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Moorim School Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing absolutely fantastically this week.  Moorim school continues to impress me, but it's not a hit with everyone it seems.  The drama has been short from 20 down to 16 episodes due to low ratings in Korea.  Some people have issues with the production style and others are not fans of the acting. I can understand why some people wouldn't like it, but I am one of the ones that genuinely do. And I know that many of my friends agree with me. Moorim School is a bit ahead of it's time. There's never been another drama like it and I really respect the diversity- not just of the actors but of the material.  Overall I find this drama really refreshing. Anyway, let's go over real quick what happened this week.

Episode 5
Shi Woo returns to Moorim and upon his return, he and Chi Ang are invited to an initiation. They arrive to the armory to find the other students waiting for them. The doors are locked behind them and it looks like there's no way out but to fight.

Well, it only looks that way. The students soon reveal that their real initiation involves a lot of champagne and dancing. The students party the night away in the armory. The teacher are out partying on their own as well. They party a little too hard and the Dean has to pick them up at the bar.

Soon duk gets called away from the party only to get accused of stealing by her boss. It gets proven she didn't steal, but Soon Duk is having none of the way she was treated and quits her job.  Shi Woo finds her later crying and comforts her. Only to have Chi Ang spy the two getting cozy.

 Mid-terms are coming up at Moorim and the students are studying like crazy.  Because Shi Woo and Chi Ang are new, they get paired with mentors to help them learn. Chi Ang gets paired with Seon Ah who is the number one student in the school.  Surprisingly, they have fantastic chemistry.

He begins to learn a lot from her and is happy with the arrangement until he finds out that Shi Woo got paired up with Soon Duk. Again, he spies the two of them together training and gets jealous.  He's starting to sense that Shi Woo is his rival in more ways than just martial arts.

Meanwhile, the man in a coma wakes up and his immediate concern is to find his two children that were left in the fire. As it turns out both Seon Ah and Shi Woo share a past trauma. They have a memory of being in that fire with coma man. It looks pretty likely that they're his children.

Episode 6
Seon Ah is suspicious of why her and Shi Woo have the same trauma, but when she asks her father, the Dean, he dismisses her. It's clear he's hiding something. Chi Ang and Shi Woo will be paired against each other when exam time comes and Chi Ang is determined to beat Shi Woo because if he wins he gets to go on a date with Soon Duk.

Chi Ang trains hard and begins to build his skill impressively quick.Soon Duk is training Shi Woo as well but she knows with Seon Ah's training talents and Chi Ang's previous skill in martial arts, training alone won't help them win and so she thinks about strategy.

Coma man still wants to find his children. Who should show up by his beside by Chi Ang's dad who it seems has some sort of dastardly plan to use coma man. What's going on there is yet to be determined.

At school it's time to battle. Seon Ah is up first against the bully Yeob Jung. They're #1 and #2 in the school, but the chosen area of competition is hand-to-hand combat which is his specialty. They fight pretty evenly and it ends up being declared a tie.

The winner will be determined after the comprehensive exam takes place.  Next up is Shi Woo versus Chi Ang. It looks like Chi Ang is winning at first as he aggressively attacked Shi Woo and Shi Woo plays defense, but Shi Woo's strategy is to play defense.

 He tires Chi Ang out before delivering the final blow. Again, a tie is declared since the fight lasted so long. Although Seon Ah admits that she and Chi Ang lost.The dean announces the comprehensive exam is going to be a...Potluck party? I know, if you're from America this seems a little silly.

Chi Ang explains to the others what a potluck is and they all prepare for the party where they will be judged on their manners, attires, and the dish they bring.Everyone dresses up pretty and they have a minor fashion show as they enter the party.

Chi Ang has helped Seon Ah pick out a killer outfit since she helped him to train. Soon Duk, who was out running an errand returns to find a dress picked out for her. She wears it to the party and looks stunning.

 She assumed Chi Ang picked it out, but it's revealed that it was actually Shi Woo, to Soon Duk's surprise. Chi Ang does not look pleased. The romantic tension between Soon Duk and Shi Woo is adorable.

When it comes to the dishes everyone brought to the party, Soon Duk is commended for her rice cakes made with Mugwort, which is supposed to help a person's hearing. She blushes when the dean infers she made them for Shi Woo's benefit.

