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MEMES: Oh My Venus Episodes 3 & 4

Hey friends and future friends! Hope things are treating you well. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and this week I am especially thankful for Kdramas. I'm really enjoying Oh My Venus. I will admit the whole "you're worthless because you're fat" thin is kind of irritating me. If it continues in this vein I will definitely have more than a few choice words. However, based on the pure goodness of Henry's character and how he treats everyone equally regardless of what they look like, I have hope. So for now I'll choose to enjoy the antics and they are pretty enjoyable. I have a plethora of memes this week and I'm sharing almost all of them because this is my blog and I'll do what I want :)



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MEMES: Oh My Venus Episodes 1 & 2

So I watched the first couple of Oh My Venus and while I know I won't have time to do full recaps of them, I can't resist making a few memes so I'm going to just post the graphics here. Feel free to use, share, or post these however you'd like. The same goes for any meme or graphic I post on here. I'd just ask that you do not edit and keep the tag intact.  Hope you enjoy ;)

Cheer Up! Episode 12 (Finale)

Hello dear friends and future friends! We've come to our last Cheer Up! post. I know, I know, I'm sad too but I'll be back creating memes and giving recaps for more dramas before you know it. So without further delay let me give a recap of this final episode.

When we last left off Yeol had confronted Ha Joon about quitting the cheerleading team, accusing him of quitting because of Yeon Doo. Ha Joon lies and says that he's right. Even though he likes Yeon Doo he's only quitting to save the cheerleading team from his father.

After his row with Yeol, Ha Joon goes off and punches a mirror. Yeon Doo finds him and is concerned about his hand, which just makes things harder for Ha Joon. He keeps trying to forget her, but she keeps being sweet to him. Yeol can't stand things being weird between him and Ha Joon so the next day he goes and finds him and tells him that he's just as important to him as Yeon Doo is and Ha Joon tells her that he'll get over Yeon Doo. 

Soo Ah's mom comes to visit her at school and instead of giving into her manipulation, Soo Ah tells her things are going well in her life and to essentially butt out. But her mom was actually there to see the principal as the two of them both are under investigation by the education office. The other moms teamed up against them and verified that they were spec-stacking. 

As a result of this, the education office decides to disband the cheer team, which they only learn about by an announcement posted in the common room. The coach and Teacher Yang are furious. They go to the principal's office to beg her to save the cheer club only to learn she's been fired and her wormy butt-kisser has become interim principal, but there's nothing that either of them can do. 

Because the cheerleading team is being disbanded, it also means that the Coach has been fired. The cheer team is sad to see her go. Through the time they spent together, it was her that was intrumental in turning them from a bunch of trouble-making misfits to a group of friends, but she leaves with a smile on her face and tells them how proud of them she is. 

Ha Joon finds out that even though he quit the cheer club, they were still disbanded and he is furious with his dad. He goes to confront his dad, but his dad just scoffs at him and tells him that it was for his own good.

Yeon Doo knows that everyone expects her to have the right answer, but she doesn't. She's followed her heart up until this point, but there is no clear path for their group to take this time.

The group all discuss how even though they were forced to do cheerleading at first, they grew to love it and more importantly each other. They still want to do the cheer competition, but know that they would be risking getting in a lot of trouble if they did.

As always Teacher Yang offers some wise advice to his students, knowing how much distress they're going through. 

To prevent Ha Joon from causing trouble, his dad has locked him in his room at home.  Yeol goes to check on Ha Joon and can tell that something strange is going on.

Not only does Yeol not buy it, but he also takes the time to give Ha Joon's dad a piece of his mind about how monstrous he is.

Yeon Doo has the weight of the world on her shoulders and it's Soo Ah who takes notice and takes the time to talk to her and encourage her. She tells Yeon Doo not to give up and tells her that she'll help her with whatever decision she makes.

The next day Yeon Doo assembles the cheer team and tells them that she can't make the decision for them as to whether they want to compete or not. She announces that she will be at the competition a half an hour early waiting and whoever shows up will go on stage and perform. But tells them to not judge the others if they don't show up; everyone should make their own choice and respect the others'. The thing is, if even one person doesn't show up, they can't perform.

Worried about Ha Joon and not wanting him to be left out, Yeon Doo and Yeol go and retrieve him from his apartment where he's locked in. Thanks to some quick thinking, they pull the fire alarm and the maid has no choice but to let him out. They take the opportunity and take off, but his father finds out and is there waiting when they get to the auditorium where the competition is held.  Instead of shirking away, Ha Joon stands up to his father telling him that he's going to compete whether he likes it or not. His father tries to hit him, but Ha Joon stops him. Ha Joon tells his father that he made him feel worthless and hate himself, but he's not going to let that happen anymore. That he's not going to hate himself because of his father and rather is going to start loving himself. It's quite beautiful really.

