Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cheer Up! Episode 11 Recap

 We're down to the final two episodes of Cheer Up! and it's time to start preparing to say goodbye to these beloved characters. Let me give you a quick recap of what happened during episode 11.

 Soo Ah is quite moved by the fact that her friends from the cheer team wish for her return and send her a video telling her how much they miss her.

It may be the hundredth time, but they forgive Soo Ah for everything that she's done and they want to go back to being a team like they used to be.

Soo Ah finally has taken them up on their offer of redemption. She tells her mom that she's sick of being the villain and she's going to live an ethical life from now on.

She shows back up at school where they welcome her with open arms and are all genuinely excited to have her back and she's genuinely glad to be back.  Meanwhile, Yeon Doo is anxious because while her and Yeol are dating now, he hasn't made any sort of romantic move since the hospital. Yeol does have something up his sleeve, but first he tells Ha Joon that he's dating Yeon Doo. Then he plans a romantic movie night for him and Yeon Doo in one of the classrooms.

The students go home for a short break and Yeol is excited to walk Yeon Doo home, but awkward hell breaks loose when who should they run into outside Yeon Doo's house, but both of their parents who look awfully cozy together.

Needless to say, both couples are rather shocked and don't know how to proceed. Both Yeol's dad and Yeon Doo's mom lie and say there's nothing going on, but the kids are smart enough to know the truth. Yeol goeds back to school to find Ha Joon never left. He confides about his dad and Yeon Doo's' mom. Ha Joon then finds Yeon Doo who he knows is struggling with the same thing and tells her to follow her heart.

 Yeol and Yeon Doo decide that they need to stay together no matter what, so Yeol meets with Yeon Doo's mom and vice versa and they tell their parents that they are dating. I have to admit this is a surprising move from these two selfless characters. They're finally doing something for themselves and putting themselves first and I can't blame them. Meanwhile Ha Joon's dad has gotten word that the cheerleading club is going to be investigated and demands that Ha Joon quit...with his fists.

Yeon Doo finds Ha Joon after his father beats him and he loses his self-control for a minute and holds onto Yeon Doo. Up until this point he'd shown her no indication that he liked her.

Yeol sees this from a distance and is upset, but in classic Yeol fashion comes to take care of Ha Joon and his wounds anyway.  Yeon Doo reasons with herself that he just acted strange because he was in pain.  Ha Joon makes an agreement with his father to quit the cheerleading club, if his father promises to make sure it doesn't get destroyed.

 So the next day at practice the team finds out he quit and Yeol goes looking for him immediately. When he finds him he demands to know if Ha Joon quit because of Yeon Doo. And that's where our episode ends. 

I'll have the finale recap up any day and then shortly after that I will be resuming She Was Pretty recaps before moving onto another drama entirely. You can catch up on all my Cheer Up! recaps through the link below.

Cheer Up!

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