yeon Doo is proud of Yeol but asks him why he did it. He tells he did it because if he didn't, she would without worrying about the consequences or pain it caused her.  Yeon Doo questions what the means and he tells to think hard about it. 

Yeon Doo goes to Teacher Yang to encourage him and tell him that there are those who know he's good and are on his side.  It seems to distress him how much of the scandal she is taking upon herself to try to fix and tells her he'll take care of it, but appreciates how worried she is about him. Soon after trying to cheer up, Teacher Yang, Yeon Doo comes across a notice that Teacher Yang is to be fired that day.  Ha Joon and Yeol come upon her and try to tell her that there was nothing she could have done, but she tells them that it's not over yet.

All eyes are on Teacher Yang in the lunchroom and whispers abound, but he tries to keep his head up.  When he sits down at a table, all the students sitting nearby get up and walk away.  So Teacher Yang begins to eat his lunch alone, but not for long.  Yeon Doo and Dong Jae sit down at the table with smiles and being to joke with the teacher and moments later Yeol and Ha Joon have joined as well with smiles on their faces- especially touching considering the rarity of Ha Joon's smiles. If this scene wasn't one of the sweetest ever.  These kids have better hearts than most adults I know.

Yeol and Ha Joon who are committed to helping Teacher Yang now, start a petition to allow Teacher Yang to keep his job and submit it to the education office. That's when the principal finds out.  But when Yeon Doo calls a few days later to check on the status, there is no such petition to be found.
Meanwhile, Teacher Yang is brought before the education board on the charges of inappropriately touching Jae Young.  They bring her in and she seems visibly shaken by the impact of her lie, but doesn't recant.  Teacher Yang, believing Jae Young to be earnest in her belief that he intentionally touched her, tells the board that it's his fault and he'll take responsibility and resign.

Afterward, Jae Young confesses to her mom that Teacher Yang never touched her and her mom tells her to keep quiet, that if she confesses not only will she be known for lying, but also the details on the spec-stacking will become known. Because Jae Young's uncle is a congressman, it will mean a big deal to her family. Jae Young is still upset and goes to Soo Ah, angry at her because Soo Ah said that he would only get a pay reduction. Soo Ah tells her it was her own fault for being too stupid not to realize that he would be fired.

Yeol and Ha Joon are feeling a little down after Teacher Yang's firing.  While Yeol seems frustrated at how stubborn Yeon Doo was on the matter at first Ha Joon tells him that despite what Yeol says, he's acting like he did care about Teacher Yang.  Ha Joon addds that he's glad he helped Yeon Doo try to save Teacher Yang. I think it helped him find meaning in his life. Realizing that he doesn't always have to accept things the way they are.

What Ha Joon does next, really highlights how his heart and character are vastly different from the cold facade he put on in the beginning of the series. He goes to visit his severely abusive father at work and gets on his knees to beg him to help get Teacher Yang his job back since he's on the school board. His father scoffs and tells Ha Joon that he was the one who made the petition disappear and that he wanted Teacher Yang gone.

Yeon Doo's mom's spidey senses must have been tingling when she showed up at Sevit High to give Yeon Doo some comfort. Yeon Doo, of course, is more than happy to see her. These two are absolutely adorable and I could only hope that if I had a daughter one day we'd have the same relationship as these two. Yeon Doo admits to her mom that she did give the interview after all and the two joke about how similar they are. Yeon Doo's mom tells her that she really only told her not to do it because it was the "mom" thing to do, but really what she wanted for Yeon Doo was for her to follow her heart no matter what it told her to do.

As Yeon Doo is walking her mom out, they come across Yeol who greets them politely after Yeon Doo informs him that it's her mom. After she thinks he's out of earshot, she tells Yeon Doo that he's handsome and that she should go out with someone like him.  Yeon Doo scoffs as daughters do in these types of situations and Yeol who isn't actually out of earshot doesn't seem happy at her scoff.

