Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 1 - First Kdrama : Boys Over Flowers

First Kdrama- Boys Over Flowers

Technically the first Kdrama episodes I saw were of Playful Kiss when I came into the room when my sister was already halfway through the series, but Boys Over Flowers is the first Kdrama I watched in its entirety. Therefore, I consider it to be my first Kdrama.  And it did a number on me. I literally had never cried that much in my life before and I was so devastated I didn’t watch another Kdrama for four months afterwards.

Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed that BOF was my first Kdrama, because in my head it was so cheesy, which it is but when I have to go back and rewatch scenes I realize that it actually was pretty great. Jan Di was delightful and that F4 is just as amazing as I remember them. The only thing that gets me is the number of drowning scenes- just ridiculous!

Take the challenge with me. What was your first Kdrama? Comment below.

You can follow along with all 31 Days here.


  1. My first KDrama was King 2 Hearts; it was so heart wrenching! I was pretty much in love with KDramas from that point on though. :)

    1. King 2 Hearts was sooooo heart-wrenching. I remember sobbing multiple times through that drama as well. What a great introduction to the Kdrama world though- it is a fantastic story!!!

  2. My first kdrama was Secret Garden, love the OST!

    1. Such a good drama to start out with - I still have the OST on my iPod :)


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