The party/exam continues but the professors realize that some of the students are still tied and they need a way to initiate a tiebreaker. So these students are served a special champagne that is drugged. They pass up and wake up in the armory, which is locked.  The episode ends as they all wake up and realize there is smoke pouring into the room.

So there we have it for week 3 of this drama.  We now have only 5 weeks to go and I plan on savoring every moment of it. What did you guys think? Let's hear it.  If you're behind on the series, you can catch up on my recaps right here on my Moorim homepage. Until next week, keep the drama alive, friends.

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Moorim School Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

Hello friends and future friends! Hope you're all having an excellent week and depending on what part of the country/world you're in, I hope you're staying warm. Things are cold here in Minnesota, but what's new?  Remind me again why I moved back to this Tundra. Lol. But in all seriousness there are some great things about living here too.  I walked right by Kevin Hart the other day at the Mall of America, so that was pretty cool. Anyway, let me give you a quick run-down of what's going on at Moorim School.

Episode 3

When we last left off Chi Ang and Shi Woo were facing off to fight. At first it seems like they're actually talented fighters. Well, it turns out that was only their heads and the actual fight consisted of the slapping, hair-pulling, and the like.  The dean comes in to stop them and as punishment assigns them to cleaning the bathrooms.

Soon Duk has a day off and offers to go with Shi Woo back to Seoul to tell everyone he didn't run away from the thugs because she wants to make things right. Shi Woo waits for her to show up so that they can go together, but Soon Duk gets a phone call from the police about her father.

What happened was Soon Duk's father got in a fight with his girlfriend and she left him to go to the hospital by himself and the police found him wandering the city lost.  This woman is psycho. She's on my S*** list.

Shi Woo waits for Soon Duk surprisingly patiently and she eventually shows up and she's exhausted and she passes out. He brings her to her room to sleep.

Shi Woo tells Seon Ah, who is also Soon's Duk's roommate, to tell Soon Duk to come find him when she wakes so they can go to Seoul then. Well when Shi Woo goes back to his own room he and Chi Ang get into another fight.

The time the Dean threatens to expel them. When they beg for another chance he poses a challenge: whoever goes to the top of Moorim mountain and returns with the Moorim marker that is up there will be allowed to stay. He kicks them out and they begin their journey.

The students and faculty feel bad and are worried for the two as they begin their journey because they know it's a dangerous trip. One of the students send a drone after them so that they can all watch and see what's happening to them. As it turns out, the Dean actually sent them on the journey to see how the students and faculty would respond, because they should know to treat Chi Ang and Shi Woo like one of their own no matter how long they've been at Moorim.

Shi Woo and Chi Ang stay together although they're snippy with each other, until Chi Ang falls off a cliff and is hanging for his life and Shi Woo saves him.  They begin to grow closer as they continue the journey.

But then they get separated and Shi Woo comes face to face with a vicious wolf.  Seon Ah, who is watching the feed from the drone decides that she needs to go after them and invites the other students to come along. Good ol' Seon Ah. This girl is seriously my hero. The episode ends with the wolf snarling at Shi Woo.

*Also there's this guy in the coma who turns out to be Shin Sung Woo-what!?!

Episode 4
The wolf is about to attack Shi Woo when Chi Ang comes and chases it away.  The two climb a tree to escape. Soon Duk easily agrees to go with Seon Ah, but unfortunately no one else does. So the two girls set out to rescue the two guys-got to love that plot reversal :) 

Chi Ang and Shi Woo, oblvious to their pending rescue, continue on the journey.  They continue to bond as they share pieces of their lives and their past together. They even take a little time to have fun and play in the river. Chi Ang has suspected that Shi Woo is losing his hearing all along and Shi Woo finally opens up and admits that it's the reason he's at Moorim.

Back at the school, the other students have discovered that Shi Woo has become popular with his fans again. The reason? Soon Duk uploaded a video to the internet telling everyone that he didn't abandon the female idol, but rather was chasing away the papparazzi.  The other students get to work writing supportive comments to Shi Woo online, even Sam the teacher/security guard.

Chi Ang and Shi Woo take shelter in a cave for the night, but it turns out the cave is actually the wolf's den and the whole wolf pack shows up snarling at the two. As the wolves are about to attack, our heroines show up and help the boys fight off the wolves. A rogue wolf is approaching Chi Ang and jumps through the air to attack him when Shi Woo somehow freezes time/the wolf with his powers and pushes Chi Ang out of the way so that Shi Woo is the one to get attacked. 