The next day at cheerleading, Yeon Doo is distracted by the whole Teacher Yang situation and the coach gets after her. She tells her that it's a cheerleader's responsibility not to cheer just for fun, but to cheer others on and to cheer others up. Yeon Doo seems to have an idea. After practice, Yeon Doo approaches Jae Young and the other girl from Baek Ho and tells them she needs their help and guilts them about Teacher Yang, knowing that they don't feel good about the way things turned out. She finds Teacher Yang and makes him promise to show up at the athletic competition and he says he will.

The day of the athletic competition and Yeol comes across Yeon Doo who is pacing nervously alone in the hall. He gives her a carton of vanilla milk, telling her he wants to distinguish himself from Dong Jae. He then tells her that at first, he found her funny and fun but lately he's been making her feel all sorts of different emotions from fear to anger. She seems not to know what to make of this and apologizes before starting to walk away. But then Yeol grabs her into a tight hug and tells her to cheer up. Yeon Doo is shocked speechless.  A member of Real King comes running up to tell them that Teacher Yang is there and they break apart. Yeol seeming quite happy and Yeon Doo quite startled.

Together they go and look out in the audience, to see Teacher Yang trying to slink into an unnoticed section of the audience. The whole team seems excited that he's there. Coach sees him as well and motion him to sit next to her in the front, telling him that's where he belongs, saying that he'll be their teacher forever.

The cheer teams gets on stage and performs their cheer routine flawlessly with cheer and dance moves combine.  Then when they finish, they pick up signs that they incorporated into their routine before flipping them over to reveal the messages "Teacher Yang didn't touch me", "Please have him come back, he was wrongly accused", and "Cheer Up! You Have Us!" He watches on in gratefulness and tears well up in his eyes as they begin to chant his name. The coach's face tells us that she couldn't be prouder. All of the cheer team smiles at him and cheers him on except for Soo Ah who didn't know it was coming and is outraged. She's not alone as the principal, wormy teacher, and Soo Ah's mother all watch from the audience with the same expression. 

 How incredibly moving was this scene?  These kids not only have the biggest hearts, but they are so perservearant. Every time they're knocked down they get right back up. Not only that, but they have so many layers. Even the girls from Baek Ho who started this drama helping Soo Ah put all Yeon Doo's personal belongings in the washing machine, have started to make friends with the Real King members and attempt to right their wrong of falsely accusing Teacher Yang. I'm proud of all these kids as if I knew them personally. Except for Soo Ah, but I can only hope that they start to be a positive influence to her.

I can't wait to see what we have in store for us in the second half of this amazing drama. See you soon friends! Until then catch up on the series so far with all of my other recaps by clicking below!

Cheer Up!


Hi friends! Things have been a bit hectic as I just started a new job this week. But I finally got images and memes added to Episode 5 of Cheer up! I hope to have Episode 6 out by the end of the weekend and then I'll work on getting caught up with She Was Pretty! Thanks for reading!

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Cheer Up! Episode 5 Recap

*Images and Memes Now Uploaded*

Welcome friends and future friends.  What are your thoughts on the series before? I know I always seem a little bit biased on the dramas I'm reviewing (I like to think that I just pick good ones to review), but how can you not love Cheer Up! It's turning Kdrama tropes upside down and this episode even shows us a surprise second male lead (potentially). Sorry that some of the images are blurry this week. I was dealing with remote internet service.

So let's recall where we left off. The kids of the cheerleading team found a strange tasting "juice" in the fridge and helped themselves to copious amount of it, well aware that it was in fact alcohol. However, they have a great time bonding together as they're all completely hammered. The cheerleading coach, Coach Nam, comes in and is annoyed that instead of bonding they all go drunk. The kids are laying around the room in various stages of drunken stupor. There's so much going on in the scene that's hilarious, I wish we could have half an episode devoted to all the members, but alas there's a story to tell and so we only get a little glimpse. Coach Nam calls the Homeroom teacher, Teacher Yang and together they find a van to bring the kids back to school.  