When Yeon Doo gets to the auditorium a minute after she said she was going to be there, she's disappointed that not a single member is there. That is until they all come running in. Every single one. Because she was late they thought she wasn't coming and ran around looking for her. They are all touched to see that not a single person stayed behind. They go to register only to find out that their registration was cancelled and therefore it's too late.  We think they're out of luck until the coach shows up, somehow knowing her students would be there. She gets on her knees and begs the officials to let them compete, which he seems to agree after enough begging.

It doesn't take long for the cheerleading team to realize that they are far from the best team there. There are teams that are professional level and have been competing for a long time, but it doesn't dissuade them when they remember that they came to have fun together.

They get up to perform and the sneering and whispers from the crowd are audible even on stage at the gall they have to show up after their spec-stacking scandal. But Teacher Yang who is in the crowd cheers them on at the top of their lungs and they're visibly encouraged.

They give their performance their all and put all of their heart into it and end their performance with their signature sign-message move.

Later, when the cheer team is back at school we find out that they got last place, but take it in stride.  They may have lost the competition, but what they won is so much more. Ha Joon confesses to Yeon Doo that he does like her because she noticed and cared for him when he needed it, but that he doesn't want anything from her and that she doesn't have to feel bad because he's grateful to have her in his life.

If it wasn't enough that things remained cool between Ha Joon and Yeon Doo, things with Ha Joon and Yeol are equally cool. They don't let liking the same woman come between them at all and are just as close as always.

Things end absolutely perfectly with this drama. Ha Joon's dad is investigated and gets a restraining order issued against him, Soo Ah's mom is investigated for corruption as well but she and Soo Ah become close and they learn to lean on each other in times of trouble. Wormy loses his principal position almost as soon as he gets it, which is great because he would not make a very good one. Soo Ah started stealing Yeon Doo's strawberry milk from Dong Jae- an inevitable future for those two.  Yeon Doo's mom and Yeol's dad resumed their relationship but Yeon Doo and Yeol are still together too. WHAT!?! I didn't even know that was a possibility in a Kdrama, but it makes me so happy. Yeol is trying to figure out how to get his family registration switched over to his mom's side so that he and Yeon Doo won't be related on paper. What a creative solution to allow our characters to be happy without hurting others along the way.

Most importantly, the cheer team is as close as ever. They spend all their time together be it in class or after. Essentially, they are the 13 best friends that any ever had. There could seriously not be a better ending for this band of characters that I grew to love.

Well, sadly that's where we leave Cheer Up! This will go down as one of my favorite Kdramas of all time and I don't have any regrets about the time we spent together. Fare thee well, Yeon Doo, Yeol, Ha Joon, and the rest! Any thoughts or comments on the finale? Let's hear them! In the meantime, if you want to catch up on the rest of the series, check out my Cheer Up! main page below. Until next time, friends!

Cheer Up!

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She Was Pretty Episode 4 Recap

Hi friends and future friends! Hope you're all having a stellar week. I will be resuming my She Was Pretty recaps. I will be doing just brief recaps with a few memes for the remaining episode. As far as Cheer Up! I will have the finale posted within the next couple of days for sure. Also, recently I have been creating memes for dramas that I don't intend to recap. So I've just been posting them on my Tumblr (Update: I am now giving the memes their own posts right here on LoganLand as wel). If you would like me to post them here as well even though I'll have no recap to accompany them let me know and I"ll create some sort of meme only page. This allows me to put the time I would spend into writing recaps into watching more dramas yet still share my thoughts and jokes with my friends! I've already got some memes from the first two episodes of Oh My Venus! on there for starters and probably will be adding more as I start new dramas once I finish She Was Pretty. Anyway, without further ado let's talk about what happened in Episode 4.

Hye Jin's sister has coffee with Sung Joon while Hye Jin watches on panicked. She calls him and tells him the editor in chief is looking for him so that he doesn't learn anything he shouldn't from her sister. Then she rushes back to work and explains that she was confused.

Sung Joon continues to think she's incompetent and continues to be disappointed as no one can come up with any good ideas at work

Hye Jin gets another request from the Editor in Chief to look more "Mostesque", but it seems she doesn't really know what she's doing and fails miserably.

At work everyone can't help but laugh at her awful make up and hair, launching her from plain to absolutely hideous in their eyes.

 Sung Joon is still being an absolute jerk to Hye Jin and she really doesn't want to spend any time with him, unfortunately she gets chosen to be his chauffeur to the airport which he is just as disappointed in as she is. She attempts to confirm several times that she is going to the right airport, but he ignores her.  When he finally pays attention, he is furious because she has taken him to the wrong airport and they're stuck in traffic so they won't make it in time. She thinks on her feet and sends him to the other airport on motorcycle and then is there to pick him up when he's done. Instead of being grateful, he is irate at her for making a mistake. She tries to explain that he never answered her, but he doesn't listen and so he leaves her at the airport and goes on alone.