He gets a little banged up, but together the four are able to chase the wolves away.  Afterward, Soon Duk is helping the boys with their wounds and we see a little jealousy appear on Shi Woo's face as she tends to Chi Ang and then jealousy from Chi Ang when she tends to Shi Woo. This should be interesting.

Chi Ang is having difficulty walking and he insists Shi Woo to go on his own(with Soon Duk) to retrieve the marker, which they're now a mere half an hour from. Shi Woo starts to go, but can't do it. He doesn't think it's right and so the four go back down the mountain and return to the school without the marker, hoping the Dean will be sympathetic.The dean does agree to let them stay and most everyone is excited as this decision, except for the one bully.

Now that Shi Woo's name has been cleared he's been contacted by a new company.  The CEO wants to help Shi Woo get his ear healed and take some time to rest before he returns for a solo debut. Chi Ang notices that Shi Woo's stuff is gone and is sadddened and disappointed by this. Soon Duk, who's at her part-time job sees Shi Woo as he's leaving with the CEO. He tells her he's leaving and she pretends to be supportive, but after he's gone you can see she's really bummed by this.

Shi Woo thinks about all the reasons he has to stay at Moorim and ends up changing his mind. He finds Soon Duk who is visibly elated that he's decided to stay and the two take her moped back to the school together.  He tells her to get some rest and adorably she snuggles up close to him for the trip back to the school and that's where the episode ends.

So what are you guys thinking of this drama? I'm continuing to love it!  You can catch up on all my weekly recaps so far and join the conversation with the drama club on my Moorim School homepage. Have a comment or question? Let's hear it! I love talking about dramas :)

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Moorim School Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

Okay, so I said I wasn't going to recap Moorim School. Not exactly true. Now I'm going to recap each episode to the extent that I recapped the previous dramas that I've done. But so that you can follow along with the drama clubs, if you haven't been watching the show, I decided to do a very brief recap of each weeks' episodes.

So let me first start off by saying Moorim School is awesome. I don't typically say that about a drama after the first two episodes, but this one just seems so cool. There's magic, kick-ass heroines, deeply interesting characters, a phenomenal international cast, and it's a cool plot to top it off.  I started out not even sure that I wanted to watch this drama and now I feel as if it's going to complete some part of my life that I never knew needed completed. But seriously, I'm really looking forward to more episodes.

The drama starts off with a guy running from some thugs in the woods, all while carrying a toddler. He eventually evades them by activating some magic invisible force-field that makes him invisible as well. Harry Potter anyone? We'll later come to know this man as the Dean of Moorim.

We meet our leads. To start there's Shi Woo, a very popular idol who also happens to be going deaf. Then there's Chi Ang a half Chinese, half Korean chaebol with a cold father who's been kicked out of 12 schools. Our female lead is character gold in the form of Soon Deok, a hard-working yet goofy all American, er, Korean girl.  And of course there's Seon Ah, a badass fighter yet adorable fangirl.

So basically Shi Woo and Chi Ang meet and become instant rivals when there's a mix-up and they end up in the same hotel room.  Shi Woo almost gets hurt on stage in part by what it seems is his own magic ability to slow the piece of equipment and by Seon Ah who is watching the concert and runs on stage to push him out of the way.  She can tell he's having problems with his hearing and tells him to come to Moorim School.

Later that night, after Shi Woo's CEO finds out he's going deaf, Shi Woo is set up to get harassed by thugs while with a female idol while the paparazzi stands by.  Soon Deok sees this and steps in to take care of the thugs. Since it's all a set up it makes it look like Shi Woo abandoned the idol, while in reality he was chasing the paparazzi for her to save her career.  Shi Woo is now hated by his former fans and most of Korea.

It turns out Chi Ang's father has made a plan to send Chi Ang there as well.  When Chi Ang finds this out, he runs away from his body guards. But he falls into the ocean while doing this and can't swim. Luckily for him, Soon Deok is there and rescues him from drowning.

He falls instantly in love with her and begins planning his life with her. Seriously, he agrees to go to Moorim because he knows she goes there and on the condition that he can take "someone" (who we assume is her) back to China  him.