On the way back to school they have to stop briefly due to minor car trouble.  When they stop even though they're told to stay put, all the kids get out of the van. Once the van is fixed the kids are back in the van and are heading back down the road. Yeon Doo is sitting between Ha Joon and Yeol and when she falls asleep her head bounces back and forth between their shoulders. Ha Joon seems annoyed for the briefest of seconds before he and Yeol are laughing.  It would seem as though Ha Joon has warmed up to Yeon Doo. He's the type to push someone's head off his shoulder, so it's kind of cute to see him laughing instead. Dong Jae looks back at the sight and laughs as well, but then realizes that Soo Ah is not in the van.

They turn the van around and go back to look for Soo Ah, but they can't find her. While the members of Real King, Ha Joon, and Yeol go looking for her, Soo Ah's supposed "friends" from Baek Ho stay put.  They're worried about making it back to school on time so that they don't get in trouble. Let's take a moment here to reflect on the fact that the ones that Soo Ah has hurt the most are the ones that are worried about her and trying to find her. The ones that she's never harmed and has only helped are the ones who are more concerned about getting to school on time.

Yeol and Yeon Doo are searching for Soo Ah together and Yeol questions why Yeon Doo is searching for Soo Ah when she hates her, but smiles at the fact that she is.  It's cute that Yeol likes Yeon Doo's big heart. As they're walking, Yeon Doo twists her ankle and starts limping.  Yeol insists that she get on his back and gives her a piggyback ride as they continue to look for Soo Ah. Ha Joon finds Soo Ah standing at the edge of lake.  She shares her desire to end it. He says he understands what she's feeling so she can stop now.  She starts to walk into the lake and he watches her, but she eventually stops.

Teacher Yang offers to bring them back to school while everyone else looks and the selfish awful "friends" of Soo Ah debate whether they should actually go back or not when Ha Joon and Soo Ah show up with Soo Ah wearing Ha Joon's jacket.  Then shortly behind them Yeols hows up with Yeon Doo still on his back.Teacher Yang and Coach Nam know that they are cutting it close and rush back to school. The principal and wormy teacher are out front as the students come in for the day, but if they see the cheer team, they'll know they spent the night out and everyone will get into trouble.

 So thinking on her feet, Coach Nam, runs up to the two and says she needs to show them the choreography for their routine. She distracts the two as the students sneak into school behind them. I must say her choreography is hilarious and wormy and the principal are kind of just stunned speechless. As Yeon Doo is walking behind them, she falls on her bum ankle. Yeol comes back for her and they make it into school without being spotted.

After the students make it into school successfully, Coach Nam and Teacher Yang take a moment to collapse and celebrate their victory.  Unfortunately, as they're talking, the reporter for 60 minutes comes up and gets them on tape saying the kids spent the night out. Meanwhile, Wormy Teacher and the principal find out that the one that tipped off the education office about "building specs" with the cheer team was someone who works at the school and they make it their mission to find out who it was.

Yeon Doo finds herself distressed because she can't remember whether or not she and Yeol actually kissed and he delights in teasing her when she asks, not giving her a straight answer. Instead, he teases her about her wanting to kiss him. During cheer club, Coach Nam, announces that they are going to decide on a new President since two clubs have combined to form one and to decide one representative from each club will compete for the position. Soo Ah and Yeon Doo get selected, but the twist is that Soo Ah has to choreograph a routine with Real King and Yeon Doo with Baek Ho. Should get interesting.

Yeol continues to smile at and tease Yeon Doo. We see from a flashback that when he went in to kiss her the night before he leaned in to kiss her and she passed out onto his shoulder.  So they didn't actually kiss. Which was a bummer because they teased us with the kiss, but also a relief because it'd be kind of sad if she didn't remember he first kiss with Yeol.

Coach Nam and Teacher Yang are determined to get the footage back from the reporter they encountered either to protect both their careers and the kids' future at Sevit High. So they take the reporter out drinking, then Coach Nam starts sobbing and saying it will ruin a woman's reputation if the tape gets out. The patrons of the bar, obviously believe this to be a different type of tape and a group of gangster patrons persuade the reporter to turn over the tape. He does, but then Coach Nam and Teacher Yang realize he has the original version on his computer at home already. And all their act did was provide him some entertainment.

