Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 11- Favorite Bromance : Haetae and Samchunpo from Answer Me, 1994

Favorite Bromance : Haetae played by Son Ho Jun and Samchunpo played by Kim Sung Kyun from Answer Me, 1994

Day 11 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

Hi friends, I mean to catch up yesterday, but I've been sick so I hope you'll forgive me.  It looks like I'm still a day behind, but I'm here today with my favorite bromance.

My favorite bromance came from the unlikely friendship that developed from Haetae and Samchunpo from Answer Me, 1994.  This installment in this series was probably my favorite so it makes sense that it would cause the creation of my favorite bromance. Haetae and Samchunpo started out hating each other and getting on each others' nerves because they were so opposite. But over time they grow closer and adjust to each others' quirks as they share a room and even a bed together.  They become as close as brothers.  My absolute favorite part of their friendship is that when Haetae enlists in the army, Samchunpo comes and visits him every weekend. That's true friendship and that's who they earn my choice as best bromance.

What do you think, friends? Did you love this bromance? Or is there a better one you can think of? You can follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day 10 - Favorite Sismance : Chae Young and Da jung from Wonderful Mama

Hi friends! Sorry for posting this a day late. I had everything ready to post yesterday, but my cousins came over for a Kdrama-watching party and so I wanted to give that all my attention. Don't worry. I'll still post Day 11's post later today.

For best sismance, there weren't a lot of choices. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of female friendships featured predominantly in Kdramas. However, the sismance from Wonderful Mama,between Chae Young portrayed by Jung Yoo Mi and Da Jung portrayed by Lee Chung Ah, is one that emanates #friendshipgoals to me.

Wonderful Mama itself wasn't a very popular drama, most likely because of the number of episodes, but I must confess that it's one of my favorites. The plot, the characters, and the sweet romance had me hooked. I've said before that I feel like these longer dramas have a better payoff when it comes to romance because there's more time to develop the relationship and the characters. And because of that development, we get a well crafted sismance in Wonderful Mama. 

Friends since they were kids, these two stick by each other through the good and the bad.  When Da Jung's husband is caught with another woman, it's Chae Young that confronts the wench and encourages Da Jung to stand up for herself.   Even when it puts her in an uncomfortable position with her in-laws, Da Jung defends Chae Young's character when slandered.  These two consider each other family- Da Jung's son calls Chae Young 'aunt' and they even live with Chae Young after fleeing Da Jung's unfaithful husband.  Not only that, but they eventually actually become family when Da Jung and Chae Young's twin brother fall in love. 

They both are there when the other one needs a pep talk or encouragement, but the best thing about their friendship is that both still have their own lives.  Each has a lot going on but they don't exhaustively burden one another. Da Jung and Chae Young are two independent women who work hard to protect the ones they love. Their friendship is important, but they've got other important things to worry about too. They have boundaries for a healthy and supportive friendship and I really respect that. And that's why these two are my #friendship goals.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Wonderful Mama? Did you think these two friends were as cute as I did? Are there other sismances that you can think of? 

You have follow along with the whole challenge here.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 9 - Favorite Minor Character : Ji Woong from Oh My Venus!

Favorite Minor Character : Ji Woong from Oh My Venus! portrayed by Henry
Day 9 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

My choice for favorite minor character from a Kdrama goes to the absolute cutie that is Ji Woong in Oh My Venus! played by the delightful Henry. From the moment his character appears on screen calling Joo Eun 'mam' affectionately he had my heart.  He showed a bottomless amount of energy and aigoo. One of the things that was so great about him was how his love for the other characters was plutonic and yet absolutely ardent. Not only with Joo Eun but with Young Ho and Joon Sung he thought of them as his family and loved them accordingly.

Ji Woong was the highlight of this drama bringing comic relief effortlessly. For me it was so strange hearing him slip back and forth between Korean and perfect English, only because it seemed so easy to him. I don't think I've ever heard English that fantastic on  a Kdrama.  Before watching this drama, I had listened to Henry's music, which I loved, but had never bothered looking him up so I had no idea how adorable he was. (If you haven't listened to his music, I'd recommend Trap. The first time I heard it I went crazy.)

