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Cheer Up! Episode 2 Recap

Welcome friends and future friends!  I've been keeping my promise of a wave of new posts this week, haven't I?  Ugh, simulcasting Cheer Up! reminds me how hard it is having to wait a week for new episodes.  I'm loving this drama so far and I want to know what's going to happen. Let's go over what happened during episode 2.

When we last left off we see Yeon Doo returning to Sevit High School and telling the Baek Ho cheerleading team that she's joining.  They try to tell her that it's for only the top 5% of the class, but she pulls out the rules of their club and says there's no official stipulation and is determined that she is going to stay in their club room and study with them.

The wormy suck-up teacher comes in and drags her by her ear down to the teacher's lounge. When he gets there, he finds that Yeon Doo's mother is there and outraged.  She chews out the teacher for the way he's been treating his daughter. I mean she really lets him have it and Yeon Doo is super proud. In Yeon Doo's own words, her mom is a badass. The homeroom teacher is in the lounge and looks deeply ashamed by her accusations, even wormy teacher seems embarrassed by his own behavior.  She threatens to take them to the education board and demands Yeon Doo's transfer papers until Yeon Doo tells her that she's decided not to transfer.

Yeon Doo continues to study in the Baek Ho classroom and even though wormy teacher gives her punishment after punishment she doesn't give up. I for one can't believe the teacher would have the gall to continue to treat Yeon Doo poorly after the verbal beating her mom gave him. Didn't he learn anything? Maybe her mom needs to come back and teach him a stronger lesson since he didn't learn enough from the first one.

Of course most of the students in Baek Ho want her gone, but Kim Yeol seems amused by her.  He smiles at her antics and wont' let the other members of Baek Ho go too far in their mistreatment of her. Yeon Doo is determined.  The more wormy teacher punishes her, the more her friends from Real Kings step in to cheer her up and help turning chores into fun.

The wormy teacher catches them having a water fight when they're supposed to be gardening and as Yeon Doo is running away and trips and falls on top of Kim Yeol...again.  She tries to get up right away, but he pulls her away and they stay that like there for a moment until he begins to list their choices in the scenario and Yeon Doo pulls away right away. I'm liking the level of accidental skinship between these two character. I'm all for it, but I swear if they don't end up together I am going to go so crazy. The writers and producers are doing this on purpose. They're building up all this romantic tension which is great, but if they're playing with my emotions I won't react so well.

  Dong Jae comes by with a strawberry milk for Yeon Doo immediately after the hot encounter and they walk away together. Kim Yeol goes to the convenience store afterward with his friend and fellow Baek Ho member, Ha Joon and decides to get a strawberry milk himself. Ha Joon gives him crap about it, but Kim Yeol responds that he just wanted to try it. He's testing out things on the other side of the silver spoon it would seem and something tells me he's going to like what he finds there *cough* Yeon Doo *cough*.

Yeon Doo encounters Soo Ah as she enters her room. She hands Soo Ahh a broom and mop and tells her that it's her turn to clean. Soo Ah scoffs and throws them on the floor.  Yeon Doo returns later to find that Soo Ah has put some of her personal belongings in the washer - destroying her possessions.

Yeon Doo realizing that trying to talk sensibly to Soo Ah is getting nowhere and she tries to go after her but Soo Ah's minions from Baek Ho hold Yeon Doo back. But then right on time like 5 little miracles the members of Real King shows up and they let their fists do the talking for Yeon Doo.

We learn that the deal with Soo Ah is that her mother has hired a consultant to help Soo Ah get into Harvard. They learn from a team of admissions officers that Soo Ah's scholastic resume lacks any realness. She didn't gain any real experience from any of her activities so far. This means that Soo Ah needs to add something to her application that will help set her apart from other candidates and prove she thrives from her activities. The consultant pressures the principal, telling her that she expects that she'll ensure Soo Ah wins some sort of competition, but aren't really certain what competition she's referring to yet.  On the consultant's way out of the school she sees Kim Yeol. She stops him to give him her card and explains what she does.

The principal sees the members of Real Kings in the hall dancing and rather than be angry, she seems inspired. She orders a meeting between Real Kings and Baek Ho. There she announces that Baek Ho will be entering a cheerleading competition. That even though they've never done cheerleading before, the education board is requiring it because of Yeon Doo's "stunt".  The principal knows the only way they have a shot is if Real Kings is on board and offers to reinstate their club if they win the competition. They're about to agree, when Kim Yeol steps in. He knows there's something fishy going on.

So he calls the number on the business card the consultant gave him and puts her on speaker. He asks what he'd need to do to ensure he goes to an Ivy League school and she tells him not to worry since she knows his cheerleading club will be winning a competition and that will help him. Thanks to Kim Yeol, it's been revealed to everyone that the principal was trying to use all of them to help one student get into a good school.  Can I just take a moment to say how impressive and manly Kim Yeol is in this moment. Yeon Doo should take note, because if I were her I definitely would. Not only is he cute and smart, but he also is quick on her feet.

From Kim Yeol's discovery,  Yeon Doo then realizes that it could have only been Soo Ah who would do something like this. The look on Soo Ah's face says it all. Yeon Doo announces that her club has no interest in helping her.   Soo Ah runs and calls her consultant in anger and tells her she had better fix it. She then calls her mom and while we can't hear what her mom says to her, we knows that it's not very uplifting.

As soon as she gets off the phone she gets nailed in the back of the head with a basketball by Dong Jae who apologizes and says it was an accident this time (as opposed to the previous episode where he intentionally dumped rotten milk on her).  He admits he heard the whole conversations but will soon forget it, and comments that Soo Ah doesn't have an easy life either.  That may be so, but it is certainly no excuse to act like an evil psychopath like she is.