Teacher Yang tries to make a deal, saying he'll give an interview about the school. But the reporter wants all the details and believes Teacher Yang has them and insinuates that he's the whistleblower.  Teacher Yang brushes him off, but the reporter tells him to contact him again if he's ready to make the offer. Back at school, Real King is determined to not help Soo Ah as it would be betraying Yeon Doo. But then Soo Ah shows up with the national cheerleading team who impress Real King with their incredible cheer moves.  You can see their resolve dissolve as they imagine themselves performing the incredible cheer stunts.  Soo Ah pulls Dong Jae aside and tells him to either get over his phobia of touching people or quit the cheer team.

Yeon Doo, on the other hand, is not having a lot of luck getting the members of Baek Ho to cooperate as they are more worried about their upcoming exam.  Yeon Doo leaves in frustration.  She sees Ha Joon leaving as well and pulls him aside into a room where she tries to convince him to help her with the cheerleading routine.  Yeol walks into the room and is surprised to see the two of them together. Before we can see whether any jealousy arrises, Yeon Doo tries to entice him to help her too. It's interesting that she didn't immediately go to Yeol to help and instead asked Ha Joon first who historically has been cold to her and her to him.  But I liked it, because you can already see the relationship between her and Ha Joon has warmed. At this point while watching, I was thinking wouldn't it be a fun twist if Ha Joon became the second male lead?  Far-fetched maybe, but I wanted it.

Before Ha Joon or Yeol can give their answer about helping with the routine, the principal and the wormy teacher pass by talking about how Teacher Yang needs to be fired since the wormy teacher discovered that he really was the whistleblower. They can't stay hidden, however, and the principal tells them that if they give 60 minutes over this they will be expelled. 

Ha Joon and Yeol can tell that Yeon Doo seems unmoved by the principal's threat. They take her aside once they leave the office to explain that she's not going to be able to do anything and that she needs to worry about herself sometimes instead of always putting others first.  But Yeon Doo can't stop worrying about her favorite teacher. So she goes to find him and tells him what she heard. He reassures her and thanks her for telling him.

Teacher Yang, realizing he's going to be fired anyway, goes to the reporter and gives him all the details and paperwork proving the building of specs at Sevit High in exchange for the footage saying the students stayed out all night.  He asks the reporter not to interview the students, but the reporter says he needs interviews to make it complete. The principal anticipates this and coaches all the students to not give any interviews or their future at Sevit will be in jeopardy. The principal knows enough of Yeon Doo's character to be suspicious that she's planning to do something so she tells Wormy Teacher to dig through Yeon Doo's past at Sevit High and find something to expel her on.

Yeon Doo decides that she needs to give an interview and approaches the reporter. Just as she's about to give the interview, Yeol comes in and drags her away. He calls her crazy and she asks how she's supposed to watch this injustice and do nothing.  Yeol reiterates that it's not going to do anything; that she always makes these bold moves but doesn't follow through and that she's just going to get hurt.  Yeon Doo makes the argument that doing nothing is worse than getting hurt.

But Yeol does manage to shake her, so she calls her mom to float the idea of giving an interview. Her mom begs her not to do it, if only for her mom's sake. Her mom is sitting with Yeol's dad at her cafe.  After she gets of the phone, he asks why she's been ignoring his proposal. She explains that she's Yeon Doo's entire world and she doesn't want to hurt her in anyway. He expresses regret that he didn't realize he was that for his son and that he left him alone. If I had to guess, I would guess that Yeol's mom died and Yeol's dad wasn't there for him the way he should have been at the time.

Back at Sevit High, Ha Joon's father has come to visit the principal. While he's at school, he finds out that for some reason it looks like Ha Joon might not be able to get into the college that his dad wants him. I'm not sure what Ha Joon could have done wrong. I mean he's one of the top 6 in his class.  Anyway, his dad takes out his anger in a most unfortunate way, by repeatedly hitting Ha Joon in the parking lot.  Yeon Doo walks upon this and is horrified.  She hides behind the corner and calls out for Ha Joon, as if she's a friend looking for him.  This works and Ha Joon's dad leaves.  After his dad's out of sight, Yeon Doo comes out and looks sympathetically at Ha Joon. Ha Joon sees her and walks away.  Here again Yeon Doo cares deeply for someone that really isn't even her friend.  This girl seriously has the biggest heart and is unbelievably and incredibly loyal.