Even in real life Henry is a cutie. It's weird to think that he's only a few months younger than me. He's so talented speaking multiple languages with such fluency, singing, dancing, and now acting. I can't give him enough praise. Anyway, Ji Woong has definitely become my favorite minor character. My favorite scene with him was the very first time he met Shin Min Ah's character, Joo Eun, and treats her so kindly and calls her 'mam' for the first time.

What do you guys think? Any other great minor characters that you can think of? Did you love Ji Woong as much as me? You can follow along with the whole 31 day Kdrama challenge here.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 8 - Favorite Secondary Character : Kay from Nail Shop Paris and Cindy from Producer

Favorite Secondary Character : Kay from Nail Shop Paris and Cindy from Producer
Day 8 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

I seriously tried very hard to come up with a top secondary character, but I just couldn't narrow it down beyond the top two so for this challenge it is a tie between Kay from Nail Shop Paris and Cindy from Producer. There are certainly many secondary characters I loved namely second male leads, but the reason I chose these two is because I felt more connected to them than any other secondary character. In both cases I rooted for them over the main leads. I would have rooted for them no matter what because I just loved these characters so much.

With Kay, I can't articulate why I loved him so much. It's was probably a combination of things. He is adamant in his love for Yeo Joo and had resolved to come clean with his feelings even while thinking she's a man. And finding out that she is a woman he's not angry and still comes out with his feelings saying he likes her either way. Maybe it's because I'm so used to the male lead being the one that's haughty and short-tempered that seeing that personality on Kay made me instantly root for him. But he wasn't as tough as he seemed- he revealed what an amazing character he actually had in how he treated her once he made his feelings known. He was nothing but precious towards her. I was so #TeamKay that I got irate thinking that the drama was going to end with her going for the male lead like dramas typically do. Especially after romantic feelings had definitely developed between Yeo Joo and Kay, I saw red imagining her and Alex together. So imagine the pure joy I had when she chose him in the end. Pure Joy. This was the one case where I thought I would literally lose my mind if she went for the male lead and thankfully this was one of the rare cases where the male lead wins. And how cute that you get a glimpse of them and their future.

With Cindy, while maybe not a popular opinion, I felt such empathy for her character. She seems like a ruthless ice queen, but you see what a lonely life she lives and how she's treated she becomes incredibly relatable.  I've always thought IU is such an adorable actress and great at pulling at your heartstrings. Seeing her in a more provocative role as Cindy, she still brings that adorable charm  across bringing great complexity to Cindy's character. Also, Cindy's has great character development. She learns to be genuine and to rely on people.  The best Cindy moment in the whole drama is when she joins her own anti-fan club, becomes a moderator, and then turns all of the other moderators into fans. Who does that? I just think she's awesome. And while my ship with her and Seung Chan didn't completely sail, they didn't not end up together either so I was satisfied enough.

I don't regret not being able to choose between these two secondary characters, because they're both fantastic in my book. What about you, friends? Any secondary characters that you just loved?  You can follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 7 - Best Male Villain : Jae Hee from Sensory Couple (AKA The Girl Who Sees Smells)

Best Male Villain : Jae Hee from Sensory Couple (AKA The Girl Who Sees Smells)
Day 7 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

So for the best male villain, how could I not choose Jae Hee from Sensory Couple? From even before you find out that it's him that's the villain, you already know that this villain is one of the creepiest in Kdrama history. I mean right from the get-go the way he interacts with his victims is cringe-worthy. He's a straight-up serial killer, BUT he's also hot.  A surprising twist in a drama where the second male lead is also the villain.  I mean this guy just chills your blood- a complete sociopath that murders his girlfriend and friend for getting in his way.  Sensory Couple is fantastic in more ways than one, but Jae Hee as a villain who so terrifyingly delightful that I would have watched it just for him.

Follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Moorim School Episodes 11 & 12 Recap

Hi friends! How's Moorim School been treating you this week? It's been treating me fantastically. This drama is giving us a lot of action and a lot of drama this week and even a bit of romance! What more could we ask for? So let's get down to recapping this sucker.

