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Cheer Up! Episode 9 Recap

Hi friends and future friends! Hope you're all doing well.  I know, I'm a little behind on posting these episodes but things are crazy in LoganLand. I wanted to be able to share all my memes with you, my friends, but I haven't had time to do the length recaps that I normally do. So for these last few episodes here I'll just be sharing a quick condensed version of each episode. But if I leave out information that you feel you just need to know, feel free to ask questions and I'll be happy to fill you in!

So let's get started.  When we last left off, Soo Ah had left Yeon Doo at the convenience store and had gone back to the campsite by herself. When Soo Ah realized it wasn't Yeon Doo who was blackmailing her, it was obviously that she felt guilty. Yeol confronts Soo Ah to tell her it was him who is blackmailing her.

Ha Joon finds Yeon Doo first and starts to bring her back to the campsite. Yeol and Teacher Yang find the two of them and are relived to see that Yeon Doo is okay, although Yeol seems slightly put off at the fact that it wasn't he who found her.  They confront Soo Ah about what happened and tell her that if she doesn't reveal everything at the bonfire that night, they're going to reveal the footage of her stealing the USB to everyone in the school.

Everyone is having a good time at the bonfire, but it's no surprise that Soo Ah isn't quick to confess. Eventually, it's suggested that they essentially play a game of truth or dare.  The teacher's take their leave and the game begins.

The teachers have their own bonding time in which the wormy teacher reveals everything he has to endure to be the principal's pet.  Meanwhile, Soo Ah never reveals what she did to Yeon Doo.  Yeol is about to reveal it to the entire group, when Yeon Doo jumps in and suggests that it must have been a misunderstanding. No matter how evil Soo Ah is to her, Yeon Doo can't hurt her old friend.

Soo Ah agrees to Yeol that she will come clean to everyone, she just begs him to give her three days.  Later that night, Yeon Doo runs into Yeol and he tells her that he's tired of admiring her in secret and he tells her that he likes her. Before she can reply, Ha Joon shows up.

Everyone's sad that it's time to go back to school as they've grown really close as a group of friends and really enjoyed spending the time together away from school. 

When they get back to school, we find out that Soo Ah may have said she would reveal everything, but she has not intention to. She's conspiring to find the footage of her stealing the USB through any means, including digging through Yeol's stuff.

In the parent realm, Yeol's dad is waiting to hear an answer from Yeon Doo's mom about marrying him. She seems to be seriously considering it.  This could complicate things.

Especially considering that the parents agree to bring the kids together and announce their relationship. I'll take a page from Jane the Virgin and say #Awkwardfamilydinner.

Yeon Doo can tell that Soo Ah seems to be up to something and so she reminds her of the timeframe and that she can influence Yeol to change his mind. The kids in the cheer club can see that things are coming to a head between Yeon Doo and Soo Ah and speculate as to who will come out ahead. Yeol continues to push Yeon Doo for an answer as to how she feels for him.  She doesn't give him an answer quite yet, but to anyone watching her answer is obvious- she's been Team Yeol for awhile.

Soo Ah has her mind set on sneaking into Yeol's room to look for the footage. Teacher Yang sees her looking suspicious and heading toward the boy's dorm and follows her. He catches her in Yeol's room just as she's watching the footage.

He tells Soo Ah they'll talk about it after class but she doesn't go to class and makes her leave. The USB drive with the footage on it drops on the bed as they leave. Soo Ah doesn't go to class, though, she goes to the consultant who's been helping her build her specs. She's freaking out now that Teacher Yang knows what she did too.

The consultant advises her to beg for forgiveness and admit her wrong to get sympathy from Teacher Yang and so that is her plan. Unfortunately, Yeol's roommate who is a member of real king finds the USB drive. He's horrified by what he sees on it and shares it with another Real King members. They are furious at Soo Ah and so they send the footage out to the entire school. But they forget to log into their own account before sending it while on Yeon Doo's computer. So when Soo Ah returns to school, she learns that the entire school has found out about what she did and by all appearances it looks as though Yeon Doo was the one to tell everyone.  Yeon Doo is disappointed in her friends for telling everyone and goes to explain things to Soo Ah. Soo Ah, however, isn't feeling very reasonable. She slaps Yeon Doo and screams at her, before shoving her down the stairs. Yeol sees this happens and grabs onto Yeon Doo and holds her as they both fall down the stairs together, shielding her body. Yeon Doo gets up, but Yeol lays at the bottom of the stairs unconscious while Soo Ah looks horrified at what she has just done. And that's where this episode ends. Only three episodes left until the big finale.  You can refresh yourself on the whole series through the link below.

Cheer Up!

And maybe for the next episode???

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