Real Kings muse about how they lost their opportunity to get their club back when a couple of the members admit that they think they should still do the cheerleading competition. Soo Ah may have been the one that got their club shut down, but winning is their only way to get it back.  Still, not everyone agrees. While they're talking they get a text reminding them of a dance competition they had signed up for. Yeon Doo is surprised to find that the other members are still planning on competing so they all decide to go together.

As they leave for their dance competition, Dong Jae returns to his room to find Ha Joon, who is his roommate, in the shower with his wrists slits.  Dong Jae tries to help, but freezes up in panic.  Something about the way he reacts suggests that he might have had a past trauma. Kim Yeol comes in and carries Dong Jae out and to the hospital.  As they're leaving they drop the bloody towel Kim Yeol had been using to stop the bleeding and Soo Ah finds it and picks it up. She brings it to the principal and tells her she has an idea for how she can make Real Kings do the cheer competition.

While on stage at the dance competition, Yeon Doo twists her ankle, but perserves and Real Kings win the popularity award. After the competition, two of Yeon Doo's friends in Real Kings annouce that they won't be performing with Real Kings anymore since there's no way to get their club back now and they wanted to give Yeon Doo one last performance. Yeon Doo suggests karaoke, but they say they have to get right back to school.  While the other members are hurt by this, Yeon Doo says that she understands since everything was her fault and she can't even fix it.

She then says she has plans too, which isn't a lie. She hobbles into the hospital alone to get her ankle taken care of and the doctor is amazed that she was able to dance through the pain considering it wasn't just a minor injury.  Kim Yeol is still at the same hospital with Ha Joon. We see a flashback to him coming into the hospital with Ha Joon before for the same reason. As Yeon Doo's leaving hospital she sees Kim Yeol who is waiting in the lobby with blood on his shirt. She asks if he's okay and seems genuinely worried for him when he tells her to mind her own business. Then she sees Ha Joon walking toward them with his wrists bandaged.  Kim Yeol tells her to pretend she didn't see them and she's put off by his rudeness but leaves peacefully.

As she's nearing the exit she sees their homeroom teacher at the reception desk and ducks around the corner.  She sees that Kim Yeol and Ha Joon are headed their way and knows that it would be bad if they were caught.  She can't get their attention and they are about to round the corner so she coughs, drawing all attention toward her and motion to them that their teacher is there.  Luckily the homeroom teacher doesn't see any of them.  Ha Joon takes off one way and Kim Yeol ducks around the wall with her. They're waiting for the teacher to pass by when Yeon Doo makes sure to tell Kim Yeol that she isn't going to tell anyone she saw them there.

As the teacher draws even closer, they squeeze behind a table together with Kim Yeol's arm around her. They're in intimate proximity to begin with and when Yeon Doo keeps talking, Kim Yeol puts his hand over her mouth. Once the teacher passes they stay like for a moment and Kim Yeol's face gets closer to hers until they are interrupted by Ha Joon who lets them know the teacher is gone. I wonder what would have happened if Ha Joon hadn't interrupted them. Would he have kissed her? Something tells me he would have. It really seems like he wants to and honestly it seems like she wouldn't mind if he did.  Kim Yeol smiles at Yeon Doo and thanks her before they leave.

But the teacher isn't really gone and as he's paying his medical bill, he hears a nurse call out for Ha Joon. He asks the nurse if this patient Ha Joon was wearing a Sevit High School uniform. When Yeon Doo arrives back on campus she sees Dong Jae and sticks her arms out, wanting him to give her a hug and comfort her, but he walks right by her up to Kim Yeol and Ha Joon who have just arrived to see if Ha Joon is okay.  Kim Yeol brushes him off.  Yeon Doo asks Dong Jae what happened to Ha Joon, but even he won't tell her.

Next we see the homeroom teacher having a "carefrontation" with Ha Joon and wondering if he should call his parents.  Ha Joon begs him not to. We know from a previous episode that Ha Joon's father is severely abusive and he knows his dad would send him to a mental hospital if he found out Ha Joon cut his wrists again.  The teacher seems sympathetic. From what I can tell the homeroom teacher really seems to be a good guy. I really hope his role is a strong one in the drama because I feel like he'd be a great friend help to the kids if he could really be on their side.

At the same time the princpal is meeting with Kim Yeol.  She tells him that she knows about what Joon Ha did (from Soo Ah finding the bloody towel) and gives Kim Yeol an ultimatum.  Either he joins in on the cheerleading competition and gets Real Kings to join or she tells Joon Ha's parents at which point he knows they'll remove him from school and send him to a mental hospital. Man, I haven't said it yet but the principal is just gross. She's moved by money and willing to do whatever it takes to get more. Disgusting.  How do people like her get in powerful roles? I just hate that life is like that sometimes.

Elsewhere on campus, Yeon Doo is heading back to her room when she sees her two friends that quit Real Kings going into a classroom with Soo Ah. She peers in to see Soo Ah showing them a presentation on Stunt cheerleading and Yeon Doo feels exceptionally betrayed.  So much so that it causes her to avoid all of Real Kings the next day at school. She's hanging out with Dong Jae instead when Kim Yeol approaches her and asks her to join cheerleading with him. She lists the reasons she has not to do it as she gets closer and closer to him. The two end up with their faces mere inches apart during this conversation and that's where our episode ends.

 I thought that maybe this drama might a lot like other high school dramas with little variation after watching the first episode. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as high school dramas tend to be pretty great, but I'm glad to see a unique plot introduced with more mature story elements.  The chemistry between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol is so much more intense than most high school dramas, which is giving me a lot of hope for the future of this show.  Hope you stay tuned with me.  You can keep up to date with the recaps on this drama's home page below and drama on friends!

Cheer Up!

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