Episode 11

The dean and Shi Woo show up at Soon Deok's house to convince her dad to let her come back to school, but he's still not budging. Shockingly, we see in the flashback that while he was rescuing Shi Woo from the fire, he held his hand over his mouth to keep him from crying so they wouldn't be found and actually thought he killed Shi Woo. He left him in the woods and ran and while he was leaving he encountered the bad guys who slashed his eye. Soon Deok's dad thinks Shi Woo's aura seems familiar and wonders if it's the little boy from the woods. He also mentions the Chintamani to the dean, who finds it's surprising and suspicious that he knows about it. The dean goes back to the school. At this point, Chi Ang's dad knows that Soon Deok's dad has something to do with the little boy escaping the fire and has somebody watching their house.

Even though her dad never gives permission, Soon Deok and Shi Woo go back to the school in the morning just as the new professor, Tae Ho arrives. The girls are happy to see him, as he's their oppa, but the boys are instantly jealous. It turns out he aced every class and was in line to become successor, but passed it up. He points out all of the students' weakness to them and asks them what they think the point of the competition is. When they respond winning he tells them they're wrong and that they need to find the real purpose.

Tae Ho takes a special interest in Shi Woo who he believes already knows the purpose of the competition.  The dean has told Tae Ho how quickly Shi Woo improved and it seems Tae Ho believes in his abilities as well. He can see that Shi Woo doesn't want to hurt anyone and truly cares for others. Meanwhile, the student that was expelled from Moorim last week has now been recruited and is being trained by Chi Ang's dad and his henchman to participate in the competition.

Shi Woo thinks about his powers more and Seon Ah introduces him to the concept of Gi Chae Sool, the ability to control energy and using that to beat your opponent and suggests that's the power he has. He tries to learn to harness this power and goes to the dean about it. The dean reveals that the only person he's known to master Gi Chae Sool is dead- or he at least believes him to be dead as that person is Shi Woo's father. Shi Woo has the same intentions that his father did and that is to use the power for good.

Tae Ho suggests to Shi Woo that it is during times when he's thinking about protecting someone he cares about that he can learn to harness Gi Chae Sool.  So Shi Woo asks Soon Deok to punch him and when he's still unable to control his powers, Chi Ang steps in. He goes to punch Shi Woo in the face and tells Shi Woo to harness his powers to stop him.

The episode ends as everyone looks on in shock as Shi Woo does, in fact, stop Chi Ang from hitting him without ever touching him.

Episode 12

Okay, so it doesn't actually stop Chi Ang from hitting Shi Woo in the face, but in my defense it looked like it did. Shi Woo definitely has a moment where he feels his powers. He's made progress for sure. Tae Ho decides his work at Moorim is done and takes off just before the competition is set to start. Every is excited for their family to arrive and watch them compete. Even Soon Deok's dad shows up eventually.

People start to arrive at Moorim to compete and watch the competition as for the first time ever outsiders are allowed in. The dean and professors are on high alert as they realize the danger they might be letting into the school is a necessary evil. Along with Choi Ho returning to cause trouble, it turns out that Yeob Jung's older brother has also come to compete and also has less than honorable intentions, which sets Yeob Jung on edge to say the least.

The competitors get put into team randomly.  Shi Woo gets teamed up with Jenny, which is an unlikely but awesome alliance, Chi Ang and Soon Deok get paired, and Seon Ah gets paired with Yeob Jung's psycho brother. The students do well in the first round of fight and almost all make it into the first and second rounds. The professors can't hide how proud they are. 

Chi Ang and Sook Deok get paired against Choi Ho and his partner and all is going well until Choi Ho pulls a knife and slashes Chi Ang across the face. Seriously, why is Chi Ang always getting stabbed? The Chairman sent Choi Ho there to make everyone question what kind of school Moorim is. Everyone kind of watches in with shock and it looks as though Choi Ho might actually kill him and try to win until Shi Woo calls out to him and Choi Ho comes to his senses and withdraws from the competition.

The competition has taken a toll on Shi Woo. Apart from the cut on his face, his shoulder is also injured. The professor and Soon Deok urge him to give up the fight, but he won't. They face off against Shi Woo and Jenny.  Before they go to fight, Soon Deok sees the people that kidnapped her come in with Chi Ang's dad. Chi Ang acts like he knows something, but she and Shi Woo decide to trust Chi Ang until after the fight.

