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Moorim School Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

Okay, so I said I wasn't going to recap Moorim School. Not exactly true. Now I'm going to recap each episode to the extent that I recapped the previous dramas that I've done. But so that you can follow along with the drama clubs, if you haven't been watching the show, I decided to do a very brief recap of each weeks' episodes.

So let me first start off by saying Moorim School is awesome. I don't typically say that about a drama after the first two episodes, but this one just seems so cool. There's magic, kick-ass heroines, deeply interesting characters, a phenomenal international cast, and it's a cool plot to top it off.  I started out not even sure that I wanted to watch this drama and now I feel as if it's going to complete some part of my life that I never knew needed completed. But seriously, I'm really looking forward to more episodes.

The drama starts off with a guy running from some thugs in the woods, all while carrying a toddler. He eventually evades them by activating some magic invisible force-field that makes him invisible as well. Harry Potter anyone? We'll later come to know this man as the Dean of Moorim.

We meet our leads. To start there's Shi Woo, a very popular idol who also happens to be going deaf. Then there's Chi Ang a half Chinese, half Korean chaebol with a cold father who's been kicked out of 12 schools. Our female lead is character gold in the form of Soon Deok, a hard-working yet goofy all American, er, Korean girl.  And of course there's Seon Ah, a badass fighter yet adorable fangirl.

So basically Shi Woo and Chi Ang meet and become instant rivals when there's a mix-up and they end up in the same hotel room.  Shi Woo almost gets hurt on stage in part by what it seems is his own magic ability to slow the piece of equipment and by Seon Ah who is watching the concert and runs on stage to push him out of the way.  She can tell he's having problems with his hearing and tells him to come to Moorim School.

Later that night, after Shi Woo's CEO finds out he's going deaf, Shi Woo is set up to get harassed by thugs while with a female idol while the paparazzi stands by.  Soon Deok sees this and steps in to take care of the thugs. Since it's all a set up it makes it look like Shi Woo abandoned the idol, while in reality he was chasing the paparazzi for her to save her career.  Shi Woo is now hated by his former fans and most of Korea.

It turns out Chi Ang's father has made a plan to send Chi Ang there as well.  When Chi Ang finds this out, he runs away from his body guards. But he falls into the ocean while doing this and can't swim. Luckily for him, Soon Deok is there and rescues him from drowning.

He falls instantly in love with her and begins planning his life with her. Seriously, he agrees to go to Moorim because he knows she goes there and on the condition that he can take "someone" (who we assume is her) back to China  him.

While Soon Deok is leading Chi Ang to the school, they encounter Shi Woo who is also looking for it.  He recognizes Soon Deok and asks why she set him up. Chi Ang, upset by the tone Shi Woo is taking with his new infatuation tackles Shi Woo. They both tumble down the hill and inadvertently open and discover the entrance to Moorim, which in the past has only been able to be opened by the Dean.

Episode 2
The staff and students come out, shocked that the two were able to enter the school themselves. Both the faculty and students are comprised of multiple nationalities, which a rare gem in Kdramas.  The dean takes them aside and asks why they're there.  Chi Ang says he's forced to by his dad and Shi Woo asks to speak to the Dean privately before admitting that he's losing his hearing. The dean says he might be able to help, but that it's the act of changing himself that would heal him.  Shi Woo seems to think the place is whacked, but considering he really has nowhere else to go at the time, he decides to stay and give it a try.

The two get a taste for what the school is. It's a martial arts high school formed by the UN, that is secret to most of the world.  Class is optional, but exercise is not.  Chi Ang is spurred on by the opportunity to get to spend more time with Soon Deok where as Shi Woo wants Soon Deok to come back to Seoul with him to tell the media he didn't run away.

Soon Deok seems only slightly annoyed if not indifferent to the two, but some of the other students are not so kind believing that the two have no right to be there. One, in particular, has made it his mission to send the two "princes" home.  During cooking class he makes it so that Chi Ang accidentally starts a fire. This triggers some horrible memory for Shi Woo, who seems to have lost both of his parents to a fire when he was a toddler.  Soon Deok seems to be developing some sympathy for him at seeing how terrified he is. Also, it turns out that the dean is Seon Ah's dad.

Essentially the two continue to go to various classes and see the other students absolutely kick butt. When they enter one of the sparring classes, the bully sees them and sick of their presence convinces them to fight calling it a 'competition' since competitions are always allowed at Moorim.  The deal is whoever loses has to go home.

Expecting them to be inept fighters Sook Deok and Seon Ah are especially worried, but to everyone's surprise as they begin to spar it seems the two aren't as incapable as one would think. Rather, they seem just as experienced as everyone there.  Now what in their backstories has made them so skilled? Is it Chi Ang's unfortunate experiences being kidnapped or Shi Woo's experience with choreography? I guess we'll find out on future episodes of Moorim. But week one ends in the middle of their fight.

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