While Soon Deok is leading Chi Ang to the school, they encounter Shi Woo who is also looking for it.  He recognizes Soon Deok and asks why she set him up. Chi Ang, upset by the tone Shi Woo is taking with his new infatuation tackles Shi Woo. They both tumble down the hill and inadvertently open and discover the entrance to Moorim, which in the past has only been able to be opened by the Dean.

Episode 2
The staff and students come out, shocked that the two were able to enter the school themselves. Both the faculty and students are comprised of multiple nationalities, which a rare gem in Kdramas.  The dean takes them aside and asks why they're there.  Chi Ang says he's forced to by his dad and Shi Woo asks to speak to the Dean privately before admitting that he's losing his hearing. The dean says he might be able to help, but that it's the act of changing himself that would heal him.  Shi Woo seems to think the place is whacked, but considering he really has nowhere else to go at the time, he decides to stay and give it a try.

The two get a taste for what the school is. It's a martial arts high school formed by the UN, that is secret to most of the world.  Class is optional, but exercise is not.  Chi Ang is spurred on by the opportunity to get to spend more time with Soon Deok where as Shi Woo wants Soon Deok to come back to Seoul with him to tell the media he didn't run away.

Soon Deok seems only slightly annoyed if not indifferent to the two, but some of the other students are not so kind believing that the two have no right to be there. One, in particular, has made it his mission to send the two "princes" home.  During cooking class he makes it so that Chi Ang accidentally starts a fire. This triggers some horrible memory for Shi Woo, who seems to have lost both of his parents to a fire when he was a toddler.  Soon Deok seems to be developing some sympathy for him at seeing how terrified he is. Also, it turns out that the dean is Seon Ah's dad.

Essentially the two continue to go to various classes and see the other students absolutely kick butt. When they enter one of the sparring classes, the bully sees them and sick of their presence convinces them to fight calling it a 'competition' since competitions are always allowed at Moorim.  The deal is whoever loses has to go home.

Expecting them to be inept fighters Sook Deok and Seon Ah are especially worried, but to everyone's surprise as they begin to spar it seems the two aren't as incapable as one would think. Rather, they seem just as experienced as everyone there.  Now what in their backstories has made them so skilled? Is it Chi Ang's unfortunate experiences being kidnapped or Shi Woo's experience with choreography? I guess we'll find out on future episodes of Moorim. But week one ends in the middle of their fight.

Until next week, friends! Keep up to date by staying tuned into my Moorim School Homepage

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She Was Pretty: Wrap-Up (Episodes 6-16)

Okay, I'm back friends.  The holidays were wonderful and I've moved into a new place. It's kept me busy, but happy and now I'm happy to be back from my hiatus and ready to spend some time with my friends. To solidify this commitment, I'm starting a new Drama Club this week for DramaFever. The drama is....drum roll please... Moorin High School. A high-energy action drama about a martial arts high school. Kind of a new genre for me to blogging about so I'm excited. I know right up front that I'm going to be able to do recaps for each episodes, but expect some memes from me on Tumblr and Instagram and I'll be discussing it a little on this blog as well.

I committed to finishing She Was Pretty and that's a big part of the reason I've not recapped any dramas since.  Although, I really enjoyed the drama, I've had a hard time sitting down and writing about it for some reason. But today, I've locked myself in my room and won't come out until I've finished. Now at this point doing individual recaps seems a bit silly, so instead I'll recap the last 11 episodes as a whole and then give you my take on the series. All in all it'll be more of a recap/drama diagnosis hybrid. Essentially, I want to get back to more fresh Kdrama topics and new dramas to stay relevant. For those who were really enjoying the She Was Pretty recaps before I disappeared for awhile, I apologize. I will strive to stay more relevant in the future. Now, without further ado, let's get back to She Was Pretty.

Episode 6
When we last left off, Hye Jin had found Sung Joon in the rain and had gone to rescue him. Worried he might be having a hard time, she sends Shin Hyuk to check on him. sung Joon has caught a cold and Shin Hyuk takes care of him and incidentally steals a pair of his underwear, which he quite likes. Sung Joon starts to greatly soften toward Hye Jin after the way she rescued him because she reminds him so much of the Hye Jin he used to know. Ha Ri still struggles over her feelings for Sung Joon while knowing that she needs to end things with him.  She confides in Shin Hyuk about how she's feeling. Ha Ri makes another attempt to tell him the truth, but still cannot and in fact clings to him more.  She feels guilty toward Hye Jin, but doesn't know what else to do for the time being.  Meanwhile Hye Jin's feelings for Sung Joon are growing too. Hye Jin gets asked to go on the business trip in her manager's place and when everyone else disappears it leaves just her and Sung Joon together.