Yeon Doo goes inside the school and finds Ha Joon sitting at a table. She expresses sympathy for him and he's about to leave again when she grabs his arm to stop him. She digs in her bag and pulls out antibacterial cream and bandages and gives them to him. He's shocked by her kind gesture. She tells him she's not going to tell anyone and then leaves.  He looks between the bandages and her and an almost indistinguishable smiles appears on his face.  Are you catching what's happening here, friends?  I could be wrong, but I believe Ha Joon just revealed himself to be the true hidden Second Male lead in this drama.  Did my wish just come true?  Now it's a little early to say for sure, but I've learned to look for the signs after all the Kdramas I've watched. This drama breaks some of the rules, for sure, but I'm willing to stick my neck out and say I think Ha Joon is going to be the second male lead.

The next day Yeon Doo is about ready to give up on her attempt to get Baek Ho to cooperate in the cheerleading routine when Ha Joon stands up, takes off his jacket, and asks what he needs to do to help. Later that night, Yeon Doo comes across Teacher Yang and she expresses how sorry she is she can't help. He tells her that rather than trying to fight the school, try to find friends that she can trust and adults who are always on her side.

It's raining outside as Yeon Doo is inside practice cheerleading moves on her own. Ha Joon leaves his umbrella outside the door for her and walks back to his dorm in the rain smiling as he gets soaked.  Whoa, what do we have here? Further evidence to support my Ha Joon second male lead theory. I think it's pretty certain at this point that it's happening.  This is an especially interesting second male lead to me, because he already know that Yeol likes Yeon Doo. Not to mention it's his best friend.  I can't wait to see where they go with this.

Now unfortunately Ha Joon's chivalry doesn't get noticed as Yeon Doo doesn't see the umbrella as she goes out the door. When she gets outside and realizes it's raining, she sits under the awning against the wall.  Yeol appears and immediately says he didn't bring the umbrella just for her. Which really makes it seem like he did.

She shares with him how exhausted she feel. That everyone at the school tries to make her feel small. He tells her not to worry about what she's supposed to do and to just continue to do what she wants to do.  The next day after class, the principal and wormy teacher lead Teacher Yang out.  As he's walking away, Yeon Doo remembers what he said about finding an adult that's always on his side and she remembers all that he's done for her. She realizes that he was the adult that was always on her side. After that she immediately runs to the reporter and tells them that she's ready to do an interview. And that's where our episode ends.

Can't say enough how much I'm loving this drama. Looking forward to watching the next episode tonight?  What are you opinions friends? Don't be afraid to share them with me and if you haven't been following along with the conversation here so far you can catch up with all my posts by clicking on the Cheer Up! main page below. Until next time friends!

Cheer Up!

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Cheer Up! Episode 4 Recap

Friends and future friends! I just saw that this drama is supposed to be 12 episodes instead of 16 and that breaks my heart because I’m loving it so much. Why do they do that to the good dramas? 12 episodes are rarely enough to tell the story properly. Anyway, that just means we’re going to have the savor the 12 episodes we have all the more so let’s not waste any more time.

When we left off there was chaos at Sevit High.  The cheerleading instructor and the moms of the Baek Ho students were facing off. They wanted to fire her and she wanted to quit, but then in walks agents from the Education Office who received a tip that the school was rigging the cheerleading club just to make the students look good and there was no cheering going on at all. Accurate, of course, but the principal thinks quickly on her feet and tells the man that they are preparing for the athletic competition at their school in a month during which the Baek Ho cheerleading team will perform.  The moms, of course, don’t actually want their children to have to cheer at all, but realize they are between a rock and a hard place. Soo Ah’s mom corroborates the principal’s story and the other moms full in suit.   The agents from the Education office announce that they will be coming to watch the performance along with all the higher ups in the education department.

