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Moorim School Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

Hello friends and future friends! Hope you're all having an excellent week and depending on what part of the country/world you're in, I hope you're staying warm. Things are cold here in Minnesota, but what's new?  Remind me again why I moved back to this Tundra. Lol. But in all seriousness there are some great things about living here too.  I walked right by Kevin Hart the other day at the Mall of America, so that was pretty cool. Anyway, let me give you a quick run-down of what's going on at Moorim School.

Episode 3

When we last left off Chi Ang and Shi Woo were facing off to fight. At first it seems like they're actually talented fighters. Well, it turns out that was only their heads and the actual fight consisted of the slapping, hair-pulling, and the like.  The dean comes in to stop them and as punishment assigns them to cleaning the bathrooms.

Soon Duk has a day off and offers to go with Shi Woo back to Seoul to tell everyone he didn't run away from the thugs because she wants to make things right. Shi Woo waits for her to show up so that they can go together, but Soon Duk gets a phone call from the police about her father.

What happened was Soon Duk's father got in a fight with his girlfriend and she left him to go to the hospital by himself and the police found him wandering the city lost.  This woman is psycho. She's on my S*** list.

Shi Woo waits for Soon Duk surprisingly patiently and she eventually shows up and she's exhausted and she passes out. He brings her to her room to sleep.

Shi Woo tells Seon Ah, who is also Soon's Duk's roommate, to tell Soon Duk to come find him when she wakes so they can go to Seoul then. Well when Shi Woo goes back to his own room he and Chi Ang get into another fight.

The time the Dean threatens to expel them. When they beg for another chance he poses a challenge: whoever goes to the top of Moorim mountain and returns with the Moorim marker that is up there will be allowed to stay. He kicks them out and they begin their journey.

The students and faculty feel bad and are worried for the two as they begin their journey because they know it's a dangerous trip. One of the students send a drone after them so that they can all watch and see what's happening to them. As it turns out, the Dean actually sent them on the journey to see how the students and faculty would respond, because they should know to treat Chi Ang and Shi Woo like one of their own no matter how long they've been at Moorim.

Shi Woo and Chi Ang stay together although they're snippy with each other, until Chi Ang falls off a cliff and is hanging for his life and Shi Woo saves him.  They begin to grow closer as they continue the journey.

But then they get separated and Shi Woo comes face to face with a vicious wolf.  Seon Ah, who is watching the feed from the drone decides that she needs to go after them and invites the other students to come along. Good ol' Seon Ah. This girl is seriously my hero. The episode ends with the wolf snarling at Shi Woo.

*Also there's this guy in the coma who turns out to be Shin Sung Woo-what!?!

Episode 4
The wolf is about to attack Shi Woo when Chi Ang comes and chases it away.  The two climb a tree to escape. Soon Duk easily agrees to go with Seon Ah, but unfortunately no one else does. So the two girls set out to rescue the two guys-got to love that plot reversal :) 

Chi Ang and Shi Woo, oblvious to their pending rescue, continue on the journey.  They continue to bond as they share pieces of their lives and their past together. They even take a little time to have fun and play in the river. Chi Ang has suspected that Shi Woo is losing his hearing all along and Shi Woo finally opens up and admits that it's the reason he's at Moorim.

Back at the school, the other students have discovered that Shi Woo has become popular with his fans again. The reason? Soon Duk uploaded a video to the internet telling everyone that he didn't abandon the female idol, but rather was chasing away the papparazzi.  The other students get to work writing supportive comments to Shi Woo online, even Sam the teacher/security guard.

Chi Ang and Shi Woo take shelter in a cave for the night, but it turns out the cave is actually the wolf's den and the whole wolf pack shows up snarling at the two. As the wolves are about to attack, our heroines show up and help the boys fight off the wolves. A rogue wolf is approaching Chi Ang and jumps through the air to attack him when Shi Woo somehow freezes time/the wolf with his powers and pushes Chi Ang out of the way so that Shi Woo is the one to get attacked. 

He gets a little banged up, but together the four are able to chase the wolves away.  Afterward, Soon Duk is helping the boys with their wounds and we see a little jealousy appear on Shi Woo's face as she tends to Chi Ang and then jealousy from Chi Ang when she tends to Shi Woo. This should be interesting.

Chi Ang is having difficulty walking and he insists Shi Woo to go on his own(with Soon Duk) to retrieve the marker, which they're now a mere half an hour from. Shi Woo starts to go, but can't do it. He doesn't think it's right and so the four go back down the mountain and return to the school without the marker, hoping the Dean will be sympathetic.The dean does agree to let them stay and most everyone is excited as this decision, except for the one bully.

Now that Shi Woo's name has been cleared he's been contacted by a new company.  The CEO wants to help Shi Woo get his ear healed and take some time to rest before he returns for a solo debut. Chi Ang notices that Shi Woo's stuff is gone and is sadddened and disappointed by this. Soon Duk, who's at her part-time job sees Shi Woo as he's leaving with the CEO. He tells her he's leaving and she pretends to be supportive, but after he's gone you can see she's really bummed by this.

Shi Woo thinks about all the reasons he has to stay at Moorim and ends up changing his mind. He finds Soon Duk who is visibly elated that he's decided to stay and the two take her moped back to the school together.  He tells her to get some rest and adorably she snuggles up close to him for the trip back to the school and that's where the episode ends.

So what are you guys thinking of this drama? I'm continuing to love it!  You can catch up on all my weekly recaps so far and join the conversation with the drama club on my Moorim School homepage. Have a comment or question? Let's hear it! I love talking about dramas :)

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