Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 9 - Favorite Minor Character : Ji Woong from Oh My Venus!

Favorite Minor Character : Ji Woong from Oh My Venus! portrayed by Henry
Day 9 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge

My choice for favorite minor character from a Kdrama goes to the absolute cutie that is Ji Woong in Oh My Venus! played by the delightful Henry. From the moment his character appears on screen calling Joo Eun 'mam' affectionately he had my heart.  He showed a bottomless amount of energy and aigoo. One of the things that was so great about him was how his love for the other characters was plutonic and yet absolutely ardent. Not only with Joo Eun but with Young Ho and Joon Sung he thought of them as his family and loved them accordingly.

Ji Woong was the highlight of this drama bringing comic relief effortlessly. For me it was so strange hearing him slip back and forth between Korean and perfect English, only because it seemed so easy to him. I don't think I've ever heard English that fantastic on  a Kdrama.  Before watching this drama, I had listened to Henry's music, which I loved, but had never bothered looking him up so I had no idea how adorable he was. (If you haven't listened to his music, I'd recommend Trap. The first time I heard it I went crazy.)

Even in real life Henry is a cutie. It's weird to think that he's only a few months younger than me. He's so talented speaking multiple languages with such fluency, singing, dancing, and now acting. I can't give him enough praise. Anyway, Ji Woong has definitely become my favorite minor character. My favorite scene with him was the very first time he met Shin Min Ah's character, Joo Eun, and treats her so kindly and calls her 'mam' for the first time.

What do you guys think? Any other great minor characters that you can think of? Did you love Ji Woong as much as me? You can follow along with the whole 31 day Kdrama challenge here.

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