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She Was Pretty Episode 3 Recap

Thanks for stopping by friends and future friends!  I realize I am a little behind some of you who are watching She Was Pretty, but I'm catching up and I really like it so far.

We last left off with Sung Joon finding Ha Ri (who he believes is his childhood friend, Hye Jin) working in a hotel after she told him that she had gone to London to study abroad. Ha Ri is incredibly fast on her feet, like superman fast. She hugs Sung Joon while ripping off her nametag so he can't see that it doesn't say Hye Jin. She then tells him that she was in London, but then got a job offer at the hotel and decided to come back. She tells him she had planned on calling him that night.  Sung Joon buys it and leaves with the promise that they will have to get together frequently now that they're both back in Korea.

As soon as Sung Joon leaves, Ha Ri calls Hye Jin to tell her what happened, but Hye Jin left her phone on her desk so instead Shin Hyuk answers it and tells her Hye Jin isn't there.  What's funny is that Hye Jin's caller id clearly says "husband" when Ha Ri calls, but he doesn't even bat an eyelash an answers it.  It doesn't seem to affect him at all. He's got some guys. I like it. Shin Hyuk offers to take a message, but for obvious reasons Ha Ri says she'll tell Hye Jin later. When Hye Jin gets home, she's still fuming over the treatment she received from Sung Joon.  She tells Ha Ri that she's not going to resign after all and is determined to prove his impression of her wrong.  Ha Ri decides that it's not a good idea to tell Hye Jin that Sung Joon found out that she's in Korea and instead decides to take care of the matter on her own for Hye Jin's sake.  I understand that Ha Ri is trying to be a good friend, but how could she possibly think that her handling it on her own could work out well? I mean, really?

Meanwhile we've been seeing Sung Joon do some strange things.  He goes to a coffee shop and then doesn't notice as he starts to drink out of the flower vase instead of his coffee cup. Then he repeatedly runs into doors.  Health-wise there's definitely something going on with him and by the looks of it, it's something awful serious.

When Hye Jin gets to the office the next day she's determined to give it her all at the meeting to prove that she's an excellent employee and to prove that Sung Joon is just a big jerk. But unfortunately, she doesn't understand fashion jargon at all and so she can't follow along. Then when she's asked to turn on the monitor, she keeeps selecting the wrong remote, turning everything else in the room on.  Sung Joon is completely ecasperbated by her, but Shin Hyuk is amused.  He seems quite intruiged by her and asks why she always freaks out whenever Sung Joon is around. Sung Joon tells Hye Jin that she'd better step up the game or she's going to get fired.

Even though she's completely determined, things aren't falling in her favor as for the rest of the day he appears every time she screws up or doesn't understand the fashion term that someone is using. Sung Joon acts like a complete jerk to her- always giving her looks of disapproval or sighing. I seriously really hate his character right now. I mean he's going out of his way to hate her. She doesn't even want to be in that department, but they won't let her go back where she was good. Hye Jin goes home that night exhausted and finds her younger sister loitering around the outside of her aparment and it turns out that her younger sister looks exactly like Hye Jin did when she was that age (probably because they're played by the same actress. lol) This should be an interesting plot point.

Anyway, her sister leaves and Hye Jin rants to Ha Ri about how unfairly she's treated at the office. Ha Ri suggests that Hye Jin is part at fault.  She hasn't bothered to look through The Most nor learn anything about fashion. Hye Jin gets mads and then storms off to bed, but upon thinking about it realizes that Ha Ri is right so she goes to work studying fashion magazine and learning fashion terms and concepts with Ha Ri until she has it down.

So when the next work meeting comes up, Hye Jin is able to understand all of the terms they're using and is able to fetch the appropriate piece of clothing when they're asked for.  She is full of confidence in the fact that Sung Joon has nothing to criticize her on now. After the meeting Shin Hyuk convinces Hye Jin that she needs to take him out for rice cakes since it's thanks to him that she got hired.  After a good deal of persuading on his end she agrees.

Meanwhile Ha Ri was supposed to meet up with Sung Joon and was going to get rid of him, but then her step-mom texts her that she needs to come over to dinner for her father's birthday, so she asks Sung Joon to push their meeting back two hours.  Sung Joon goes to the library at work to kill time where Hye Jin happens to be at the time as well. Hye Jin is reading a children's book that was published by her dad's company. It appears that the book is significant to her past.  Shin Hyuk calls her, reminding her she agreed to buy him dinner so she leaves but puts the book back haphazardly so it's sticking out from the shelf.  Sung Joon sees it, although he did not see who was reading it and picks it up from the shelf.

Luckily, I don't have to deal with this anymore. Thank you, DramaFever Premium!

Ha Ri's dinner with her step-mom and dad does not go well after her step-mom essentially calls her mom a whore.  Ha Ri yells at her step-mom calling her "that woman" and when her dad comes in from the other room he slaps Ha Ri and tells her to apologize.  Although she's upset, Ha Ri apologizes and then leaves in a huff. She tries to call Hye Jin but Hye Jin doesn't hear the phone ring or see the text that says Ha Ri needs her because she's having rice cakes with Shin Hyuk. 

Ha Ri goes to the bar and starts drinking alone.  Sung Joon gets a call from Ha Ri's phone (probably from the bartender) and finds out where she is and rushes there.  Hye Jin apparently doesn't find Shin Hyuk as charming as I do and thinks he must be poor since he's begging a meal off of her. Once they finish shes sees the missed call from Hye Jin and when she calls her phone learns from the bartender where she is.

Neither Sung Joon nor Hye Jin have showed up yet and Ha Ri is still drinking when a sleazeball at the bar (played by the mayor from Jeju Island Gatsby) comes up to her and suggests they leave together.  She starts insulting him and they start to get into a fight when Sung Joon shows up and gets between them. He meets up with the guy in the bathroom and gives him the chance to apologize and when he doesn't, he beats the guy up.

When Hye Jin arrives, Ha Ri and Sung Joon are already gone. Sung Joon takes her to the hospital to get her cut taken care of.  Although Ha Ri is sober now, she decides not to cut ties with Sung Joon today since he did get hurt because of her, but is still determined to do it. Hye Jin waits up for Ha Ri and is worried when she sees she got hurt.

The next day Hye Jin gets a call from her sister asking her to meet up for a meal and Hye Jin says she'll be right there.  We see Sung Joon in a coffee shop with the children's book from the library sticking out of his bag. A girl says "that's my book" he looks up to see Hye Jin's sister, the spitting image of his first love, and he gives a big smile. Hye Jin enters the coffee shop just in time to see this interaction happen and that's where our episode ends.

This new development with a girl that looks just like his first love should be interesting.  Keep reading to see where this drama will go next. You can stay up to date on all my recaps for this drama through the main page below.  Have a fantastic week, friends, and drama on!

She Was Pretty

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