Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 11- Favorite Bromance : Haetae and Samchunpo from Answer Me, 1994

Favorite Bromance : Haetae played by Son Ho Jun and Samchunpo played by Kim Sung Kyun from Answer Me, 1994

Day 11 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

Hi friends, I mean to catch up yesterday, but I've been sick so I hope you'll forgive me.  It looks like I'm still a day behind, but I'm here today with my favorite bromance.

My favorite bromance came from the unlikely friendship that developed from Haetae and Samchunpo from Answer Me, 1994.  This installment in this series was probably my favorite so it makes sense that it would cause the creation of my favorite bromance. Haetae and Samchunpo started out hating each other and getting on each others' nerves because they were so opposite. But over time they grow closer and adjust to each others' quirks as they share a room and even a bed together.  They become as close as brothers.  My absolute favorite part of their friendship is that when Haetae enlists in the army, Samchunpo comes and visits him every weekend. That's true friendship and that's who they earn my choice as best bromance.

What do you think, friends? Did you love this bromance? Or is there a better one you can think of? You can follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here.

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