At this point the cheerleading coach has an advantage as the principal and parents now desperately need her. She agrees to stay on one condition: they let her distribute the grades for the cheerleading club based on participation.  The principal is absolutely furious at her gall, but has no choice but to agree.  Day 1 of practice and Yeon Doo is concerned because no practicing occurred at all. They sat in a room and did their homework for the allotted time. When she asks the coach, the coach tells her that the first step is getting to know each other which they will be working on during the next session. The kids don’t like this ideas as they really want nothing to do with each other.  

As the coach leaves the homeroom teach and the wormy teacher walk behind her and check out her body, but are disappointed when she turns around and shows her face.  Ah, come on Homeroom teacher, I expected more of you than this!  That’s so pervy and chauvinistic. Anyway, the wormy teacher tells the Homeroom teacher the principal wants to see him.  She tells him he needs to help with the cheerleading club and then waves the fact that he has a contract renewal coming up over his head.  So the teacher reluctantly agrees. It sucks that even he is being manipulated by the gutless woman they call principal, but at the same time it’ll be nice to have him there for the kids when he’s the only one on their side.

Outside, Yeon Doo and Dong Jae are walking and Yeon Doo finds out that Dong Jae was kicked off the basketball team.  She’s angry and feels guilty and tells him she’ll go get him back on the team, but he tells her it’s fine and he seems to mean it. She seems much more upset about him getting kicked off than he does. Something tells me that this is going to give Dong Jae the perfect opportunity to join the cheerleading club. Walking slightly behind them are Yeol and Ha Joon.  Ha Joon asks Yeol if he really likes Yeon Doo doesn’t it bother him that she’s always hanging out with Dong Jae.

Meanwhile, two of the guys from Real King are in the school on the third floor and instead of mopping like they are supposed to, they are having a swordfight with their mops.  Well, it gets a little out of control and one of the mops ends up going through the window right above where Yeon Doo is standing.  Yeon Doo, Dong Jae, Yeol, and Ha Joon all see it coming.  Dong Jae freezes, but Yeol’s first instinct is to grab Yeon Doo and shield her with his body.  The broken glass rains down on his back instead of her face.  How crazy is it that Yeol’s first instinct is to protect her. This isn’t some fascinated because she’s different crush; he’s got real and deep feelings for her. Yeol goes to the hospital with Yeon Doo and the homeroom teacher and thankfully he isn’t hurt too bad save a few cuts on his back.  Yeon Doo obviously feels a mixture of really horrible that he got her because of her and really grateful because he saved her.

Dong Jae, on the other hand, is back at school sitting on the floor in his room, rocking back and forth.  It is clear he wanted to be the one to save Yeon Doo, but his phobia of physical contact stopped him.  We see a flashback to a little boy a playground that we assume is Dong Jae. He’s at the top of a jungle gym and a little girl comes up and asks him to play and he doesn’t want to. While he doesn’t exactly push her, he pulls his arm from her grip strongly and she falls backward off the jungle gym. We then see the same little girl lying in a hospital bed with a bandaged head and Dong Jae crying.

Back at the hospital, Yeol has used the excuse of going to the bathroom to sneak out and spend the day cutting class and Yeon Doo followed him out to make sure he was okay.  She thanks him for saving her and he in turn has her buy him food as an expression of gratitude. But her gratitude wains as he makes her buy him ribs. After they eat, they walk the street in the market together.  They see a group of ladies dancing on a stage and Yeol drags Yeon Doo over to watch. 

When they announce that the winner of the dance competition can with a stereo, Yeon Doo runs up to stage to participate. She needs a new stereo to replace Real King’s broken one.  Yeol acts embarrassed at first, but then smiles watching her dance. The announcer sees Yeol in the audience and tells Yeon Doo that he’ll give her the prize automatically if she does a couple dance with Yeol. So of course Yeon Doo goes and grabs him and brings him on stage.  He’s reluctant at first, but soon they’re doing a silly dance together.

Afterward we see Yeon Doo carrying  a giant rice cooker that says ‘3rd place’. They get onto a bus to go back to school and Yeol takes the only empty seat leaving Yeon Doo to stand with the rice cooker. To get him back she goes and sets the rice cooker on his lap and stands away from him, leaving everyone on the bus to look at him like he’s a jerk . The spot next to him opens up and he has Yeon Doo comes sit next to him.  On the way back to school, Yeon Doo falls asleep with her head on his shoulder and Yeol with his head on hers. Yeol wakes up to find her sleeping on him and smiles.  He moves the rice cooker to his lap and then rests his head on hers again and goes back to sleep. 