Shi Woo doesn't want to take advantage of Chi Ang's injury and can't with a good conscience give his all toward the fight. Instead, he harnesses the Gi Chae Sool and when Chi Ang goes to attack him, he bounces against the force and flies out of the ring. He's humiliated. The spectators are shocked to see Shi Woo use Gi Chae Sool, but not as shocked as I'd be I imagine. Chi Ang has the opportunity to confront his dad. As he's doing so Shi Woo and Soon Deok show up to be by his side. The Chairman's excuse for kidnapping Soon Deok is that he wasn't trying to kidnap anyone, but rather had a message to relay to Seon Ah and had no other way of doing it.

Meanwhile, Yeob Jung's and his partner has been pitted against his brother and Seon Ah. It's an intense fight to begin with, but then Yeob Jung's brother bring out brass knuckles. That's right, brass knuckles. And Yeob Jung starts to take a beating until his anger overtakes him and he starts to win. But he takes it too far and starts to repeatedly pummel his brother in his face.  The professors have to pull Yeob Jung off of him to stop him from killing his brother. And just as with Choi Ho the spectators are shocked by the level of violence displayed by Moorim.

The Chairman continues to tell Chi Ang, Shi Woo, and Soon Deok excuses. He tells them that it's really the dean who has less than pure intentions and that he started the fire that killed the previous keeper of the Chitamani. As he's telling this story, the dean approaches. And that's where episode 12 ends.

Oh boy, wasn't episode 12 exciting! I was thrilled, on the edge of my seat, etc., etc. Can't wait for next week's episodes, though. How about you?

You can catch up with the whole of Moorim series through my previous recaps here.

Day 6 - Best Female Villain : Bon Bon from King 2 Hearts

Best Female Villain : Bon Bon from King 2 Hearts
Day 6 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

This was another challenge that as soon as the question was posed there was an obvious answer for me. While many dramas have evil and conniving female villains and antagonists, there was one villain so purely evil and sadistic that she easily takes the cake over any of them.  That villain is Bon Bon from King 2 Hearts portrayed by American-Korean actress Samantha Daniel.

The drama itself is amazing. Obviously, with multiple evil villains there's going to be a lot of intensity and that's certainly the case here. If you haven't seen it a brief synopsis of King 2 Hearts is this : In a fictional modern day South Korea, the immature Prince Jae Ha is arranged to marry an intense North Korean special forces member. The two work to save both of their countries from an impending war and defend against the demands of a raving lunatic who wants control.

The crazy thing about Bon Bon is that she wasn't even the main villain, she was the main villain's henchwoman but was arguably even more evil than him. She was such an intense well-written villain that the idea of her still gives me chills. Bon Bon was a mentally disturbed psycho with a penchant for drug-filled chocolates. She committed countless murders, torture, and even caused one of the characters to kill her own brother.  As far as I could tell she had absolutely no conscience and even delighted in terrifying her victims. By far the most evil of all female villains in any Kdrama that I've seen.

Are there any female villains that stand out to you, friends? Let me know. And of course follow along with the whole 31 day Kdrama challenge here.


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Day 5 - Best Male Lead : Jung Woo from I Miss You

Best Male Lead : Jung Woo from I Miss You
Day 5 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

Before today I never really thought about who the best male lead was. I mean there are so many steamy male leads, but then again a lot of the characters have awful personality flaws. Now I'm interpreting 'male lead' to mean character rather than actor and so I will respond to the challenge in this way.  So even though I had never really thought about it before almost as soon as the question was posed I had the answer. To me the best male lead is Jung Woo from I Miss You portrayed by Park Yoo Chun.