Episode 7
Things are a bit awkward between the two of them at first. They stop to eat at a restaurant, but the Chief accidentally left his wallet and they don't have the money to pay so they're forced to work off the meal, which makes for a great bonding experience. Once they finally reach their destination located on the ocean, Hye Jin gets as excited as a little kid and Sung Joon can't but admire her infectious laugh and personality.  Ha Ri finds out that the two are on a business trip together and gets jealous even though  she realizes she has no right to. Unbeknownst to the other, Sung Joon and Hye Jin find themselves drawn more and more to each other. Hye Jin is about to confess her identity to Sung Joon when Shin Hyuk shows up at exactly the wrong moment to collect on a dinner she promised him. Sung Joon even finds himself growing jealous of Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin's relationship. Even though her chance was interrupted, Hye Jin still plans on telling Sung Joon the truth.  Shin Hyuk sees Ha Ri and Sung Joon together and realizes what's happening. He shields Hye Jin from having to see them.

Episode 8
Ha Ri confesses her full feelings for Sung Joon and things are...awkward.  He doesn't exactly feel the same way with his newfound feelings for the real Hye Jin.  Still, thinking she's his childhood friend he doesn't want to reject her.  Sung Joon keeps seeing more and more similarities between Hye Jin and his childhood friend, Hye Jin, and his confusion is off the charts.  She plans to tell him the truth after their photo shoot that day until a massive misunderstanding causes Hye Jin to be blamed for ruining the photo shoot.  Sung Joon goes OFF on her and humiliates her in front of everyone. He fires her and everyone is shocked at what a monster he is to her. After this episodes Hye Jin has no desire to ever see him again let alone tell him the truth. Soon after Hye Jin leaves, Sung Joon finds out that it wasn't her fault at all and everyone is even more shocked when he doesn't seek her out immediately to apologize.  Shin Hyuk tells Ha Ri that he knows about her and Sung Joon and warns her to tell Sung Joon before it blows up in her face and everyone finds out. Ha Ri rushes to find him, but can't get ahold of him. Instead she finds Hye Jin who's been fired and realizes she might not be in trouble of being exposed after all. At the office, Hye Jin is greatly missed meanwhile she's busy searching for a new job. After a "brofrontation" between Shin Hyuk and Sung Joon, Shin Hyuk admits to liking Hye Jin and convinces Sung Joon he needs to bring Hye Jin back. Sung Joon goes to find Hye Jin and asks her to come back, but she declines.  It seems like she's just really fed up with his mood swings at that point. But after seeing her dad get humiliated for his old equipment at work, she decides to discard her pride and go back to The Most so she can buy him some new equipment. She returns with a brand new make-over.

Episode 9
Hye Jin 2.0 is in the house. A little bit of bb cream and hair product go a long way. That with an update to her wardrobe and she's right at home with everyone else at the fashion magazine and everyone's happy to have her back. Meanwhile Ha Ri's internal struggle has made her physically sick yet she still doesn't confess. Sung Joon is late to a big event at Most because of the rain and while everyone else criticizes him, Hye Jin sticks up for him.  Ha Ri starts writing a letter to Sung Joon in an effort to come out with the truth. Sung Joon admires Hye Jin from a distance and his feelings continue to be conflicted. Hye Jin goes to cover a story in a country but takes the wrong car by mistake and ends up driving her co-worker's malfunctioning car.  Ha Ri plans to meet Sung Joon for dinner and confess, but when everyone finds out that Hye Jin took the wrong car and then no one can get ahold of her both Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk separately rush to find her.  Even though it's downpouring, Sung Joon has no fear except for that of Hye Jin's safety and finally realizes the depth of his feelings for her.  He finds her safe and well and engulfs her a  hug, which completely shocks her. Shin Hyuk shows up to find the two embracing.