When they get back to school, Yeol is carrying the rice cooker for her when they reach the entrance to find the Homeroom teacher waiting for them. He seems more bewildered than angry and after asking them where they went and getting no answers, he tells them to say they were at the hospital the whole time. Dong Jae is waiting in front of the dorms for the two. Yeol hands Yeon Doo the rice cooker and leaves, brushing Dong Jae off.  Excitedly, Yeon Doo shows off her rice cooker to Dong Jae and while she is doing this he notices that she has a bandage on her hand, presumably from where she got cut by a glass shard.  Yeon Doo is busy explaining the rice maker when Dong Jae reaches out his hand to touch hers, but then pulls away.

Yeon Doo goes back to her room and thinks about her day with Yeol with a big smile on her face. It would seem that she has fallen for him as he’s fallen for her.  Thank God! I was worried she was going to do that thing where she realizes she likes him and chastises herself.  Yeol is also in his room and smiling over the day’s events when Ha Joon mentions that it’s the first he’s ever seen him smile like that and it’s a good look for him.

The next day at cheerleading, Dong Jae shows up and announces that he wants to join, which the coach has no problem with. What she does have a problem with is the fact that the members of Real King and Baek Ho still have not gotten to know each other.  So she puts them in a room together and makes them ask each other questions. They start with simple ones like “who’s your favorite singer” to which one of the members of Baek Ho answers “Apink”. Of course, how could he not, when Yeon Doo is played by Eunji, the sparkling gem of Apink in my opinion. 

But then Yeon Doo’s friend from Real King brings up Yeol’s reputation with girls and asks who he’s dating. He responds that he does have a girl that he wants to kiss.  Yeon Doo immediately turns so red that Dong Jae notices and says that they should go to the nurse. She looks up at Yeol bashfully and he seems surprised and happy that she’s blushing and gives her an adorable smile. Ha Joon takes note of this interaction. Oh my gosh, how adorable is this scene? It’s almost too much to handle.

In the principal’s office the principal and the wormy teacher realize that the CCTV footage of Baek Ho and Real King and their numerous fights was never deleted and in the hands of the TV reporter that is investigating schools that are creating “specs” just to look good on kids’ resume, this footage would be disastrous. So the principal orders Wormy to delete it.  He deletes most of it and gets to footage of Soo Ah standing alone at the school entrance and doesn’t see anything incriminating so he leaves it. Then he leaves his desk for a break.

The coach has the members of Baek Ho and Real King team up and then shows them a move that they are to learn together in which the guy partner hoist the girl partner onto his shoulder and then she dismounts in a very cheer-like fashion.  Yeol and Yeon Doo get paired up which is absolutely perfect, because now they’ll have an excuse to get close to one another.  But on the flipside, Dong Jae gets paired with Soo Ah. Not only does he a phobia in which he can’t even touch his best friend whom he adores, but now he’s going to be forced to do this very physical trick with Satan incarnate. I have an inkling that she might be kind to him and be the one to help him get over his phobia, but I really hate this idea. I don’t want them bonding. 

After practice, the homeroom teacher then has Yeon Doo and Yeol in the teacher’s lounge filling out an incident report on what happened with the broken window. Yeol is left alone in the room after Yeon Doo goes to leave the bathroom and is curious when he sees the footage of Soo Ah up on Wormy’s computer. He plays the video to see that it was Soo Ah picking up the bloody towel when Ha Joon hurt himself.  Yeol realizes that she was the one who took it to the principal to give her ammo to blackmail Yeol into joining the cheerleading club. 

