Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 12 - Best Mom: Park Sun Young from Cheer Up!

Day 12 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge
Best Mom/Female Parental Figure : Park Sun Young from Cheer Up! portrayed by Kim Yeo Jin

Hi friends! I'm finally back to continuing with the 31 Day Kdrama challenge. I was really hoping not to double up on the Kdramas I chose for this challenge, but I also wanted to be completely honest. So even though I've used Cheer up! before in this challenge, I had to use it again because in my mind there is no better Kdrama mom than Yeon Doo's mom, Sun Young.

She is seriously the best mom on so many levels. To start off with, when she finds out that her daughter is being unfairly treated in school she storms into the teacher's office and chews them all out. Never have I seen teachers look more ashamed. She will not stand for them looking down on her daughter.

Not only that but she gives the type of amazing advice to her daughter that everyone needs to hear. She trust her daughter no matter what and encourages her to follow her heart rather than doing what everyone else thinks is right.  Let's not forget that Sun Young is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Yeon Doo by giving up any chances for a romance of her own when she finds out that her boyfriend is the husband of her daughter's boyfriend. Luckily Yeol makes it so that everyone gets a happy ending in this drama, but just the fact that she didn't have a second thought about putting her daughter first shows what a caring and truly attentive mom she was. 

So there's my pitch for Best Kdrama mom. Anyone agree? Any other great Kdrama moms you can think of?

Follow along with my whole 31 day challenge as I complete it here.

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