Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 8 - Favorite Secondary Character : Kay from Nail Shop Paris and Cindy from Producer

Favorite Secondary Character : Kay from Nail Shop Paris and Cindy from Producer
Day 8 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

I seriously tried very hard to come up with a top secondary character, but I just couldn't narrow it down beyond the top two so for this challenge it is a tie between Kay from Nail Shop Paris and Cindy from Producer. There are certainly many secondary characters I loved namely second male leads, but the reason I chose these two is because I felt more connected to them than any other secondary character. In both cases I rooted for them over the main leads. I would have rooted for them no matter what because I just loved these characters so much.

With Kay, I can't articulate why I loved him so much. It's was probably a combination of things. He is adamant in his love for Yeo Joo and had resolved to come clean with his feelings even while thinking she's a man. And finding out that she is a woman he's not angry and still comes out with his feelings saying he likes her either way. Maybe it's because I'm so used to the male lead being the one that's haughty and short-tempered that seeing that personality on Kay made me instantly root for him. But he wasn't as tough as he seemed- he revealed what an amazing character he actually had in how he treated her once he made his feelings known. He was nothing but precious towards her. I was so #TeamKay that I got irate thinking that the drama was going to end with her going for the male lead like dramas typically do. Especially after romantic feelings had definitely developed between Yeo Joo and Kay, I saw red imagining her and Alex together. So imagine the pure joy I had when she chose him in the end. Pure Joy. This was the one case where I thought I would literally lose my mind if she went for the male lead and thankfully this was one of the rare cases where the male lead wins. And how cute that you get a glimpse of them and their future.

With Cindy, while maybe not a popular opinion, I felt such empathy for her character. She seems like a ruthless ice queen, but you see what a lonely life she lives and how she's treated she becomes incredibly relatable.  I've always thought IU is such an adorable actress and great at pulling at your heartstrings. Seeing her in a more provocative role as Cindy, she still brings that adorable charm  across bringing great complexity to Cindy's character. Also, Cindy's has great character development. She learns to be genuine and to rely on people.  The best Cindy moment in the whole drama is when she joins her own anti-fan club, becomes a moderator, and then turns all of the other moderators into fans. Who does that? I just think she's awesome. And while my ship with her and Seung Chan didn't completely sail, they didn't not end up together either so I was satisfied enough.

I don't regret not being able to choose between these two secondary characters, because they're both fantastic in my book. What about you, friends? Any secondary characters that you just loved?  You can follow along with the whole 31 day challenge here. 

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