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Moorim School Episode 7 & 8 Recap

Hello friends! How's life in your world? Things in LoganLand are great! How could they not be when I'm in the middle of this spectacular drama. So why don't you spend a little time with me right now and I'll recap what happened this week.

Episode 7:
So our gang plus a couple stranglers woke up and found themselves locked in the armory with the building on fire, charged with the task of escaping. Both Seon Ah and Shi Woo both have a fire trauma, which they overcome in order to get out of there.

It's not actually on fire which Shi Woo figures out and stops the fumes from coming in and then they all work together to try to escape. That is until Yeob Jung (douchebag) sabotages them all by knocking down the ladder and locking the ceiling vent closed.

Now they have to find another way out. So again they work together and manage to escape out the window and then repel down the side of the building. Oh yeah, and Soon Duk sprains her wrist in the escape attempt so Shi Woo has her ride on his back.

Meanwhile, Yeob Jung finds the professors waiting. Seeing that he betrayed everyone, Professor Daniel takes special pleasure in kicking his butt. The others finish the escape and get ranked sort of randomly by whoever gets their first. I mean, they all worked together so in my opinion it should be a tie, but whatever.

Shi Woo and Chi Ang are graduated to the advanced class and all four of our leads seem disappointed that the mentorship program is over. Shi Woo continues to look after Soon Duk following her wrist injury and the tension continues to mount between them.

And it seems as if Seon Ah is developing some feelings for Chi Ang. Chi Ang's dad is trying to meet the Dean. Well, really he's trying to get access to the school to steal something important. The students at Moorim get excited when they find out they get to go on a retreat to Seoul paid by Chi Ang's dad- hmmm no ulterior motive there at all.

This episode ends on a hot note.  Soon Duk spies Shi Woo playing piano and tries to hide when he catches her. He goes up to her and finds a music notebook she dropped and realizes it was for him.  He leans in and they share a hot kiss before she pulls away and looks terrified. He says he's sorry and she runs off flustered. Chi Ang sees them and knows something's up

Episode 8:
Chi Ang is not happy to say the least. Soon Duk is a little flustered by the kiss, but most flustered by the fact that Shi Woo apologized for it, leading her to believe that it was just a hormonal impulse. This makes her sad because you can tell she really likes Shi Woo.

 He tries to talk to her and he texts her and they get back to at least speaking terms, but things are still awkward. All the students are getting excited for the trip to Seoul, except Soon Duk who won't be able to go because she needs to take care of her dad. 

Chi Ang discovers this and has his mom give the ajumma that's dating his dad two tickets to a cruise that night. Meanwhile Chi Ang's dad appears to be up to no good and it turns out the meditation teacher is in cahoots with him revealing information about Seon Ah and that fact that she's most likely coma man's daughter.

Speaking of Seon Ah, she is beyond disappointed when they arrive in Seoul only to find out that she's being grounded to the hotel by her dad. He has the professors give her a tracking device. Knowing her dad's personality, she knows he has a good reason but she's still frustrated by being locked up.

We see in flashbacks that the Dean did, in fact, rescue Seon Ah from that awful fire when she was a toddler and he knows she's in danger. Chi Ang tries to make another play on Soon Duk at which point she's basically like "Listen, let me make it very clear how uninterested I am."

But instead of taking it for what it is, he's determined to only try harder. This also makes him really angry and he punches Shi Woo in the face. Really uncool. Soon Duk decides not to leave the hotel either- partly because she feels bad for Seon Ah, but mostly because she's still flustered over her feelings for Shi Woo.

Shi Woo is doing the same oddly enough. He sends her a copy of the song he wrote and recorded about her-although I don't think she yet realizes it's about her. Either way, she's touched by it. Seon Ah gets the idea for her and Soon Duk to switch clothes and have her wear the GPS tracker.  Chi Ang, seeing Seon Ah in Soon Duk's clothes and thinking she's Soon Duk, grabs her and takes her on a motorcycle ride.

Shi Woo and Soon Duk are both wandering the hotel and they run into each other. They sit down for a talk and Shi Woo apologizes for apologizing earlier and makes it very clear to her that he likes her. This has her even more flustered and she has to go to the bathroom to splash water on her face. Yeob Jung does something seemingly nice and saves his classmates from some bully thugs.

Meanwhile Seon Ah finally takes off her helmet and reveals to Chi Ang that it's her. The professors are in the hotel but on their way out when their elevator stops and they're stuck in there.  While Soon Duk is in the bathroom, the evil henchwoman who works for Chi Ang's dad kidnaps Soon Duk (thinking she's Seon Ah).  When Soon Duk doesn't return, Shi Woo goes looking for her and finds her phone in the bathroom.  He asks the student who lent the dean the tracking device to find her location. He calls Seon Ah and she and Chi Ang rush to find Soon Duk as well.

On Shi Woo's way there, he is caught in a group of fans and begins to have another one of his hearing attacks when who should happen upon him but coma man, who is likely his father. Coma man put his hands over Shi Woo's ears and helps him regain his hearing. Shi Woo wonders if he's part of Moorim Institute, but he disappears and Shi Woo rushes off to find Soon Duk.

Soon Duk is taped to a chair on an empty floor of a building.  We hear Chi Ang's dad tell his henchwoman to get rid of her.  But then Chi Ang and Seon Ah following closely by Shi Woo show up at the building. The henchwoman gets out of there before Chi Ang can see her. The thugs grab Soon Duk and take her outside and into a car.

Chi Ang and Seon Ah stay behind to fight the thugs left behind and Shi Woo takes off on Chi Ang's motorcycle to chase after Soon Duk. Shi Woo faces the car that Soon Duk is in head first and goes full speed towards it. They both crash and he immediately gets up and goes to retrieve Soon Duk. In the process of the fight with the thugs Chi Ang gets stabbed-my his own dad's men no less. 

Shi Woo embraces Soon Duk who is okay. She hugs him back as she starts to cry.  Seon Ah stays by Chi Ang's side as he is rushed to the hospital. And that's where they leave us with this cliffhanger and to make matters worse, we don't get a new episode until February 15. Ugh! What emotions to end on.

Well if you haven't been watching Moorim School now's your time to catch up. It really is a terrific drama. If you'd rather just read the recaps you can catch up on the series on my Moorim School main page by clicking the link here.

Hopefully the feels don't get to you too hard friends! Embrace the Kdrama!

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