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Moorim School Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing absolutely fantastically this week.  Moorim school continues to impress me, but it's not a hit with everyone it seems.  The drama has been short from 20 down to 16 episodes due to low ratings in Korea.  Some people have issues with the production style and others are not fans of the acting. I can understand why some people wouldn't like it, but I am one of the ones that genuinely do. And I know that many of my friends agree with me. Moorim School is a bit ahead of it's time. There's never been another drama like it and I really respect the diversity- not just of the actors but of the material.  Overall I find this drama really refreshing. Anyway, let's go over real quick what happened this week.

Episode 5
Shi Woo returns to Moorim and upon his return, he and Chi Ang are invited to an initiation. They arrive to the armory to find the other students waiting for them. The doors are locked behind them and it looks like there's no way out but to fight.

Well, it only looks that way. The students soon reveal that their real initiation involves a lot of champagne and dancing. The students party the night away in the armory. The teacher are out partying on their own as well. They party a little too hard and the Dean has to pick them up at the bar.

Soon duk gets called away from the party only to get accused of stealing by her boss. It gets proven she didn't steal, but Soon Duk is having none of the way she was treated and quits her job.  Shi Woo finds her later crying and comforts her. Only to have Chi Ang spy the two getting cozy.

 Mid-terms are coming up at Moorim and the students are studying like crazy.  Because Shi Woo and Chi Ang are new, they get paired with mentors to help them learn. Chi Ang gets paired with Seon Ah who is the number one student in the school.  Surprisingly, they have fantastic chemistry.

He begins to learn a lot from her and is happy with the arrangement until he finds out that Shi Woo got paired up with Soon Duk. Again, he spies the two of them together training and gets jealous.  He's starting to sense that Shi Woo is his rival in more ways than just martial arts.

Meanwhile, the man in a coma wakes up and his immediate concern is to find his two children that were left in the fire. As it turns out both Seon Ah and Shi Woo share a past trauma. They have a memory of being in that fire with coma man. It looks pretty likely that they're his children.

Episode 6
Seon Ah is suspicious of why her and Shi Woo have the same trauma, but when she asks her father, the Dean, he dismisses her. It's clear he's hiding something. Chi Ang and Shi Woo will be paired against each other when exam time comes and Chi Ang is determined to beat Shi Woo because if he wins he gets to go on a date with Soon Duk.

Chi Ang trains hard and begins to build his skill impressively quick.Soon Duk is training Shi Woo as well but she knows with Seon Ah's training talents and Chi Ang's previous skill in martial arts, training alone won't help them win and so she thinks about strategy.

Coma man still wants to find his children. Who should show up by his beside by Chi Ang's dad who it seems has some sort of dastardly plan to use coma man. What's going on there is yet to be determined.

At school it's time to battle. Seon Ah is up first against the bully Yeob Jung. They're #1 and #2 in the school, but the chosen area of competition is hand-to-hand combat which is his specialty. They fight pretty evenly and it ends up being declared a tie.

The winner will be determined after the comprehensive exam takes place.  Next up is Shi Woo versus Chi Ang. It looks like Chi Ang is winning at first as he aggressively attacked Shi Woo and Shi Woo plays defense, but Shi Woo's strategy is to play defense.

 He tires Chi Ang out before delivering the final blow. Again, a tie is declared since the fight lasted so long. Although Seon Ah admits that she and Chi Ang lost.The dean announces the comprehensive exam is going to be a...Potluck party? I know, if you're from America this seems a little silly.

Chi Ang explains to the others what a potluck is and they all prepare for the party where they will be judged on their manners, attires, and the dish they bring.Everyone dresses up pretty and they have a minor fashion show as they enter the party.

Chi Ang has helped Seon Ah pick out a killer outfit since she helped him to train. Soon Duk, who was out running an errand returns to find a dress picked out for her. She wears it to the party and looks stunning.

 She assumed Chi Ang picked it out, but it's revealed that it was actually Shi Woo, to Soon Duk's surprise. Chi Ang does not look pleased. The romantic tension between Soon Duk and Shi Woo is adorable.

When it comes to the dishes everyone brought to the party, Soon Duk is commended for her rice cakes made with Mugwort, which is supposed to help a person's hearing. She blushes when the dean infers she made them for Shi Woo's benefit.

The party/exam continues but the professors realize that some of the students are still tied and they need a way to initiate a tiebreaker. So these students are served a special champagne that is drugged. They pass up and wake up in the armory, which is locked.  The episode ends as they all wake up and realize there is smoke pouring into the room.

So there we have it for week 3 of this drama.  We now have only 5 weeks to go and I plan on savoring every moment of it. What did you guys think? Let's hear it.  If you're behind on the series, you can catch up on my recaps right here on my Moorim homepage. Until next week, keep the drama alive, friends.

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