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Moorim School Episodes 11 & 12 Recap

Hi friends! How's Moorim School been treating you this week? It's been treating me fantastically. This drama is giving us a lot of action and a lot of drama this week and even a bit of romance! What more could we ask for? So let's get down to recapping this sucker.

Episode 11

The dean and Shi Woo show up at Soon Deok's house to convince her dad to let her come back to school, but he's still not budging. Shockingly, we see in the flashback that while he was rescuing Shi Woo from the fire, he held his hand over his mouth to keep him from crying so they wouldn't be found and actually thought he killed Shi Woo. He left him in the woods and ran and while he was leaving he encountered the bad guys who slashed his eye. Soon Deok's dad thinks Shi Woo's aura seems familiar and wonders if it's the little boy from the woods. He also mentions the Chintamani to the dean, who finds it's surprising and suspicious that he knows about it. The dean goes back to the school. At this point, Chi Ang's dad knows that Soon Deok's dad has something to do with the little boy escaping the fire and has somebody watching their house.

Even though her dad never gives permission, Soon Deok and Shi Woo go back to the school in the morning just as the new professor, Tae Ho arrives. The girls are happy to see him, as he's their oppa, but the boys are instantly jealous. It turns out he aced every class and was in line to become successor, but passed it up. He points out all of the students' weakness to them and asks them what they think the point of the competition is. When they respond winning he tells them they're wrong and that they need to find the real purpose.

Tae Ho takes a special interest in Shi Woo who he believes already knows the purpose of the competition.  The dean has told Tae Ho how quickly Shi Woo improved and it seems Tae Ho believes in his abilities as well. He can see that Shi Woo doesn't want to hurt anyone and truly cares for others. Meanwhile, the student that was expelled from Moorim last week has now been recruited and is being trained by Chi Ang's dad and his henchman to participate in the competition.

Shi Woo thinks about his powers more and Seon Ah introduces him to the concept of Gi Chae Sool, the ability to control energy and using that to beat your opponent and suggests that's the power he has. He tries to learn to harness this power and goes to the dean about it. The dean reveals that the only person he's known to master Gi Chae Sool is dead- or he at least believes him to be dead as that person is Shi Woo's father. Shi Woo has the same intentions that his father did and that is to use the power for good.

Tae Ho suggests to Shi Woo that it is during times when he's thinking about protecting someone he cares about that he can learn to harness Gi Chae Sool.  So Shi Woo asks Soon Deok to punch him and when he's still unable to control his powers, Chi Ang steps in. He goes to punch Shi Woo in the face and tells Shi Woo to harness his powers to stop him.

The episode ends as everyone looks on in shock as Shi Woo does, in fact, stop Chi Ang from hitting him without ever touching him.

Episode 12

Okay, so it doesn't actually stop Chi Ang from hitting Shi Woo in the face, but in my defense it looked like it did. Shi Woo definitely has a moment where he feels his powers. He's made progress for sure. Tae Ho decides his work at Moorim is done and takes off just before the competition is set to start. Every is excited for their family to arrive and watch them compete. Even Soon Deok's dad shows up eventually.

People start to arrive at Moorim to compete and watch the competition as for the first time ever outsiders are allowed in. The dean and professors are on high alert as they realize the danger they might be letting into the school is a necessary evil. Along with Choi Ho returning to cause trouble, it turns out that Yeob Jung's older brother has also come to compete and also has less than honorable intentions, which sets Yeob Jung on edge to say the least.

The competitors get put into team randomly.  Shi Woo gets teamed up with Jenny, which is an unlikely but awesome alliance, Chi Ang and Soon Deok get paired, and Seon Ah gets paired with Yeob Jung's psycho brother. The students do well in the first round of fight and almost all make it into the first and second rounds. The professors can't hide how proud they are. 

Chi Ang and Sook Deok get paired against Choi Ho and his partner and all is going well until Choi Ho pulls a knife and slashes Chi Ang across the face. Seriously, why is Chi Ang always getting stabbed? The Chairman sent Choi Ho there to make everyone question what kind of school Moorim is. Everyone kind of watches in with shock and it looks as though Choi Ho might actually kill him and try to win until Shi Woo calls out to him and Choi Ho comes to his senses and withdraws from the competition.

The competition has taken a toll on Shi Woo. Apart from the cut on his face, his shoulder is also injured. The professor and Soon Deok urge him to give up the fight, but he won't. They face off against Shi Woo and Jenny.  Before they go to fight, Soon Deok sees the people that kidnapped her come in with Chi Ang's dad. Chi Ang acts like he knows something, but she and Shi Woo decide to trust Chi Ang until after the fight.

Shi Woo doesn't want to take advantage of Chi Ang's injury and can't with a good conscience give his all toward the fight. Instead, he harnesses the Gi Chae Sool and when Chi Ang goes to attack him, he bounces against the force and flies out of the ring. He's humiliated. The spectators are shocked to see Shi Woo use Gi Chae Sool, but not as shocked as I'd be I imagine. Chi Ang has the opportunity to confront his dad. As he's doing so Shi Woo and Soon Deok show up to be by his side. The Chairman's excuse for kidnapping Soon Deok is that he wasn't trying to kidnap anyone, but rather had a message to relay to Seon Ah and had no other way of doing it.

Meanwhile, Yeob Jung's and his partner has been pitted against his brother and Seon Ah. It's an intense fight to begin with, but then Yeob Jung's brother bring out brass knuckles. That's right, brass knuckles. And Yeob Jung starts to take a beating until his anger overtakes him and he starts to win. But he takes it too far and starts to repeatedly pummel his brother in his face.  The professors have to pull Yeob Jung off of him to stop him from killing his brother. And just as with Choi Ho the spectators are shocked by the level of violence displayed by Moorim.

The Chairman continues to tell Chi Ang, Shi Woo, and Soon Deok excuses. He tells them that it's really the dean who has less than pure intentions and that he started the fire that killed the previous keeper of the Chitamani. As he's telling this story, the dean approaches. And that's where episode 12 ends.

Oh boy, wasn't episode 12 exciting! I was thrilled, on the edge of my seat, etc., etc. Can't wait for next week's episodes, though. How about you?

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