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Entertainer Episode 1 Recap

Hi there friends, here's my first Entertainer recap as promised. I'll try to keep these recaps brief but sassy to give you the best of both worlds as Hannah Montana would say. Not that I ever watched Hannah Montana. Anyway...

Entertainer starts out by introducing us to the schmoozing music director, who apparently loves ABBA, Shin Suk Ho played by Ji Sung.  He's getting ready to branch out and become the CEO of his own music company along with his current company's star group 'Jackson'. Maybe their name is supposed to be a reference to Michael Jackson, but I keep thinking of Jackson from GOT7. Anyway, even though everything's perfectly legal on his end, it doesn't look like his company is going to let him go so easily. They try to convince one of the mangers who's supposed to go with Suk Ho to betray him by telling him they should make a movie with an actress that he shows him a picture of. Something about the way he looks at the picture of this teenage-looking girl makes me thinks he might be his sister.

Meanwhile we meet Jung Geu Rin played by Hye Ri as she shows up at a court hearing for her brother, Ha Neul- played by the wonderful Kang Min Hyuk, who has been falsely accused of sexual assault against his classmate.  The sister and brother have different last names, so there seems to be some sort of story there, but we're unsure of what yet.

So even though Ha Neul's innocent, his vindictive classmate Ji Young says he tried to molest her and Ha Neul is sentenced to a couple months in juvenile detention. Although it seems it's not as intense as the retention centers for juveniles in the USA and instead more of a secure boarding house.

Suk Ho is trying to make the last single he puts out with his currently company a big hit and pulls out all the resources to do so and it works. Jackson's single is a big hit. Geu Rin goes and begs Ji Young's mom to see reason, saying she knows Ha Neul didn't, but the woman doesn't budge.  Poor Geu Rin feels awful for Ha Neul and he, in turn, feels horrible for what it's doing to her.

A hiccup comes for Suk Ho when the writer of Jackson's big hit, comes in and demands that he be listed as the writer on the album instead of the group's leader, Jin Woo. He won't be bought off by money even when Suk Ho offers him lots of it and the writer threatens to sue and then leaves the place in tears. Geu Rin continues to miss Ha Neul and thinks it's odd when she see that Ji Young's younger brother with an expensive new cell phone.

Suk Ho goes out drinking and schmoozing when he gets a call that the songwriter committed suicide. Jin Woo texts Suk Ho that he wants to die (out of guilt), Suk Ho tries to call him while driving and ends up getting in an accident. And uh-oh, he was drinking. The person he hits refuses to settle because - get this - the manager who was supposed to be Suk Ho's partner tells him not to. He's been bought off by the current company and has been promised he'll be a director. Suk Ho is in prison and he finds out that Jackson resigned with their current company instead of going to the new company that he was starting.

He gets out of prison to find out that pretty much everyone betrayed him. He tries to be friendly with the group and send them a group chat, but they all ignore him. Then he finds out he has to pay back part of the loan he took out to start his new company right away. He goes to a friend to ask to borrow money and his friend makes him follow him around all day before telling him no -because Suk Ho did that to him once.

 You feel kind of bad for the guy, but at the same time it's clear that he's been living a life treating people poorly.  It seems to be karma, but all the same, my heartstrings are still greatly tugged when he breaks down into tears.

Ha Neul is out of the juvenile detention center. We learn that he's a musician, but that his parents begged not to do music anymore, because something happened with music that supposedly killed his brother.  He goes back to his old academy and tells his teacher that he won't ever sing again. The teacher's bummed because he had made the school a really great jingle

Suk Ho is sitting outside of this academy by chance and hears Ha Neul's jingle. As soon as the song started,  I could tell it was Min Hyuk's voice in a heartbeat. The song's about not giving up and you can see Suk Ho is moved and taking it to heart. Ha Neul comes out of the academy and sees Suk Ho being moved by his music and you can tell it's about to be the start of a beautiful partnership.

So there's our first episode! It's hard to give a first impression as of yet. I always try to wait 3 episodes. The first episode is a little slow, but I have a feeling that's because they want to build a broad foundation for this story.  Kang Min Hyuk is what made me decide that this drama would be my comeback and so far he has not been disappointing. I have yet to watch Answer Me, 1988 so I'm excited to see what Hye Ri's acting skills are like. I also think Ji Sung has a really great face and I love to watch it. I do have high expectations to be greatly entertained by Entertainer. 

If you're wondering where you can watch Entertainer it's going to depend on your country but here in the US you can watch it on Dramafever at this link here with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday. Be on the look out for another recap and our first drama club posting by the end of the week. I'll be posting all Entertainer-related posts on my Entertainer Home Page here.

Until then, embrace the drama!

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