This drama is painfully tragic. I knew it was going to be a difficult one to watch and I really had to work myself up to it, but I absolutely loved the actors so I gave it a shot.  If you haven't watched it before you do I think it's important to know that the plot centers around a 15 year old Soo Yeon who is kidnapped along with her boyfriend, Jung Woo, and then she's raped as he's forced to watch, powerless to do anything about it. Personally I really, really hate rape scenes. They remind me how cruel people can be and the fact that 1 in 3 women have to go through that! I feel nauseous even thinking about it. So I won't lie and say that I didn't find that part of the drama upsetting. I really, did. But it also sets the scene for a very powerful story and incredible acting.

Jung Woo's character doesn't start out on the best foot. He leaves Soo Yeon there by herself after she's been raped to go and get help, but she sees it as him abandoning her. There's legitimacy in that. She just went through something very tragic and he just leaves.  Anyway, she escapes on her own and disappears. He searches for her for 14 years, eventually becoming a detective and thinking of nothing but her the whole time.  When he eventually finds her, she has a lot of hatred toward him.  He waits patiently as she forgives him. Once she does, he continues to wait patiently as she recovers from the mental trauma she's still facing from that night. He is always respectful of her and never pushes her.

Overall, he doesn't see her as damaged but rather as the woman he loves. He understands that she has legitimate pain from what she experienced and is always there to support her and move at her pace.  And of course once he's back in her life he makes it his mission to always be there to protect her.  By far the most romantic male lead I've ever seen in a Kdrama.

Whew! This post was difficult to write because the drama was so emotional and even harder to create memes for because there's so heavy. But I tried!  How about you, friends? Who do you think is the best male lead?

You can follow along with the whole challenge here.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 4 - Best Female Lead : Yeon Doo from Cheer Up!

Best Female Lead : Yeon Doo from Cheer Up! (AKA Sassy Go Go)
Day 4 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

Hi friends! Best female lead is another hard category to choose from. If you've followed my blog at all you may remember that last year I actually did a blog on my favorite female leads. If you'd like to see all of my top ten you can check that out here. However, since then I've watched a number of dramas with killer female leads. So I had to re-evaluate my selection. As fantastic as In Ha from Pinocchio is, there is a new female lead that has fallen into my top favorite spot and that is Yeon Doo from Cheer Up!

Yeon Doo, portrayed by Eun Ji from Apink, is possibly the most forgiving character that I've ever seen on a Kdrama and I'm big on forgiveness.  She incredibly loyal to her friends and even after they've betrayed her she believe in them until they end. She is energetic and full of life and incredibly kind.  She's a delight to watch on the screen and that is what makes her the best female lead.

Since I've literally memed this entire drama, I hope you'll forgive me for using a meme that I've already created.  Who do you think is the best female lead? There certainly are so many to choose from.

Follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here.

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Day 3 - A Kdrama You've Finished Recently : Oh My Venus!

A Kdrama You've Finished Recently : Oh My Venus!
Day 3 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

The Kdrama I finished most recently was Oh My Venus! It was a cute story and a great cast. Definitely worth a watch! I've already shared some memes for this drama, but here are a couple of new ones I created just for the challenge. What's the most recent Kdrama you've finished? You can follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here.

Moorim School Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

Hi friends! Moorim School is back and I'm back to recap the latest happenings of this week. Have you been following along with the 31 day Kdrama challenge. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far and I'm only on Day 3. I'll have my Day 3 posting done later today. But in the meantime, let's see what's been going on in Moorim. It's been a couple weeks, but when we last left off Soon Deok had been kidnapped and Chi Ang stabbed. 

Episode 9

Episode 9 starts with the professors, Shi Woo, Seon Ah, and Seon Deok at the hospital with Chi Ang. Seon Duk and Sam stay while everyone else goes back to school. Everyone at the school is trying to figure out who would try to kidnap Seon Ah, but everyone knows that the Dean knows more than he's letting on.

The meditation professor is especially tenacious he's pretty much nagging him at this point to spill the beans. Seon Ah too asks her dad what's going on and he tells her that he'll tell her eventually but he just doesn't want her to have the burden yet.

Chi Ang is recovering and Seon Duk feels especially worried since he got hurt looking for her, but that just makes Chi Ang feel like a loser, because he knows it's pity and that she doesn't have genuine feelings for him. Shi Woo and Seon Ah are back at the school having trouble sleeping and they discover that they both have memories of the same lullaby being played to them as infants. Hmm....I wonder why?

