Thursday, April 21, 2016

Entertainer Episode 2 Recap

Well friends, the first week's worth of episodes for Entertainer have aired. What did you think? If you missed it, let me give you the run-down.

After Suk Ho hears Ha Neul's song at the academy, he makes it his mission to find him. He ends up getting Geu Rin's contact information from the school director and when that doesn't work, he sets off trying to track Ha Neul down on foot. He finally finds him and follows him around all the way to the ledge of a wall over-looking a cliff, where Ha Neul stand presumably to jump. He goes into major stalker mode, which is creepy but...

Suk Ho tells Ha Neul that he shouldn't die without doing what he wants in life and tells him that he wants to help him become a singer. So saving his life kind of made up or the creepiness. They sit down to have a talk at Subway, where they apparently serve burgers in Korea which is something that I'm having a hard time dealing with.

Ha Neul turns down his offer, but not before Suk Ho gives him his business card.  Ha Neul realizes that he knows Suk Ho from when he was a little boy after seeing his name. It seems he was a friend of his older brothers (you know, the one that died from music somehow). He thinks about it for a little while and eventually agrees to do it on one condition, it has to be him as part of a band rather than a ballad singer. Suk Ho reluctantly agrees.

Together, they go to get Geu Rin's permission, but she doesn't grant it so easily. She doesn't trust Suk Ho with good reason. He's kind of shady. She runs into Suk Ho again at her part-time job. They have an awkward moment, where he tries to save her from being hit by a bike and ends up holding her and they have that Kdrama awkward stare stand-off that screams the start of something romantic. I feel indifferent to their romantic prospects right now.  Geu Rin has yet to win me over, but she has time. Moving on-

Suk Ho ends up recruiting a guitar player for his band, Kyle who studied at Juliard. But before things can start going well, Geu Rin finds out that Suk Ho got arrested for drunk driving and left his company to start his own. Ha Neul sees a kindred spirit in Suk Ho after getting falsely accused himself and it doesn't sway his decision to join his company.

Geu Rin continues to notice things about Ji Young's, the girl who accused Ha Neul of sexual assault, family. They're acting weird and she's onto them. She even thinks she sees Ji Young at Suk Ho's old company. Ha Neul and Kyle may just be a two-man band for now but it's a start and Suk Ho has signed them up for a televised talent competition- Kpop star. Geu Rin tells Ha Neul she doesn't trust Ha Neul, but he reminds her that people don't trust him either and he's innocent.

Ha Neul and Kyle go to the talent competition meanwhile, the songwriter that committed suicide's brother comes and kicks the crap out of Suk Ho.  Ha Neul starts to falter while he's singing remembering how his parents died in a car accident and Geu Rin came to tell him while he was performing, but when she shows up he gains confidence and starts to do well. And that's where our episode ends tonight.

What did you guys think? This drama wasn't what I was expecting but I'm definitely enjoying it.  Let me know what you think if you're watching it. Until next time embrace the drama, my friends.

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