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Day 16 - Favorite Secondary Couple : So Yi Jung and Ga Eul from Boys over Flowers

Day 16 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge
Favorite Secondary Couple
So Yi Jung and Ga Eul from Boys over Flowers played by Kim Bum and Kim So Eun

Back to the drama that started it all for me. Thinking about my favorite secondary couple, it was hard. Mainly this is because a common trend in dramas is for the second leads to become romantic interests for each other right at the end of a drama. While there were a few of those couples that I was cheering on, I didn't feel right counting them as a favorite couple since their romance was so new and we didn't know much about it. So after some consideration, I chose a couple whose relationship we got to see develop over time with ups and downs and character development. That couple is So Yi Jung and Ga Eul from the Kdrama classic Boys over Flowers played by Kim Bum and Kim So Eun respectively.

I liked Ga Eul from the beginning. Unlike a lot of Kdrama 'besties', she was actually a good friend to Jan Di.  She's a sweet girl and like Jan Di, she doesn't come from money. She's honest and hard-working and the exact opposite type of girl that the smooth 'Casanova' Yi Jung would typically go for. Their relationship begins as completely platonic on both ends, even though Yi Jung is a flirt as always. Ga Eul has a boyfriend and Yi Jung has many, many women to choose from.  But after Yi Jung helps Ga Eul get over her no-good ex-boyfriend, she begins to have real feelings for him. He rejects her affection at first. He thinks she's too good for him. Good in the sense that she is a sweet and honest person and he's a womanizer from a dysfunctional family, albeit a rich dysfunctional family. 

Even more so than Jun Pyo and Jan Di, this is the classic 'good girl' taming the 'bad boy'.  For me, what makes you want to root for this couple is how sweet Ga Eul is. You want to root for her, you want her to get the guy. You want Yi Jung to turn from the endless sea of women at his feet and look at the devoted one he has by his side. And best friends who are dating best friends - how fun is that? They're meant to be.  It was frustrating at first when Yi Jung doesn't return her feelings, because you can just tell that these two are perfect for each other. It's even worse when he leaves and things are left unresolved between them. But in the end when he comes back to her, all is well with the world.

Does anyone else think this classic Kdrama couple is as adorable as I do? Any other secondary couples you loved?

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  1. I love this couple so much! My favorite scene was in ep. 24 I believe when Ga Eul tells Yi Jung that he doesn't need to feel burdened by him anymore because she knows how she feels, so she won't seek him out anymore. Then she thanks him for letting her try and leaves. Slowly throughout her speech you can see how yi Jung is affected by her words. I feel like it was the first time he truly felt how much he wanted and needed her in his life, so I found it beautiful. Anyways, do you happen to know of any other TV or movie couples (American or korean) that are similar to these 2? I always find these types of relationships so interesting and lovable, but I feel like there aren't many that are really well done. Like Goo JunPyo and Jan Di were technically the same, but I felt it wasn't as well done as Yi jung and Ga eul.

    1. *burdened by her
      *she knows how he feels

    2. I love them too. Do you mean a relationship where one character doesn't like the other at first, but warms up to them slowly and then realizes they can't live without them? Pretty Man, Jeju Island Gatsby, and Goong all have similar relationships if you look at that factor :)


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