Shi Woo's dad, coma man, is trying to find Moorim and the Dean finds out that he's back. Shi Woo and Soon Deok continue to develop their feelings for one another. He even cooks her a meal. Meanwhile at school, someone trashes the Dean's office and in front of everyone the meditation professor calls him out about the Chintamani, a mysterious token that gives its possessor untold power, and everyone starts gossiping about it.

The only person Dean actually talks to about the Chintamani is our Shi Woo. And Chi Ang's father's assistant reveals to Chi Ang that the chairman wants Chi Ang to become his successor, but in order to do it he really needs to become a star student at Moorim.

Episode 10
Chi Ang has a renewed sense of competitiveness at Moorim. Is he really doing it so he can become his father's successor? I'm not quite sure, but I hope he has other intentions than to take over his father's evil doings. Seon Ah finally brings up Shi Woo's powers with him and the things she saw him do. He denies it and says it must have been a coincidence, but they both know there's more to the story.

It turns out that one of the students was the one to break into the dean's office. He was upset at getting put back into the beginner's class and was attempting to change his grade. We also find out that he was spying on the dean when he told Shi Woo about the Chintamani and gets mad that the dean is favoring Shi Woo.

For that reason he's expelled. Shi Woo and the professors individually come to the dean to ask him to let the student stay, but he's already gone. However, before he leaves he tells Yeob Jung and Chi Ang that the dean told only Shi Woo about the Chintamani.

Shi Woo is glad to see Chi Ang return to school, but they both kind of realize they're at an impasse. They agree that thy each respect the other, but from now on they're going to do their own thing and go their own way. Shi Woo also has a conversation with Soon Deok and asks her to stay with him until the end no matter what happens and she says she will. Unfortunately Chi Ang sees this and although he claims he's getting over her, it's clear he hasn't really and Seon Ah sees him getting upset over this and gets upset herself. Geesh, what a tangled romantic web.

Things get even more complicated when Soon Deok's dad finds out that she's attending Moorim. He calls her home and tells her she's not to go back. She argues with him and plays the guilt trip that she's never gotten to do what she wants, but he's still not buying it. It's not that he's unsympathetic, but it's clear he has a past with Moorim. We see flashbacks of him rescuing Shi Woo from the fire as an infant and at that point Soon Deok's dad still has his vision. So something happened shortly after that which caused him to lose his vision.

The dean decides to hold a competition at Moorim and this time he's letting any Moorim member compete, not just current students so for the first time outsiders (not current students) will be allowed in. The dean calls in a special teacher to help the students prepare and Chi Ang especially is becoming very intense while preparing. The dean pulls him aside and uses himself as a cautionary tale for Chi Ang telling that he could lose everything while competing against his friend.

Shi Woo and the dean go to find Soon Deok at her house when she doesn't return to school. The dad freaks out when he sees them there and that's where our episode ends.

This drama just keeps getting more and more interesting. I'm excited to see what lies ahead with the competition. In the meantime you can catch up with the series so far on Moorim's home page here.

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Day 2 - Favorite Kdrama : Pinocchio

Favorite Kdrama - Pinocchio

Day 2 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

This challenge actually caused me to think long and hard about which Kdrama that I've seen is my favorite. Before when asked I would never be able to narrow it down to a single one. I couldn't narrow it down to a less of fewer than 10 to be honest because there are so many that I love. But when I thought about creating memes for 10 dramas, I found the proper motivation to finally choose an absolute top favorite. I quickly realized that the title could go to no other drama than Pinocchio.

This drama has it all: a unique and enthralling plot, terrific actors, fantastic chemistry, and excellent writing.  It shatters cliches and has the romance is fantastic among everything else. For those who haven't seen it a quick summary: a girl who hiccups every time she lies decides to become a reporter with the help of her adopted uncle who it turns out it a lot different than the person he's pretended to be.  Even rewatching parts of it today to create some memes, I realized how spot-on my choice of it as my favorite Kdrama was. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend doing so.  I even watched a few episodes with my grandparents and they LOVED it.