Episode 10
After Sung Joon and Hye Jin's impromptu embrace, the two are feeling a little awkward. After he drops her off, Hye Jin decides she needs to tell him the truth right away. She rushes to his apartment just in time to see Ha Ri waiting there for him. Of course Ha Ri had been waiting there to tell himthe truth, but when Sung Joon sees her he feels guilty because he knows that because of his feelings for the real Hye Jin, he's going to end up hurting her.  Hye Jin is shocked by the full meaning of what she sees.  In her daze she finds herself stuck at the bus station and calls Shin Hyuk to come get her. He incidentally got quite injured in his rush to go rescue her but she has no idea and he comes anyway.  Hye Jin tells him what happened, but says that she's going to give Ha Ri the chance to come clean on her own and to trust Ha Ri.  But this causes her to be even more awkward than normal around Sung Joon. Hye Jin realizes Shin Hyuk got hurt trying to rescue her and goes to find him. He confesses his feelings to her. Ha Ri makes one last attempt to meet up with Sung Joon to tell him the truth and he agrees to meet her.  Incidentally, he plans to come clean about his feelings for Hye Jin at the same time. But before either has the opportunity to, Sung Joon sees Ha Ri at the hotel responding to the name "Min Ha Ri".

Episode 11
Sung Joon realizes that Ha Ri has been lying to him the whole time and she confesses that the real Hye Jin is the one that he's developed feelings for. Needless to say Sung Joon is not very happy with her. He heads to find the real Hye Jin right away, leaving Ha Ri absolutely devastated.  He calls Hye Jin on the phone, crying at the discovery and she starts crying as well and the devastation continues as Hye Jin breaks Shin Hyuk's heart as she leaves him right after he's confessed to go find Sung Joon. The tears continue as well once they see each other in person. Sung Joon more berates himself for not recognizing her instead of blaming her. When Hye Jin finds out that Ha Ri got got instead of having the chance to tell her story, she goes to find her friend to make sure she's okay.  She apologizes to Hye Jin, but rushes away quickly before she has a chance to address her feeling. Sung Joon makes his way to Hye Jin's house to greet her family whom he hasn't seen in years. Hye Jin is embarassed, but he loves her family like they're his own. Feeling guilty after what she's done, Ha Ri makes plans to move away and Hye Jin goes to the airport to stop her.

Episode 12
Hye Jin finds Ha Ri to find out that she was never leaving in the first place. Meanwhile Sung Joon has an obnoxious new roommate in Shin Hyuk who's made himself at home in Sung Joon's house while they brainstorm new ideas for the magazine after Sung Joon convinced Shin Hyuk not to leave and take the tempting offer from another magazine. Sung Joon and Hye Jin are pretty much aware of each others' feelings at this point, but they're too busy working to do much about it. Even though Shin Hyuk is aware of Hye Jin and Sung Joon's developing romance, he's determined to still try his best to win her heart. Sung Joon overworked himself until he collapsed and was rushed to the hosptial.  Hye Jin takes off to find him immediately once she hears. When she gets to the hospital, Sung Joon pulls her into the hospital bed with him and kisses her. They may not have time for dating, but I guess there's always time for kissing.

Episode 13
After seeing Hye Jin and Sung Joon's romance unfolding before his eyes, Shin Hyuk eases any awkwardness between him and Hye Jin by teasing her as always and insisting that she doesn't act any different around him. Hye Jin is worried that people at the office will start to talk if they find out about her and Sung JOon so she convinces him to keep it quiet and treat her as he always did.  Sung Joon joins Hye Jin's family for her parent's anniversary dinner and is touched by how warm they are how much they already feel like his family. The Most is in jeopardy of shutting down as they're still number 2. When the crew learns that Sung Joon kept the fact that headquarters is threatening to shut them down if they don't reach first place from them, they all get upset and quit. Hye Jin encourages Sung Joon and tells him that they're in it together. Sung Joon goes and personally apologizes and asks every member of the crew to come back and they gladly do. Sung Joon and Hye Jin finally have to go on a date and Sung Joon tells her that he knows it's too early, but he is going to propose after they are successful with the big 20th anniversary issue. She responds by telling him she hopes they success and they share a beautiful beach kiss.