Yeol immediately goes to find Soo Ah and confront her. He tells her to be careful or she’s going to be sorry and to not mess with him or Ha Joon again. Unfortunately, Ha Joon overhears the last part of the conversation and demands Soo Ah tell him what it's about. When it comes time for bed check that night, Ha Joon is missing and Yeol asks the homeroom teacher to cover for him.  We see Ha Joon on the roof of the school, running and preparing to jump off, but when he gets to the ledge he can’t do it. Yeon Doo comforts Yeol saying she knows Ha Joon will be alright, because she knows that Yeol wasn’t lying when he said that they were like brothers and that he had to do cheerleading to protect him.

The next day, Yeol finds Ha Joon and Ha joon gets mad at him for making the deal he did, telling Yeol that he already felt like dying and this just made it worse.  Yeol tells him that he didn’t know what else to do. Ha Joon tells him that he’s only trying to stay alive because of Yeol.  So needless to say Ha Joon is not a happy camper when it comes time for cheerleading practice.  He says he’s going to quit and the members of Real King are offended by how he seems to look down on them all and a fight breaks out.

The cheerleading coach gets the evidence of their fight on photograph and uses it to punish them.  She gives them the option of physical punishment or penalty points. So all the members of Baek Ho and Real King are forced to run calisthenics outside in the rain.  Afterward, the coach tells them that they cannot clean up and instead must go and sit down and all eat together.  So the dirty, mud-caked members of Real King and Baek Ho sit around a table, eating ramen together as other students pass by and gawk. While they first eat their meal in silence, they eventually realize how funny it is and start laughing together.  It’s the first real bonding moment we see between the two groups and it really warms my heart.

Cut to Yeon Doo’s mom and Yeol’s dad who are at the cafĂ© run by Yeon Doo’s mom.  He is acting strange so she sits him down and tells him to say what’s on his mind. He pulls out a ring to propose with.  Yeon Doo’s mom says that she wants to keep it, but can’t.  Wow, a lot of thoughts on this small moment that make me both happy and sad. On the one hand, they clearly care about each other so why can’t they be together? But on the other hand if they got married, Yeol and Yeon Doo would be step-siblings which destroys any chance of their romance.  There’s no win-win solution when these situations happen. I have to think, if the kids had any clue Yeon Doo would want her mom to be happy, but Yeol would choose his own happiness.

The coach has the kids arrive at a location where they are to practice where she has a meal prepared for them and tells them to start without her since she hasn’t arrived.  They check the fridge to see if there are any beverages and find water and what looks to be juice. So they bring the juice to the table to serve it and it becomes clear quickly that it is not juice, but alcohol. But the kids, in their cheeky thinking pretend to not know that it is alcohol so that when the time comes they can claim they thought it was juice. They all then proceed to drink great quantities of this “juice”.  If eating together was a great bonding experience, then getting drunk together pretty much makes them family. 

Drunkenly members of Real King attempt to teach members of Baek Ho to dance while others are hanging all over each other giggling.  Soo Ah, on the other hand, ends up upstairs alone and bawling. Ha Joon happens upon her and she expresses how lonely she feels with everyone against her wondering why she’s getting all the blame and expressing that she’s having a hard time.  Ha Joon doesn’t say anything, but throws his handkerchief at her and leaves.  I think it’s interesting that he recognizes that she’s a little pathetic and takes the time to listen to her, but he still doesn’t want to be her friend.

Outside Yeon Doo is sitting at a table alone when Yeol comes out and sits with her.  She lays her head on the table and tells him to do the same. They’re laying their next to each other and smiling when Yeon Doo sits up, realizing the situation is familiar and references the times she fell on him when he gave her the choice to just go ahead with it since they were already in the position or to get up. 

 Yeol tells her that this time he’s going to go ahead with it. He gently places his hand on her neck and then goes in for a kiss. He’s mere inches away and that’s where our episode ends. Is that not an unbelievably frustrating place to end? It makes me angry because if they haven’t actually kissed yet and we have a cliffhanger, it seems possible that they’ll be interrupted and I really, really don’t want that.

Anyway, I guess we have to wait until next week to find out.  In the meantime look out for the drama club’s newest post tomorrow and if you’ve fallen behind on this series feel free to catch up with all my recaps on the Cheer Up! Main page by clicking below.  It was fun, friends. I’ll see you soon and don’t forget to Drama On!


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