Follow along with the whole challenge here.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 1 - First Kdrama : Boys Over Flowers

First Kdrama- Boys Over Flowers

Technically the first Kdrama episodes I saw were of Playful Kiss when I came into the room when my sister was already halfway through the series, but Boys Over Flowers is the first Kdrama I watched in its entirety. Therefore, I consider it to be my first Kdrama.  And it did a number on me. I literally had never cried that much in my life before and I was so devastated I didn’t watch another Kdrama for four months afterwards.

Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed that BOF was my first Kdrama, because in my head it was so cheesy, which it is but when I have to go back and rewatch scenes I realize that it actually was pretty great. Jan Di was delightful and that F4 is just as amazing as I remember them. The only thing that gets me is the number of drowning scenes- just ridiculous!

Take the challenge with me. What was your first Kdrama? Comment below.

You can follow along with all 31 Days here.

31 Day Kdrama Challenge

Hi friends, I'll have the Moorim recaps for this week up hopefully some time tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm starting something new. I recently found out about this on Kdrama Amino and am so excited to do it starting today! It's a 31 Day Kdrama Challenge. It’ll be a lot of fun. Each day you post a photo for said drama/character/archetype/etc. Knowing me, you’ve got to know that I'm going to do it meme style! Feel free to join me! I'll also be posting these on Tumblr, Kdrama Amino, and Instagram if you'd like to follow there.

You can find the list and follow along with the challenge on the challenge page here

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Kdrama Amino - New Social Media App

Hey friends! I just found the coolest app yesterday. How did I not know about it before? Anyway, it's called Kdrama Amino and it's basically a social media app devoted exclusively to Kdramas. I'm still playing around learning all the ins and outs, but it seems awesome.

Anyway, here's my profile and give me a follow if you like :) You can find it on Google Play and the Apple app store. If the link doesn't work, you can find me under LivinginLoganland.

Hope you'll check it out, it's a lot of fun.

Moorim School Episode 7 & 8 Recap

Hello friends! How's life in your world? Things in LoganLand are great! How could they not be when I'm in the middle of this spectacular drama. So why don't you spend a little time with me right now and I'll recap what happened this week.

Episode 7:
So our gang plus a couple stranglers woke up and found themselves locked in the armory with the building on fire, charged with the task of escaping. Both Seon Ah and Shi Woo both have a fire trauma, which they overcome in order to get out of there.

It's not actually on fire which Shi Woo figures out and stops the fumes from coming in and then they all work together to try to escape. That is until Yeob Jung (douchebag) sabotages them all by knocking down the ladder and locking the ceiling vent closed.

Now they have to find another way out. So again they work together and manage to escape out the window and then repel down the side of the building. Oh yeah, and Soon Duk sprains her wrist in the escape attempt so Shi Woo has her ride on his back.

Meanwhile, Yeob Jung finds the professors waiting. Seeing that he betrayed everyone, Professor Daniel takes special pleasure in kicking his butt. The others finish the escape and get ranked sort of randomly by whoever gets their first. I mean, they all worked together so in my opinion it should be a tie, but whatever.

Shi Woo and Chi Ang are graduated to the advanced class and all four of our leads seem disappointed that the mentorship program is over. Shi Woo continues to look after Soon Duk following her wrist injury and the tension continues to mount between them.

And it seems as if Seon Ah is developing some feelings for Chi Ang. Chi Ang's dad is trying to meet the Dean. Well, really he's trying to get access to the school to steal something important. The students at Moorim get excited when they find out they get to go on a retreat to Seoul paid by Chi Ang's dad- hmmm no ulterior motive there at all.

This episode ends on a hot note.  Soon Duk spies Shi Woo playing piano and tries to hide when he catches her. He goes up to her and finds a music notebook she dropped and realizes it was for him.  He leans in and they share a hot kiss before she pulls away and looks terrified. He says he's sorry and she runs off flustered. Chi Ang sees them and knows something's up

Episode 8:
Chi Ang is not happy to say the least. Soon Duk is a little flustered by the kiss, but most flustered by the fact that Shi Woo apologized for it, leading her to believe that it was just a hormonal impulse. This makes her sad because you can tell she really likes Shi Woo.