Episode 14
Ha Ri reconciles with her father, whom she is now separating herself from by refusing his money. She's determined to find her own way in life and become her own person. The Most decides that the best way to have their potentially last issue be successful is to get an interview with the elusive author, 10, who they learn is Korean.  No one knows who he/she is, so if they get an interview, it's a definite hit. The team is determined to find this Ten, but they have no luck. They began to face the realization that they maybe won't become number one that month and therefore decide to go out while having fun. They all write the articles they want to write. But Shin Hyuk has a plan that will save him all. Before he reveals it all, he spends the day out with Jackson having fun.  The next day Sung Joon gets a call that Ten is willing to get an interview. When he gets there, it's no other than Shin Hyuk, who has been Ten all along.  In another shocker, the CEO of their company's son turns out to be a reporter in their very midst, the lazy Reporter.

Episode 15
Sung Joon has a brief crisis of conscience as he debates whether to sell out Shin Hyuk so that they can make their says. Even though Shin Hyuk insists, Sung Joon decides not to do it.  But for the good of his 'Jackson' and his friends at 'The Most', Shin Hyuk makes sure the article gets published anyway. Now the whole country, scratch that, the whole civilized world knows that he is Ten. The office is reeling from both revelations about Shin Hyuk and the lazy manager.  The lazy manager decides to stay among them as a reporter, but Shin Hyuk has taken off and only left a video as a goodybe to them all, but leaves Hye JIn out of the video.  Ha Ri realizes that all along she loved hotel management and only quit because her father got her the job. The office manages to acheive 1st place, but they aren't happy about it. They miss Shin Hyuk and since Hye Jin's 3 months are up they miss her as she leaves to go back to the support team.  Sung Joon has to return to America and asks Hye Jin to go with him. She says that she will, but he can tell that she rally wants to join a group of children's book authors that offered her a spot in their group.  Shin Hyuk comes back one last time to say goodbye to Jackson and they both depart with a smile on their face. Ha Ri has decided to go back to school for hotel management.  Sung Joon is planning to propose to Hye Jin, when she shows up to anxiously propose to him first. She wants to join the children's author group, but he already knows. They agree to spend the year apart and get married after the year is up.

Episode 16
Sung Joon and Hye Jin keep in almost constant communication even though they are on opposite ends of the world. They keep in contact for a few months until one day Hye Jin panics when she can't reach him. But that's only because he's making the journey back to Korea to be with her.  He can't stand being away from her any longer. He takes a new position at The Most as the Editor in Chief as the old one quit to get married. He invites all of the employees to his wedding. They are shocked to hear he's getting married let alone to Hye Jin. No one had any clue the two had feelings for one another.  Hye Jin and Sung Joon get married and keep the playful relationship they've always had.  Shin Hyuk is seen traveling the world as the same playful goofball he's always been. Ha Jin gets a job at a new hotel based on her own effort this time. Hye Jin finally has the money to give her dad to buy new equipment and learns that the whole time he's been saving up money for her to get married and that's why he hasn't spent any money on new equipment or anything for himself. Hye Jin has now become a children's book author like she's always wanted to and our drama has a sweet ending as Sung Joon walks a frizzy haired, red-faced little girl across the sidewalk with an umbrella.

She Was Pretty was a solid drama.  Some of the best things about it: Fun plot, sweet romance, and mostly the phenomenon that is Siwon. He was so incredible as Shin Hyuk. I have never seen a funnier character on a Kdrama. Ever. His facial expressions, his attitude, his entire character was pure gold.  The other characters were pretty great too, but he stole the show.  I'm telling everyone who is a fan of Siwon that this drama is a must-watch to see him alone, in all his glory.  So sad that this will be his last drama for at least two years, but he went out on an absolutely fantastic note. That's certainly the way to do it.

Conversely, one of the things I find very aggravating about this drama is the fact that he is the second male lead. Sung Joon is a super sweetheart, but how can anyone compare to Siwon? I mean really!?! Someone needs to make him the male lead as soon as he comes back from his enlistment, if not sooner. I'm sure they can fabricate a drama out of existing clips of him from other shows, right?  Another point of contention was that Sung Joon was an absolute jerk to Hye Jin before he realized who she was. I mean, is there really ever an excuse to treat another human that way? Especially one who didn't do anything wrong? I don't understand how his personality can do a complete 180 like that. As cute as he appears, it makes me intrinsically not trust him.

However, I'd give the drama a solid 4.6 rating on the LoganLand scale. A must watch for anyone who loves star-crossed lovers, romantic comedies, or any fan of Siwon.

So those are my thoughts on She Was Pretty. What are yours? I'd love to hear them!

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