Ha Ri meets up with her father for a meal and is upset when he asks her to apologize to his wife. On her way home, she runs into Sung Joon. Together, they play a racquetball-like game and then talk for awhile . She seems to be really grateful to have him there after having a rough day.

Meanwhile, Hye Jin is upset so she goes out drinking at a street tent and Shin Hyuk finds her and drinks with her. She drinks until she gets really really drunk and calls Sung Joon to tell him that she's the real Hye Jin.

In the morning, she can't remember what exactly she said to Sung Joon and is relieved and to find out that the worst she told him was that he was a bastard although she's now fully revealed to Shin Hyuk that she was Sung Joon's childhood bff and first love. It turns out Sung Joon feels guilty for overreacting when he realized that doesn't hear people around him when he's focused and so he suggests they forget everything that happened the day before.

We learn something interesting about Shin Hyuk when Ha Ri mistakes a patron of their hotel for a homeless man and it turns out that Shin Hyuk is living in a suite at the hotel. So maybe he's the chairman's son after all.

The magazine staff is out for drinks and initially Sung Joon refuses a drink, but ends up taking a sip only to pass out after walking a few steps down the hall. Talk about an extreme lightweight.  Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk find his keycard in his wallet and bring him home.  After they leave, Hye Jin realizes she left her phone so she tries to go back and find it's locked. She tries the passcode that Sung Joon used to use when he was younger to find he still uses the same one. She gets her phone and then notices the puzzle of the couple dancing with the hidden woman piece missing is framed and in a glass case. She goes to look at it when Sung Joon wakes up and asks her what she's doing there. She's so startled that she knocks the case over and breaks it. That's where the episode ends.

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Cheer Up! Episode 11 Recap

 We're down to the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and it's time to start preparing to say goodbye to these beloved characters. Let me give you a quick recap of what happened during episode 11.

 Soo Ah is quite moved by the fact that her friends from the cheer team wish for her return and send her a video telling her how much they miss her.

It may be the hundredth time, but they forgive Soo Ah for everything that she's done and they want to go back to being a team like they used to be.

Soo Ah finally has taken them up on their offer of redemption. She tells her mom that she's sick of being the villain and she's going to live an ethical life from now on.

She shows back up at school where they welcome her with open arms and are all genuinely excited to have her back and she's genuinely glad to be back.  Meanwhile, Yeon Doo is anxious because while her and Yeol are dating now, he hasn't made any sort of romantic move since the hospital. Yeol does have something up his sleeve, but first he tells Ha Joon that he's dating Yeon Doo. Then he plans a romantic movie night for him and Yeon Doo in one of the classrooms.

The students go home for a short break and Yeol is excited to walk Yeon Doo home, but awkward hell breaks loose when who should they run into outside Yeon Doo's house, but both of their parents who look awfully cozy together.

Needless to say, both couples are rather shocked and don't know how to proceed. Both Yeol's dad and Yeon Doo's mom lie and say there's nothing going on, but the kids are smart enough to know the truth. Yeol goeds back to school to find Ha Joon never left. He confides about his dad and Yeon Doo's' mom. Ha Joon then finds Yeon Doo who he knows is struggling with the same thing and tells her to follow her heart.

 Yeol and Yeon Doo decide that they need to stay together no matter what, so Yeol meets with Yeon Doo's mom and vice versa and they tell their parents that they are dating. I have to admit this is a surprising move from these two selfless characters. They're finally doing something for themselves and putting themselves first and I can't blame them. Meanwhile Ha Joon's dad has gotten word that the cheerleading club is going to be investigated and demands that Ha Joon quit...with his fists.

Yeon Doo finds Ha Joon after his father beats him and he loses his self-control for a minute and holds onto Yeon Doo. Up until this point he'd shown her no indication that he liked her.

Yeol sees this from a distance and is upset, but in classic Yeol fashion comes to take care of Ha Joon and his wounds anyway.  Yeon Doo reasons with herself that he just acted strange because he was in pain.  Ha Joon makes an agreement with his father to quit the cheerleading club, if his father promises to make sure it doesn't get destroyed.

 So the next day at practice the team finds out he quit and Yeol goes looking for him immediately. When he finds him he demands to know if Ha Joon quit because of Yeon Doo. And that's where our episode ends. 

I'll have the finale recap up any day and then shortly after that I will be resuming She Was Pretty recaps before moving onto another drama entirely. You can catch up on all my Cheer Up! recaps through the link below.

Cheer Up!

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