 He tries to talk to her and he texts her and they get back to at least speaking terms, but things are still awkward. All the students are getting excited for the trip to Seoul, except Soon Duk who won't be able to go because she needs to take care of her dad. 

Chi Ang discovers this and has his mom give the ajumma that's dating his dad two tickets to a cruise that night. Meanwhile Chi Ang's dad appears to be up to no good and it turns out the meditation teacher is in cahoots with him revealing information about Seon Ah and that fact that she's most likely coma man's daughter.

Speaking of Seon Ah, she is beyond disappointed when they arrive in Seoul only to find out that she's being grounded to the hotel by her dad. He has the professors give her a tracking device. Knowing her dad's personality, she knows he has a good reason but she's still frustrated by being locked up.

We see in flashbacks that the Dean did, in fact, rescue Seon Ah from that awful fire when she was a toddler and he knows she's in danger. Chi Ang tries to make another play on Soon Duk at which point she's basically like "Listen, let me make it very clear how uninterested I am."

But instead of taking it for what it is, he's determined to only try harder. This also makes him really angry and he punches Shi Woo in the face. Really uncool. Soon Duk decides not to leave the hotel either- partly because she feels bad for Seon Ah, but mostly because she's still flustered over her feelings for Shi Woo.

Shi Woo is doing the same oddly enough. He sends her a copy of the song he wrote and recorded about her-although I don't think she yet realizes it's about her. Either way, she's touched by it. Seon Ah gets the idea for her and Soon Duk to switch clothes and have her wear the GPS tracker.  Chi Ang, seeing Seon Ah in Soon Duk's clothes and thinking she's Soon Duk, grabs her and takes her on a motorcycle ride.

Shi Woo and Soon Duk are both wandering the hotel and they run into each other. They sit down for a talk and Shi Woo apologizes for apologizing earlier and makes it very clear to her that he likes her. This has her even more flustered and she has to go to the bathroom to splash water on her face. Yeob Jung does something seemingly nice and saves his classmates from some bully thugs.

Meanwhile Seon Ah finally takes off her helmet and reveals to Chi Ang that it's her. The professors are in the hotel but on their way out when their elevator stops and they're stuck in there.  While Soon Duk is in the bathroom, the evil henchwoman who works for Chi Ang's dad kidnaps Soon Duk (thinking she's Seon Ah).  When Soon Duk doesn't return, Shi Woo goes looking for her and finds her phone in the bathroom.  He asks the student who lent the dean the tracking device to find her location. He calls Seon Ah and she and Chi Ang rush to find Soon Duk as well.

On Shi Woo's way there, he is caught in a group of fans and begins to have another one of his hearing attacks when who should happen upon him but coma man, who is likely his father. Coma man put his hands over Shi Woo's ears and helps him regain his hearing. Shi Woo wonders if he's part of Moorim Institute, but he disappears and Shi Woo rushes off to find Soon Duk.

Soon Duk is taped to a chair on an empty floor of a building.  We hear Chi Ang's dad tell his henchwoman to get rid of her.  But then Chi Ang and Seon Ah following closely by Shi Woo show up at the building. The henchwoman gets out of there before Chi Ang can see her. The thugs grab Soon Duk and take her outside and into a car.

Chi Ang and Seon Ah stay behind to fight the thugs left behind and Shi Woo takes off on Chi Ang's motorcycle to chase after Soon Duk. Shi Woo faces the car that Soon Duk is in head first and goes full speed towards it. They both crash and he immediately gets up and goes to retrieve Soon Duk. In the process of the fight with the thugs Chi Ang gets stabbed-my his own dad's men no less. 

Shi Woo embraces Soon Duk who is okay. She hugs him back as she starts to cry.  Seon Ah stays by Chi Ang's side as he is rushed to the hospital. And that's where they leave us with this cliffhanger and to make matters worse, we don't get a new episode until February 15. Ugh! What emotions to end on.

Well if you haven't been watching Moorim School now's your time to catch up. It really is a terrific drama. If you'd rather just read the recaps you can catch up on the series on my Moorim School main page by clicking the link here.

Hopefully the feels don't get to you too hard friends! Embrace the Kdrama!

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